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  • Vol.I, (no. 1-2) 1995
  • Vol.II, (no. 3) 1996
  • Vol.III, (no. 4-5) 1998

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    To Our Readers and Contributors

    Since Ukraine's declaration of independence in 1991, its economy has been undergoing momentous changes, and the diffculties it has yet to face are daunting indeed. The challenge confronting specialists in the field is not only to explore possible solutions to these problems, but also to develop some generalizations that may prove useful to Ukraine, as well to other countries facing similar upheavals. The aim of the Ukrainian Economic Review is to provide a forum precisely for such analyses. As the first issues of the UER show, the journal is concerned not so much with reacting to daily economic changes, but rather with scholarly discussions of the Ukrainian economy, utilizing sound economic theory supported by statistical data.

    The Ukrainian Economic Review will be initially published annually. With certain exceptions (e.g., solicited and survey articles), the UER will be a refereed journal. Every author submitting a contribution will receive an answer within three months.

    We invite interested scholars to submit their articles or book reviews to the journal and hope that these contributions will promote a better understanding of the issues relevant to the UER's purpose, benefit the authors, and ensure the success of the journal.

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    Questions & Comments regarding the IUEA & UER should be addressed to Professor I. S. Koropeckyj

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