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The International Science Foundation (ISF) of Washington DC is an American charitable organization established in December 1992 to support basic research in the natural sciences in the former Soviet Union. Through its Conference Travel Grant, Emergency Grant, Grant Assistance, and Long-Term Research Grant programs the ISF has allocated monies in direct support to scientific researchers. Candidates for these programs are selected through peer review processes utilizing rigorous criteria.

Depending on the specific program, selection criteria requires eligible recipients to have published between three and five articles in authoritative scientific journals. Special value is placed on proposals that offer support to students and young researchers and research which takes place at or in conjunction with higher educational institutions. Collaboration between small research teams from different institutions, including shared instrumentation, is also encouraged.

In order to further this support and hopefully foster potential collaborative efforts the ISF has made available its list of recent recipients in Ukraine. This includes 313 researchers affiliated with 91 different institutions in 15 fields of study.

The list has been arranged and is available in three different ways:

ISF Advisory Committee in Ukraine

Dr. Platon G.Kostiuk
Institute of Physiology
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Yaroslav I.Burak
Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Leonid I.Francevitch
Institute of Zoology,
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Vladimir V.Frolkis
Institute of Gerontology,
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Yuri Yu.Gleba
Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Anatoly N.Kochubei
Institute of Mathematics,
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Vladimir A.Marchenko
Kharkov Physical-Technical Institute of Low Temperatures
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Sergey M.Ryabchenko
State Committee for Science and Technology

Dr. Yaroslav S.Yatchkiv
Main Astronomical Observatory,
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
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ISF Coordinates

For more information on the ISF and its various
programs the following coordinates are provided:

ISF Web Page in Moscow

International Science Foundation
Executive Office
1054 31st Street, NW Suite 110
Washington, DC 20007
202/342-2765 (fax) (email)

ISF Library Assistance Program
455 First Avenue Room 1202
New York, NY 10016
212/576-8457 (fax) (email)

252024 Kyiv Ukraine
Bogomoltca Street, 4 Suite 127
380 (044) 293-4877
380 (044) 293-7223 (fax)

International Science Foundation
121019 Moscow, Russia
PO Box 217
7 (095)956-2151
7 (095)956-2156
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