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The Ukrainian Museum and Yara Arts Group present:

We Are All Ukraine:
Art by Waldemart Klyuzko

an exhibit of protest posters for New York demonstrations in support of the Maidan in Kyiv
and photographic art inspired by the events in Ukraine


May 17- Sept 30, 2014

Wednesday- Sunday 11:30- 5:00 PM
The Ukrainian Museum,
222 East 6th St. New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-0110

The works exhibited are a reflection of recent events in Ukraine. The peaceful demonstration in the main square of Kyiv known as the Maidan started at the end of November 2013. In response to the government’s violent actions against the protesters, more and more people joined the demonstrations, soon taking over the entire square.

Mr. Klyuzko, a Kyiv artist, photographer and videographer, took part in the early days of the Maidan, but then came to New York to work with Yara Arts Group on a series of theatre shows and exhibits. Every day the artists watched the situation unfold in Ukraine online and took part in New York rallies supporting the Maidan. As the events in Ukraine intensified, Mr. Klyuzko created posters which he brought to the NY protests. Most of the works in the exhibit originally appeared at these demonstrations as posters made with colored tape on foam-core.

Some of Mr. Klyuzko’s posters were featured in Yara’s show Capt John Smith Goes to Ukraine at La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York in February-March, 2014. Mr. Klyuzko also created a series of street performances using the posters. These included: “Wheels on Fire,” “Putinaz (Putin’s Toilet),” “Putana at Ketchum” “Mickey at the Russian Embassy” and “Rothko & Warhol Support Ukraine” staged at MoMA. An album at the exhibit features photographs and newspaper articles displaying Klyuzko’s art in action.

“We Are All Ukraine” was first presented by RAZOM, Inc (Phila) and Yara Arts Group at the Latvian Society in Philadelphia and at the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia as part of the Fairmount Arts Crawl. Two works in this exhibit were created for these shows including: “Automaidan Phila” and “We Are All Ukraine (Birch Forest)” in which Nature supports Ukraine. This spring Waldemart Klyuzko returned to Ukraine, but continued to make posters for the New York Battalion in Defense of Ukraine. The group protested Russia’s annexation of Crimea and picketed Russian artists who support Putin.

The exhibit features several new works including three photographs from the Maidan this spring: “Cocktails on Hrushevska Street,” “They Live as Long as We Remember Them,” of the makeshift memorial on the spot where snipers killed the protestors and “Kyiv for Tourists,” a light box.

Press photos

WALDEMART KLYUZKO, artist, photographer and videographer from Kyiv and a resident designer with Yara Arts Group, has been a coordinator of the GogolFest International Contemporary Arts Festival since 2009, most recently exhibiting his “Berezzza” project at GogolFest in Sept 2013.
His installations were shown at the Vizii Festival at the Lavra Municipal Gallery, while his land art pieces were part of the Harvest Festival at the Pryrohovo Museum of Folk Architecture. In 2012 Mr. Klyuzko initiated the “Manufactured” series of performances which resulted in three video installations at the 365 Art Space Gallery in Kyiv. His video “Manufactured” was part of the “Attempt to Articulate” Project at the 3rd International Biennale of Young Art in Moscow. His video “Illusion of Movement” was shown at Yara’s Re-Imagine: Ourselves Festival in New York and in April of 2013 his video “Flying Brain” was shown at Yara’s Video Poetry Series of Kinofest NYC. In January of 2014, he exhibited his work at Yara’s Light and Shadow Festival at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York.

YARA ARTS GROUP is a resident company at La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York. Since 1990 Yara has created twenty nine international collaborative cultural projects with contemporary and traditional artists from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Siberia. Yara has also created nineteen festivals and art exhibits at the Ukrainian Institute of America, as well as presenting art exhibitions at the RA Gallery in Kyiv, Bezpala-Brown Gallery in Toronto, Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs, La Galleria at La MaMa and created a major art installation at The Ukrainian Museum.

THE UKRAINIAN MUSEUM acquires, preserves, and exhibits articles of artistic or historic significance to the rich cultural heritage of Ukrainian Americans; its collections include thousands of items of folk art, fine art, and archival material. At its founding in 1976 by the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, the Museum was hailed as one of the finest achievements of Americans of Ukrainian descent. Since then, and particularly since its move in 2005 to a new, state-of-the-art building in Manhattan’s vibrant East Village, it has become known as one of the most interesting and dynamic smaller museums in New York City. Each year, the Museum organizes several exhibitions, publishes bilingual (English/Ukrainian) catalogues, and presents a wide range of public and educational programs, including concerts, films, lectures, courses, workshops, and special events.

This special exhibit was made possible by public funds the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, support from The Ukrainian Museum, and the friends of Yara Arts Group.

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