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Pavlo Tychyna



projection of Pavlo Tychyna around 1920 with Virlana Tkacz, photo by Nikita Yurenev, 2016

Pavlo Tychyna biography

Translations of Pavlo Tychyna poems by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps
in Yara Arts Group's "1917/2017: Tychyna, Zhadan & the Dogs" at La MaMa Theatre in New York June 9-25, 2017 | LaMaMa

War (1918); from "Instead of Sonnets or Octaves" (1920): Dawn..., Autumn, Terror, Lull, Highest Power, Rhythm, Evoe! You Tell Me

photos from show in Kyiv

Translations of Pavlo Tychyna poems by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps
published in books & anthologies:

Modernism in Kyiv: Jubilant Experimentation (University of Toronto Press, 2010) Pavlo Tychyna's "Dawn," "Lull," "The Highest Power," "Rhythm," "You Tell Me," and an excerpt from "In the Orchestra of the Cosmos"

September 11, 2001 Reflections: A Time of Terror/ A Search for Healing,
edited by Sandra F. Alpert (Global Commitment Foundation: Washington, DC, 2002), Pavlo Tychyna's "War"

Hundred Years of Youth: A Bilingual Anthology of 20th Century Ukrainian Poetry
complied and edited by Olha Luchuk and Michael M. Naydan. Lviv: Litopys Press, 2000, Pavlo Tychyna's "Pastels," "Dawn" "Terror," "Lull" and "Test"

In a Different Light: A Bilingual Anthology of Ukrainian Literature Translated into English by Virlana Tkacz as Performed by Yara Arts Group edited by Olha Luchuk. Lviv: Sribne Slovo, 2008 - Pavlo Tychyna's "Autumn," "Chauvinistic," "Dawn," "Evohe!" "From My Diary. III" "The Highest Power," Hollow," "Lull," "Over Sheer Cliffs," "Pastels," "Rhythm," "Terror" "Test," "You Tell Me," "War," "We Live as a Commune. X" "Wheat Rot,"

published in journals

Pavlo Tychyna's "Lull" Visions International 58 (fall 1998)

Pavlo Tychyna's "Evohe!" "You Tell Me," "Wheat Rot" "The Highest Power" and "Test" Modern Poetry in Translation (summer 1997)

Pavlo Tychyna's "Rhythm" & "Hollow" Visions International 52 (fall 1996)



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