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  • Vol.I, (no. 1-2) 1995
  • Vol.II, (no. 3) 1996
  • Vol.III, (no. 4-5) 1998

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    Volume II, No. 3, 1996


    A Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Ukrainian Crop and Livestock Enterprises and Implications for Reform
    Helen Jensen, P.G. Lakshminarayan, Aziz Bouzaher, Alicia Carriquiry, Stanley R. Johnson, and Peter Sabluk
    Inflation and the Productive Structure in the Ukrainian Economy
    I.S. Koropecky
    Labor and Unemployment in the Contemporary Ukrainian Economy
    Volodymyr Lazarenko and Volodymyr Zvihlianych
    A Comparative Analysis of Labor Activity and Welfare Level in Different Social-Economic Environments
    Oleksander Yastremsky
    Ukrainian Economic Literature 1992-1995: A Library of Congress Checklist of Monographs
    Jurij Dobczansky

    Papers of the Washington Conference:

    Reforming the Pension System in Ukraine
    H. Quan Chu
    Household Survival Strategies
    Simon Johnson, Daniel Kaufman, and Oleg Ustenko
    Free Economic Zones in Ukraine: The Case of Odessa
    Fyodor I. Kushnirsky
    Ukraine and the Fuel Problem
    Oles M. Smolansky
    The Promise Unfulfilled: Ukrainian Agriculture in Kuchma's First Year
    Ihor Stebelsky
    Foreign Sector in a Transition Economy: Ukraine's Vicious Circle
    Janusz Szyrmer

    Book Reviews:

    Boettke, Peter J., The Political Economy of Soviet Socialism: The Formative Years, 1918-1928
    Ivan Katchanovski
    Eatwell, John, Michael Ellman, Mats Karlsson, D. Mario Nuti, and Judith Shapiro, Transformation and Integration: Shaping the Future of Central and Eastern Europe
    Michael Hemesath
    Epping, Randy Charles, Putivnyk po svitovii ekonomitsi dlia pochatkivtsiv
    Catherine Sokil-Milnikiewicz
    Koropeckyj, Iwan-Swiatoslaw, Descho pro mynule, nedavnie mynule i suchasne ukrainskoi ekonomiky
    Emil Bej
    Panico, Paolo, ed., Privatization in an Economy in Transition: The Case of Moldova
    Jerry Pitzl
    Samuelson, Paul A., and William D. Nordhaus, Makroekonomika
    Perry L. Patterson
    Wyzan, Micahel L., ed., First Steps Toward Economic Independence: New States of the Postcommunist World
    Val Samonis

    Third Congress of the International Ukrainian Economic Association, 1996, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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