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Thu, August 13, 04:35 EDT
BRAMA News and Community Press

BRAMA, May 28, 2007, 1:00 pm ET

Press release

National Committee to mark Genocide anniversary
New York solemn march, traveling exhibits, planned

New York City — The National Committee to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-1933 will launch a year of events to mark the anniversary of the Ukrainian famine with a National March of Remembrance in New York City on November 17. The commemorations will culminate with the unveiling of a Genocide Memorial in the nations capital in the fall of 2008.

The National Committee has planned a series of events for 2007-2008 that include a requiem service at St. Patricks Cathedral following the National March of Remembrance on November 17; a traveling exhibit of materials on the Famine-Genocide; and the publication of a commemorative book on the Genocide Memorial to be released at the unveiling ceremony in Washington.

Members of the National Committee represent community organizations across the country, including the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, the Ukrainian National Association, the Ukrainian National Womens League of America, the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, Ukrainian National Credit Union Association, the Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms in Ukraine, Ukrainian Scouting Organization Plast, the Ukrainian American Youth Association SUM-A, Organization of Democratic Ukrainian Youth ODUM, the Ukrainian Orthodox League, the Providence Association, the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, the Ukrainian Genocide Foundation, the Ukrainian Museum, the Ukrainian Fraternal Association, Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States, the Ukrainian American Veterans, the Ukrainian Engineers Society, the Ukrainian American Bar Association, the Society of Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the Ukrainian Institute of America, The Washington Group, The Shevchenko Scientific Society, the Ukrainian Patriarchate Society in the United States, The Trident Foundation, Children of Chornobyl Relief and Development Fund, the Brooklyn Ukrainian Group, the Organization for the Defense of Lemko Ukraine, the Federation of Ukrainian American Student Organizations, and the Ukrainian Human Rights Commission, among others.

The National Committees Honorary Committee includes hierarchs from the Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox Churches, the Ukrainian Evangelical Society, the Ukrainian diplomatic corps in the United States, and the Ukrainian World Congress.

The National Committees Executive Board is composed of the following: Michael Sawkiw, Jr. (president of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America), Chairman; Ihor Gawdiak (president of the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council), Vice-Chairman; Daria Pishko Komichak (Ukrainian Orthodox League), English-language executive secretary; Osyp Roshka (America), Ukrainian-language executive secretary; and, Bohdan Kurczak (SelfReliance NY Federal Credit Union) and Michael Celuch (SelfReliance NJ Federal Credit Union), treasurers.

It is a pleasure to be able to work as a whole unit within our Ukrainian community to address the needs of the commemorative 75th year of the Ukrainian Genocide, said Mr. Sawkiw. Everyone has been working together and is dedicated to educating American society about the horrors that Stalin and his government bestowed upon the Ukrainian nation in the years 1932-1933. We encourage everyone to take part in our events dedicated to this solemn anniversary, he said.

The National Committee is focusing its efforts on developing both an information campaign about the Famine-Genocide and a fund-raising strategy for the building of the Genocide Memorial in Washington, D.C. The National Committee has called on Ukrainian communities across the United States to create local committees to work in concert with the national group, and is cooperating with the Ukrainian World Congress International Holodomor Committee (IHC) and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenkos Presidential Council to mark the anniversary.

The National Committee has registered a domain name for its website,, which will house information about the Genocide as well as detail the National Committees plans and activities.

The National Committee has several subcommittees, including: Building of the Genocide Memorial, Revoking Durantys Pulitzer Prize, Scholarly Work, Media/PR and Fund-raising, among others. Individuals interested in volunteering to work on a subcommittee may contact the Ukrainian National Information Service at (202) 547-0018 or by email at

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