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The Famine
This history of the Famine was excerpted from pages 13-14 of:

Dilemmas of Independence - Ukraine after Totalitarianism

bookcover Author: Alexander J. Motyl. The collapse of the Soviet Union added a large new country -- Ukraine -- to the map of Europe. With its endowment of natural resources amd skilled population of 52 million, Ukraine can play a major role in European and world affairs. How an independent Ukraine evolves internally and the foreign policies it adopts will have considerable impact on Europe, East and West, and on the United States.

Alexander J. Motyl, an authority on the post-Soviet nations, examines the painful choices confronting Ukraine. He considers Ukraine's troublesome inheritance from the Soviet Union and discusses ways Ukraine might overcome this legacy to build a modern, democratic, and market-oriented state.

Soft cover (9"H x 6"W); 217 pages. Published by Council on Foreign Relations, 1993. $17.95 at Surma - The Ukrainian Shop

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