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  • Vol.I, (no. 1-2) 1995
  • Vol.II, (no. 3) 1996
  • Vol.III, (no. 4-5) 1998

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    Volume III, No. 4-5, 1998


    Supply-Side Economics for Ukrainian Growth
    Ben P. Klotz, Temple University
    The Ukrainian Industrial Sector in 1996 and 1997; Insights from the Rapid Enterprise Survey
    Frederic L. Pryor, Swarthmore College, and Michael Blackman, University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
    Searching for Macroeconomic Stability in Ukraine
    Perry L. Patterson, Wake Forest University
    Multinational Enterprise Entry under Unstable Property Rights: The Case of Ukraine
    Alexander Pivovarsky, Harvard University
    Compensation Schemes and Motivation in Participative Budgeting: Experiments in the United States and Ukraine
    Penelope Sue Greenberg, Widener University, and Larissa S. Lozynskyj Kyj, Rowan University
    Financial System and Growth in Transition Economies
    Andrij Halushka, Oxford University
    Ukrainian Banking; An Agenda for Reform, with Comparisons to Other Transition Economies
    James W. Dean, Western Washington University, and Iryna Ivaschenko, Stockholm School of Economics
    The Influence of Devaluation Policies on the Exchange Rate of Ukrainian Currency
    Victor Shevchuk, Lviv Academy of Commerce
    "Skilky vono koshtuvalo?" The Seigniorage Loss from Monetary Stabilization in Ukraine
    David Alan Aschauer, Bates College
    Ukrainian Economic Literature in the Library of Congress, 1992-1998: A Selected Bibliography
    Jurij Dobczansky, Library of Congress

    Book Reviews by Hugh Hinton, University of Toledo; Larissa S. Lozynskyj Kyj; Nicholas W. Balabkins, Lehigh University; Ihor Gordijew, Macquarie University; Perry L. Patterson; I. S. Koropeckyj.

    Some copies of UER, no. 4-5, are available at $20. To order, please call Professor I. S. Koropeckyj at tel.:(215)517-7389

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