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For immediate release
Lviv, Ukraine

Welcome to Expedition "Dnister-99"!

Economize on your travel plans and join us for an exciting but inexpensive tour of the Dnister River. We offer you the best combination of amusement, healthy relaxation and educational experience -- the most value that your R&R dollar can buy!

If you like water and hiking mountain terrain we invite you to join the international public expedition "Dnister-99" (Western Ukraine). See for yourselves what a truly fulfilling experience this can be, and make new friends along the way that youll keep for life. Expedition "Dniestr-99" is marvelous combination of healthy rest and relaxation in a most picturesque natural setting, not to mention a useful civic field research programme.

Nearly 350 individuals from different countries of East-Central Europe and North America have taken part in the expedition over the past 11 years. Some of our participants have attended the expedition 5-10 times. Its no wonder! Boating on the Dnister, the lap of nature, is truly wonderful even though it is connected with an important social campaign.

The Dnister is considered the most beautiful river in the former Soviet Union. The high banks of the Dnister are covered with thick forests. The stream of clear curative waters flows from the slopes. Unimaginable silence. Picturesque villages line the valleys. Fortresses, palaces, caves, old graveyards - all these are the mirror of the rich history of East-Central Europe. You can view the wide panoramic view of new independent Ukraine from the high banks of the river.

Have a glance at more images from a recent trek on our website:

Expedition "Dnister" does not depend on the aid of governments and international funds. Our work is supported by solely membership dues and the financial support of "Lion Society", the first non-governmental organization in Ukraine.

Our working programme includes ecological and cultural research. No limitations! Everyone can choose to focus on their preferred area or suggest some other area of research. You have absolute freedom of choice. Working languages are Ukrainian, English, German, Polish. Expedition costs for foreign participants are just $9 per day. This payment covers food and transportation of the expedition equipment and supplies for travelling to the Dnister and back.

This is a self-service operation. The participants of the expedition cook dinner themselves taking turns following the directions of the experienced chief-cook.

The duration of expeditions in the past have extended anywhere from one to two months. A decision regarding this year's summer project will depend on the number of participants. The programme routine includes one day on the river in catamarans and canoes, followed by two days of stops on the banks to visit nearby villages. During the stops you will take hikes to tour historical and cultural landmarks in the villages. In the evenings - group games, songs, and dancing by the romance of a camp-fire. Dream in your tents in the silence of the Dnister nights. Notification about the exact dates will be released as soon as it is available to all who express an interest in joining the Dnister Expedition.

The necessary criteria for participants to join this field research expedition are:

The captain of the expedition is accepting applications for participation in the expedition via e-mail: You may also telephone 380-322-766258.

Applications are being accepted through 1st April, 1999. The number of available places is limited, so hurry before its too late to join! Ukrainian participants have already pre-registered.

As a participant of our expedition you should have with you:

  1. spoon
  2. plate
  3. hat (cap)
  4. sleeping bag
  5. sleeping mattress
  6. for the comfort lover a personal tent.
  7. knapsack.
  8. cloak
  9. two pairs of shoes
  10. wind-breaker
  11. sweater
  12. goggles
  13. flashlight
  14. compass
  15. 5 meters of string
  16. toilet accessories
  17. the rest whatever you feel is critical (but that you alone can manage to carry!)

Good-bye until we meet on the banks of Dnister!

Valentyn Stetsyuk

Note: Travel costs to the point of departure and health/travel insurance are the responsibility of the individual.



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