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Posted by ONYEKA OZOH EMMANUEL on April 26, 2001 at 16:10:34:

In Reply to: Official Visa Apllication Form posted by R.J.'s Tours Ltd on September 26, 2000 at 12:50:17:

: Should you require the official Visa application form I can send it to you free of charge. remember the respective consulates will not accept copies only the original.

: Robert J. Tomkins

: : Del,

: : This should answer all your questions:

: : Let me start by saying that I've traveled to Ukraine quite a number of times these past few years. In the past, I've always used and recommended the services of a travel specialist such as RJ's Tours (a frequent poster on this board). Based on recent changes (05 May 2000) in Ukraine's visa regulations which relaxed the formal invitation requirement for *some* types of visas, I decided to acquire my own visa for my
: : travels. I have also provided coaching to others how to do this and all, so far, have been successful.

: : There are probably only 3 types of visas the readership of this board needs to be concerned about - Tourist, Private, and Business. Here are a couple of important facts to be considered:

: : * Invitations. Ukraine no longer requires invitations for Private or Business visas. Formal invitations *are still* required for Tourist visas, however.

: : * Both Tourist and Private visas are issued for a maximum term of validity of 6 months. A Business visa may be issued for a maximum term of 3 years, but are more commonly issued for 1- or 2-year terms, at the discretion of the Consulate/Embassy issuing the visa.

: : Now, the step-by-step process for acquiring a Private visa is as follows:

: : 1 - I use the Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago. There are others, but this is the one I chose. Send a self-addressed and stamped envelope along with a letter requesting an original visa application form to:

: : Consulate General of Ukraine
: : 10 East Huron Street
: : Chicago, IL 60611.

: : You must have an original application form. They no longer accept faxes or copies of the originals.

: : 2 - Once you receive the form, complete all the sections. Your biggest problem will probably be to decide if you are applying for a Tourist visa or a Private visa. With recent changes in Ukraine's visa laws, it is easier to obtain a Private visa, so that is what I suggest you request. To make this request, simply insure that section 15 of the application (Purpose of Your Journey) states: "To visit friends and relatives" - and you will need to supply a name and address for a local person in section 20 (Private Person Who Invites). Not to worry about the Consulate checking with them or anything - they do not. Prior to May 5 of this year, you needed a formal invitation. Now, simply writing a name and address suffices.
: : Contact me by e-mail if you need help on this point.

: : 2a - Notes for completion each section of the Application:

: : Section 1 - Surname - write it exactly as it appears in your passport
: : Section 2 - Full Name - First name only - write it exactly as it appears in your passport
: : Section 3 - Other Names or Surnames - Middle name - write it exactly as it appears in your passport
: : Section 4 - Date of Birth - self-explanatory
: : Section 5 - Sex - self-explanatory
: : Section 6 - Nationality - country of your citizenship (ex. USA)
: : Section 7 - Personal Number - for USA citizens, this is your Social Security number
: : Section 8 - Address of Permanent Residence - self-explanatory
: : Section 9 - Passport Details - write it exactly as it appears in your passport
: : Section 10 - Marital Status - self-explanatory
: : Section 11 - Infectious Diseases - asks for active infections
: : Section 12 - Criminal Offenses - don't worry about traffic/minor offenses - only major or felony offenses
: : Section 13 - Ever Been Prohibited/Limited from Entry into Ukraine - self-explanatory
: : Section 14 - Ever Been Deported/Removed from Ukraine - self-explanatory
: : Section 15 - Purpose of Your Journey - (ex. "Visit family and friends" - for Private visa)
: : Section 16 - Duration of Stay in Ukraine - must be less than 6 months for Private/Tourist visa
: : Section 17 - Date of Proposed Entry to Ukraine - be sure to state an exact date that is clearly in advance of the date you plan to arrive in Ukraine. Do NOT state a range of dates. Your visa will not be valid until this date, so it is extremely important that you indicate a date that is earlier than your earliest possible date of travel.
: : Section 18 - Point of Entry to Ukraine - self-explanatory (ex. "Kyiv" or "Odesa" or . . .)
: : Section 19 - Means of Transport for Entry to Ukraine - usually an airline company such as "Austrian Airlines" or "Lufthansa"
: : Section 20 - Name and Address of Organization/Person Which/Who Invites - for Business visa, identify the primary business you will work with - for Private visa, identify the person you will spend time with. Note: There is NO direct connection between this entry on the visa application form and the subsequent OVIR/VVIR registration that must be conducted after you arrive in the country. The Consulate does NOT check out the validity of the address, nor do they check with the people/entity named on the application. Prior to May 2000, it was required to supply an official invitation for all visa types. Now, it is NOT necessary to supply the invitation for Private or Business visas, *but* it remains a requirement for a Tourist visa.
: : Section 21 - Cities in Ukraine you Intend to Visit - self-explanatory. Note: this information does NOT limit your travels once within the country. Present laws allow you to travel wherever you wish.
: : Section 22 - Address of Temporary Residence in Ukraine - can be a friend's address (Private visa), or can be a hotel.
: : Section 23 - In Case of Need Who Will Give Financial Support - can be your friend's name (Private visa), can be your company or the company that invites you (Business visa).
: : Section 24 - Children Under 16 Included on Your Passport that Will Travel With You - self-explanatory
: : Section 25 - Date of Last Visit to Ukraine - self-explanatory
: : Section 26 - Visa Requested for [Single/Double/Multiple] Entry - self-explanatory
: : Sections 27 through 31 are only for those seeking Transit visas
: : Section 27 - Country of Destination
: : Section 28 - Means of Transport to Point of Departure from Ukraine
: : Section 29 - Entry Clearance for Destination Y/N
: : Section 30 - Place of Proposed Departure from Ukraine to Destination
: : Section 31 - Date of Proposed Departure from Ukraine
: : Section 32 - Additional Information - it is a good idea to EXPLICITLY state your desires for the duration of the visa. Example - "Please issue a Private visa that is valid for 6 months" or "Please issue a multiple-entry Business visa that is valid for 3 years".

: : 3 - Assuming you are applying for a Private (also called 'Home-Stay') visa, you will need to send a completed package to the Consulate with the following items:

: : * completed application form.
: : * passport
: : * one passport-sized photo
: : * money order in the appropriate amount - (no personal checks or cash). Note: some Consulates require 2 separate money orders - one for the processing fee and another for the visa itself.
: : * self-addressed and stamped envelope (so they can return your passport with the visa stamp).

: : That is all.

: : As for fees, there is a static fee of $45 to process any visa application. There are 2 other variables. Will you wish to enter Ukraine more than once during the 6-month term of the visa? If so - you need a double-entry visa. The other variable is - how quickly do you need the visa processed? The range is from Next Business Day to 10 Business Days. Here are the fees for Private and Tourist visas:

: : Regular (10-days) Single-entry: $30
: : Rush (5-days) Single-entry: $60
: : Expedited (1-day) Single-entry: $100
: : Regular (10-days) Double-entry: $60
: : Rush (5-days) Double-entry: $120
: : Expedited (1-day) Double-entry: $180

: : The range of total costs is from $75 ($45 + $30) up to $225.

: : Keep in mind the processing time is all in Business Days and the Consulate works fewer days than most. My experience is that 10 Business Days equals 3 full weeks and that was with using courier (UPS) service for delivery of documents in both directions.

: : As a reference you can find the Ukraine Consulate of Chicago's website at this address =>

: : A final point, the Tourist visa is *really* what most travelers would normally request. Unfortunately, Ukraine continues to create barriers to tourism by requiring that all applications for Tourist visas be accompanied with a formal invitation from the hotel where the traveler intends to stay. If you choose to go the route of the Tourist visa, I can suggest a couple of travel agents that deal specifically with Ukraine and can help you.

: : I hope this helps.

: : - Dan

: :
: : : Hello,

: : : Ok, I went to the Chicago page, but could not find out how to get the application? I also called their number, but couldn't figure out how to talk with someone???

: : : My flight is Nov 6th, what do I have to do to get the application and get everything complete by then?

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