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Posted by SteveK on February 17, 2001 at 20:49:50:

In Reply to: Think I've Got It Now . . . posted by Dan on February 16, 2001 at 23:39:48:

: >>You were born in the Ukraine. You left to permanently live in the United States last year and now you want to go back to the Ukraine to visit your friends. You have your valid Ukrainian passport and a Green Card. To return to the United States you only need a green card, you do not need any US visas. So when you want to come back to the United States you will not have any visas in you passport. You will only have a green card which means that you are a permanent resident in the United States and it gives you admission to the United States. You don't need a visa. Ukrainian customs officials do not recognize the Green card, they only recognize your Ukrainian passport. If your Ukrainian passport doesn't have a stamp in it that says that you are permanently residing in the US, they are not going to let you out.<<

: OK - so on the trip *into* Ukraine, the person shows the Ukraine passport. Is there anything in that passport that shows their permanent resident status in America (i.e the Green Card)??

: Ahhh - I see the problem. On the way out of Ukraine they would have to show some sort of proof they are legal to re-enter America - a visa in their passport - or . . . they would show the green card - yes? At that point, the Ukraine Passport Control agent would challenge them about why they had not officially registered (assuming they had not) in their new country. This could lead to possible detention or some payment to depart (I imagine).

: Re: "Exit Visa"

: >>No, it's a simple black stamp with a signature that is in your Ukrainian passport that says that you are permanently residing in the United States. It is put there by the Ukrainian officials. It has nothing to do with the US officials.<<

: Got it.

: >>I couldn't find Natasha's post you are referring to and i can't imagine why I wouldn't want to do this.<<

: Here is the link to her post => Essentially, it suggests that Ukrainians are worried about the possibility of losing any property they own in Ukraine if they register their residence outside of Ukraine.

: Thanks Steve. I hope it hasn't been too painful educating me --smile--.

: - Dan

I am glad I could help :)

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