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Posted by Natasha on January 03, 2001 at 01:13:31:

In Reply to: Thanks Steve, however I have a healthy ... posted by Hans on January 02, 2001 at 18:51:30:

There is a special department at the local City Council which checks the quality of the drinking water, food products sold at the grocery stores and meals served at the restaurants. They also check if the sea water is safe for swimming. They used to be rather strict in enforcing their rules. The beaches were usually closed after heavy rains as the rivers brought a lot of dirt into the sea. Regarding the Chernobyl disaster it was the central government policy to hush the problem to avoid bad international publicity. And checking the sanitary conditions of the city is the responsibility of the local government. if they allowed something bad to happen,i.e epidemics, etc. they would lose their lucrative jobs. To put your minds at ease I would discuss the present situation with my friends in Yalta and let you know how the things stand now ASAP.
Bye for now,

distrust as far as authorities are concerned especially in these countries. When I was in Kyiv in December there was just a documentary on the tv about Chernobyl and one hour ago today, there was on the local TV station here in Amsterdam again a documentary about the impact of that disaster.

: The main thing that immediatly jumps to the foreground is that the authorities play down the health hasards in a way that shows total disrespect for the health of the people concerned. In general people could only get real information from sources outside their countries and through the internet.

: So please forgive me, but if it is the authorties that close down the beaches, then you should start really to be concerned. Most of the time it is too late and too short. But Steve, maybe your faith in authorities is different from mine; I do not mean to say that you are wrong! THANKS for the comment, really.

: Perhaps Natasha could shed some light about the who is responsable for the closing down of the beaches.

: [Maybe I am biased too much at the moment, but I was aghast about the children drawings they were showing on tv. There is a whole generation growing up in a totally unhealthy environment, wich, for example, will culminate in a far more difficult period of adolescense then here in the West... Hehehee in the West...., what am I saying the Netherlands are in fact on the Eastern hemisphere if I am correct][OK... Enough ranting]

: Sincerly,
: Hans

: : : the pollution matter into perspective. The articles I have read were really very alarming, especially the Rumenian waste coming down the "Blue (sic)" Danube.

: : : One little remark about the price level for apartments. The Netherlands are also in the Western world, but the price level I saw for some properties offered, were rather steep in my Dutch eyes, but then the dollar is worth 2.40 Dutch guilders. But the prices are geared towards the American market, I suppose. Nevertheless having a "pied-a-terre" in Yalta/Crimea doesn't sound bad at all! Thanks for that info also!

: : : Sincerly,
: : : Hans

: : I just wanted to comment on polution. _Usually_ if the water is not safe, the beaches will be closed. At least that's how it used to be. I haven't been there in 4 years, so i can't talk about what they do now.

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