Statement of Victor Yanukovich

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Posted by Kovpak on December 24, 2004 at 23:09:16:

Statement of Victor Yanukovich, the Prime Minister of Ukraine and a candidate for the President of Ukraine

Dear Citizens!

The present events in our country represent creeping state upheaval. Several days ago the Supreme Court of Ukraine declared the results of the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine invalid.

I consider this court judgment as political, illegal, the one that was made under pressure.

Nevertheless, I am as a citizen of Ukraine, I can not fail to execute the judgment of the Supreme Court. However, I have a choice: either to withdraw my candidacy or to continue the struggle. I am also under the pressure, but my decision is well-defined - I keep on struggling, because there are millions of people in Ukraine behind me.

Any other decision would be, to put it mildly, unfair to my electorate. In the region where I was brought up cowardice and betrayal are the worst sins.

Everybody was made certain that it is impossible to struggle against the remainders of the old power, so called opposition, without struggling against their supporters in the present power. After the second round this shameful unification of «have-beens» with so called administrative resource became evident.

The recent weeks events are the attempts to deal with too independent politician. These are my position as the Prime Minister and success of my team that can not be forgiven neither by the former and nor by the present power.

When I was appointed as a Prime Minister, I promised that I would bring Ukraine to the new economic level, I could not even suppose that there would appear such politicians who would start ruining these results and working against the economic growth and stable national currency; and this means they work against the Ukrainian independence.

Now this is my direct duty to defend the country and people. At present we can do it only via political methods. We need to do our best to confirm my winning the elections.

That is why under such circumstances I decided to go on leave in order to carry on my election campaign.

The only thing I am asking the President, the Chairman of the Parliament and the deputies about is: to allow the present composition of the Government to complete its work till the election ends and not to aggravate their, the President, the Chairman of the Parliament and the deputies, responsibility for ruining the economy.

The event that will take place on the 26th of December is not election; this is an attempt to make the whole nation to surrender to the external pressure. So called revolutionaries invented a unique procedure of confirming a legal voting by another voting that is not based on the Law of Ukraine. Under such circumstances it is the voting for the candidate who already has a legitimacy based on the results of the legal constitutional voting, that can bring the country back within the constitutional framework and allow us to overcome the crisis.

My opponents use propagandistic cliche «Kuchma-Yanukovich regime». I would like to tell you about the origin of this cliche. I wanted to reproduce for the whole Ukraine that «economic miracle», which took place in Donbass when I was there a Governor. That is why I had to make some political compromises and to restrain maximally my emotions. This is not conciliation or opportunism, because in this situation my personal positions suffered most of all. This was made to the whole Ukraine good; therefore such political agreement between the new and the old politicians was justified in any case, even taking into account all minuses for me personally.

At present continuation of our course to the development of a strong and prosperous Ukraine requires that I switch to a completely open public policy. Now I can say openly that during these two years there were two powers in the country at the same time - the new and the old. Thus, Yanukovich is a «candidate of the new power» and, Yuschenko is an «old power’s attempt of gaining revenge» the power of have-beens.

I honestly tried to fully keep my word. I totally hoped for decency of my partners, but this does not mean that all people near me are my allies, and there were several cases of open provocation.

During the whole campaign we felt internal counteraction, nevertheless we have won.

Now our team has cleared of cowards and casual people. Thank God! Thus, we have the opportunity to form our headquarters basing on true supporters only.

Taras Chernovol, the deputy, is a new Head of the Election Headquarters. I think there is no need to introduce him.

I would like to draw your attention to active usage of such words as «disintegration of Ukraine» also used for the purpose of pressing the country.

There is no country disintegration, thank goodness, and there will not be such disintegration, as people say, do not even hope for this! Actually the blackmail with the threat of «disintegration» takes place. But this does not come from the East.

The issue of so called «South-Eastern Autonomy» or «Newrussia» is just an emotional reaction of people from Donetsk, Kharkov and Odessa to the real threat of disintegration, which is a part of the tension strategy. I can understand such reaction of people in my native region, but this does not comply with my position.

Actually, the real threat of the country disintegration existed in that very short period after the 21st of November, when there were organized provocations in the Parliament and in some western regions as well as in Kiev streets.

The disintegration would have been inevitable if the military structures had been divided according to their political views. You saw very well which power made maximum efforts for police, state security service and even army politicization.

I am grateful to those people in the military uniform for their self-control, adherence to the military oath and Ukrainian population! Unfortunately, some politicians were ready to play their own risky game in order to keep their powerful positions.

First of all in this period it was necessary to remove that real menace of the country disintegration. That was the key thing for me at that moment but not acknowledgment of my legitimate winning.

Yes, I was against the miners coming to Independence Square and I was strictly against using the force.

It might be that some people regarded my actions during those days as the lack of will to win. I will prove on 26th of December election that I have both such will and support of most part of the population.

I would like to mention another craftiness of the opposition. There is no «revolution» in Ukraine and it can not be under the present circumstances.

During the revolution the majority of people wish to change the existing system, but not students and teenagers who always welcome bright shows due to their age. In fact most of Ukrainian population long for stability and improvement of their life.

This is not a revolution, but a political technology with involvement of special services. This fact is not even concealed by the organizers of street actions.

These people take a heavy sin upon their soles. They will have to answer to the God for their deeds.

I can say that, as our history shows, no external intervention into Ukraine had any prospect of success. The real and the only threat to the strong and independent Ukraine is the internal disintegration, and we shall never allow it. However, measures for effective protection of economic interests of the regions are taken in any case, despite the result of the crisis in Kiev.

I would like to note that I am very sorry about our beautiful Kiev. We managed to do very much for the city during these two years. The situation may become such as the political and economic importance of the capital will considerably decrease. It was only yesterday when we were proud of the fact that we could walk freely in the city without passport checking. There is a model of a regime in Independence Square now which they want to establish for the whole country - checking of a registration in the passport, cordons, and restrictions for journalists, national and regional discrimination. This is not freedom but a repressive regime!

Let Ukrainian people judge between us, God sees - I speak sincerely.

I am grateful to all people who voted for me, who support me in this difficult political struggle.

We are sure about our victory!

The strong, unified and independent Ukraine only can give its citizens prosperity, freedom and democracy!

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