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BRAMA, September 13, 2002, 11:00am ET

Press Release

Ukraine 9/11 speech given in the House of Representatives by Congressman Bob Schaffer

Mr. Speaker, this hallowed day, the anniversary of the terrible terrorist attack upon the United States, is one that is observed throughout America. The eloquence of our colleagues in this House has stirred our hearts, described our attitudes and revealed the nations character. Americas tragedy is mourned this day throughout the world, too.

It is important for Americans to understand and appreciate the outpouring of support, the gestures of solidarity and the prayers of the faithful bestowed upon us by the people of the world. As Co-chairman of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, I rise today to speak about one countrys goodwill toward the American people in commemoration of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have been an ardent supporter of democratic development in Ukraine. The full commercial and strategic potential of a democratic Ukraine is staggering and the desire for freedom is deeply rooted in the Ukrainian psyche.

Mr. Speaker, in the hours, days and weeks following the attacks, the Ukrainian people grieved with America and the rest of the world. The sentiments of the Ukrainian people were echoed in this open letter from Bishop Stanislaw Shyrokoradiuk of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kyiv-Zhytomyr:

Diocese of Kyiv-Zhytomyr

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
September 12, 2001

I would like to present to You and in You - to all American people -our condolences because of the terrible tragedy that has stricken the whole world.

We have been deeply shaken to know about a series of acts of terrorism that happened in the United States of America yesterday.

It has been an awful blow by its cruelty and scale that struck not only USA but all humanity. I received this notice during spiritual retreats in our Higher Spiritual Seminary in Vorzel, where all priests of our Diocese came. As a sign of our unity and sympathy in your grief we celebrated Holy Mass for the souls of the departed and prayed for all victims. May the Lord strengthen them by His grace that they may outlive this horrible disaster.

There are Divine Services and prayers said for the souls of the departed victims, and for all those who have suffered, in all our churches.

These days our hearts and our prayers are with your people.

Sincerely Yours,

Bishop Stanislaw Shyrokoradiuk
Vicar general of Kyiv Zhytomyr Diocese


Office of Communications
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
3211 4th Street, N.E., Washington, DC 20017-1194 (202) 541-3000
October 03, 2001 Copyright by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

As a country, Ukraine immediately declared its solidarity with the United States, offering support morally, technically, militarily and with the capabilities of its infrastructure. Ukraines stance clearly demonstrated its friendship with the U.S. and the forces of freedom.

Most helpful has been Ukraines clearance of airspace to nearly 5,000 U.S. and allied aircraft flying to and from Afghanistan and aid in transporting allied troops and materiel by air and train. Ukraine also provided planes and crews in order to facilitate transportation for coalition forces and humanitarian missions over Iran.

Ukrainian security forces have been cooperating with Americans offering intelligence regarding the fighting in Afghanistan and other security concerns. Ukraines international efforts in leading the Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia Group (GUUAM) to secure strategic transport corridors from terrorist activity have helped secure the entire regional community. Ukraine has cooperated with us in blocking and investigating the financial transactions and accounts of suspected terrorists.

Just today, Mr. Speaker, Ukraines Parliament, the Verkhovna (Supreme) Rada, unanimously passed three resolutions in support of America. One extends Ukraines profound sympathy to the families and friends of victims. Another directs the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to establish a memorial at the World Trade Center in New York, to the Ukrainians who perished there. The third resolution outlines Ukraines commitment to the future of freedom and reaffirms Ukraines solidarity in the war on terrorism and its commitment to strengthen international peace and security.

The latter resolution lucidly addresses issues of global concern, including environmental problems and global health issues. Currently, Ukraine is preparing to send two IL-76 cargo planeloads of small arms, ammunition and other military equipment to outfit the Afghan National Army.

This morning, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma met with our Ambassador Carlos Pascual. The president pledged his countrys continued support for Operation Enduring Freedom and expressed his regret of the loss of American lives one year ago.

This afternoon, Ukraines Ambassador Kostyantyn Gryshchenko visited me in my office here in Washington, D.C., and extended his countrys condolences, support and solidarity. He asked me to express to the House, Ukraines commitment to Americas war on terrorism. He assured me the prayers of countless Ukrainians are for the repose of the souls of victims.

At this moment in Kyiv, Mr. Speaker, Ukrainians are paying their respects as they observe a large photo collage of Ground Zero. The display honors the emergency workers and heroes of 9/11. There is a similar exhibit at the Ukrainian National Gallery, and on Friday, Ukrainians will hold a commemorative concert at the National Opera.

Ukraines condemnation of international terrorism, its much-appreciated support in the war on terrorism, its tough newly-enacted laws to combat terrorism, and its commitment to fight at the side of the United States and its allies for civil society and democracy clearly demonstrates the role Ukraine and her people intend to play. Ukraines support for America is deeply appreciated.

Mr. Speaker, I thank the people of Ukraine for their condolences and camaraderie and commend Ukraines leaders for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States.

Mr. Speaker, I hereby submit for the Record the Resolution adopted this morning by Ukraines parliament, the Verkhovna Rada:

The Lessons of the Tragedy Are Not To Be Forgotten


The year that passed after the tragedy in the United States of America did not assuage anger and indignation at malevolent actions of terrorists, pain and bitterness over the loss of thousands of innocent people who died in the airplanes, skyscrapers of the World Trade Center in New York, and offices of the Pentagon. Paying homage to their memory we express once again our sympathy with families and loved ones of the victims.

The last year tragedy has taught the mankind many lessons. First of all it demonstrated that neither financial and economic power, nor possession of unprecedented arsenals of modern arms can guarantee security even for the most powerful state of the world. It has become even more obvious that only with united and coordinated actions can the mankind overcome the international terrorism and religious fundamentalism.

Realization of that led to creation of the anti-terrorist coalition that included dozens of countries. An important role within the coalition belongs to Ukraine, whose foreign policy major goals are strengthening of the international peace and security, maintaining peaceful, equitable, and mutually beneficial cooperation with members of the international community consonant with the generally accepted principles and norms of the international law.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considers it exceptionally important to apply the experience of the anti-terrorist coalition to strengthening cooperation of members of the international community in overcoming such global challenges as deepening gap between a handful of the richest countries and numerous less developed nations and countries in transition; catastrophic impoverishment of hundreds of millions of people; spread of drug abuse, infectious disease, corruption and organized crime; depletion of water and other natural resources; pollution; dangerous accumulation of nuclear, chemical, and other weapons of mass destruction; strive for hegemony and dictates in international relations; attempts to use objective processes of globalization and internationalization in the selfish interests of one state or a group of states.

United, the mankind is capable to ensure protection of the environment and biodiversity, acceleration of economic and social growth of every member of the international community. We consistently support the increasing role of the United Nations in resolving international problems, strict compliance with requirements of the UN Charter on conflict resolution and prevention of threats to peace and security of the nations.

The documents of the World Summit on Sustainable Development held recently in Johannesburg attracted attention in the Ukrainian society. By taking unprecedented decisions to voluntary renounce the third largest nuclear arsenal and close up the Chornobyl nuclear power station, Ukraine, having been left alone with these very complicated problems, demonstrated to the world its devotion to the cause of peace and international security and adherence to its international commitments.

Reflecting on the lessons of the last year September tragedy, we consider it our duty to draw once again the attention of the international community to the above issues and call on all the nations to consolidate and multiply their efforts to overcome global challenges facing the mankind in the 21st century.

Schaffer Commends Ukraine for 9/11 Support
Address before U.S. House of Representatives cites "solidarity" with U.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C. U.S. Congressman Bob Schaffer (R-CO), Co-Chairman of the House of Representatives Ukrainian Caucus, today praised Ukraine and its people for its support and solidarity with the people of the U.S. after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

In the hours, days and weeks following the attacks, the Ukrainian people grieved with America and the rest of the world affected by this tragedy, Schaffer said in a speech before the House today marking the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

As a country, Ukraine declared its solidarity with the United States, offering support morally, technically, militarily and with the capabilities of its infrastructure, Schaffer said. Most helpful were Ukraine's clearance of airspace to nearly 5,000 U.S. and allied aircraft flying to and from Afghanistan, aid in transporting allied troops and materiel by air and train, and technical and military intelligence regarding fighting in Afghanistan.

Ukraine's condemnation of international terrorism, its much-appreciated support in the war on terrorism, its tough newly-enacted laws to combat terrorism, and its commitment to fight at the side of the United States and its allies for civil society and democracy demonstrates the role Ukraine and her people intend to play in the emerging democracy," Schaffer said.

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Congressman Schaffer was first elected to Congress in November of 1996. He is a member of the Committees on Agriculture, Resources, and Education and Workforce. He is Vice Chairman of the Education Subcommittee on Education Reform, Co-Chairman of the Ukrainian Caucus, President of the Republican Junior Class, and the Speakers appointee to the House Republican Policy Committee. His official Internet website address is

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