La MaMa ETC & Yara Arts Group present:


Photo by Margaret Morton

La MaMa Experimental Theatre, New York
March 9-25, 2007

An original theatre piece in English & Kyrgyz
created by the artists from Yara and the Sakhna
Theatre of Bishkek, based on a Kyrgyz epic about
a woman warrior, directed by Virlana Tkacz.
La MaMa E.T.C. 74A East 4th St, New York
Janyl at La MaMa

Testament or Kerez

La MaMa Experimental Theatre, New York
March 29-31, 2007

an original theatre piece in Kyrgyz
created and directed by Nurlan Asanbekov with
Sakhna Theatre of Bishkek. A hunter slaughters
all the peacefully grazing goats despite the
entreaties of Sur Echi, the mythical Mother Goat.
La MaMa E.T.C. 74A East 4th St, New York
Testament or Kerezat La MaMa

Kyrgyz Epic Theatre

Theatre Division, Columbia University
March 28, 2007

lecture by Virlana Tkacz and Nurlan Asanbekov with demonstarations by Yara and Sakhna Theatres
School of the Arts Schapiro Theatre

Kyrgyz Traditional Music and Art

Tompkins Sq. Library
Saturday March 17, 2007 at 2PM

Sakhna artists from Kyrgyzstan will perform traditional songs and music to accompany exhibit of traditional art from Kyrgyzstan. The exhibit organized by Dinara Chochunbaeva is open Friday and Saturday from 2 to 5 PM. Both events are free. Sakhna at Tompkins Sq Library

Epic Songs Across the Steppe

Ukrainian Museum, New York
Friday, February 23, 2007 at 7PM

Sakhna artists from Kyrgyzstan will perform Kyrgyz epic songs or dastans, while members of the New York Bandura Ensemble will perform dumy or Ukrainian epic on bandura, lira and husli. Ukrainian Museum 222 E 6th St, New York $15 reservations required (212) 228-0110

Sakhna Kyrgyz Epic Songs

Columbia University, New York
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2007 at noon

Sakhna artists from Kyrgyzstan will perform epic songs or dastans, as well as traditional music. Event introduced with slides of Kyrgyzstan. Ethnomusic Department and Harriman Center. Sakhna at Columbia Ethnomusic Dept

Kyrgyzstan: Celestial Mountains

Saratoga Springs, New York April 3-6, 2007

A cluster of events that will include an exhibit of photographs from Kyrgyzstan by Margaret Morton, music concert by Sakhna, workshops, film screening and traditional Kyrgyz craft exhibit. For information call (518) 587-6433

Celestial Cities

Gallery 110, Wednesday April 4,
6 -8 PM

Opening Reception for exhibit of photography of Margaret Morton, featuring of Kyrgyzstan’s extraordinary architectural legacy—ornate “gumbez” or mausoleums clustered in elaborate miniature walled cities that are astonishing for their grandeur and desolate mountain sites. There will also be a bazaar of traditional crafts.

Sakhna: Music from
the Celestial Mountains

Filene Hall, Skidmore College Thursday, April 5, 8PM

In partnership with Skidmore College’s Ethnomusicology Department Yara and Sakhna artists from Kyrgyzstan will will perform epic songs or dastans, as well as traditional music. The event will be introduced by slides of Kyrgyzstan.

The Making of Janyl

Gallery 110 Friday, April 6, 6PM

Director Virlana Tkacz and the performers will offer selected music and stories on the making of Yara's newest work Janyl. Based on an ancient epic song from Kyrgyzstan about a woman archer with a skill so refined that she never misses, this World Music-Theater piece performed at La MaMa in March.

The events with the Kyrygyz artists in New York were made possible in part with public funds from
the New York State Cuncil on the Arts, New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs,
grants from the Nordlys Foundaiton, CEC ArtsLink, US Embassy in Bishkek, Swiss Agency for Development,
the Educational Fund of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Soros Foundation of Kyrgyzstan

For information on all these Kyrgyz events call Yara Arts Group
(212) 475-6474