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Pavillion #7


Refugee with bag

The train



a site-specific installation
by Waldemart Klyuzko

till October 25, 2015
Pavilion #7 Exposition Center in Kyiv (VDNH) Exposition Center metro

HOME EAST is a site specific installation in Pavilion #7 at the Exposition Center in Kyiv (VDNH). Art of war and love is about the war and its consequences, all the abandoned homes in the EAST, the refugees, the dangers and the hope of peace.

HOME EAST opened Sept 17 at GogolFest and continues at the VDNH till October 25, 2015. It is created by Kyiv artist WALDEMART KLYUZKO in partnership with YARA ARTS GROUP.
It is the largest visual installation about the war today in Kyiv.

Creating HOME EAST the artist covered the façade of Pavilion #7, the former Machine Building, with red and white caution tape, usually used as a sign of danger which limits entrance to a space. Pavilion #7 is located in the eastern part of the Exposition Center. The installation draws attention to all the homes abandoned by refugees. Their windows are no longer safe. As the sun shines inside through the tape it colors everything inside red, creating a stained glass effect inside, enchanting us with their beauty, disguising the hazard. This is like the last bit of pain the owner of the home experienced before being forced to abandon it. At night the installation is lit from the inside – as the LIGHT OF HOPE for the return, that the war will end, and all those who were forced to flee will return to their abandoned homes.

The Soviet era statutes of the engineers on the façade have turned into portraits of refugees, who are deciding which way to go and have even packed their bags with what is most important.


English language contact  +38(096) 929-6568

Ukrainian language contact    +38(096) 706-2967

photos by the artist


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