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Agrarian Party of Crimea                  Ldr: Ivan Dezhemeryv
Communist Party of Crimea                 Ldr: Leonid Hrach
Crimean Party of Social Guarantees        Ldr: Yukhym Fiks
Crimean Tatar National Movement           Ldr: Vashtiy Abdurayimov
Democratic Party of Crimea                Ldr: Anatoliy Filatov
Milli Firka                               Ldr: Ilmy Umerov
National movement of the Crimean Tatars
National Movement of Tatars               Ldr: Mustafa Cemiloglu
Organization of the Crimean Tatar 
National Movement
Party for the Economic Renewal of Crimea  Ldr: Vladimir Sheviov
Republican Party of Crimea                Ldr: Serhiy Tsekov
Russian-Language Movement of Crimea
Russian Party of Crimea
Ukrainian Civic Congress of Crimea
Union for the Support of the 
Republic of Crimea                        Ldr: Yakob Apter

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