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  • Vol.I, (no. 1-2) 1995
  • Vol.II, (no. 3) 1996
  • Vol.III, (no. 4-5) 1998

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    Volume I, No. 1-2, 1995


    Ukraine's Economy Today
    Serhii Pyrozhkov and Valerii Popovkin
    Understanding the Inflation Tax
    Ben P. Klotz
    External Shocks and Performance Responses during Systemic Transition: The Case of Ukraine [Abstract I,3]
    F. Desmond McCarthy, Chandra Pant, Kangbin Zheng, Giovanni Zanalda
    Microeconomic Foundations of Inflation in Ukraine
    F.I. Kushnirsky
    A Case Study of Work-related Values in Ukraine: Implication for Designing Effective Organizations
    Roman Lanis and Chris Patel
    The Economics of the Soviet Breakup
    Gijsbertus van Selm
    The Ruble Zone: A Case of Irrationality?
    Anders Bornefalk
    The Development of Indigenous Entrepreneurship during the Transitional Period
    L. Haddad
    Modes of Entering Markets in Post-Communist countries: The Case of Ukraine
    Alla Starostyna and Valdas Samonis

    Book Reviews:

    Adams, F. Gerard. ed., The Macroeconomic Dimensions of Arms Reduction
    Roger D. Little
    Clague, Christopher and Rausser, Gordon C., eds., The Emergence of Market Economics in Eastern Europe
    J. Eric Fredland
    Islam, Shafigul and Mandelbaum, Michael., eds., Making Markets: Economic Transformation in Eastern Europe and the Post-Soviet States
    Lisa Marie Daniel
    Ronald I. McKinnon, The Order of Economic Liberalization: Financial Control in the Transition to a Market Economy
    Jeffrey Miller
    Milija Pajevic and Frauke Siefkes, eds., GUS and die Nachfolgestaaten der UdSSR
    Nicholas W. Balabkins
    O.I. Yastremsky, Modeliuvannia Ekonomichnoho ryzyku
    Matvii E. Primak

    Second Congress of the International Ukrainian Economic Association, May 1994, Odessa, Ukraine

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