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Gala Presentation Opera Cavalleria Rusticana ...


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UkraGraphix came into being purely by accident.

In order to try to generate some more business for my band, The New Dimension Orchestra (Novi Obriji), I set out to create a web page on a Ukrainian theme. After many hours scouring the web, I was left empty-handed. It looked like if I wanted Ukrainian graphics, I'd have to create them myself. So, in a fit of passion (or as a result of too much caffeine), I sat down with my computer and began "artisting".

I eventually got some stuff I liked, so I went ahead and did my band site. Some of the guests emailed me to find out where I got the Ukrainian artwork. When I told them I created it, they began singing my praises (no, not really) and suggested that I put the artwork out on the net.

So, to make a short story even longer, that is how UkraGrafix was born.

Okay. So what? You didn't want a history lesson, did you? You're probably wondering about the artwork, aren't you. Well, I tried to make the artwork as browser friendly as I could. I made the artwork (with a few exceptions) in GIF format using the 216-color Netscape/MSIE friendly pallette, so you shouldn't have problems with that nasty color shifting (as long as all the other artwork on the page is using the same browser-friendly pallette). The exceptions are the wallpapers, which were saved in JPG format. Both are readily viewable with most browsers, but if you have a problem, email me and I'll see what I can do.

Now for the legal stuff. The artwork contained in this site was created by me, and I retain all rights. I am, however, giving anyone who wants to use it, for non-commercial purposes, permission to go ahead and copy the artwork, an d use it as you see fit. Two conditions, though. First, give me credit for my artwork. Nothing fancy, nothing big, just place the following code somewhere on your site (credit or links page would be good, but any place is fine): Ukrainian graphics by <A HREF="">Ukragra fix</A>. The other condition is that you email me with the URL of your page, so I can add it to my "these sites use Ukragrafix graphics" page. If you want to use my artwork for commercial purposes, please co ntact me - they say "every man has his price", and I can be had cheaply. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Anyway, thanks for visiting, and I hope you get some use out of this stuff!

Gene Hrynczyszyn, proprietor (or something) of Ukragrafix.

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