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Ainura Kchkynbek Kyzy from "Er Toshtuk"
in photo by Margaret Morotn
graphic by Sam Holleran

Jeanie Bogart reads her work
as Redentor Jimenez plays
photo by Serge Matsko

Katja Kolcio & Nicole Stanton dance as Julian Kytasty plays
photo by Yorie Akiba

Askold Melnyczuk reads his work
photo by Serge Matsko

Stefka Nazarkewycz, Shona Tucker,
Sean Eden and Olga Shuhan read Tychyna
photo by Jeehong Chun

Cecilia Arana, Eleanor Lipat,
Meredith Wright, Akiko Hiroshima and
Allison Hiroto sing Buryat songs
photo by Serge Matsko

Allison Hiroto sings
Buryat songs
photo by Alannah Farrell

Ukrainian Consul presents Virlana Tkacz
with the Order of Princess Olha
photo by Serge Matsko

Japanese artist Shu Kubo
conducts workshop in Kirie paper cutting
photo by Peter Moysaenko

Yara Arts Group and the Ukrainian Institute of America present:

Yara 20 Years of Theatre

A Festival of Art, Poetry and Music
Friday thru Sunday, January 22-24, 2010
Ukrainian Institute of America
2 East 79th Street (at Fifth Avenue), New York

Celebrating Two Decades of Dreams and Destinations

Friday, January 22, 2010 8 PM $15
Opening of art exhibit inspired by texts from Yara's 20 theatre productions
curated by Virlana Tkacz and Yorie Akiba

participating visual artists: Anya Farion, Annette Friedman,
Maya Hayuk, Roman Hrab, Petro Hrycyk, Peter Ihnat,
Shu Kubo, Margaret Morton, Andrea Odezynska, Marko Shuhan,
Makoto Takeuchi, Watoku Ueno, Marybeth Ward and Andrea Wenglowskyj

Christina Lillian Turczyn reads Christina Lillian Turczyn

Odarka Polanskyj-Stockert plays harp
Redentor Jimenez plays guitar
as Inka Juslin dances

Vasyl Makhno reads Vasyl Makhno
while Aaron Profumo reads the translation

Jeanie Bogart reads Jeanie Bogart
while Redentor Jimenez plays guitar
and Aaron Profumo reads the translation

Julian Kytasty plays bandura
as Katja Kolcio and Nicole Stanton dance

Krystia Lucenko reads Krystia Lucenko
Deanna Klapischak takes us to the next level

Candece Tarpley reads Candece Tarpley

Wanda Phipps reads Wanda Phipps
and Olena Jennings reads Olena Jennings

Askold Melnyczuk reads Askold Melnyczuk

Saturday January 23, 2010 8 PM $25 Gala Concert
Yara actors perform poetry and songs from Yara productions:

"Before the World Began" from Waterfall/Reflections
with Lilia Pavlovsky, Cecilia Arana, Eleanor Lipat and Julian Kytasty

"Rhythm" and "Terror" by Pavlo Tychyna from A Light From the East
with Sean Eden, Stefka Nazarkewycz, Olga Shuhan and Shona Tucker

Four Japanese poems from Yara's Forest Song
with Yorie Akiba, Stefka Nazarkewycz, Georgia Southern and John Guth

"India Ink" by Ludmila Taran and Genji Ito
with Cecilia Arana and Eleanor Lipat-Chesler

"When I Wake" by Wendell Berry and Genji Ito
with Cecilia Arana, Eleanor Lipat-Chesler and John Guth

Buryat songs from Virtual souls, Flight of the White Bird and Circle
with Cecilia Arana, Allison Hiroto, Akiko Hiroshima,
Eleanor Lipat-Chesler and Meredith Wright

Wanda Phipps reads "Glowing Woman"

Tom Lee reads "My Eyes" by Sayan Zhambalov
from Flight of the White Bird

"Flying South Through the Night" by Attila Mohylny and Julian Kytasty
from Yara's Theatre Workshops at Harvard
with Julian Kytasty

"Symptoms of Poetry" by Oksana Zabuzhko
from Yara's Theatre Workshops at Harvard
with Katy Selverstone, Olga Shuhan and Georgia Southern

"The Elders Said" from Yara's new project in Mozambique
with Meredith Wright and and Francois Nnang on balafon

"Semiramis" by Pavlo Tychyna and Roman Hurko
with Shona Tucker, Cecilia Arana and John Guth

Consul Bohdan Movchan presents
the Order of Princess Olha
to Virlana Tkacz and Yara Arts Group

"Oi u Lisi" with Akiko HIroshima, Allison Hiroto, Eleanor Lipat-Chesler
and Meredith Wright

music by Debutante Hour

Food Artist Olesia Lew presents
Yara's World Market: Food from the Silk Road to the Carpathians

ART EXHIBIT OPEN 1:00-4:00 Saturday and Sunday
free to general public

WORKSHOP in Japanese paper cutting Sunday afternoon
with reknown artist Shu Kubo from Japan

For more photos see: Yara 20 Years of Theatre For more information see : Yara 20 Years of Theatre

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