History of Ukraine

Over a thousand years ago, on the vast expanses stretching from the Carpathian Mountains in the west to the Volga River in the east, from the Black Sea in the south to the White Sea in the north, appeared one of the largest and mightiest medieval powers, Kyiv Rus'. For centuries it remained Europe's solid bulwark against the walls of which crashed and disintegrated tidal waves of countless nomads from the east.

In 882, the almost legendary Prine Oleh the Seer defeated Kyiv Princes Askold and Dir, and rallied round Kyiv the Slavic tribes from the south and north of Eastern Europe. "Whereupon Oleh sat on the throne and began to rule from Kyiv," reads the chronicle, "and the Oleh said, 'Let Kyiv be the mother of Rus' cities'."

Exerpt: This is Ukraine, Computer Systems, Kyiv 1995, p.43

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