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  • Rebels advance against army garrison town (Ukrainian Journal) 01/27/2015
  • Increase in violence in eastern Ukraine on agenda at OSCE Special Permanent Council (OSCE) 01/27/2015
  • Trapped by Artillery Fire: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 88) (VIDEO) (VICE News) 01/27/2015
  • EU Renews Push for Russian Sanctions; Putin Blamess Ukraine (Businessweek) 01/27/2015
  • Ukraine Labels Russia Aggressor State (Voice of America) 01/27/2015
  • The Reality and Myth of Ukrainian Neutrality (World Affairs Journal) 01/27/2015
  • Rocket hits on Mariupol civilians a war crime, UN official says (Ukrainian Journal) 01/27/2015
  • NATO blames pro-Russian separatists for escalation of eastern fighting (Ukrainian Journal) 01/27/2015
  • Op-ed: Save the New Ukraine. By BERNARD-HENRI LEVY and GEORGE SOROS (New York Times) 01/27/2015
  • Nine Ukrainian soldiers killed in 'tense' eastern conflict: Kiev military (Reuters) 01/27/2015
  • Putin Acting like a Terrorist Because He Cant Afford Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine, Kirillova Says (Window on Eurasia) 01/27/2015
  • Ukrainian forces destroy militant aircraft fleet [on the ground] (Ukraine Today) 01/27/2015
  • Ukraine presents evidence of Mariupol attack (Ukraine Today) 01/27/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 344: Heavy Fighting Reported Outside Debaltsevo And In The Lugansk Region (The Interpreter) 01/27/2015
  • Russian Actor Put On Ukraine's 'Wanted List' For Shooting At Troops (RFE/RL) 01/27/2015
  • OSCE PA President calls on Russia to close border with Ukraine (OSCE) 01/27/2015

  • Guns, Lies, and Videotape: The War in Eastern Ukraine Is Back On in Full (Foreign Policy) 01/26/2015
  • UN: deadly attack on Ukraine city could be war crime (Washington Post) 01/26/2015
  • Unrest in Ukraine Threatens World Peace (Politico) 01/26/2015
  • NATO criticizes Russia, backs Ukraine at emergency meeting (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/26/2015
  • Putin brands Ukraine army a NATO proxy as fighting flares (Yahoo/AFP) 01/26/2015
  • Putin Blames Violence in Ukraine on Kiev. Russian Presidents Comments Come After Rocket Attack That Killed 30 Civilians in Mariupol (The Wall Street Journal) 01/26/2015
  • Alexander Motyl: Has Russia's War Against Ukraine Reached a Point of No Return? (Huffington Post) 01/26/2015
  • Russia defiant after threats from West over Ukraine (The Detroit News/AP) 01/26/2015
  • Russia dismisses 'hysteria' over Ukraine bloodshed (CBS/AP) 01/26/2015
  • Putin: Ukraine Army in Fact NATO Legion (Voice of America) 01/26/2015
  • Ukraine's President Claims Intercepted Calls Prove Pro-Russian Rebels Attacked Mariupol, Killed 30 (International Business Times) 01/26/2015
  • Rebels advance in Ukraine, Moscow faces sanctions threats. Seven Ukrainian soldiers killed in past 24 hours: Kiev military (Reuters) 01/26/2015
  • Raw: Dramatic video shows rocket attack [by pro-Russians and/or Russians in Ukraine] (USA Today) 01/26/2015
  • Ukraine Has Lost Half Its Warplanes. Russian invasion, civil war and neglect have destroyed nearly 200 of Kievs military aircraft ( 01/26/2015
  • Baltic countries join Ukraine to call for EU, UN action (Baltic Times) 01/26/2015
  • Ukraine Reignites. Why Russia Should be Added to the State Sponsors of Terrorism List. By Taras Kuzio (Foreign Affairs) 01/26/2015
  • Op-ed: Ukraine Crisis More Dangerous Than Cold War (The Moscow Times) 01/26/2015
  • Russia blames Ukraine for violence, urges West not to support Kiev (Reuters) 01/26/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 25 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/26/2015
  • NATO Secretary General statement on the extraordinary meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NATO) 01/26/2015
  • Tusk slams Moscow 'appeasement' as EU debates new sanctions on Russia (Euractiv) 01/26/2015
  • Ukraine Can Win This War, Moscow Analyst Says (Window on Eurasia) 01/26/2015
  • State of emergency declared in Donbas (Ukrinform) 01/26/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 343: Russian-Backed Forces Resume Attacks In Mariupol Area (The Interpreter) 01/26/2015
  • Russia Update: Will West Remove Russia from SWIFT After Mariupol? [Belgium-based Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication] (The Interpreter) 01/26/2015
  • Rebels advance in Ukraine, Moscow faces sanctions threats (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/26/2015
  • NATO, Ukraine to meet in response to renewed fighting (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/26/2015
  • NATO chief - Putin comment on NATO legion in Ukraine is 'nonsense' (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/26/2015

  • Red Alert Update: At the Heart of the Mariupol Crisis (Stratfor) 01/25/2015
  • Rebels press Ukraine offensive, Obama promises steps against Russian-backed 'aggression' (Reuters) 01/25/2015
  • SEE IT: Terrifying near-miss caught on video in Ukraine rocket attack. At least 30 people were killed and more than 100 wounded Saturday as Russian-backed rebels attacked the eastern Ukraine port city of Mariupol. (New York Daily News) 01/25/2015
  • After Brief Respite, Conflict In Ukraine Flares Back Up (NPR) 01/25/2015
  • Shelling of Mariupol Ups the Ante in Ukraine (The Moscow Times) 01/25/2015
  • Dashcam: shelling of residential street in Ukraine's Mariupol - video (The Guardian) 01/25/2015
  • Ukraine hides devastating losses as Russia-backed fighters surge forward (Kyiv Post) 01/25/2015
  • If Mariupol Falls to Rebels, Is Kiev Next? (Daily Beast) 01/25/2015
  • Too close for comfort: Ukrainian motorist captures the moment he is within yards of being blown up ... (Daily Mail) 01/25/2015
  • President Poroshenko says de-escalation is priority in east Ukraine (Reuters) 01/25/2015
  • Ukraine's Prime Minister Yatseniuk holds meeting of operational headquarters after attacks in Mariupol (Ukrinform) 01/25/2015
  • Ukraine Day of Mourning: Ukrainians pay tribute to civilians killed in Mariupol insurgent attack (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/25/2015
  • Paris Press Club: Ukraine a new geopolitical challenge for Europe (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/25/2015
  • EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini condemns Mariupol shelling (Ukraine Today) 01/25/2015
  • Ukrainian Opinion: Do your international friends understand what is happening in Ukraine? (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/25/2015
  • OSCE suggests carrying out peacekeeping operation in Donbas (Ukraine Today) 01/25/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 342: The Devastation of Mariupol (The Interpreter) 01/25/2015
  • Russia is Abetting War Crimes: Ratify Rome Statute Now! (KHPG) 01/25/2015
  • Ukraine Clashes Broaden as Obama Pledges More Pressure on Russia (Bloomberg) 01/25/2015
  • Ukraine: Phone Calls Prove Rebels Attacked City, Killed 30 [BRAMA: DNR leader Zakharchenko declared the attack and then denied it.] (ABC/AP) 01/25/2015
  • Obama vows to ratchet up pressure on Moscow over Ukraine (Reuters) 01/25/2015
  • President Poroshenko says de-escalation is priority in east Ukraine (Reuters) 01/25/2015
  • Russia blocks UN Security Council statement condemning shelling of Ukrainian city that killed 30 (Independent) 01/25/2015
  • Ukraine crisis: Russia blocks UN attempt to condemn rebel rocket attack. UK-proposed statement called for inquiry into assault on Mariupol. Diplomatic tensions escalate along with fighting in eastern Ukraine. Dozens die as rebels shell Mariupol (The Guardian) 01/25/2015
  • International condemnation over shelling of Ukraine's Mariupol ['At least 30 people were killed and 83 others injured in the rocket attack on the port city of Mariupol'] (Deutsche Welle) 01/25/2015
  • Why war has exploded again in Ukraine (Mashable) 01/25/2015
  • Rebels launch 'intense' attacks on Ukraine government troops - Kiev military (Reuters) 01/25/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 23 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/24/2015
  • Russian troops support rebel offensive in Ukraine, NATO says (Reuters) 01/24/2015
  • Offensive has begun upon key city, Ukranian rebel leader, Alexander Zakharchenko, says (Boston Globe/AP) 01/24/2015
  • Russia Blocks U.N. Statement on Ukraine as Fighting Escalates (Reuters/The Moscow Times) 01/24/2015
  • Yulia Tymoshenko to President Poroshenko: Russia is a threat to humanity ( 01/24/2015
  • NATO Secretary General statement on the situation in Ukraine (NATO) 01/24/2015
  • Video Shows Nightmarish Scenes After Rocket Barrage in Eastern Ukraine (VICE News) 01/24/2015
  • Spot report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), 24 January 2015: Shelling Incident on Olimpiiska Street in Mariupol (OSCE) 01/24/2015
  • Tank troops fight to contain rebel expansion in eastern Ukraine (Daily Telegraph) 01/24/2015
  • Rebel shelling kills up to 10 people in east Ukrainian city of Mariupol: officials (Reuters) 01/24/2015
  • Rockets rain on eastern Ukrainian port city, killing at least 20 (Mashable) 01/24/2015
  • Statement by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine on civilian deaths in Donetsk (OSCE) 01/24/2015
  • Rockets Target Mariupol In Rebels' Eastern Ukraine Offensive (RFE/RL) 01/24/2015
  • Ukraine accuses pro-Russia rebels of deadly shelling in port city of Mariupol (Washington Post) 01/24/2015
  • At Least 10 Killed in Rocket Attack on Port City in Eastern Ukraine [Mariupol] (The New York Times) 01/24/2015
  • EU tells Moscow to 'assume its responsibility' in Ukraine war (Yahoo/AFP) 01/24/2015
  • Shelling in Mariupol: 27 people killed, 97 wounded (UPDATE) (Kyiv Post) 01/24/2015
  • Swedish volunteer with Azov Battalion dies in car accident (Kyiv Post) 01/24/2015
  • Rockets Target Mariupol In Rebels' Eastern Ukraine Offensive (RFE/RL) 01/24/2015
  • Ukraine Rebel Leader Claims New Attack On Mariupol (NPR) 01/24/2015
  • Statement by the Trilateral Contact Group: ongoing hostilities in eastern Ukraine should be stopped immediately (OSCE) 01/24/2015
  • OSCE Chief Monitor in Ukraine condemns Mariupol shelling as reckless, indiscriminate and disgraceful attack on innocent civilians, including women and children (OSCE) 01/24/2015
  • Putin Wants to Break Ukraine Not Seize the Donbas, Moscow Analysts Say [BRAMA: What's the diff? Breaking Ukraine and making it a vassal of Moscow, or breaking it apart and absorbing it piece by piece as some new republic within Russia amounts to the same thing: Russia wants to control Ukraine.] (Window on Eurasia) 01/24/2015
  • Putin Seen Declaring War on Kyiv the Only Way He Can By Blaming Ukraine (Window on Eurasia) 01/24/2015
  • Putin responsible for killed civilians in Mariupol - Turchynov (Ukrinform) 01/24/2015
  • Mariupol's city mayor and authorities evaluate damages after shelling (Ukrinform) 01/24/2015
  • Poroshenko left for Saudi Arabia (Ukrinform) 01/24/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day Day 341: Russian-Backed Forces Continue Push into Ukraine (Ukrinform) 01/24/2015
  • Eastern Ukraine Is Slipping Back Into All-Out War (Vice News) 01/24/2015
  • Ukrainian prime minister calls on members of UN Security Council to meet following deadly Mariupol shelling (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/24/2015
  • Ukraine rebels announce new offensive as rockets kill 30 (Yahoo/AP) 01/24/2015

  • Hard evidence, the regular Russian army invades Ukraine (Conflict Report) 01/23/2015
  • NATO Chief Ready to Meet Russia's Lavrov to Discuss Ukraine (Reuters/The Moscow Times) 01/23/2015
  • [VIDEO] 'Acceleration of Violence' in Ukraine. Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Adrian Karatnycky explains why strong Western sanctions are essential to countering Vladimir Putins invasion of Ukraine (The Wall Street Journal) 01/23/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 22 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/23/2015
  • War Is Exploding Anew in Ukraine; Rebels Vow More (The New York Times) 01/23/2015
  • Footage Shows Damage at Donetsk Airport [VIDEO] (The New York Times) 01/23/2015
  • Putin says Ukraine ordered new offensive against rebels. Russian leader accuses Kiev of violating latest truce as pro-Moscow fighters unveil their own large-scale assault plans. (Al Jazeera) 01/23/2015
  • UPDATE 1-EU to consider raising new Ukraine aid to 2.5 bln euros (Reuters) 01/23/2015
  • Op-ed: Thousands of Russian Troops in Airport Push (Newsweek) 01/23/2015
  • A Deadly January in Ukraine. At least 29 people are dying every day in eastern Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels are only promising more violence (The Atlantic) 01/23/2015
  • Podcast: The Second Front [Kirill Kobrin, editor of the Moscow-based history and sociology magazine Neprikosnovenny Zapas; Natalya Churikova, managing editor of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service and host of the program European Connect; and Andreas Umland, a professor of Russian and Ukrainian history at Kyiv Mohyla Academy and a senior research fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in Kyiv.] (RFE/RL) 01/23/2015
  • Ukrainian Separatists Reportedly Abandon Peace Talks (NPR) 01/23/2015
  • Russia Seeks Political Influence on Ukraine Via the Normandy Group (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 01/23/2015
  • January 22: Whereas Russias Foreign Minister Lavrov said again, mockingly, that he yet needs to be presented with any evidence that Russian army is indeed fighting in Donbas (Euromaidan Press) 01/23/2015
  • Photo evidence of Russian soldiers in Ukraine [+VIDEO] (Ukraine Today) 01/23/2015
  • Ukrainian forces fight off attacks by pro-Moscow gunmen and Russian troops on Bakhmutka highway and Troitske (Ukrinform) 01/23/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 340: DNR Leader Zakharchenko No More Ceasefires (The Interpreter) 01/23/2015
  • Russia Update: Inexhaustible Supply for Russian-backed Separatists Taboo for Diplomats (The Interpreter) 01/23/2015
  • Russia terror alert (Kyiv Post) 01/23/2015
  • Ukraine rebels vow to conquer more territory in war-torn east (Yahoo/AFP) 01/23/2015
  • Pro-Russia rebels cement hold on disputed Ukraine airport (Yahoo/AFP) 01/23/2015
  • Ukraine troops cede prized airport to pro-Russia rebels (Yahoo/AFP) 01/23/2015
  • Signs emerge of major Ukraine rebel offensive looming (Yahoo/AP) 01/23/2015
  • St. Petersburg conscripts sent to Eastern Ukraine (Euromaidan Press) 01/23/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 21 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/23/2015
  • NATO chief paints bleak Ukraine picture (Ukrainian Journal) 01/23/2015
  • Poroshenko Says Pro-Russia Rebels Paid 'High Price' For Attacks (+VIDEO) (RFE/RL) 01/23/2015
  • Ukraine Separatists Vow To 'Advance To Borders' Of Donetsk Region (RFE/RL) 01/23/2015
  • Ukraine rebel Zakharchenko 'rejects truce talks' (BBC) 01/23/2015
  • Germany Sees Last Chance for Peace as Putin Blames Ukraine (Bloomberg) 01/23/2015
  • Dozens Of Ukraine Rebels Killed In Rocket Attack On Captured Airport Outside Donetsk (Huffington Post/AP) 01/23/2015
  • Putin blames Ukraine's 'criminal orders' for new fighting [was Ukraine separatists to press on with offensive: Interfax] (Reuters) 01/23/2015
  • Airport saga. Renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine makes a mockery of all peace deals (The Economist) 01/23/2015
  • Death toll in Ukraine conflict exceeds 5,000, may be 'considerably higher' UN (United Nations) 01/23/2015
  • At least 1,373 soldiers killed in Russias war against Ukraine [4,838 civilians] (Kyiv Post) 01/23/2015
  • Talking to Putin about Ukraine Reinforcing Kremlin Leaders Distorted View of the World, Kirillova Says (Window on Eurasia) 01/23/2015
  • 'DPR' leader: No more ceasefires (Ukrinform) 01/23/2015

  • NATO Focuses on Russian Violations of Ukraine's Sovereignty ( 01/22/2015
  • Chaotic Retreat Follows Ukrainians Withdrawal From Donetsk Airport (The New York Times) 01/22/2015
  • The Death of Ukraines Cyborg Army. If the United States is really supporting Ukraine, as President Obama claims, then why are Kievs forces getting hammered? (Foreign Policy) 01/22/2015
  • Rebels parade Ukrainian POWs through shelled city (Yahoo/AFP) 01/22/2015
  • Poroshenko: Russian troops backing rebels (Ukrainian Journal) 01/22/2015
  • German foreign minister reports progress in four-way talks on Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 01/22/2015
  • Russian Military Insignia In Ukraine Spark Online Furor, Skepticism (RFE/RL) 01/22/2015
  • Fighting Spikes Again In Ukraine (NPR) 01/22/2015
  • Merkel: Russia violated EU with Ukraine actions (CNBC) 01/22/2015
  • NATO says detects signs of increased Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine (Reuters) 01/22/2015
  • Donetsk airport: Ukraine's coveted prize (BBC) 01/22/2015
  • Death and despair in eastern Ukraine's former city of roses (Mashable) 01/22/2015
  • Pro-Russia separatists vow further advances into Ukraine after taking Donetsk airport (Daily Telegraph) 01/22/2015
  • Doug Schoen: Russia And Ukraine Are At War (Forbes) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine Just Lost A Crucial Airport To Russia-Backed Rebels, And The Photos Are Staggering (Business Insider) 01/22/2015
  • Bus shelling, clashes kill 34 in one of Ukraine's bloodiest days (Yahoo/AFP) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine 'abandons' fiercely contested Donetsk airport (Daily Telegraph) 01/22/2015
  • Donetsk bus stop shelling kills nine (BBC) 01/22/2015
  • Donetsk bus hit by mortar as Ukrainian forces lose control of airport. Conflicting reports of who was responsible for mortar attack that killed at least eight in separatist stronghold (Guardian) 01/22/2015
  • Civilians killed as shells rain down in Ukraine's Donetsk region (CNN) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine and Russia agree dividing line for pulling back heavy weapons [BRAMA note: These would be the Russian weapons that Russia still denies moving into Ukraine.] (The Guardian) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine, Russia agree to pull back heavy weapons (+VIDEO) (Christian Science Monitor) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine agreement opens way to Astana summit (EurActiv) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraines leaders broaden mobilization while refusing to declare state of war (KHPG) 01/22/2015
  • NATO confirms Russian troops shift to Ukraine (Ukrinform) 01/22/2015
  • Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at a Security Council Briefing on Ukraine, January 21, 2015. ['Let us pull the veil away from Putins peace plan, and call it for what it is: a Russian occupation plan.] (The United States Mission to NATO) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine talks reach agreement on demarcation line, Steinmeier says (Reuters) 01/22/2015
  • Weekly update from the OSCE Observer Mission at Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk based on information as of 10:00, 21 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/22/2015
  • At Least 7 Killed in Shelling of City Bus in Eastern Ukraine (The New York Times) 01/22/2015
  • Yatsenyuk blames Russia for deadly Donetsk bus attack (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/22/2015
  • Hillary Clinton suggests US military support for Ukraine (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/22/2015
  • Ukrainian forces withdraw from Donetsk airport terminal after 242-day defence (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/22/2015
  • OSCE confirms deadly Debaltseve Grad rocket attack launched from militant-held territory (Ukraine Today) 01/22/2015
  • Editorial: Russias invasion of Ukraine should cause much more than a hiccup in relations (The Washington Post) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 339: 13 Civilians Reported Killed In Trolleybus Shelling In Donetsk (The Interpreter) 01/22/2015
  • Donetsk Airport overrun by rebels, say army volunteers (Kyiv Post) 01/22/2015
  • Railway line explosion reduces military supplies access to key Ukrainian port city of Mariupol (Ukraine Today) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine remembers Euromaidan's first martyr. Serhiy Nihoyan was shot dead by police on January 22 [BRAMA: Ukrainian-born Armenian Serhiy Nigoyan, Belarusian Mikhail Zhyneuski, and Ukrainian Yuriy Verbytsky were the first three to perish (Ukraine Today) 01/22/2015
  • Ukraine's President Nearly Cried As He Held A Piece Of A Blown-Up Bus And Accused Russia Of 'Terror' (Business Insider) 01/22/2015
  • Pro-Moscow rebels force Ukraine retreat in battle for key airport stronghold (Washington Post) 01/22/2015

  • Ukraine ceasefire exists 'in name only,' UN political chief tells Security Council (United Nations) 01/21/2015
  • Battle Rages With Rebels at Border Post in Ukraine (The New York Times) 01/21/2015
  • US Trainers To Deploy To Ukraine. Also Will Begin Shipment of US-funded Armored Vehicles (Defense News) 01/21/2015
  • Right Sector's leader Yarosh wounded near Donetsk (Kyiv Post) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine crisis talks in Berlin yield results (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/21/2015
  • President: The world must believe in Ukraine ( 01/21/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 20 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/21/2015
  • More Russian Soldiers Enter Ukraine As Separatists Extend Land Grab (Business Insider/Reuters) 01/21/2015
  • Gen. Hodges: Russia doubles support to Ukraine rebels (The Hill) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine President Points to Russian Hand in Conflict (New York Times/AP) 01/21/2015
  • Editorial: Obama Tries to Out-Putin Putin (Bloomberg) 01/21/2015
  • US accuses rebels of 'land grab' (BBC) 01/21/2015
  • Convoy of Russian T-80 tanks spotted in east Ukraine (Ukraine Today) 01/21/2015
  • Several Killed In Ukraine Bus Shelling (BuzzFeed) 01/21/2015
  • A Feast In The Time Of Plague For Russia And Ukraine. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko begs for help at the Davos World Economic Forum while Russian oligarchs party. (BuzzFeed) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko tells Russia: we will never bow down; tells Russian policymakers: you are not for peace, you are for war (Daily Telegraph) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine president, at Davos, says 9,000 Russian troops backing rebels in east (Mashable) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 338: Ukraine Says Russia Is Sending More Units To Ukraine Amidst Intense Combat (The Interpreter) 01/21/2015
  • Poroshenko: More than two thousand Russian soldiers cross Ukraine's border today (Ukrinform) 01/21/2015
  • Poroshenko: We demand peace from Russia and ask the world to help us (Ukrinform) 01/21/2015
  • Renewed harassment of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis and Qurultay (KHPG) 01/21/2015
  • Six Reasons Why Putin has Stepped Up Russian Aggression in Ukraine Now (Window on Eurasia) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine says Russia directly attacked its forces (EurActiv) 01/21/2015
  • Poroshenko Demands Russian Troops Leave Ukraine (RFE/RL) 01/21/2015
  • Russia Update: Moscow Lashes Out at Obamas State of the Union Remarks on Ukraine (The Interpreter) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine says forces attacked by Russian troops (Haaretz) 01/21/2015
  • Update: Ukraine Fighting at Airport Forces Rush of Diplomacy (Bloomberg) 01/21/2015
  • Berlin Hosts Ukraine Crisis Meeting (RFE/RL) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine crisis 'turning point close: Russian deputy PM (CNBC) 01/21/2015
  • Russia says no proof it sent troops, arms to east Ukraine (Reuters) 01/21/2015
  • For Ukraine, Weakness Could Be Its Greatest Strength (The National Interest) 01/21/2015
  • Why Ukraine Is Accusing Russia of 'Terrorist Activity (VIDEO) (Bloomberg) 01/21/2015
  • Putin not flinching on Ukraine despite economic crisis (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/21/2015
  • Poroshenko Sees Grave Danger Ukraine Conflict Will Escalate (Bloomberg) 01/21/2015
  • Deadly clashes rock Ukraine ahead of high-stakes peace talks (Yahoo/AFP) 01/21/2015
  • New round of peace talks set as conflict in eastern Ukraine escalates (Ukrainian Journal) 01/21/2015
  • Russian regulars reportedly join battle (Ukrainian Journal) 01/21/2015
  • NATO calls on Russia to pull troops from Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/21/2015
  • NATO Chief Says Seen More Russian Tanks in Ukraine (New York Times/Reuters) 01/21/2015
  • Ukraine President Points to Russian Hand in Conflict (New York Times/AP) 01/21/2015
  • New flashpoint in east Ukraine; Russia backs arms pullback (Yahoo/AP) 01/21/2015

  • Gun-toting granny ready to fight Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine (New York Post) 01/20/2015
  • We Don't Need New Agreements; We Need Russia to Honor the Agreements it has Already Made (OSCE) 01/20/2015
  • The real problem with Mogherinis Russia paper (European Council on Foreign Relations) 01/20/2015
  • Mysterious bombs are exploding in Ukraine and not in the war-torn east (Global Post) 01/20/2015
  • Explosion destroys railway bridge in Ukraine's eastern Zaporizhya region (Ukraine Today) 01/20/2015
  • New fighting in Ukraine: A prelude to peace talks? (Christian Science Monitor) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine calls up 50,000 reservists after sharp escalation in hostilities (Daily Telegraph) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine conflict: Is Russia stoking war or pushing peace? [BRAMA's answer: Russia started the war and is stoking it] (BBC) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine forces under attack from Russian troops (CNBC/Reuters) 01/20/2015
  • Claims that Russian forces entered Ukraine 'complete rubbish,' Russia says (CNN) 01/20/2015
  • New round of peace talks on Ukraine set for Wednesday: Germany (Reuters) 01/20/2015
  • OSCE Chairperson-in-Office welcomes Declaration by participating States calling for immediate ceasefire in Ukraine (OSCE) 01/20/2015
  • Ukrainian nationalists hurt in grenade attack, stokes anti-Russian feeling (Reuters) 01/20/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 19 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/20/2015
  • Top US Commander Goes To Ukraine For Talks As East Ukraine War With Pro-Russia Rebels Heats Up [Lt. Gen. Frederick Hodges, the commander of U.S. Army Europe] (International Business Times) 01/20/2015
  • Russia denies Kiev accusations of Russian troops being sent to Ukraine - Interfax (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/20/2015
  • Kremlin says Kiev's actions damage prospects for Ukraine summit: RIA (Reuters) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine Says Russian Troops Join Separatists in New Assaults (Bloomberg) 01/20/2015
  • As fighting deepens in eastern Ukraine, death toll rises (Washington Post) 01/20/2015
  • Fighting Has Flared Up in Ukraine, Raising Fears of All-Out War Once Again (TIME) 01/20/2015
  • Ukrainian Opinion: Should the international community be more active in the fight against Russian disinformation? (Ukraine Today) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 337: Ukrainian Mobilisation Begins; Shelling In Donetsk, Avdeyevka, Schastye (The Interpreter) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine officials: Two Russian battalions cross Ukrainian border (Ukraine Today) 01/20/2015
  • Kremlin TV shows fighter with Russian Marines insignia at Donetsk International Airport gun battle (Ukraine Today) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko: 'Sanctions Are Working' on Russia (The Wall Street Journal) 01/20/2015
  • Partisan War Said Spreading Across Southern Ukraine (Window on Eurasia) 01/20/2015
  • Rebels renew attacks on Donetsk airport (Ukrainian Journal) 01/20/2015
  • EU foreign ministers see no grounds to lift sanctions against Russians (Ukrainian Journal) 01/20/2015
  • Another Georgian Man Killed Fighting In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 01/20/2015
  • Kharkiv Blast Injures 14 As Fighting Rages In Donetsk (RFE/RL) 01/20/2015
  • Remotely controlled improvised device causes blast on Monday in Kharkiv - the prosecutor's office (Ukrinform) 01/20/2015
  • 800 Russian military invade Ukraine on Monday (Ukrinform) 01/20/2015
  • Yanukovych arrested in absentia (Ukrinform) 01/20/2015
  • Shchastia town fired with mortars, injuries reported. Photos (Ukrinform) 01/20/2015
  • Mobilization starts in Ukraine (Ukrinform) 01/20/2015
  • Ukraine shelling claims more civilian lives (Yahoo/AP) 01/20/2015

  • Separatists renew attack on airport as Russia and Ukraine bicker (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/19/2015
  • Fighting in Donetsk as Kyiv lobs new charges at Russia (Deutsche Welle) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine Accuses Russia of Sending More Troops and Artillery to Aid Rebels (New York Times) 01/19/2015
  • Moscow warns Kiev over use of force in east Ukraine: Interfax (Reuters) 01/19/2015
  • John Vinocur: Is There No One Who Will Stand Up for Ukraine? (The Wall Street Journal) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine, Rebels Both Claim to Control Donetsk Airport (New York Times/AP) 01/19/2015
  • Russia says Poroshenko rejected peace plan (EurActiv) 01/19/2015
  • Violence and suffering in Ukraine's east (Al Jazeera) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine battle for Donetsk airport rages on (BBC) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine forces battle for control of key airport (Boston Globe/AP) 01/19/2015
  • Donetsk Battle Rages as Russia Says Ukraine Mulling Martial Law (Bloomberg) 01/19/2015
  • Vladimir Putin calls for calm in east Ukraine amid heavy shelling [BRAMA: But not really, since Putin initiated the war, prefers a frozen conflict and continues to arm the militants as well as sending in 'little green men', i.e. Russian fighters.] (International Business Times) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraines leader vows to retake separatist-held east. Army launches counteroffensive against Russian-backed rebels in an attempt to take airport in Donetsk (Yahoo/AP) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine rejects Putins peace proposal (The Hindu/AP) 01/19/2015
  • Russia lambasts Ukraine over move on rebels at Donetsk airport (+VIDEO) (The Irish Times) 01/19/2015
  • Poroshenko vows to retake eastern regions (Ukrainian Journal) 01/19/2015
  • Russia could attack other neighbors in a few years, US general warns (Ukrainian Journal) 01/19/2015
  • Be ready for 'full-scale continental war,' NSDC secretary warns (Ukrainian Journal) 01/19/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 18 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/19/2015
  • Putin's informal advisor says about use of 'some forces' against Ukraine (Ukrinform) 01/19/2015
  • Ukrainian military shelled 99 times in past 24 hours (Ukrinform) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine offers ceasefire in the Donbas conflict area to start January 19 - Ukraine's Foreign Ministry (Ukrinform) 01/19/2015
  • Two battalions of Russian troops have crossed into Ukraine from Russia - NSDC (Ukraine Today) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 336: Ukrainian Military Claims Airport Under Control (The Interpreter) 01/19/2015
  • Time not right to ease Russia sanctions, EU says (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/19/2015
  • Ukraine and rebels both claim to control Donetsk airport (Associated Press) 01/19/2015
  • Shelling hits Ukraine hospital, Kiev alleges Russian troops cross border (Yahoo/AP) 01/19/2015

  • Eastern Ukraine's Donetsk hit by fresh fighting (BBC) 01/18/2015
  • Op-ed: Analysts Predict a Russian Descent Into Madness (The Moscow Times) 01/18/2015
  • Op-ed: Putin Is in No Hurry to Resolve Ukraine Crisis (The Moscow Times) 01/18/2015
  • Despite Sanctions, Russia's Elite Is Living It Up (The Moscow Times) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraines challenge: reform the army or perish (Euromaidan Press) 01/18/2015
  • Ukrainian troops say they retake most of Donetsk airport from rebels (Economic Times/Reuters) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine fights back in rebel-controlled east (New York Daily News/AP) 01/18/2015
  • Why Ukrainian Troops Are Calling the Donetsk Airport Siege Stalingrad. The battle is both symbolic and strategic ( 01/18/2015
  • OSCE Chairperson-in-Office strongly condemns latest surge in violence and urges all sides to immediately halt use of force following developments at Donetsk Airport (OSCE) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine Forces Say They Retook Most of Donetsk Airport (Bloomberg) 01/18/2015
  • The War In Ukraine Has Reached Another Critical Phase (Business Insider/Reuters) 01/18/2015
  • Confessions of a Putin Strategist (Daily Beast) 01/18/2015
  • Russian 'terrorists' allegedly using human shield tactics (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine leader vows to retake separatist-held east (Associated Press) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine's military says troops retake most of Donetsk airport from rebels (Reuters) 01/18/2015
  • Battle for Donetsk Airport: Ukrainian soldier man posts near airport (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 335: The Battle for Donetsk (The Interpreter) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine Launches Major Offensive To Retake Donetsk Airport (NPR) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine's Army Says It Has Recaptured Most Of Donetsk Airport (BuzzFeed) 01/18/2015
  • Ukraine Forces Retake Most of Donetsk Airport, Official Says (Yahoo/Bloomberg) 01/18/2015

  • Top NATO official: Not time to mend ties with Russia (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 01/17/2015
  • Drone Footage Shows Ukraine's Donetsk Airport in Ruins After Months of Fighting (VICE News) 01/17/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 334: Reports That Russian Forces Have Surrounded Cyborgs At Donetsk Airport (The Interpreter) 01/17/2015
  • Eerie drone footage captures destruction at Ukranian airport (Daily Telegraph) 01/17/2015
  • Putins Moves in Ukraine Isolating Moscow More than Soviet Occupation of Baltics Did, Savostyanov Says (Window on Eurasia) 01/17/2015
  • Fugitive Ukrainian Official To Work Under Putin Associate (RFE/RL) 01/17/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 16 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/17/2015
  • Fighting rages anew at Ukraine airport, three soldiers killed (Reuters) 01/17/2015
  • Chief librarian in Feodosia (Crimea) fined for displaying 'extremist' books on Holodomor (Euromaidan Press) 01/17/2015
  • Drone footage shows scale of destruction in Donetsk, Ukraine - video (Guardian) 01/17/2015

  • President: Ukraine can defend itself ( 01/16/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 15 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/16/2015
  • Ukraine peace talks fall apart amid renewed fighting (Yahoo/AP) 01/16/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 333: Under Constant Attack, Can The Cyborgs Hold Out At Donetsk Airport? (The Interpreter) 01/16/2015
  • MEPs say sanctions should stay and want measures against Russian information war (KHPG) 01/16/2015
  • Another Bomb Explodes In Odesa (RFE/RL) 01/16/2015
  • Georgian Man Killed Fighting In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 01/16/2015
  • Russia says Ukraine troop rotation won't help peace (Reuters) 01/16/2015

  • Statement by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine on fighting in and around Donetsk airport (OSCE) 01/15/2015
  • Ukrainian and Estonian foreign ministers discuss European situation (Ukrainian Journal) 01/15/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 14 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/15/2015
  • New round of peace talks possible in days (Ukrainian Journal) 01/15/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 332: Intense Shelling In Donetsk And Avdeyevka Since Morning (The Interpreter) 01/15/2015
  • Top Russian Official 'Ashamed' Of Culture Crackdown, Quits Ministry [Yevgeny Savostyanov] (RFE/RL) 01/15/2015

  • Spot report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, 14 January 2015: 12 civilians killed and 17 wounded when a rocket exploded close to a civilian bus near Volnovakha (OSCE) 01/14/2015
  • Weekly update from the OSCE Observer Mission at Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk based on information as of 10:00, 7 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/14/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 13 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/14/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 331: After At Least 20 Civilians Lives Lost Yesterday, Fighting Continues (The Interpreter) 01/14/2015
  • NATO Urges Russia To Stop Supporting Separatists In Eastern Ukraine (RFE/RL) 01/14/2015

  • Whats Been the Effect of Western Sanctions on Russia? (PBS) 01/13/2015
  • Putins Way FRONTLINE (VIDEO) (PBS) 01/13/2015
  • OSCE Chief Monitor in Ukraine calls upon all sides to exercise maximum restraint in eastern Ukraine (OSCE) 01/13/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 12 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/13/2015
  • St. Petersburg Neo-Nazi Sadist in Donbas Russias Pride and Glory (KHPG) 01/13/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 330: 17 Civilians Reportedly Killed As Donetsk Explodes (The Interpreter) 01/13/2015
  • Interpol puts Yanukovich on wanted list (EurActiv) 01/13/2015
  • Ukraine Says Rocket Hits Bus In East, Killing 10 (RFE/RL) 01/13/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 11 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/12/2015
  • Ukraine Live Day 329: Fighting Continues To Intensify Ahead Of Talks In Berlin Today (The Interpreter) 01/12/2015
  • Verkhovna Rada finally votes to enforce vital Strasbourg judgement [reinstatement of Oleksandr Volkov to his position as a Supreme Court judge] (KHPG) 01/12/2015
  • Berlin Peace Talks On Ukraine Fall Flat (RFE/RL) 01/12/2015
  • Interpol Puts Yanukovych On International Wanted List (RFE/RL) 01/12/2015

  • Ukraine Live Day 328: Fighting Explodes At Donetsk Airport As Germany Cancels Peace Summit (The Interpreter) 01/11/2015
  • Merkel Tells Putin No Astana Summit Without Progress In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 01/11/2015
  • Gorbachev Warns Of Danger In Russian-Western Relations (RFE/RL) 01/11/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 9 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/10/2015

  • Spot Report by the Observer Mission at the Russian checkpoints of Gukovo and Donetsk: Russian convoy of 62 vehicles crossed into Ukraine and returned back through the Donetsk Border Crossing Point (OSCE) 01/09/2015
  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 8 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/09/2015
  • Bombing Campaign Opens New Front In Battle For Ukraine (KHPG) 01/09/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 7 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/08/2015
  • Freed Ukrainian journalist says separatists being trained for an offensive (KHPG) 01/08/2015
  • News Analysis: Bombing Campaign Opens New Front In Battle For Ukraine (RFE/RL) 01/08/2015
  • Ukraine: Russia Must Remove 'Bandits' (RFE/RL) 01/08/2015
  • Lavrov, French And German PMs Discuss Ukraine (RFE/RL) 01/08/2015
  • Latvia Says Russia 'More Open' To Ukraine Solution (RFE/RL) 01/08/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 6 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/07/2015
  • A Nighttime Supply Run To Donetsk Airport, Under Fire (VIDEO) (RFE/RL) 01/07/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 5 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/06/2015
  • New terrorist attacks in Odessa, Kherson (KHPG) 01/06/2015
  • Luhansk journalist freed after 5 months in captivity [Polityka 2.0, Serhiy Sakadynsky] (KHPG) 01/06/2015
  • Shameful deception as MPs quietly shelve restrictions on own salaries (KHPG) 01/06/2015
  • Putin Decree Enables Foreigners To Serve In Russian Military (RFE/RL) 01/06/2015
  • Freed Ukrainian Journalist Says Separatists 'Being Trained For An Offensive' (RFE/RL) 01/06/2015
  • Kyiv Says Ministers From Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France To Talk (RFE/RL) 01/06/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 4 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/05/2015
  • Latest promise to abolish deputy immunity in 2015 (KHPG) 01/05/2015
  • Ukraine Police Launch Terror Probe Into Odesa Blast (RFE/RL) 01/05/2015
  • Prospects For January 15 Ukraine Summit in Kazakhstan In Doubt (RFE/RL) 01/05/2015
  • Four-Way Ukraine Talks In Berlin (RFE/RL) 01/05/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 2 January 2015 (OSCE) 01/04/2015
  • OSCE To Double Size Of Ukraine Monitoring Mission (RFE/RL) 01/04/2015

  • Ukrainian Separatist Commander Reportedly Killed By Fellow Separatists (RFE/RL) 01/03/2015

  • Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 1 January 2014, 18:00 (Kyiv time) (OSCE) 01/02/2015
  • Germany Says Ukraine, Russia Ready To Meet 'As Soon As Possible' (RFE/RL) 01/02/2015
  • Letters From Donbas, Part 2: 'Do You Understand What Is Going On Here?' (RFE/RL) 01/02/2015
  • Ukraine's Year Of Turmoil Through The Lens Of Levko Stek (VIDEO) (RFE/RL) 01/02/2015
  • Kerry, Lavrov Discuss Ukraine, Middle East Crises (RFE/RL) 01/02/2015
  • Moscow: Bandera Marches Tread 'Nazi Path' (RFE/RL) 01/02/2015
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