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19 August 1998
Foreign Policy Update
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Cabinet Of Ministers Representative Visits Luxembourg And Brussels In Preparation For Ukrainian-EU Summit

The Cabinet of Ministers' representative in charge of European and trans-Atlantic integration, First Deputy Foreign Minister Anton Buteyko, has visited Luxembourg as part of a special mission that will take him to the capital of European Union member-nations.

While in Luxembourg, Mr. Buteyko held consultations with the secretary-general of Luxembourg's Foreign Ministry, R. Linster, the prime minister's diplomatic adviser, M. Jaizenbart, and the deputy chairman of the Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies and chairman of the Commission for Foreign and European Affairs, J. Shoer.

Mr. Buteyko explained to his hosts the basic aspects of President Kuchma's strategy for integrating Ukraine in to the European Union and briefed them about Ukraine's vision of further development of relations with the European Union on the basis of full implementation of the Ukrainian-European Union Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. He also discussed with his hosts the draft final document of the second Ukrainian-European Union summit, which is scheduled for Vienna, Austria, on October 16.

Apart from issues involving European and trans-Atlantic integration, the Ukrainian diplomat and his Luxembourgean hosts also discussed the present state of Ukrainian-Luxembourgean cooperation as well as ways of further developing it.

Mr. Buteyko's meetings with Luxembourg officials were also attended by Ukraine's permanent representative at the European Union B. Gudyma and Ukraine's acting ambassador to the Benelux S. Myshutsyn.

Mr. Buteyko met with the European Commission's Deputy Director-General for foreign Policy Affairs V. Ramos in Brussels on August 12 as part of the preparation for the second Ukrainian-European Union summit and as part of his special mission to European Union capitals.

The meeting was aimed at clarifying the Ukrainian president-approved strategy for integrating Ukraine in to the European Union and agreeing the draft final document of the second Ukrainian-European Union summit.

The Ukrainian diplomat informed Mr. Ramos about the present social, economic, and political conditions in Ukraine as well as about President Kuchma's measures aimed at accelerating economic reform, establishing constructive cooperation among all branches of government, and integrating Ukraine into European and world economic and political scenes.

The two men agreed to maintain close contacts and step up preparations for the second Ukrainian-European Union summit.


US Ambassador Stephen Pifer Reassures Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Orel As To US Administration's Support For Multinational Space Project Marine Start

According to DINAU's metropolitan correspondent, Anatoliy Orel, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with US Ambassador to Ukraine Stephen Pifer with a view of discussing some issues of US-Ukrainian cooperating including the implementation status of the multinational space project Marine Start and certain problems which the US party has been faced with of late in this connection.

The American envoy reassured the host party as to the US Administration's intention to support the project's further implementation and generally continue cooperating with Ukraine in space exploration.

The Ukrainian diplomat was reported to have underscored the multinational project's significance for Ukraine and expressed confidence as to the US Administration's ability to promptly solve problems hampering the project's implementation.

Russia, Norway, the USA and Ukraine are the parties to the Marine Start.

Ukrainian Embassy Staffers Attend Mournful Ceremony At Andrews AFB Near Washington To Pay Last Tribute To Victims Of Terrorist Attacks In Kenya And Tanzania

As the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC, reported on Friday, August 14, Volodymyr Belashov, the Embassy's adviser-envoy, military attache O.Galaka and trade mission chief officer I.Gaiduchok were among diplomatic corps members, who attended the August 13 mournful ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base to pay last tribute to the American victims of the recent terrorist bomb blasts in Kenya and Tanzania.


President Kuchma And Chancellor Kohl Discuss International Financial Crisis

Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma and Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl held a telephone conversation on Tuesday, August 18.

The two leaders discussed the current international financial crisis. In this context, Mr. Kuchma informed the German leader about the social and economic situations in Ukraine and the measures being taken by the Ukrainian government to protect Ukraine from the consequences of the crisis.

The two men also discussed the role of international financial organizations in minimizing the effect of the international financial crisis on the Ukrainian economy. They stressed the need for the International Monetary Fund's board to accelerate decision on granting extended Fund Facility loans to Ukraine. Mr. Kohl promised to use Germany's influence in international financial organizations to accelerate the IMF decision.

Mr. Kuchma thanked the German leader for his goodwill messages on his recent 60th birthday anniversary.


US Army Experts Arrive At Yavorivsky Training Ground Near Lviv

As ITAR-TASS/DINAU correspondents learned from sources with the Western Operational Command Headquarters in Lviv, a delegation of 35 US Army experts arrived at the "Yavorivsky" training ground of the Ukrainian Army, some 40 km. away, on Wednesday, August 19.

The US Army delegation's mission was reported as a probing one for appraising the largest Ukrainian training ground's potential to serve as a major NATO training center as well.

The Yavorivsky is believed to be among Europe's largest military training facilities occupying some 42,000 ha. of land.

Since after the Soviet Union's disintegration, it has been routinely used for tactical regimental exercises by the 24th Iron Division.

The training ground also hosted four annual multinational exercises of the Peace Shield series within the framework of NATO's Partnership for Peace.

The US Army experts were reportedly eager to learn about the Yavorivsky training ground's capability to train paratroopers using rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft.

Several months ago, the Ukrainian Government sent a message to NATO to intimate Ukraine's willingness to see the Yavorivsky training ground as a center to train NATO military units, counting on NATO's financial crutch in this business.

Just a year ago, the US Administration allocated about a million dollars for the Yavorivsky training ground's development.

An army training ground in Macedonia is reported to be seeking for NATO's similar favor.

However, NATO military experts appear reluctant to accept the Macedonian offer in view of the country's proximity to Yugoslavia's war-torn province Kosovo.

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