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In 1988 Yara initiated the Harvard Ukrainian Summer School Theatre Workshops. Each year the students create an original theatre piece based on Ukrainian poetry.

Now a book: TEN YEARS OF POETRY FROM THE YARA THEATRE WORKSHOPS AT HARVARD -- twenty of the best Ukrainian poems from the Yara Workshops in award-winning translations by Virlana Tkacz & Wanda Phipps. The hand-made book is designed by Carmen Pujols. Each book is numbered and signed by the person who assembled it.


includes works by: Oleh Lysheha, Anka Sereda, Ludmyla Taran, Oksana Batiuk, Oksana Zabuzhko, Victor Neborak, Yuri Andrukhovych, Victoria Stakh, Attila Mohylny, Mykola Riabchuk, Pavlo Tychyna, Volodymyr Svidzinsky, Mykhail Semenko, Taras Shevcheko and Les Kurbas.

"This book is a major accomplishment. Not only does it introduce a collection of remarkable Ukrainian poetic texts previously unavailable to the English reader, it succeeds in establishing a continuity between the Ukrainian modernist literature of the 1910s and 1920s and the experimental writing of today. It showcases side by side the work of the more recognized and the unjustifiably neglected poets, uncovering new and sometimes unexpected affinities. The masterfully rendered poems deal both with the universal and the historically and culturally specific themes, their moods range from the melancholy to the carnivalesque, and as a result the reader is presented with a colorful, impassioned and incredibly moving vision of Ukrainian poetry, a true poetry lover's delight. " -- Vitaly A. Chernetsky, Columbia University

Limited number of hand-made and signed books available from Yara at $25 plus $5 shipping & handling.

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