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February 25, 1998
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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on K. Annan's Agreement with Iraq
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On February 23, 1998 the Press Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine disseminated the following statement regarding the outcome of the UN Secretary General's mission to Iraq.

"Optimistic news has come from Baghdad concerning the results of the Secretary General Kofi Annan of the United Nations' mission, over the course of which he managed to reach an agreement with Iraqi leaders, that shall secure fulfillment by Iraq of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Ukraine hopes that on the basis of the agreements reached during Kofi Annan's visit to Baghdad, the UN Security Council will make constructive decisions in the near future that will allow tension to cease in the Persian Gulf.

In this regard, Ukraine reasserts it's readiness to take an active part in the practical implementation of UN Security Council decisions, in particular pertaining to the inspections of the UN Special Commission on Iraq. Ukraine is ready to offer the services of the highly qualified specialists and experts in the area of chemical and biological weapon bans and missile technologies."

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Protests Against Moscow Mayor's Comments in Sevastopol

In response to the comments of Moscow's mayor in Sevastopol, on February 21 the Press Center of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued the following statement:

"On February 21, 1998 Yuri Luzhvov, the mayor of the city of Moscow, during his visit to the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol, once again made claims on Ukrainian territory. Ukraine rejects the very possibility of raising, in any context, so called 'territorial questions' in Ukrainian- Russian relations. Such a 'question' has never existed and cannot exist.

Yet another statement by the Mayor of the Russian capital, can be perceived as only one more attempt by the leader of the local scope to acquire the image of a national political leader, by taking advantage of the pseudo-patriotic sentiments of certain layers of the Russian population.

Serious politicians both in Ukraine and Russia are well aware that there are no alternatives to the course of partnership between our two nations, which was proclaimed and is realized by Presidents Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine and Boris Yeltsin of Russia. These relations are based upon principles of equality, good neighborhood and mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is thus why any attempt to create artificial obstacles, obstructing the path to further development of Ukrainian-Russian cooperation, is not only a sign of political nearsightedness but also a hazardous venture."

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Responds to Terrorism in Georgia

On February 20, 1998, the Foreign Ministry issued the following statement in response to the terrorist situation in Georgia:

"It was with great concern and indignation, that news of an outrageous terrorist act in Georgia on February 19 was received in Ukraine. It targeted UN Observation Mission officials and resulted in the abduction of four UN military observers. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses serious concern with regard to the increased tension in the region, and reasserts the inadmissibility of use of violence and terrorist actions as means of settling any political differences.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls upon representatives of opposition forces in Georgia to restrain from irrational actions which could lead to further destabilization of the political and social situation in the region and to an escalation of conflict which could have an adverse impact on the Caucuses as a whole. Ukraine is confident that friendly Georgian people and Georgia's leaders, have enough wisdom and patients to take resolute and balanced measures aimed at achieving civil peace and accord.

The latest developments in Georgia draw attention to the necessity of taking urgent steps to put the UN Convention on the security of UN and related to it personnel into effect, as a vital instrument for the protection of UN employees. In this regard, Ukraine urges member nations of the UN Security Council who signed the afore-mentioned convention, to immediately ratify it."

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