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Welcome to Digital Embroidery hosted by Brama, Inc. your source for Ukrainian motifs for webpages. Download the free images contained in these pages for your homepage, and please remember to note the source of the images (Brama) on your page. We would also appreciate a link to this page from yours:

These images represent intricate traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns ("vyshyvannia" in Ukrainian), and closely resemble Native American and other ancient ethnic art designs. The possibilities for unique and beautiful patterns are virtually unlimited. The sources for the images contained here are varied: my mother's embroidered "rushnyky" (literally translated as "towels", but more accurately described as "ceremonial cloths") and pillows, some are my own designs, and others are adaptations of the work of talented Ukrainian artisans such as Ksenia Kolotylo. We welcome contributions from our readers, so please write to me if you'd like to add your creation to this collection. Credit for the entry shall be assigned to the contributor.

The pages are organized to present suites of patterns which are available as side trims, medallions, and bands (bars). We also feature background wallpaper tiles. Have a peek at sample page 1, sample page 2 and sample page 3 for ideas on how to use our images. If you would like an adjustment made to any one of the patterns, please let me know and I will try to accomodate you. Visit often, because we'll be adding regularly to this archive of decorative digital art.


** The images found on these pages may not be used for commercial purposes. **

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