To enhance social reforms (from the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers)

Constructive cooperation of all powers should secure irreversible advance of economic and democratic reforms in Ukraine, so Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh defined the priority objective of the government opening the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Anatoliy Kinakh noted that the formation of the new government, which should be an efficient and professional higher body of the executive power, has been almost completed. Comprehensive cooperation, professional analysis and monitoring of activities and adopted decisions, feedback are also included in the priorities of the Cabinet as well as close cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada and Administration of the President of Ukraine. It is highly important to preserve all positive achievements in the economy and society in the previous period, Anatoliy Kinakh underscored. At the same time market conditions should be deepened and all economic transformations should be backed by the progress in the social sphere. Anatoliy Kinakh said that he would make strict conclusions regarding all governmental officials, who would try to lobby certain political and financial interests, especially by actions contradicting to the legislation. He emphasized that it is important for Ukraine to create equal conditions and transparent competition since these factors identify trust to Ukraine and investment climate necessary to attract investment and solve difficult systemic problems of economy. Commenting the adopted decisions, Vice Prime Minister on humanitarian policy Volodymyr Semynozhenko pointed out that the governmental meeting was highly accurate and efficient. Particular attention was paid to social problems in consideration of all issues. Prime Minister has issued a number of commissions aimed at payment of wage and pension arrears. Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ivan Sakhan informed that social problems remain top priority issues of the governmental policy. Some positive changes have occurred this year. Real income has grown by 6.3% as compared with last year indicators. Nominal salary rate increased in April 2001 by 40.7% in comparison with the last year, real salary grew by 13.9% within the first four months of the year.