Re: A story of a young ukrainian women

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Posted by Rostick on February 02, 2001 at 18:06:53:

In Reply to: A story of a young ukrainian women posted by Valya on February 02, 2001 at 08:52:37:

: Not really travel related, but it will help people to understand the situation in Ukraine a little better.
: Ukraine is not just a "flashy" Kreschatyk and Yalta's waterfront, this letter reflects how most of ukrainians live or say it better survive.
: I read it in yesterday's newspaper and translated it for you, sorry for the mistakes.

: I'm only 30, but I don't want to live.

: Dear editors,
: please help me. Please print this letter so people can hear scream of my soul and my heart.
: I'm only 30, but I don't want to live.
: I have two sick children. Son is 9, he has epilepsy and daughter (5) has DCP ( I couldn't find proper translation to it, but it's some kind of paralysis). My husband left me, because he couldn't cope with sick children and all the problems. I don't have any relatives. I don't get any help and can't go to work. My monthly income from kids' pensions is 120 Ukrainian hryvnas ( about $30 Can.) for all three of us. My ex-husband can't find a job, so I don't get any help from him.
: My sick children are in need of vitamins, but I don't even have enough money for necessary medication, plus I must feed them and myself. Our everyday menu is a meatless soup with wheat. Often there is not enough money for bread...
: One time I bought a chunk of bologna, so kids thought it was some kind of special treat...
: It's breaking my heart to watch all this happening to my kids, but I don't know what do to do. I don't want to live, but I can't die.
: Not once or twice I was going to leave this world, but God helped to stop me reminding about the children. If I end my life, I'm not just loose my sole, I loose my children as well.
: Kind people! Please help me if you can. We'll thank you for every penny. Maybe a company can give me some kind of work I could do at home, because we are in a small village and I can't find anything.
: Some people suggest me to send my kids to the orphans home, saying it will be easier for me... Is it going to be better for kids? Healthy children are not looked after properly there and what's going to happen to the sick ones?

: With Hope
: Halina,

: Dnipropetrovsk region,
: Ukraine.

: "Silski Visti" (Rural News)
: Feb. 1/2001

Dear All!

This story makes me feel very sad, because I know that this things are real, I see them almost every day when I walk along the streets. Yes, Kiev is better because it's a capital of Ukraine, but even here, people ... common people have to suffer a lot. I agree with Del "when you teach how to fish - you feed for life". Unfortunately Ukrainian government is making it really difficult to fish, even if you do know how to do it. Lots of people are trying to do something, but that doesn't help and that's why lots of local people seek better life abroad, sometimes they leave illegally in order to at least earn some money to feed their families. I have lots of friends from small towns of Ukraine, and they tell me horrible stories, about people who don't have electricity, who don't know who the current president is, who don't go to schools, and so forth.
I just hope that local government will stop doing things like that and soon this country will indeed turn into something nicer, because people who live here are generally nice and kind, the land is beautiful, lots of natural resources, I just don't understand why Ukraine can not make it.

With best wishes,

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