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performs excerpts from

A Bilingual Anthology of
20th Century Ukrainian Poetry
New York Public Library
Tompkins Square Branch
October 27, 2001

Speech by Galina Chernykh
of Community Outreach Service:

The New York Public Library is proud to celebrate the publication of this "long awaited" prize winning book. The Eight Forum of Ukrainian Book Publishers took place in Lviv in the second half of September this year. It featured all the new books published in Ukraine since last September. The presentation of prizes took places at the convention hall on September 23, 2001. The winning book in the important category of "Literature by Ukrainian authors" was "A Hundred Years of Youth: A Bilingual Anthology of 20th Century Ukrainian Poetry."

The book was edited by Olha Luchuk and Michael M. Naydan and published by Litopys Press of Lviv. It includes the work of 100 Ukrainian poets from the 20th century from Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka to Anka Sereda and Serhi Zhadan. Each poem is included in the original and in its English translation. Forty-four translators contributed work to the anthology, including such well-known American poets as Staney Kunitz, Mark Rudman, Paul Pines, Askold Melnychuk, Dzvinia Orlovska James Brasfield and Wanda Phipps. There are extensive notes on all the poets and translators, as well as good introductory articles.

It is a very handsome book. The Kyiv newspaper "Dzerkalo tyzhdnia" wrote: "The appearance of an anthology of Ukrainian poetry of the 20th century is a long awaited event and finally we saw its realization by this enthusiastic group of translators and the Litopys publishers."

This afternoon we will hear the actors of Yara Arts Group perform a selection of poems in this anthology translated by Yara's Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps.

You can read the translations of some of the poems Yara actors performed at that event on the links below:

Volodymyr Svidzinsky's "Tired, Leaning on the Hills"
Attila Mohylny "Flying South Through the Night"
Oleh Lysheha's "Song 212"
Anka Sereda's "I Don't Want To Be a Poet"
Yuri Andrukhovych's "Library"
Oksana Zabuzhko's "An Indication of Poetry"

in photos: Yara's Meredith Wright reads with poet Vasyl Makhno
Yara's Eunice Wright reads the poem "Library" by Yuri Andrukhovych

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