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Media Release

Representatives of more than 10 Ukrainian NGO got together on Friday, 20 November 1998 to formalize the foundation of Ukrainian Campaign to Ban Landmines. There were participants from Ukrainian Peacekeepers VeteransAssociation, Association of Afhgan war veterans, organizations of disabled persons, representatives of Kyiv municipality, etc. The delegation of Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, headed by Canadian militaryattachee Mr.R.Williams and the representative of Regional Delegation of International Committee of the Red Cross, Mr. Eu.Tsybulenko were alsoinvited and present as honorary guests. The meeting took place in theMinistry of Information of Ukraine.

It was unanimous decision to establish Ukrainian Campaign to Ban Landmines (UCBL). The newly created campaign will become a part of ICBL and will serve in Ukraine as a focal point for all Ukrainian NGOs and individuals, who share the common objective - to achive the ratification of Ottawa Treaty by Ukrainian Parliament, to participate and support the ICBL activity. As its primary goal, the UCBL will disseminate the ideas of total ban of the use, production, stockpiling, sale, export, andtransfer of antipersonnel landmines, facilitate to creation of national resources for humanitarian mine clearance and mine victim assistanceprogrammes.

Mr. Yuri Donskoy, President of UPVA, was unanimously elected as National Co-ordinator of UCBL. Mr. Oleg Boitchun, President of the BAST Promotion Fund, was unanimously elected as Deputy of National Co-ordinator of UCBL. At the meeting following decisions were taken:

  1. The statute of UCBL was approved in general.
  2. The UCBL must undergo, as soon as possible, official registration in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.
  3. The Steering Committee, consisting from 6 members, was elected.
  4. Mr. Oleksiy Hrytsenko, board member of UPVA and landmines programme manager, was authorised to represent UCBL on the international level.

Oleksiy Hrytsenko
tel. 38-044-543-2617

It was decided to carry out meetings of the Steering Committee every month.

Yours sincerely,

Yuri Donskoy
President of Ukrainian Peacekeepers Veterans Association,
National Co-ordinator of Ukrainian Campaign to Ban Landmines
3, Boris Grinchenko St. r.645 KYIV 252001
fax. 380-44-228-9770
tel. 380-44-228-9770

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