Re: Ukrainian view about changes to visa rules?

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Posted by wiz on March 05, 2005 at 09:19:58:

In Reply to: Ukrainian view about changes to visa rules? posted by Constantine on March 04, 2005 at 23:31:06:

While I agree with the sentiments of the article I can also understand the reasons for the restrictions imposed to Ukrainian citizens, visiting a western country.

Mark has explained one major problem, which is unemployment here in the west but also there are a lot of other issues to take into consideration. Affordable housing is a huge problem in the UK. Terrorism (Real or American and British Government’s tool for propaganda), illegal immigration for which there is a speculation that nearly ½ a million Ukrainians live and work in the UK. The immigration situation in the UK is in Total chaos and Ministers can not control the influx, as it appears. Criminal activities and prostitution with many Ukrainian’s involvement, of which, London is full of Ukrainian women plying their trade, and so many other issues, just to mention a few. On the other hand the UK accepts more than 150,000 immigrants every year because they realise that extra workforce is required. That is not specifically applied to Ukrainians only. Anybody with a Doctor’s degree, nurses and a lot of other categories are made welcome with open arms, which deprives their countries from well trained workforce and professional trained people.

The undignified methods used by many western consulates to stem the immigration wave from Ukraine is matched by Ukraine’s consulate rules and regulations regarding issuing visa to westerner’s visitors. Not that I condone any of these actions but I mention it only to make you aware what is going on this side of the fence. Here is an example:

Copy of the Ukrainian Consulate web site:

“For Business Visa (Multiple Entry)

Nationals of the EU countries, Canada, Japan, Slovak Republic, Swiss Confederation, Republic of Turkey and the United States of America who apply for business, private, scientific, sport and cultural visas do not require a letter of invitation from Ukraine.

Nationals of all other countries require invitation to travel to Ukraine. It is obligatory to present a detailed letter of invitation from Ukraine together with a detailed letter from the applicant's employer. Both letters should state the nature and purpose of business conducted in Ukraine and explain the necessity of issuing a multiple entry visa. Copy of a registration certificate of a company or representative office in Ukraine should be enclosed.

Visa may be valid for up to one year.”

Last week I applied for a Business Multiple Entry Visa to Ukraine and asked for a 5 year one. Having bad experience with them in the past, on Friday I phoned the consulate to find out if they received my application. Then I was advised that as a British Citizen the maximum Visa period I can get is 1 year only. They also told me that they would not issue the visa because I have not submitted an Invitation letter. When I pointed out the above paragraph from their web site, I was told that it only apply for up to 6 months!

So I am asking you: How more stupid and incompetent can they get?
Anybody cares to provide me with an invitation?

By the way they charge me £130 = $220 for the privilege to allow me to come to Ukraine and spend my money there, as I have no business connections, nor I earn any money using the country.

For your information last December on the 15 applied for a private visa by special delivery post (Guaranteed delivery next day) and I received my visa on the 4 January, just a day before I was travelling, and that after numerous phone calls.
To add insult to that, next day on arrival at Borispol airport, the immigration officer (a dumb blonde with no knowledge of English kept me for over 30 minutes, asking me stupid questions, which she could find out from the visa stamp. Finally when I told her that I am visiting a blond with big boobs (as a sarcastic remark) she let me through.

On the way backhome I had an argument with one of the security officers because he didn’t know what e-ticket is and he wouldn’t move his arse to call the KLM representative around. Well now I am used to such behaviour and take it with a pinch of salt.

Back to the article.

The Author of the article has given his own explanation and solution to what is necessary to be done to preserve his dignity, and that falls on the shoulders of the present Ukrainian Government.

“An agreement should be signed that does not allow certain categories of people to be denied visas: academics participating in conference or giving lectures, people visiting family members or friends in the USA, etc. In addition, stamps that ruin passports ought to be forbidden. Special agreements ought to require consular and immigration officials to specify a reason for the denial of a visa, and offer a mechanism for appealing that decision.
Only then can it be said that the government is defending my dignity”

I agree with the last comment but under the present circumstances I would like to ask the same old question again?

What is best for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people?

To prevent the influx of foreign visitors, which will happen with the Eurovision Song Contest, and hopefully will continue later or to put every possible obstacle so his dignity can be protected?

I think as I have said before, the present UA Government should take a leaf from the book of the Thai, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece and other countries and drop the requirement for a visa to encourage tourist arrivals in the country.

Additionally it should pursuit an Open Sky Policy and allows the No frills cheap European Airlines to start schedules into Ukraine from which Foreign Tourists and Ukrainians alike will benefit.

Finally with reference to a comment made by “Smiley People” in another post, regarding security, the CIA and other western security services don’t need to come in to Ukraine, but they can read your car number plates and listen to your conversation from Above!

If you want to see your house from above go to NASA’s web site…………

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