Re: Ukrainian Exit-Visa regulation nightmares

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Posted by amerikanka on January 29, 2001 at 07:36:10:

In Reply to: Re: Ukrainian Exit-Visa regulation nightmares posted by Natasha on January 28, 2001 at 15:32:29:

FWIW, the Ukrainian Embassy in the US makes it nearly impossible to obtain an exit visa in the US, so Canada might be the same. OVIR in my fiance's home town actually recommended that he leave without the exit stamp and get it in the US. In addition to having problems re-entering Ukraine, one is not able to vote, or register a child born abroad in their passport.

: It is a bureaucratic nightmare. I suggest travelling via Moscow or Warsaw( visas to this counries are not required for Ukrainian citizens) and leave for Canada from there. But she would always run a risk of being detained in the Ukraine when she goes there on her Ukrainian passport. She does not need an exit visa, It is a permit from the Ukrainian government to reside abroad that she needs and it is just a stamp in the passport. First check with the Canadian Immigration authorities if she would be allowed into the country without that stamp. It should not be a problem. Then check with the Ukrainian Embassy in Canada if she can go through that procedure in Canada. They do it in the States. Go to the embassy site, make a list of all the documents required, tell your wife to obtain them in the Ukraine. Bring her to Canada via Moscow or Warsaw and apply for the permit in Canada. In the States we just apply for the travel document (white passport) from the INS. put a visa to the Ukraine inot it and travel to and back without any problem so far. I hope it will work. Good luck.
: Natasha

: : My Ukrainian wife just got her Canadian Visa and she thought that everything was all set for her to travel to Canada, but inside the envelope was a sheet informing her that she had to first apply for and get a Ukrainian "EXIT VISA." She found out that it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months to get an Exit Visa in Ukraine, and her Canadian visa is good for just under 6 months, then it will no longer be any good and she'll have to get another one. ----- My question is this: Why can't she just hop a jet and fly to Canada without an Exit visa? Will the Canadian government and American government not allow Ukrainians into their countries without an exit visa or is it just that the Ukrainian government won't allow their own people to escape from their prison-country without an exit visa? Please help me with this crazy exit visa problem, thank you.

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