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Posted by Dan on April 09, 2000 at 17:48:45:

In Reply to: Restroom facilities posted by Mark on April 09, 2000 at 14:50:08:

Where will you be visiting?? I cannot speak for all the villages/cities in eastern Ukraine, but I have visited Donetsk and Mariupol - both are in the eastern portion of the country, but possibly a bit further south than where you will be.

Anyway, as for the toilet itself, it will look enough like a western toilet that you shouldn't have any problem adjusting. The very first time I saw one like this was in Germany, so I suspect the 'technology' (if you can call it that --smile--) migrated from Germany.

Typically, there is no shower. Instead, you will find a pretty normal bathtub and it often has a flexible showerhead attached to the spigot - but there is no shower curtain or enclosure. What I do is sort of crouch down and keep the splashing to a minimum - but it works pretty well. You can, of course, just opt to bathe instead of shower and it will be just like in the US.

Finally, on the subject of water, it is best to only use bottled water for anything that you will consume or put into you mouth - including brushing your teeth. I have to confess that I am pretty indifferent to that rule and have occasionally managed to allow water in my mouth during the shower and I usually rinse my toothbrush with tap water. I've never had a problem - but I've grown accustomed to travelling to some fairly remote places for many years and I am possibly just blessed with a strong constitution. My recommendation is to ALWAYS use bottled water.

Take along normal toiletries and you should be fine. If you need anything, it may be necessary to have a local person help find it with/for you, but it shouldn't be a problem. This assumes you are staying in a city of some size. If you are staying in a very small village, they do occasionally have difficulty with supply of just about everything - it is difficult to predict the shortages.
I hope this helps.


- Dan

: Hi all...

: I'm visiting eastern Ukraine this summer, and I wonder if anyone could describe the bathroom facilites in your average city apartment? What should I expect, and what should I bring [aside from normal toiletires, of course]? Also, where does the water come from with which to brush one's teeth? Is it bottled water, or is it safe to brush with tapwater?

: Thanks for any insight any of you can provide!

: Mark

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