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27 August 1998
For immediate release
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Statement Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Ukraine

Following the US forces strikes on 20 August 1998 and confirming its position towards terrorism, declared in its statement of 10 August 1998 in connection with the terrorist acts against the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine states the following.

Ukraine resolutely condemns all forms of terrorist acts, and therefore supports both collective and individual efforts by members of international community, aimed at fighting this phenomenon which poses a serious threat to global peace and security, and is an appalling violation of norms of international law. All guilty and involved in these crimes deserve a severe punishment.

Ukraine calls for strengthening and improving the international mechanisms to combat terrorism-one of the most dangerous crimes in the world today-and, in its turn, is ready to co-operate for the eradication of this shameful phenomenon.



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