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A show with shadow puppets

inspired by Koda Rona's story "The Five-Storied Pagoda"
anout a hihgly skilled, but unsessful carpenter who against all odd, builds an artitectural masterpiece

performed by
Alli Hiroto - Keyaki tree/Woman
Chris Ignacio - Jubei
Sumire - Narrator, Puppeteer
Karen Ng - Puppeteer

Director: Watoku Ueno
Music: Shu Odamura
Costumes: Luba Kierkosz

June 23, 2019
Broadway Lirbary, Queens


The audience hearts were still warm after the curtain call. I knew from the applause. I felt the same when I turned down the last light cue. The show was great. Performers were wonderful. We had a very varied audience, from small children to seniors, also a very diverse group -- many difference races. I must say proudly it seemed to appeal to all of them. This show, used minimal but poetic language, mixed with the shadow puppets. Sometimes they appeared in front of screen with a puppeteer/actor and interacted with the actor. The show was perfect for this audience. Also live music played throughout the entire show and kept the audience's attention focused. They were quiet throughout the show, even small children were not making any noise. Their reactions were mostly simple but passionate like “Breath taking” “magical” etc.

Watoku Ueno


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