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Links To Other Ukrainian Websites

Below, you will find links to various Ukrainian websites to help you get a better understanding of Ukraine and it's language, history, and culture. Many of these sites are in English as well as in other languages. This is but a small sample, and more links will be added in the future. Please be aware that some of these sites are in the process of being updated. These links are meant to be a broad source of information about Ukraine and her people and does not necessarily imply support of one link over another.

If you know of a Ukrainian website that should be included on this list, please e-mail the link URL and a brief description to us for review. We encourage other Ukrainian websites to link with us as well!

  • CYM International

    The new official homepage of the Ukrainian Youth Association
  • PLAST International

    The official homepage of the Ukrainian Scouting Organization
  • Brama Gateway Ukraine

    Extensive news and information website about Ukraine and Ukrainians.
  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America

    The main umbrella organization in America to which most Ukrainian organizations belong.
  • The Ukrainian Observer- A Knowledge Based Magazine
    A magazine in English for the business man and his company who needs to know what is going on in Ukraine.
  • Imported Ukrainian Crafts
    Plenty of pysanky, hand carved items in wood, etc.
  • Free Ukrainian Electronic card site.
    They have an assortment of cards that you can send to family and friends over the Internet.

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