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1 July 1998
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On July 6-7, 1998, Borys Tarasyuk, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, comes to Washington for talk with the US Secretary of State Madelaine Albright, and other US officials on the eve of the second meeting of the Kuchma-Gore Binational Commission to be held in Kiev, on July 22-23, 1998.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister will also hold meetings with US Secretary of Defense William Cohen, Deputy Secretary of State Stobe Talbott, senator Mitch McConnell, chairman of Foreign Operations Subcommittee, and other government officials.

A wide range of topics on the Ukrainian-US agenda will be addressed, as well as other important developments on the international arena.

On July 6, at 9 am, Minister Tarasyuk will meet the media at the National Press Club where, among other things, he will speak on Ukraine’s role in building European and global security systems and on recent initiatives in nuclear nonproliferation.

Later in the day, at 2:30 p.m. Boris Tarasyuk will give a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Boris Tarasyuk was appointed on April 17, 1998. He is a career diplomat who has served over 20 years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in 1994-1995 as the First Deputy Foreign Minister. In 1995 he was appointed Ukraine’s Ambassador to the Benelux countries. Since 1997, he has also served as the Head of Mission of Ukraine to NATO.

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