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Sun, October 01, 17:32 EDT
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  • Yuschenko Affixes Millionth Signature To Abolish Deputy Immunity (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/31/2007
  • CVU Says Campaigning Will Cost Election Participants UAH 2 Billion (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/31/2007
  • Stavniichuk Assesses As Illegal Registration Of Pora For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/31/2007
  • KUCHMA Bloc Promising To Declare Parliamentary Republic After Penetration In Rada (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/31/2007
  • Svoboda Hopes To Win 6-7% In Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/31/2007
  • CEC Denies Registration For Rada Elections To Za Svoikh Verka Serdiuchka Bloc (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/31/2007
  • Особливості агітаційної кампанії та висвітлення в ЗМІ позачергових виборів народних депутатів (Комітет Виборців України) 08/31/2007
  • Ukraine to organize elections on disputed territory (Hot News) 08/31/2007
  • National Idea: Just Learn the Anthem (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/31/2007
  • The Most Powerful Women In Politics (Forbes) 08/31/2007
  • Russia Flexes Its Muscles (Times of India) 08/31/2007
  • David Mittell: Corruption in Ukraine (The Providence Journal) 08/31/2007
  • Eastern Europe faces generation crisis (IH Tribune) 08/31/2007
  • JKX reports on Poltava well (ShareCast) 08/31/2007
  • Ukraine-based Zaporizhstal's 'B3' corporate family rating affirmed - Moody's (AFX/Forbes) 08/31/2007
  • Have the Ukranians delivered the knock-out punch in Consmin manganese bid battle? (Mineweb) 08/31/2007
  • New player in battle for ConsMin (The Australian) 08/31/2007
  • Australia Commodity Stocks Gain, Led by BHP; Tattersall's Falls (Bloomberg) 08/31/2007
  • Ukraine Investor Takes CME Stake (World Screen) 08/31/2007
  • Data theft also hit U.S. government job site (Reuters UK) 08/31/2007
  • Ukraine: tomato prices are increasing (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/31/2007
  • Banana import will be top record in 2007 in Ukraine (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/31/2007
  • Next stops: Poland and Ukraine Euro 2012(pp. 48-49 of 'Inside' magazine) (UEFA) 08/31/2007
  • Dnipro dominate Ukraine squad (UEFA) 08/31/2007
  • Luck on our side, says Shakhtar hero (UEFA) 08/31/2007
  • Shevchenko Going Nowhere, Will Fight For Place at Chelsea (AHN) 08/31/2007
  • Sheva has discussed loan move, says Kiev (Todays Zaman) 08/31/2007
  • Ukrainian - Polish visa scheme (Polish Radio) 08/31/2007
  • An East German Problem? Racist Violence in Germany (World Politics Review) 08/31/2007

  • Obit: † Світла Пам'ять Іванові Фізерові (НТШ-А) 08/30/2007
  • Виборів може не бути (iPlus) 08/30/2007
  • НУ-НС хоче через суд повернути Пору до списку (UNIAN) 08/30/2007
  • Розслідувати, яка з двох печаток 'Пори' справжня, буде МВС (5 kanal) 08/30/2007
  • Експерти про конфлікт навколо 'Пори' (iPlus) 08/30/2007
  • Tymoshenko Bloc, Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense Bloc Members Holding Talks On Creating Broad Coalition With Party Of Regions, Says Pora Party Member Hodunok (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/30/2007
  • Pora Ready To Cancel Its Registration For Rada Elections In Case Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense And Tymoshenko Bloc Unification (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/30/2007
  • Тимошенко у Харкові поставила рекорд? (UNIAN) 08/30/2007
  • Spin for the win (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • President’s party accuses government of plotting against it (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2007
  • Police Deny Withdrawal Of Computer With Election Documentation From Svoboda's Central Staff Office (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/30/2007
  • Довіритися СБУ можна по телефону у будь-який час (Новинар) 08/30/2007
  • Two Ukrainians Killed In Aircraft Crash In Democratic Republic Of Congo (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/30/2007
  • Під час аварії літака в Африці загинули українці (Новинар) 08/30/2007
  • Ukraine’s biggest military training to take place in September (UNIAN) 08/30/2007
  • Catherine the Great sparks Cossack ire (Reuters) 08/30/2007
  • Розсекречену пам’ять побачили вже у 21 місті (Новинар) 08/30/2007
  • Poland Wants To Introduce EUR 35 Fee For Issuing Visas To Ukrainians In November (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/30/2007
  • Bloc seeks probe of latest Akhmetov buy (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2007
  • Gazprom to start talks on hiking 2008 gas prices in Baltics, CIS - report (AFX/Forbes) 08/30/2007
  • Love for gas (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • A tale of corporate drug abuse (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • Foreign capital share in Ukrainian banks decreases slightly in July (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2007
  • Real estate prices to slow down but not fall, says bank official (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2007
  • Half an hour to Khreshchatyk (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • From concrete jungle (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • Riding the realty rollercoaster (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • Growing competition makes Ukrainians eye properties abroad (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • At dollar’s distance (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • Land at 2.2 billion hryvnias was sold in Ukraine in 2007 (UNIAN) 08/30/2007
  • Wheat Reaches Record as Demand Increases, Stockpiles Dwindle (Bloomberg) 08/30/2007
  • Ukrainian casual games event unveiled (Develop UK) 08/30/2007
  • Prochnik focuses on Ukraine (Portal Bisnesowy) 08/30/2007
  • Grape import to Ukraine increased 64% during first six months 2007 (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/30/2007
  • CL Report: Lucarelli On Form As Shakhtar Stun Trapattoni's Salzburg (Goal) 08/30/2007
  • Dynamo stroll into group stage (UEFA) 08/30/2007
  • Президент привітав «Динамо» та «Шахтар» із впевненим виходом до Ліги чемпіонів ( 08/30/2007
  • Ахметов бачив перемогу Шахтаря уві сні (Новинар) 08/30/2007
  • Результати головних спортивних подій: 29-30 серпня (Новинар) 08/30/2007
  • Kiev still keen on Sheva (Sky Sports) 08/30/2007
  • Dynamo Kiev push Chelsea for Shevchenko loan (UNIAN) 08/30/2007
  • Dynamo boss: I'll match Chelsea flop's wages (FansFC) 08/30/2007
  • Sheva Snubs Kiev Return (Football365) 08/30/2007
  • Commerce vs. soccer (Kyiv Weekly) 08/30/2007
  • Україна створює Національне агентство з Євро-2012 (Новинар) 08/30/2007

  • Pora registration irks Yushchenko bloc (Ukrainian Journal) 08/29/2007
  • НУ-НС: ЦВК зареєструвала партію ПОРА за вказівкою регіоналів (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • CEC Registers Pora For Elections To Rada (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/29/2007
  • CEC Recognizes Withdrawal Of Pora From Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense Bloc (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/29/2007
  • Campaign focuses on referendum (Kyiv Post) 08/29/2007
  • Тимошенко: Це змова великих політиків (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • ПР сподівається на коаліцію з КПУ і СПУ (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • 'Регіони': 'Помаранчеві' боротимуться за нас після виборів (Газета по-українськи) 08/29/2007
  • The Fight Between Donetsk Bulldogs (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/29/2007
  • Transport Minister Rudkovsky Agitated for SPU During His Business Trip (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/29/2007
  • Симоненко пропонує сформувати спільний з Росією Чорноморський флот (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • Interior Ministry Urges Participants In Election Process To Observe Law And Respect Law Enforcement Agencies (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/29/2007
  • Соціологія як політична технологія (report and video) (iPlus) 08/29/2007
  • Experts Mark Large Use Of Black PR-Technologies In Election Campaign (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/29/2007
  • Спосіб щось приховати (Газета по-українськи) 08/29/2007
  • Crime, geopolitics and the Black Sea (Kyiv Post) 08/29/2007
  • SBU: Transport Ministry is Corrupt (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/29/2007
  • Sri Lanka: 'Deadly' Climate for Reporters and Aid Workers (IPS) 08/29/2007
  • Yushchenko calls on foreign ministry for ‘maximum effort’ at WTO (Ukrainian Journal) 08/29/2007
  • Doubts loom ahead of rushed sale (Kyiv Post) 08/29/2007
  • Akhmetov snaps up energo stake (Kyiv Post) 08/29/2007
  • Naftogaz Ukrayiny denies impact of tax deferral payments on budget (Ukrainian Journal) 08/29/2007
  • President knocks coal sector for inefficient management system (Ukrainian Journal) 08/29/2007
  • Ahead of election, two top parties call for increased coal production (Ukrainian Journal) 08/29/2007
  • Sole aluminum producer may suspend production due to power costs (Ukrainian Journal) 08/29/2007
  • Amcor Shares Rise as Earnings Beat Analyst Estimates (Bloomberg) 08/29/2007
  • Amcor builds $1bn treasure chest (The Australian ) 08/29/2007
  • BrokerCreditService Ltd claims foreign companies aren’t interested in Russian stock market (Ural Business Consulting) 08/29/2007
  • Ukraine holds firm as a top world arms exporter, but lags far behind Russia (Kyiv Post) 08/29/2007
  • Sri Lanka journalist threatened for translating a popular defense column (Colomba Page Sri Lanka) 08/29/2007
  • Emerging Markets and Syndicated Loans - How the Worm Turns (Alphaville FT) 08/29/2007
  • Bioton shares drop 10 pct on Ukrainian setback (Reuters) 08/29/2007
  • Barlinek plant in Ukraine (Polish Market) 08/29/2007
  • XXI Century Investments sees end-June NAV of 1.4 bln usd; up 170 pct in 6 months (AFX/Forbes) 08/29/2007
  • The harvesting season for melon and watermelon to be over one month earlier than usually (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/29/2007
  • Віктор Ющенко наголосив на неприпустимості втягнення Церков у передвиборчі процеси (RISU) 08/29/2007
  • Представники «Православного вибору» вважають, що «свідомий вибір православної людини 30 вересня – це її віросповідницький обов’язок» (RISU) 08/29/2007
  • Life after death (Battle Creek Enquirer) 08/29/2007
  • Після аварії Могилевську відвезли на операцію (ФОТО) (Газета по-українськи) 08/29/2007
  • Toronto Ukrainian Festival Aug. 31 to Sept. 3rd, 2007 ( 08/29/2007
  • Brandão rides to Shakhtar's rescue (UEFA) 08/29/2007
  • Salzburg Threaten Shaktar Ambitions (Reuters) 08/29/2007
  • Ліга Чемпіонів: Луческу розраховує на командний альтруїзм Шахтаря (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • Shevchenko doubts Chelsea would approve loan (Reuters) 08/29/2007
  • Українська футбольна влада вирішила, як бути зі свастикою (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • Sotherton stays on attack against Blonska (The Times ) 08/29/2007
  • US Open: Українська сенсація дня (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • U.S. Open Matches ( 08/29/2007
  • Український хокей одержав нового наставника (Новинар) 08/29/2007
  • International Chess Tournament Among Women to Start in Baku on 3 September (Trend News Agency) 08/29/2007
  • Ukrainians prefer to spend vacations in Egypt (UNIAN) 08/29/2007
  • Holocaust survivors return to Poland with new world fortunes to help rebuild Jewish life (IH Tribune) 08/29/2007

  • Overseas Elections Affect Americans, Too (Fox News) 08/28/2007
  • Pro-Western groups agree to seven-yr pact (Ukrainian Journal) 08/28/2007
  • High Administrative Court Orders CEC To Approve Form Of Voter's Application To Vote At Home (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Yuschenko Asking Constitutional Court To Consider Constitutionality Of Exclusion Of Voters Failing To Return From Abroad Three Days Before Elections From Voters Lists (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Yanukovych Calling On Ukraine's Embassies Not To Interfere In Election Campaign (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Sociologists Mark Change Of Geography Of Voters' Support Of Leading Parties (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Our Ukraine People’s Self-Defense: Participation Of Pora In Rada Elections Impossible (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • НУ-НС: ЦВК не повинна реєструвати партію ПОРА (Новинар) 08/28/2007
  • BYUT leader Yuliya Tymoshenko urged politicians to refuse to participate in political show, meaning September 4 sitting of VR (NRCU) 08/28/2007
  • Socialist Party To Spend UAH 25 Million For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Lazarenko Bloc Steps Down In Election Race (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • ЦВК вже зареєструвала 20 учасників виборчих перегонів (5 kanal) 08/28/2007
  • Гавриш: Якщо не буде змін у Конституції, будуть нові позачергові вибори (Новинар) 08/28/2007
  • BYuT denies information about beating “Segodnia” correspondent by its representatives (UNIAN) 08/28/2007
  • Bomb hoax against Russian-language daily (UNIAN) 08/28/2007
  • Andrei Sannikov: Lukashenka must respond to the declarations of the Russian Ambassador (Charter 97) 08/28/2007
  • Defense Ministry cannot buy fuel for military aircraft for four months already (UNIAN) 08/28/2007
  • Ukraine To Strike Simpler Visa Regime Accord With Slovakia By October (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Україна і Словаччина підпишуть угоду про спрощений режим перетину кордону у вересні (Новинар) 08/28/2007
  • Citizens Of Russia, Armenia And Ukraine Detained For Illegal Crossing Of Border (Prime News) 08/28/2007
  • Firefighters’ hands full as Ukraine regions burn (Gulf Times) 08/28/2007
  • Deadly wildfires hit Ukraine's Crimea peninsula, Kherson province (Earth Times) 08/28/2007
  • Сталін і моя бабуся (Новинар) 08/28/2007
  • PACE Rapporteur on the abandonment of children at birth, pays visit in Ukraine (UNIAN) 08/28/2007
  • «Снід – це проблема, яка стосується кожного» (Deutsche Welle) 08/28/2007
  • 2 гектари конопель знищила міліція на Донеччині (5 kanal) 08/28/2007
  • Fish and mushrooms still toxic from Chernobyl (AFP/IOL) 08/28/2007
  • Anne Frank House to continue travelling exhibit in Ukraine (JTA) 08/28/2007
  • [AUDIO] Polish-Ukrainian Film Festival on the 'Post-Revolution Blues'. Interview with Yuri Shevchuk (NPR) 08/28/2007
  • Interbank Hryvnia Rate Down By 1 Kopeck To 5.01 UAH/USD (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Ukraine to borrow $2-3 bln internationally over 5 years (BBJ) 08/28/2007
  • Pryvatbank Office Robbed In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/28/2007
  • Airline president calls for gradual rollout of An-148 aircraft (Ukrainian Journal) 08/28/2007
  • Data Capture: ABBYY Receives Trend-Setting Product Award From KMWorld (ECM Connection) 08/28/2007
  • Franchising in Ukraine ( 08/28/2007
  • Officially: bulb onion export in Ukraine to grow almost 2 thousand times in the season 2006/07 (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/28/2007
  • Ukraine rapidly increased tomato export in the first half 2007 (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/28/2007
  • Wheat and barley prices at all time high (Food Week) 08/28/2007
  • Ukraine stadium security issue affects Italy qualifier (Reuters) 08/28/2007
  • Шевченка кличуть до США на допомогу Бекхему (Новинар) 08/28/2007
  • Spartak 'spy' Korobochka to pass on lessons learned in Parkhead humiliation to Moscow visitors (Scotsman) 08/28/2007
  • Krymarenko falls apart (Daily Yomiuri) 08/28/2007

  • Yatseniuk Not Expecting Premiership After Parliamentary Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/27/2007
  • Fraud fear for Ukraine elections (BBC News) 08/27/2007
  • Ukraine: time for the EU to act (again) (Agoravox) 08/27/2007
  • Court specifies ‘at home’ ballot measures (Ukrainian Journal) 08/27/2007
  • 24 Political Forces Submit Registration Documents To Central Electoral Commission (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/27/2007
  • CEC Registers Agrarian Ukraine Bloc For Rada Election (updated) (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/27/2007
  • Volkov to manage campaign for Kuchma (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • Ukrainian political popcorn (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • President hosted Independence Day reception (UNIAN) 08/27/2007
  • Ukraine is 16: lessons learnt and prospects (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/27/2007
  • Ukraine spatial: launches into future (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/27/2007
  • Yushchenko pushes for border agreement with Russia (Interfax) 08/27/2007
  • VIEW: China’s threat to Russia —Andrei Piontkovsky (Daily Times) 08/27/2007
  • У Криму вогонь вже впритул підібрався до гірського хребта (video) (5 kanal) 08/27/2007
  • Військовому пенсіонерові будівельники знесли хату (Газета по-українськи) 08/27/2007
  • Троє людей загинуло в ДТП на Херсонщині (ФОТО) (Газета по-українськи) 08/27/2007
  • Yushchenko targets poachers (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • Cardinal Husar Joins 10,000 Youth in Kiev (Aid to the Church in Need) 08/27/2007
  • London: Ukrainians move in with Jesuits after Cathedral ceiling collapse (Independent Catholic News) 08/27/2007
  • European court to examine language row in Luhansk (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • Freedon, horrible freedom (Chicago Journal) 08/27/2007
  • How to outsing a political opponents (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • 1 мільйон тонн вугілля коштує двох шахтарських життів (Газета по-українськи) 08/27/2007
  • Yushchenko harsh on govt for untimely VAT refunds (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • Offshore companies pay back debts (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • Foxconn hires Ukraine engineers for Czech plant (Evertiq) 08/27/2007
  • U.S. Steel to buy Stelco, Canada's last giant (Globe Investor) 08/27/2007
  • Lukoil Admits Cutting Supplies to Germany (Oil & Gas Eurasia) 08/27/2007
  • ICF International Awarded Two New EC Contracts for Up To EUR 4.5 Million (Yahoo! Finance) 08/27/2007
  • Allien bugs gobble our corn (Kyiv Weekly) 08/27/2007
  • Cabinet to prolong give-and-take meat import ban until 2008 (Agro Perspectiva) 08/27/2007
  • Onion consumption grew 50% during 20 years in the USA (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/27/2007
  • Salzburg face D-Day in Donetsk (UEFA) 08/27/2007
  • Ukraine's Blonska Scores Personal Best in Long Jump at IAAF Champs in Osaka (The Ukrainian Observer) 08/27/2007
  • Шахтар зробив пропозицію гравцю Ювентуса (Новинар) 08/27/2007
  • Результати головних спортивних подій: 26-27 серпня (Новинар) 08/27/2007

  • Democracy in full throttle as Ukraine celebrates (Kuwait Times) 08/26/2007
  • Луценко викликає Януковича й Тимошенко на дебати (Новинар) 08/26/2007
  • Term For Submission Of Election Registration Documents Expires Saturday (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/26/2007
  • ЦВК зареєструвала зелених (Новинар) 08/26/2007
  • ЦВК сформувала закордонні виборчі комісії (Новинар) 08/26/2007
  • City Council Approves Placement Of Monument To American Historian Mace In Sichnevoho Povstannia Street, Pecherskyi District Of Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/26/2007
  • Connecticut explorer works to uncover Black Sea treasures (Newsday) 08/26/2007
  • Two killed in forest fire in Ukraine's Crimea (RIA Novosti) 08/26/2007
  • 700 Hectares Of Forest Catch Fire In Kherson Region Again (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/26/2007
  • Cardinal Husar Joins 10,000 Youth in Kiev: Calls Event 'Feast of Faith' (Zenit) 08/26/2007
  • Decision on church's future awaits harvest (Edmonton Journal) 08/26/2007
  • Novel titles that hold sway (Boston Globe) 08/26/2007
  • Travel the world within east county's borders (Oregonian) 08/26/2007
  • New price for Russian gas in Ukraine to be announced in September (New Europe) 08/26/2007
  • Scam sportsbook stiffs bettor (Sportsbook Review) 08/26/2007
  • Torres and Voronin spark new optimism (Guardian Unlimited) 08/26/2007

  • Ukraine‘s deja vu elections (Hinesberg Journal) 08/25/2007
  • ПР, БЮТ і НУ-НС знайшли загальну ідею (Новинар) 08/25/2007
  • Verka pulls out of politics (Esctoday) 08/25/2007
  • Ukraine president setting up council to draft new constitution (Jurist) 08/25/2007
  • Черномирдін назвав скандал з Чорноморським флотом помилкою (Новинар) 08/25/2007
  • From Russia With Love? (Transitions Online) 08/25/2007
  • Revolution with a smile on its face (The Times) 08/25/2007
  • Ukrainian leaders to visit area (Hilton Head Island Packet) 08/25/2007
  • U.S. government tests first vessel dedicated to exploration of unknown parts of the ocean (AP/IH Tribune) 08/25/2007
  • У Херсонській області спалахнула нова лісова пожежа (Новинар) 08/25/2007
  • Ukrainian contract killer arrested in Moscow (Interfax) 08/25/2007
  • Mail-order bride service hasn't delivered for 59-year-old (Houston Chronicle) 08/25/2007
  • Ukraine's Delicate Balance (Business Week) 08/25/2007
  • Baltic Sea pipeline to be rerouted (United Press International) 08/25/2007
  • Trade with Ukraine needs to branch out (VietNamNet) 08/25/2007
  • Ukraine’s Security Service hunting commercial espionage companies (Axis Globe) 08/25/2007
  • Ukraine disabled employment drive (Polish Radio) 08/25/2007
  • Belarussian Association 'Infopark' Supports The Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2007 (Newswire) 08/25/2007
  • Ukrainian Catholic priest says it’s time to come home: Church reaches out as it celebrates 90 years (Sault Star) 08/25/2007
  • Exchange students need new home (Herald Dispatch West Virginia) 08/25/2007
  • Exchange students arrive in Horicon (Beaver Dam Daily Citizen) 08/25/2007
  • Speed of sound (The Times) 08/25/2007
  • Photo: Lyudmila Blonska of Ukraine celebrates as she competes in the high jump event of the women's heptathlon at the 11th IAAF World Athletics Championship in Osaka (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/25/2007
  • Another Kyrylo Fesenko Story (ESPN) 08/25/2007
  • Boxing: Heavyweight 'Playoff' Will Determine Wladimir Klitschko's Next Opponent (AOL Sports) 08/25/2007
  • Shakhtar sign Brazilian whizzkid (Yahoo! Sport UK & Ireland) 08/25/2007
  • County honors Ukrainian independence (Asbury Pzrk Press) 08/25/2007
  • Weekend Events: Ukraine Day (Saskatoon Star Phoenix) 08/25/2007
  • Yuri probe: Police 'lacklustre' angers family (IOL) 08/25/2007
  • Possible end to Nazi death camp guard case rests in US appeals court (AP/IH Tribune) 08/25/2007
  • Grace Paley, a Woman of Her Words (Wash Post) 08/25/2007

  • Самостійна Україна відзначає своє шістнадцятиріччя (РЕПОРТАЖ, ВІДЕО) (video) (5 kanal) 08/24/2007
  • Репортаж про те як відзначали День Незалежності України в регіонах (ВІДЕО) (video) (5 kanal) 08/24/2007
  • Хлопчик, який пісяє у вишиванці (РЕПОРТАЖ, ВІДЕО) (video) (iPlus) 08/24/2007
  • Понад 3 тисячі людей у вишиванках утворили величезний тризуб на площі Луцька (5 kanal) 08/24/2007
  • Квіткова виставка до свята Незалежності відкрилася у Києві (5 kanal) 08/24/2007
  • Independence Day Address ( 08/24/2007
  • Промова Президента України Віктора Ющенка з нагоди Дня Незалежності на Софійській площі ( 08/24/2007
  • Ukraine celebrates 16th anniversary of independence from Soviet Union (AP/IH Tribune) 08/24/2007
  • Ukraine Marks Independence Day (Wash Post) 08/24/2007
  • Yushchenko Calls For Unity On Ukraine Independence Day (RFE/RL) 08/24/2007
  • Країні — 16: про результати і перспективи (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/24/2007
  • На Майдані Незалежності проходить марш-парад Во славу України (Новинар) 08/24/2007
  • Нагодувати незаможних до Дня незалежності взялася львівська влада (5 kanal) 08/24/2007
  • Ukraine managed to win recognition as independent state: ambassador (Focus Information Agency) 08/24/2007
  • У Луцьку створять “живий тризуб” (Новинар) 08/24/2007
  • 100 People Unfold Ukraine's Biggest National Flag in Donetsk (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/24/2007
  • Small Business Will Not Support Anyone (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/24/2007
  • CEC Registers Renovated Communist Party For Parliament Election (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/24/2007
  • CEC Registers Agrarian Ukraine Bloc For Rada Election (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/24/2007
  • CEC Registers Party Of Free Democrats For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/24/2007
  • CEC Registers Ukrainian Regional Activists Bloc For Rada Election (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/24/2007
  • Ukrainian citizens in Bulgaria can vote in their country’s parliamentary election (Focus Information Agency) 08/24/2007
  • Ukraine protests Russian diplomat's statement about Crimea (Interfax) 08/24/2007
  • Через гостре отруєння автора припинено тур-презентацію книги ”Донецька мафія” (UNIAN) 08/24/2007
  • Як нам облаштувати Україну, або Що робити з адміністративно-територіальною реформою? (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/24/2007
  • Кола на землі-2 (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/24/2007
  • Big Government, Corrupt Government (The American Spectator) 08/24/2007
  • 143 долари за тисячу кубометрів газу в 2008-му. Вони так планують... (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/24/2007
  • Ukraine anti-monopoly committee grant purchase permission (Gas World) 08/24/2007
  • Yushenko blocks 3G and WiMAX (CNews) 08/24/2007
  • Ukraine and Uzbekistan to cooperate in An-70 production (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/24/2007
  • Weather wallops wheat, raising prices (CBC) 08/24/2007
  • Aussie Ecumenical Meeting to Strike a Chord (Zenit) 08/24/2007
  • Deserving local youth wins new $2,000 scholarship (Portage Daily Graphic) 08/24/2007
  • Homecoming helps Sheva (UEFA) 08/24/2007
  • Kiev want Shevchenko on loan (In The News) 08/24/2007
  • Dynamo Looking For Sheva Return (Soccer365) 08/24/2007
  • Несподівана Україна. Репортаж про село Ходосівка (ВІДЕО) (video) (5 kanal) 08/24/2007

  • Deja vu for Ukraine voters, who face fourth national election in 3 years (AP/IH Tribune) 08/23/2007
  • Yushchenko is best President for all years of independence of country – poll (UNIAN) 08/23/2007
  • CEC Plans To Work On Weekends To Accept Election Registration Documents From Political Forces (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/23/2007
  • President meets BYuT leader ( 08/23/2007
  • Can Tymoshenko return to head government? (Ukrainian Journal) 08/23/2007
  • CEC Registers Vseukrainska Hromada Bloc For Parliamentary Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine’s SBU has learned who sponsored Yanukovich’s protest rallies (Axis Globe) 08/23/2007
  • Another Anecdote from Yanukovych (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/23/2007
  • Moroz To Open Fourth Rada Session September 4 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine has chosen its road. Interview with OleXander Motsyk, Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland (Polish Market) 08/23/2007
  • Not only politicians build independence (Polish Market) 08/23/2007
  • Україна перебуває у підлітковому віці (Газета по-українськи) 08/23/2007
  • В Україні відзначають День Прапора (РЕПОРТАЖ, ВІДЕО) (5 kanal) 08/23/2007
  • Ukrainian leaders lay flowers to monuments of famous Ukrainians (NRCU) 08/23/2007
  • Yuschenko Wishes Ukrainians Wisdom And Public Spirit On Occasion Of National Flag Day (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/23/2007
  • Azerbaijani President congratulates Viktor Yushchenko on Independence Day (Azeri-Press Agentliyi) 08/23/2007
  • NATO research centre assists 2007 Aegean & Black Sea Expedition (News Blaze) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine engulfed in woodland fires (Kazinform) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine president turns firefighter (MWC) 08/23/2007
  • Defense Ministry Sends 237 Militaries To Extinguish Fire In Dnipropetrovsk Region (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/23/2007
  • 170 Hectares Of Forest On Fire In Dnipropetrovsk Region (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/23/2007
  • Kazakhs blamed for phosphorus disaster (Kyiv Weekly) 08/23/2007
  • Monster hack leaves thousands exposed (The Age) 08/23/2007
  • Yatsenyuk Warns About Gas Deal Disruption (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine Concerned At Lack Of Gas Agreement (RFE/RL) 08/23/2007
  • Ukrainian oil company and Shell to form joint venture (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/23/2007
  • Shell/Alliance Group set up JV (Analytical Information Agency) 08/23/2007
  • Хвіст махає НАКом (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/23/2007
  • Пологові травми «Укратомпрому» (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine: What Crisis? (Business Week) 08/23/2007
  • Interview with Stepan Kubiv, President of Kredobank SA (Polish Market) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine's Imexbank rated 'B3' - Moody's ( 08/23/2007
  • Interbank Hryvnia Rate Down By 1.5 Kopeck To 5.0200 UAH/USD (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/23/2007
  • Zodiak Acquire 75% Of YS Films ( 08/23/2007
  • Ambassador of Ukraine Supports Right of Ukrainian Producers (AZG Armenian Daily) 08/23/2007
  • Ukrainian aircraft building concern to form joint venture with Boeing (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine Government, President Spar Over Meat (Javno) 08/23/2007
  • ABB Grain signs joint venture with Ukraine group (North Queensland Register) 08/23/2007
  • Yanukovych commissioned to examine possibility of State Reserve 50,000-70,000 MT sugar purchases (Agro Perspectiva) 08/23/2007
  • Water melon Prices in Kherson Oblast Are Two-Three Times Higher Than Those Last Year (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine: Mushroom Prices Are Rising Again (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/23/2007
  • Ukraine: The Cheapest Vegetables Are in L'viv (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/23/2007
  • Любомир Гузар: Любити завжди можна більше. Але люди залишаються людьми... (Україна молода) 08/23/2007
  • Lutsenko Denounces Overemphasis of Language and Religion Differences (RISU) 08/23/2007
  • Family Carries Hope To Hopeless (Marshall County Journal) 08/23/2007
  • Historic Karaite synagogue rededicated in Crimea (JTA) 08/23/2007
  • Ukrainian camp hosts Israeli children (JTA) 08/23/2007
  • 'Янукович — це абсолютна випадковість', Лідер гурту ”Мандри” Сергій Фоменко (Газета по-українськи) 08/23/2007
  • МТС руйнує сакральну перлину Львова (RISU) 08/23/2007
  • Ruslana to conduct symphonic orchestra (Esctoday) 08/23/2007
  • The World According to Hutz (LA Weekly) 08/23/2007
  • It's Not Just Coincidence: When Everything is Wondrously Illuminated (The Moderate Voice) 08/23/2007
  • Micha Wald's fascination for Ukraine 'Voleurs de Chevaux' (Courier International) 08/23/2007
  • Dynamo Kiev offer to take Shevchenko on loan (Reuters) 08/23/2007
  • Scotland and Ukraine hit form (UEFA) 08/23/2007
  • Андрій Шевченко про друзів, Моурінью і матч з (Газета по-українськи) 08/23/2007
  • Jazz Sign Fesenko (5 KSL TV) 08/23/2007
  • Israel sees off late Ukraine surge to win 68-63 (Haaretz) 08/23/2007
  • Ireland 2-1 Ukraine (RTE Sport) 08/23/2007
  • CPU faction in new parliament means to initiate investigation of nazi organizations' activities (NRCU) 08/23/2007
  • European character and Cold War chic meet in Kyiv (Smarter Travel) 08/23/2007
  • Family that kicks together, stays together (Gazette.Net) 08/23/2007

  • If Shufrych and Rudkovsky Are Not Fired by Yanukovych NSDC May Come for Them (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/22/2007
  • Shevchenko shines as Ukraine beat Uzbekistan (Reuters/Guardian Unlimited) 08/22/2007
  • Газету "Сьогодні" "замінував" невідомий (розширено) (5 kanal) 08/22/2007
  • Ukraine leader diverts plane, fights fire (Reuters/ 08/22/2007
  • President plane lands soon after takeoff (Ukrainian Journal) 08/22/2007
  • Ющенко вимагає відсторонення Шуфрича (5 kanal) 08/22/2007
  • Emergency Situations Ministry: Cause Of Fires In Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Kherson Regions Inappropriate Handling With Fire (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/22/2007
  • President returns to Kherson ( 08/22/2007
  • Court orders anti-fraud measures to prevent abuse of home balloting (Ukrainian Journal) 08/22/2007
  • Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense Bloc: Court Order For CEC To Set Procedure For Voters' Appeals For Home Voting Guarantee Against Falsification Of Election Results (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/22/2007
  • Kyrylenko Promises New Prosecutor General (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/22/2007
  • Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc Asking Law-Enforcement Organs To Investigate Falsification Of Pora’s Documents (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/22/2007
  • Experts Say Actions Of Most Parties In Parliament Contradict Their Platforms (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/22/2007
  • Ukraine: No Proof Missile Downed Plane (AP/CBS News) 08/22/2007
  • Ukrainian Independence: Easy Come, Easy Go (Eurasian Home) 08/22/2007
  • Crackdown on NGOs pushes 600 charities out of Russia (Independent) 08/22/2007
  • Перший заступник УНП розцінює відмову УПЦ (МП) від участі у спільному молебні з нагоди річниці Незалежності України «як свідчення її політичної природи та антиукраїнської орієнтації» (RISU) 08/22/2007
  • UOC-MP Orthodox Won’t Mark Ukraine’s Independence at St. Sophia’s (RISU) 08/22/2007
  • Священний Синод РПЦ подякував помісним Православним Церквам за підтримку УПЦ (RISU) 08/22/2007
  • У Львові представили відреставровану самобутню ікону (RISU) 08/22/2007
  • 3 backgrounds 2 serve 1 God (DeLand-Deltona Beacon) 08/22/2007
  • У Дрогобичі реставрують найбільшу синагогу Галичини (RISU) 08/22/2007
  • Ukraine's Chief Rabbi Takes Government to Task for Weak Responses to Antisemitic Violence in Zhitomir (UCSJ) 08/22/2007
  • Interbank Hryvnia Rate Down By 0.2 Kopeck To 5.0050 UAH/USD (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/22/2007
  • Naftohaz Ukrainy Accusing Tymoshenko Of Disinformation Of Society Concerning Russian-Ukrainian Relations In Gas Sector (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/22/2007
  • RUE Will Leave Ukraine if the ‘Orange Team’ Wins (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/22/2007
  • Ukraine could import gas in 2008 at $143 per 1,000 cubic meters (Interfax) 08/22/2007
  • Нафтогаз назвав ціну на газ в 2008 році (Новинар) 08/22/2007
  • 'Нафтогаз України' хоче здати Росії газову трубу? (5 kanal) 08/22/2007
  • $400-500 mln to be invested in two natural gas fields in Ukraine (RIA Novosti) 08/22/2007
  • Yuschenko Suspends Creation Of Ukrmorport (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/22/2007
  • Select Committee to probe MiG dea (Singapore Daily Mirror) 08/22/2007
  • Authorities hope arrest of Ukraine man leads to TJX orchestrator (Secure Computing) 08/22/2007
  • Arrested Ukrainian man may have sold stolen TJX data (AP/WPRI) 08/22/2007
  • Intesa eyes banks in Russia, Ukraine (Yahoo! News Asia) 08/22/2007
  • Ukraine bank taps Phoenix company's technology (MSN Money) 08/22/2007
  • Ukraine: Borsch Set Vegetable Prices Are Gradually Going Down (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/22/2007
  • In July, production of crude sunoil in Ukraine decreased by 10% (Agrimarket) 08/22/2007
  • Ukraine: Uncertainty about prospects of fresh produce export to Russia (Fresh Plaza) 08/22/2007
  • Рейтинг ФІФА: Україна - 15-а (Новинар) 08/22/2007
  • Soccer-Ukraine minister unhappy with work for Euro 2012 (Reuters) 08/22/2007
  • Shevchenko Not Ready Yet, But Could Face Italy (Goal) 08/22/2007
  • Blokhin says Shevchenko unable to play 90 minutes (Daily Star) 08/22/2007
  • Shevchenko is told fitness has suffered at Chelsea (Daily Telegraph) 08/22/2007
  • Israel faces Ukraine with chance to lock up bid for finals (Haaretz) 08/22/2007
  • International basketball: Israel in Ukraine without Eliyahu (Jerusalem Post) 08/22/2007
  • Gogol Bordello's mutant genre blowout (SF Weekly) 08/22/2007

  • Ukraine's Defense Ministry to send more troops to put out devastating forest fire in Kherson region (NRCU) 08/21/2007
  • Yulia Tymoshenko: 'Democracy Is Beginning in Ukraine' (Deutsche Welle) 08/21/2007
  • Сплив термін відведений політсилам щоби назвати у ЦВК своїх кандидатів у народні депутати (5 kanal) 08/21/2007
  • Justice Ministry Issues Copies Of Statutes And Registration Certificates For Participation In Elections To 27 Political Parties (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/21/2007
  • CEC Member Okhendrovskyi Says Maximum 35 Political Forces Will Run For Parliament (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/21/2007
  • Луценко наполягає на передчасності ініціатив БЮТ (Новинар) 08/21/2007
  • President to meet with Tymoshenko (UNIAN) 08/21/2007
  • Tymoshenko: No amnesty for my opponents (Ukrainian Journal) 08/21/2007
  • Tymoshenko to visit Ternopil (UNIAN) 08/21/2007
  • Progressive Socialist Party Promises CEA Membership If It Wins Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/21/2007
  • Вітренко обіцяє зробити Галичину та Закарпаття автономією, а російську мову державною (Новинар) 08/21/2007
  • New political force created in Ukraine (UNIAN) 08/21/2007
  • Ющенко написав Януковичу листа і просить розібратись з Азаровим (Газета по-українськи) 08/21/2007
  • The reality of Ukraine's revolution (CS Monitor) 08/21/2007
  • No One Is Afraid of the Big Orange Wolf (The Moscow Times) 08/21/2007
  • Lessons in democracy for Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 08/21/2007
  • President leaves for Kherson region ( 08/21/2007
  • Presidents of Ukraine and Turkmenistan hold phone talks (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/21/2007
  • All documents for Ukrainian president's visit to Russia prepared (NRCU) 08/21/2007
  • Янукович поділився подробицями зустрічі з Путіним: першим ділом літаки (Новинар) 08/21/2007
  • Mallory off to Ukraine (The Enquirer) 08/21/2007
  • The modern Ukraine wedding, the fatter, the better (Earth Times) 08/21/2007
  • July yellow phosphorus accident blamed on faulty tanker upgrading (Ukrainian Journal) 08/21/2007
  • 40% українців хочуть виїхати в іншу країну. Соцопитування (Газета по-українськи) 08/21/2007
  • Five Dead, Three Injured By Road Accident In Donetsk Region (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/21/2007
  • На Херсонщині горить 2000 гектарів лісу (5 kanal) 08/21/2007
  • Ukrainian banks criticise plan to tighten cost cap on foreign borrowing; implementation may be delayed (Financial Times) 08/21/2007
  • PrivatBank Purchases 11,000 Hypercom Optimum Payment Terminals (Yahoo! Finance) 08/21/2007
  • Ukraine to develop Novokonstantinovskoye uranium field with Russia'shelp - document (Interfax) 08/21/2007
  • Report from Europe: EMS powerhouses Jabil and Flextronics invest in Ukrainian hot spot (EDN) 08/21/2007
  • Transcarpathia new hot EMS destination in Ukraine (Evertiq) 08/21/2007
  • EBRD supports municipal transport Ukraine ( 08/21/2007
  • 'Toepfer' has already purchased 7.000 tons of wheat for 'Ukrzernoprom' (Agrimarket) 08/21/2007
  • In July, sunoil export from Ukraine totaled 153.700 tons (Agrimarket) 08/21/2007
  • Cathedral collapse sparks exodus (BBC News) 08/21/2007
  • Ukrainian cultural centre opened in South Kazakhstan oblast (Kazinform) 08/21/2007
  • Construction Ministry Favors Building Youth Towns For Hosting UEFA Euro-2012 Participants (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/21/2007

  • President holds press conference Aug. 20, 2007 ( 08/20/2007
  • Прес-конференція Президента України Віктора Ющенка ( 08/20/2007
  • Ukraine: Election Set to Bring Another Crisis (IPS) 08/20/2007
  • CEC To Send To Interior Ministry Socialist Party's Complaint Against Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense Electioneering (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • БЮТ позивається до суду на відмову ЦВК реєструвати ініціативні групи з референдуму (Новинар) 08/20/2007
  • Ukrainian Voters Committee Reporting On Spread Of Black PR Brochures Against Tymoshenko Bloc In Zaporizhia (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • Tymoshenko started election tour (UNIAN) 08/20/2007
  • CEC Registers 105 Foreign Monitors For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • Liberal Democratic Party, Women Of Ukraine, Communist Labour’s Party Create Za Svoikh Verka Serdiuchka Bloc For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • 'Блок Український регіональний актив' подав виборчі списки до ЦВК (5 kanal) 08/20/2007
  • Людмила Супрун встигла зареєструвати у ЦВК свій блок (Новинар) 08/20/2007
  • Литвин найняв американських політтехнологів (Новинар) 08/20/2007
  • Yanukovych Leaves For Chernihiv To Look Into Regional Affairs (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • Ukrainian PM to attend air show in Russia (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/20/2007
  • 70 Years of Sorrow After Forced Relocation (Digital Chosunilbo) 08/20/2007
  • Man Blows Himself With Grenade In Mykolaiv District Police Station (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • Death of Nigerian Sparks Protest in Greece (This Day) 08/20/2007
  • Ukraine president halts all privatisation deals ahead of poll (Hemscott) 08/20/2007
  • Former Finance Minister Pynzenyk Forecasting Inflation Of 14-15% In 2007 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • Interbank Hryvnia Rate Down By 0.3 Kopeck To 5.0030 UAH/USD (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/20/2007
  • Gas Storage in Ukraine Set to Resume (Bloomberg/Moscow Times) 08/20/2007
  • Ukrinterenergo increases price for energy for Moldova by $0.001 per 1 kwh ( 08/20/2007
  • Bioton of Poland Wins $8 Million Insulin Contract With Ukraine (Bloomberg) 08/20/2007
  • AutoUkraine 2008 conference (Processing Talk) 08/20/2007
  • Australia's Wheat Output May Miss Government Forecast (Update2) (Bloomberg) 08/20/2007
  • PepsiAmericas and PepsiCo Complete Joint Acquisition of (Business Wire) 08/20/2007
  • УПЦ (МП) не братиме участі в урочистостях до Дня Незалежності в Софії Київській (RISU) 08/20/2007
  • Прес-служба УПЦ КП просить прес-службу УПЦ (МП) не фантазувати (RISU) 08/20/2007
  • На Спаса православні та язичники з’ясовували відносини (RISU) 08/20/2007
  • На Закарпатті підпалили церкву (RISU) 08/20/2007
  • New eparch brings energy, vision (BC Catholic) 08/20/2007
  • Great Kenasa Opened in Yevpatoria (RISU) 08/20/2007
  • Ukrainian villagers say they protected Jewish residents in Holocaust, but accounts conflict (AP/IH Tribune) 08/20/2007
  • The Kharkov camp question (Jerusalem Post) 08/20/2007
  • Expedition underway to reveal Black Sea's ancient mysteries (Daily India) 08/20/2007
  • Warcraft 3: HoT represents Ukraine for WCG (GotFrag) 08/20/2007
  • Euro star Voronin to be rotated by Rafa? (ESPN Soccernet) 08/20/2007
  • Traditional football tournament in memory of Valeriy Lobanovsky to start tomorrow in Kyiv (NRCU) 08/20/2007
  • Прорвало: Динамо розгромлює Карпати (Новинар) 08/20/2007
  • Ukrainian fest's food and fun attract big crowds (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle) 08/20/2007
  • George Holowackyj (The Plain Dealer) 08/20/2007
  • Ukrainian woman waiting to become a U.S. citizen (Baxter Bulletin) 08/20/2007

  • Tymoshenko Bloc Says Its Election Campaign Interrupted Again In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/19/2007
  • Lutsenko Doubts About Possibility To Organize Constitutional Referendum By September 30 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/19/2007
  • НУНС й БЮТ обіцяють врятувати Київ від Черновецького, а Харків від Добкіна (5 kanal) 08/19/2007
  • Будемо обговорювати і вузьку коаліцію, і широку (Газета по-українськи) 08/19/2007
  • Прихильники 'найкращого Президента України' створили блок 'КУЧМИ' (video) (5 kanal) 08/19/2007
  • Kazakh leader's party wins total victory (Reuters/ 08/19/2007
  • Православні та греко-католики святкують Преображення Господнє (5 kanal) 08/19/2007
  • 'God Squad' enlisted in Polish corruption fight (The Age) 08/19/2007
  • Organized crime (Haaretz) 08/19/2007
  • Actions at the Ukraine No Border Camp (Indymedia UK) 08/19/2007
  • Folklormama like a 'mini-vacation' (Winnipeg Sun) 08/19/2007
  • Suite Française ( 08/19/2007
  • Ukraine has not launch any inquiry into Mig-27, Sri Lanka says (Colomba Page Sri Lanka) 08/19/2007
  • Situation Report: MiG deal: More twists, turns and threats (Sri Lanka The Sunday Times) 08/19/2007
  • Nuclear power plant project now targeted by Ukraine (New Europe) 08/19/2007
  • Panhandle boy makes Permian Basin a better place (My West Texas) 08/19/2007
  • Krymarenko ready to spring another surprise in Osaka (IAAF) 08/19/2007
  • 24th World University Games: Games Draw to a Close (Bangkok Post) 08/19/2007
  • Помер Віктор Прокопенко (Газета по-українськи) 08/19/2007
  • Ask the Expert: Is this what the Jazz will look like next season? (Salt Lake Tribune) 08/19/2007

  • Our Ukraine People's Self-Defense Bloc, Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc To Agree To Jointly Insist On Early Mayoral Elections In Kyiv And Kharkiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/18/2007
  • Our Ukraine People's Self-Defense Bloc Accusing Party Of Regions Of Copying Its Election Campaign Ideas (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/18/2007
  • Interbank Hryvnia Rate Stable At 5.0 UAH/USD (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/18/2007
  • CEC Registers Party of People’s Trust For 2007 Parliamentary Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/18/2007
  • SDPU(u) Elects Zahorodnii As Its Chairman (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/18/2007
  • Police Launches Investigation Into Information About Illegal Demounting Of Tymoshenko Bloc Outdoor Advertisements In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/18/2007
  • Чия передвиборна «цукерка» солодша? (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/18/2007
  • Пільги: хто менше? (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/18/2007
  • Айкідо (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/18/2007
  • Poland gives up on Ukraine (Polish Radio) 08/18/2007
  • Kazakhstan votes in poll seen as democratic test (Reuters/Yahoo! News Asia) 08/18/2007
  • Rescuers end search for missing Belarusian tourist in Crimean Peninsula (Белорусске новости) 08/18/2007
  • Patients toast Ukraine's 'wine therapy' (BBC News) 08/18/2007
  • Ukraine Considers Iraq, Turkey Pipeline (United Press International) 08/18/2007
  • Cabinet To Consider Projects For Construction Of Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Plant’s Of 3rd And 4th Reactors And Southern Ukrainian Nuclear Plant’s 4th Reactor Of In November (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/18/2007
  • Chernobyl calling (The Electric New Paper) 08/18/2007
  • Experienced athletes mix with new talent in Ukraine's Osaka team (European Athletics) 08/18/2007
  • Voronin's French lesson gives Liverpool a Euro kick start (Sportingo) 08/18/2007
  • 'The Battle of Chernobyl' opens the 10th Annual United Nations Association Film Festival on Oct. 24, 2007, and on closing day Oct. 28, 'Orange Revolution' ( 08/18/2007
  • Ukrainian entrants prepare for JESC selection (Oikotimes) 08/18/2007
  • Canadian dancers urge donations Peru earthquake victims (Brandon Sun) 08/18/2007

  • Ukraine team grateful to be in the World Series and the USA (City of Taylor) 08/17/2007
  • Сезон полювання на «недоторканних» (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/17/2007
  • Taize community marks the anniversary of their founder's death (Catholic News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • Yanukovych To Visit Russia For Talks With Prime Minister Fradkov On August 20 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • Party Of Regions Promising To Equalize Wages Of MPs With Average Wage In Ukraine If Elected Into Rada (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • SDPU(u) Opens Congress In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • OU-PSD started All-Ukrainian agitation tour (UNIAN) 08/17/2007
  • Tymoshenko Accusing Yanukovych Of Having Ordered Chernovetskyi To Prevent Placement Of BYT Advertisement In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • Yatseniuk Forecasting 3,500-4,000 Foreign Observers Will Monitor Parliamentary Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • CEC Registers SPU For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • 46 MPs Ask Constitutional Court To Determine Constitutionality Of Yuschenko’s Decree That Ordered CEC To Start Preparing For Early Parliamentary Elections On August 2 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • Back to the Brink in Ukraine (Stabroek News) 08/17/2007
  • КПУ: Дострокові вибори приведуть Україну в НАТО (Новинар) 08/17/2007
  • 'Korrespondent' named 100 most influential Ukrainians (UNIAN) 08/17/2007
  • Апогей тероріади (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/17/2007
  • 2nd language gets top priority in school (Asheville Citizen-Times) 08/17/2007
  • Copy of icon will be part of Divine Liturgy (The Times Tribune) 08/17/2007
  • A real future, for the first time (The Jersey Journal) 08/17/2007
  • Cabinet Allocates UAH 2.5 Million To Mykolaiv Region For Clean-Up Operations In Nova Odesa District After Natural Disaster (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • Arizona man sentenced in credit card theft ring (Secure Computing) 08/17/2007
  • LN commentary: Immigration only short-term solution to labour shortage (Prague Daily Monitor) 08/17/2007
  • Terrell’s Tune-Up, 08/17/2007 - Gogol earth (Santa Fe New Mexican) 08/17/2007
  • Primo Levi's journey disturbingly familiar (New Jersey Jewish Standard) 08/17/2007
  • The Arm industry and Ukraine: The Project to Supply the Thai Armed Forces to be Taken (Journal of the Turkish Weekly) 08/17/2007
  • Ukraine Wins $118 Million Thai Arms Contract (RFE/RL) 08/17/2007
  • Agriculture Ministry Wants To Transfer Spirit Wholesale Rights From Kyivspyrt To Ukrspyrt Concern (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • Foreign Investors Believe Transfer Of State's Stake In Ukrtatnafta From Naftohaz Ukrainy May Harm Its Creditors (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/17/2007
  • Ukraine may face energy crisis by year end (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2007
  • NBU reserves to grow at least 27% to $28.4 billion this year (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2007
  • MTS group adds 320,000 users to reach 75 mln mobile subs (Telecompaper) 08/17/2007
  • Passengers refuse to board Ukrainian plane (Cyprus Mail) 08/17/2007
  • SCM raises 4yr $545 million syndicated loan through 17 banks (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2007
  • 'Hit-or-miss' gas policy threatens Ukrainian economy (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/17/2007
  • Other News in Brief: Cushman & Wakefield Opens Office in Ukraine (CPN) 08/17/2007
  • High Prices for Medium-Term Sorts of Cabbage Reduce Crop Prospects for Late Cabbage (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/17/2007
  • DPM: Ukraine will harvest 30 million tons of grain this year (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2007
  • Ukraine: in July, maize export volume decreased substantially (Agrimarket) 08/17/2007
  • Ukraine to float Eurobonds in 2008 (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/17/2007
  • One World: Many rally to aid championship Ukranian team (The News-Herald) 08/17/2007
  • Praise for Voronin, But No Guarantees (Sporting Life) 08/17/2007
  • Перша «жертва» Євро-2012? (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/17/2007
  • Протасов: Що можна зробити, коли вся команда стоїть у захисті? (Новинар) 08/17/2007

  • Chicago Events: Ukrainian Days Festival 2007 (Metromix) 08/16/2007
  • Ukraine's 2007 Elections Will Also Decide Ukraine's Next President (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 08/16/2007
  • Official Immunity Turns Into Campaign Issue In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 08/16/2007
  • Yushchenko and Yanukovych together to take part in celebrations of Independence Day (UNIAN) 08/16/2007
  • President meets underwater archeologists ( 08/16/2007
  • President Viktor Yushchenko meets water archeologists of Byzantium 2007 expedition (NRCU) 08/16/2007
  • Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko and his wife Kateryna (R) visit an U.S.-Ukrainian archaeological expedition in the Black Sea near the town of Khersones (photo) (Reuters/Yahoo! News Photo) 08/16/2007
  • Outside View: CANDU (Canada Deuterium Uranium) Can't Do (United Press International) 08/16/2007
  • Ukraine Wins $118M Thai Contract (AP/Forbes) 08/16/2007
  • Livonia man sentenced for forcing women to work as strippers ( 08/16/2007
  • Livonia man sentenced for forcing women to work as strippers (Wood TV 8) 08/16/2007
  • Italy, Ukraine in men's soccer final; North Korea, Russia play for women's gold (AP/IH Tribune) 08/16/2007
  • Baker County Roots - Reach To Ukraine (Home Town Journal) 08/16/2007
  • Yanukovych to pay working visit to Kharkiv Oblast (UNIAN) 08/16/2007
  • Party of Regions expect no less than 20% of Kyiv residents to support them on election (UNIAN) 08/16/2007
  • OU-PSD and BYUT to sign cooperation agreement – Lutsenko (UNIAN) 08/16/2007
  • OU-PSD and BYUT not to take part in special session of VR - Lutsenko (UNIAN) 08/16/2007
  • Some 75% of voters to make their choice after television debates (UNIAN) 08/16/2007
  • Left political parties of Ukraine loosing their ideological orientation (NRCU) 08/16/2007
  • Reserved regional warriors (Kyiv Weekly) 08/16/2007
  • On your marks, get set, go (Kyiv Weekly) 08/16/2007
  • The price of happiness (Kyiv Weekly) 08/16/2007
  • Semen Hluzman: The settlement of domestic humanitarian issues rather than NATO accession s of top priority for Ukraine (Kyiv Weekly) 08/16/2007
  • Куховарська книга фальсифікатора виборів (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/16/2007
  • Ukrainian stool hits on Spitsbergen ice (Kyiv Weekly) 08/16/2007
  • The algebra of revolution (ISN Security Watch) 08/16/2007
  • Natan Sharansky: Reliable strategic relations with Azerbaijan are very important for us (Azeri-Press Agentliyi) 08/16/2007
  • UD scientists take underwater robot on Black Sea expedition (Astrobiology) 08/16/2007
  • Commission for investigating Defense Ministry's selling land plots in Ukrainian airports, created by Govt (NRCU) 08/16/2007
  • Kids build Jewish identity at Ukraine camp (The Canadian Jewish News) 08/16/2007
  • Interbank Hryvnia Rate Up By 0.2 Kopecks To 5.0010 UAH/USD (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/16/2007
  • President’s Secretariat Studies Terms Of Sale Of Odessa Portside Plant (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/16/2007
  • Almost transparent selloff (Kyiv Weekly) 08/16/2007
  • Ukraine shelves plans to create state-owned nuclear body (Energy Business Review) 08/16/2007
  • Ukrainian and Russian energy ministers discuss cooperation in oil processing sector (NRCU) 08/16/2007
  • Negative Foreign Trade Balance Totals USD 2.3 Billion In H1 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/16/2007
  • Disagreement between Gagauz-Yeri and Moldovan government (Azeri-Press Agentliyi) 08/16/2007
  • Ukrsotsbank's ratings raised to 'B' on strong financials - Fitch (Hemscott) 08/16/2007
  • Qatar-Ukraine ties set to get a boost: envoy (Gulf Times) 08/16/2007
  • Czech energy giant CEZ eyes further acquisitions in Russia, Ukraine (Interfax) 08/16/2007
  • Banker: World market jitters may have hurt Ukrainian bond appetite (Ukrainian Journal) 08/16/2007
  • Yanukovych and gas price capping (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2007
  • Cardinal Resources slams gov’t energy policy (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2007
  • Ukraine to use budget funds to create fuel reserve for NPP (Interfax) 08/16/2007
  • Rocket Division Software Releases iSCSI Target and Initiator Software for Microsoft Windows (Newswire) 08/16/2007
  • Ukraine seeks investors to develop brown coal deposits (AFX/Forbes) 08/16/2007
  • Territory Says Has Support of Consolidated Investor (Bloomberg) 08/16/2007
  • Money from space (Kyiv Weekly) 08/16/2007
  • Стратегія стратегії — ноу-хау від НАЕК «Енергоатом» (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/16/2007
  • Benitez praises Voronin's 'qualities' (Cape Times) 08/16/2007
  • Voronin strike gives Liverpool victory at Toulouse (AP/ESPN) 08/16/2007
  • CL Wednesday Wrap (Goal) 08/16/2007
  • JAZZ: Fesenko signs contract, ends lengthy ordeal (Salt Lake Tribune) 08/16/2007
  • Ukraine nail Thailand's gold hopes (The Nation (Bangkok)) 08/16/2007
  • Late Ukraine winner ends Thailand hopes (Bangkok Post) 08/16/2007
  • Eugene Hutz, Gogol Bordello's Gypsy Punk Hero (audio) (NPR) 08/16/2007
  • Trombone Player and 5-Days-a-Week Golfe (Palisadian Post) 08/16/2007

  • Ukrainian Opposition Bloc's Candidates Registered (RFE/RL) 08/15/2007
  • Ukraine Election Commission Registers Opposition Party Candidates (VOA) 08/15/2007
  • Динамо вимучує перемогу в Сараєво (Новинар) 08/15/2007
  • Блаженні, що визнані Ватиканом: пам'яті Андрея Шептицького віддають належне за кордоном. На батьківщині наразі обмежились зйомками фільму (Україна молода) 08/15/2007
  • Hromada Party Asks OSCE To Assist In Registering Lazarenko Candidate For Deputy At Rada’s Election (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • CEC Chair Blames Commission Forming Principle For Problems With BYT Registration (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc: Yanukovych’s Initiating Rada Session To Cancel Immunity And Privileges Of Top-Officials Is His Self-Advertisement (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • Yanukovych Initiating Early Parliament Session To Withdraw Benefits From Top Officers (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • Fab four to become famous five? (Baltic Times) 08/15/2007
  • Ukraine amasses 44 athletes to do battle in Osaka (IAAF) 08/15/2007
  • Court overrules election board (The Washington Times) 08/15/2007
  • Ukraine's opposition demands candidates (Washington Times/World Peace Herald) 08/15/2007
  • Court restores ballot for Tymoshenko group (Ukrainian Journal) 08/15/2007
  • Ukrainian court orders election officials to review refusal to register opposition party (AP/IH Tribune) 08/15/2007
  • Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense bloc has several candidatures for Premier's post (NRCU) 08/15/2007
  • Socialists To Challenge Court Refusal From Canceling CEC-Determined Procedure For Formation Of District Electoral Commissions By Parliamentary Factions (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • Party Of Regions To Nominate Yanukovych For Premier Post After Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • Party of Regions is about to return to issue on Russian language status (UNIAN) 08/15/2007
  • Onyshchuk to present draft law of OU-PSD on canceling deputy immunity (UNIAN) 08/15/2007
  • The Journalist Who Wrote About Chernovetsky Was Beaten on His Porch (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/15/2007
  • Analysis: Kazakhstan's Nuclear Future (United Press International) 08/15/2007
  • Railway Transport University Blames Phosphorus Sender For Lviv Train Accident (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • Knights battle in Ukraine (video) (Reuters) 08/15/2007
  • Wheat Rises to Record in Chicago on Increased Export Demand (Bloomberg) 08/15/2007
  • UkrGasBank has Executed the Syndicated Trade-related Term Loan Facility (Newswire) 08/15/2007
  • Investors sought for methane gas extraction in two Donetsk mines (Ukrainian Journal) 08/15/2007
  • Inflation can be kept under 10% this year, says top NBU advisor (Ukrainian Journal) 08/15/2007
  • GDP 7.7% Up In January-July (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/15/2007
  • Ukraine wants to take part in the Lithuanian power plant project (BBJ) 08/15/2007
  • Regal jumps 8 pct as hopes of Ukraine deal rise (Reuters) 08/15/2007
  • Jazz: Fesenko to sign deal today (Salt Lake Tribune) 08/15/2007
  • Fesenko Closes World University Games With Silver in 1,500 Freestyle (VCSTV) 08/15/2007
  • Salzburg and Shakhtar steeled (UEFA) 08/15/2007
  • Gladkiy to step up for Ukraine (UEFA) 08/15/2007
  • Thai trio banned ahead of Ukraine clash (Bangkok Post) 08/15/2007

  • Democracy is once again under threat in Ukraine (Daily Star) 08/14/2007
  • West-leaning opposition demands candidates (Washington Times) 08/14/2007
  • CEC authorizes ‘at-home’ ballot casting (Ukrainian Journal) 08/14/2007
  • It is necessary to see what forces enter the parliament - Gorbal (UNIAN) 08/14/2007
  • Activists of the Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko group (photo) (AP/Yahoo! News Photo) 08/14/2007
  • «Там орала дівчинонька воликом сивеньким»… (proUA) 08/14/2007
  • President Viktor Yushchenko meets with Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus in Crimea (NRCU) 08/14/2007
  • Evidence Accumulates on Russian Air Incursion into Georgia (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 08/14/2007
  • Винен частково, засуджений із відстрочкою (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/14/2007
  • Absolutely Scandalous (The Tyee) 08/14/2007
  • Tallest man doesn't want to stand out (OC Register) 08/14/2007
  • Ukraine: Liquidators of phosphorus accident decorated (Railway Market) 08/14/2007
  • The LifeCycle Challenge (di-ve) 08/14/2007
  • Ukraine: Huge potential, but reform needs to speed up (FX Street) 08/14/2007
  • OTP Bank Profit Rises on Eastern Europe Acquisitions (Bloomberg) 08/14/2007
  • Total payment cards issued by Ukrainian banks grows by 10% in H1 (Ukrainian Journal) 08/14/2007
  • Ukrainian Railways raises overseas loan (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/14/2007
  • Khartsyzsk Pipe Mill reports increased ppoduction of large pipes (Ukrainian Journal) 08/14/2007
  • President suspends government resolution that created UkrPromAtom (Ukrainian Journal) 08/14/2007
  • Віктор Бондаренко: «У країні, яка вирощує зерна набагато більше, ніж сама споживає, створити дефіцит хліба непросто» (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/14/2007
  • Pre-Opening Wheat Market Report ( 08/14/2007
  • Jazz: Deal in place to bring in Fesenko (Salt Lake Tribune) 08/14/2007
  • Julia Vakulenko of Ukraine returns a shot to Tatiana Golovin of France at the Rogers Cup (photo) (Reuters/Yahoo! News Photo) 08/14/2007
  • Close early call for Safina (London Free Press) 08/14/2007
  • Amorphis To Tour Russia, Ukraine In October (Blabbermouth) 08/14/2007
  • A taste of Ukraine; Welland Heritage Council's folklore festival continues (Welland Tribune) 08/14/2007
  • Closing Time for a Budget Diner on a Luxury Block (The New York Times) 08/14/2007
  • Can We Heal?: A Book of Steel by Janet Goldner (Seattle Pi) 08/14/2007
  • Tour shows the kosher side of Buenos Aires (Vancouver Sun) 08/14/2007

  • 50 hurt as ferry collides with ship off Turkey (Khaleej Times) 08/13/2007
  • Presentation of Congress of Bulgarians of Ukraine held in Odesa (NRCU) 08/13/2007
  • Ukraine decree 31 is destructive to the development of energy resources - Rob Bensh, President of Cardinal Resources (UNIAN) 08/13/2007
  • Tymoshenko's Supporters Rally In Kyiv (RFE/RL) 08/13/2007
  • CPU Leader Petro Symonenko aires his bids to head VR after snap parliamentary election (NRCU) 08/13/2007
  • Foreign minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to take leave during run-up period (NRCU) 08/13/2007
  • Yushchenko pushes Kiev officials to OK Tymoshenko (Sign On San Diego) 08/13/2007
  • Lytvyn Bloc offers Ukrainian tv channels to stage debates at national level to enable people to assess every participant in race (NRCU) 08/13/2007
  • Party barred from Ukraine poll (FT/MSNBC) 08/13/2007
  • Opposition erects tents in Ukrainian capital to protest denial of election registration (AP/IH Tribune) 08/13/2007
  • Timoshenko Hold PR-Action Regarding Refusal in Registration: Ukrainian Political Scientist (Trend News Agency) 08/13/2007
  • Tymoshenko tirade targets election group (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2007
  • Monday Marks Deadline For Formation Of District Electoral Commissions In Parliamentary Ballot (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/13/2007
  • Party officials deny discussions over broad-based governing coalition (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2007
  • Moroz Accuses Yuschenko Of Discrediting Rada (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/13/2007
  • Poroshenko seen replacing NBU Governor Stelmakh after Sept. 30 vote (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2007
  • Security Service of Ukraine starts control of election campaign (Axis Globe) 08/13/2007
  • Cancellation of Yushchenko meeting with Putin has Ukrainians abuzz (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2007
  • Yanukovych Returns To Work After Treatment (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/13/2007
  • Ukraine's Road to Europe Needs More Traffic Rules (Eurasian Home) 08/13/2007
  • Ukrainian Population Down By 16,000 To 46.491 Million In June (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/13/2007
  • 120 Hectares Of Forest On Fire In Luhansk Region (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/13/2007
  • Ukrainian national says employer raped her, confiscated passport (Haaretz) 08/13/2007
  • ‘Once upon a time the Black Sea waters were transparent’ (Todays Zaman) 08/13/2007
  • Miss Vietnam World crowned in former Soviet Union countries (Thanh Nien Daily) 08/13/2007
  • A 'real' view of America (Staten Island Advance) 08/13/2007
  • Star Energy Acquires Rights to Ukrainian Oil & Gas Projects (Business Wire) 08/13/2007
  • UPDATE: Lebedyansky Shares Climb On Talk Of PepsiCo Interest (Dow Jones/CNN Money) 08/13/2007
  • Ukraine Will Not Contest Pinchuk's Rights Over Plant (Reuters/Moscow Times) 08/13/2007
  • Vision TV, Ukraine’s First Licensed DTH Satellite Pay-TV Provider, Chooses NDS Solutions (Business Wire) 08/13/2007
  • Population of northern regions of Ukraine sells the cheapest commercial apples (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/13/2007
  • Euro 2012 sets Ukraine tough test (BBC News) 08/13/2007
  • Moiseenko wins the Arctic Chess Challenge (Chess Base) 08/13/2007
  • Klochkova Closer To Tilt At History (Swim News) 08/13/2007
  • World University Games: Yana Klochkova Excels During Fourth Night of Swimming (Swimming World) 08/13/2007
  • Fesenko Fifth in 400 Freestyle at World University Games (VCSTV) 08/13/2007

  • Tymoshenko Supporters Stage Protest (RFE/RL) 08/12/2007
  • Anger at Ukraine poll 'exclusion' (BBC News) 08/12/2007
  • BYT To Sue CEC For Not Registering It For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/12/2007
  • Ukraine Guarantees Democratic And Transparent Parliamentary Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/12/2007
  • Yes, a Lot of People Died, but . . . (The New York Times) 08/12/2007
  • Emergency Ministry Deactivates WWII Anchor Mine In Sevastopol (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/12/2007
  • MiGs loaded with millions in mega frauds (Sri Lanka The Sunday Times) 08/12/2007
  • Hard life and isolation for world's tallest man (Scotsman) 08/12/2007
  • Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk (2nd L) is seen talking to villagers near his house in Podolyantsi village (photo) (Reuters/Yahoo! News Photos) 08/12/2007
  • Territory boss to meet ConsMin investors (The Age) 08/12/2007
  • TVN of Poland Has Record Net, Mulls Entering Ukraine (Update4) (Bloomberg) 08/12/2007
  • Ukrainian company buys Mozambican plantation for biofuel production (Afriquenligne) 08/12/2007
  • Accused Nazi war criminal's bail decision delayed (The Province) 08/12/2007
  • Former Shockers get different take on life (The Wichita Eagle) 08/12/2007
  • Portfolio: Olga Dorenko (Asheville Citizen-Times) 08/12/2007
  • Chess festival from today (Khaleej Times) 08/12/2007
  • Israel tops Ukraine after 81-73 after late rally (Haaretz) 08/12/2007
  • Canada claims second gold (Times Colonist) 08/12/2007

  • Ukraine`s Tymoshenko Blasts Exclusion From Poll (Reuters/Javno) 08/11/2007
  • Ukrainian election commission refuses to register opposition bloc's candidates (AP/IH Tribune) 08/11/2007
  • Watchdog Rejects Tymoshenko Bloc Candidates (RL/RFE) 08/11/2007
  • Ukrainian Election Commission Refuses Opposition Participation in Elections; Tymoshenko Calls for Support of Democratic Process in Ukraine (PR Newswire) 08/11/2007
  • Newborn Ukrainian dolphin prepares for stardom (Reuters) 08/11/2007
  • Photographer of year began training early (Capital Press) 08/11/2007
  • Hromada Party Urges Yuschenko To Facilitate Registration Of Lazarenko As Candidate For Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/11/2007
  • All-Ukrainian Workers Party To Take Part In Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/11/2007
  • American Election Campaign Managers Become Very Popular Among Ukrainian Politicians, Experts Say (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/11/2007
  • Парламентська компанія. Президентська кампанія (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/11/2007
  • People's Self-Defense Calling On Internal Affairs Ministry To Investigate Tsushko, Rudkovskyi And Shufrych Activity (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/11/2007
  • OSCE election observer mission starts its work in Ukraine (NRCU) 08/11/2007
  • Ukrainian Interior Ministry denies eavesdropping on opposition (Interfax) 08/11/2007
  • Кола на землі (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/11/2007
  • 'We are not in a State of War with Russia' – Saakashvili (Civil Georgia) 08/11/2007
  • В Україні збирають «урожай смерті» (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/11/2007
  • ‘Little Godzilla’ still on the loose (AFP/South Africa Sunday Times ) 08/11/2007
  • Epic Energy Inc. delisted by the TSX Venture Exchange Inc. (CNW Group) 08/11/2007
  • Haz Ukrainy Intends To Demand 100% Advanced Payments For Natural Gas From Largest Debtors Among Municipal Heat Suppliers (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/11/2007
  • International workers honored (Post Star) 08/11/2007
  • Priciest condo in tallest tower goes to youngest billionaire (Toronto Star) 08/11/2007
  • Platinum Rises in New York on Haven Buying; Palladium Falls (Bloomberg) 08/11/2007
  • Ukraine approves Pepsi buy of largest juice maker (Reuters) 08/11/2007
  • Wheat prices reach new highs as overseas problems persist (nwi) 08/11/2007
  • Країно, будуйся! Раз-два!.. (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/11/2007
  • Gardai baffled by woman's mystery death (Irish Independent) 08/11/2007
  • Sister Kowal elected general superior (Auburn Citizen) 08/11/2007
  • Odessa Court Sentences Vandals of Jewish Cemetery (UCSJ) 08/11/2007
  • Junior leaguers meet Downriver (Detroit Free Press) 08/11/2007
  • Burst of silver for Hankewich (Saskatoon Star Phoenix) 08/11/2007
  • Fesenko Nabs Bronze at World University Games (VCSTV) 08/11/2007
  • Sandeno edges Klochkova in epic (Super Swimmer) 08/11/2007
  • Four-time Olympic medallist Sandeno wins University Games gold (Daily Times) 08/11/2007
  • Ukraine rowers, World Rowing Junior Men's Quad Sculls Championships (photo) (Hinsustan Times) 08/11/2007
  • Hard work still recipe for success for players from old eastern bloc (Times Online) 08/11/2007
  • Wish you were here ( 08/11/2007
  • MBGN Tourism show class at Miss Tourism International (Vanguard) 08/11/2007
  • Dubbing becomes major migraine (Variety) 08/11/2007

  • Ukraine: New Elections For Old Contenders (RFE/RL) 08/10/2007
  • Ukraine president asks King of Thailand to pardon Ukrainian woman (RIA Novosti) 08/10/2007
  • Books store networks to expand their operation in Ukraine (NRCU) 08/10/2007
  • Ukraine: "Toepfer" received the permission to export 6.000 tons of grains (AgriMarket) 08/10/2007
  • BYUT obtains its registration in CEC by all means - Turchynov (UNIAN) 08/10/2007
  • Voters' committee opposed to simultaneous elections, referendum in Ukraine (Interfax) 08/10/2007
  • Police warning drivers over rogues who pretend to be road police officers in Ukraine ( 08/10/2007
  • Ukraine aims at faster Russia border delimitation to get at natgas (Ukrainian Journal) 08/10/2007
  • В Україні починають роботу Європейські спостерігачі за виборами (Maidan) 08/10/2007
  • The Same 'No!' to Old Tactics (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group) 08/10/2007
  • Yushchenko unleashes campaign against MPs (Ukrainian Journal) 08/10/2007
  • CEC Registers Progressive Socialists For Rada Election (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/10/2007
  • CEC Postpones Election Registration Of Tymoshenko Bloc (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/10/2007
  • Socialists Wishes to Oust Our Ukraine and BYuT from District Commissions (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/10/2007
  • The President’s Secretariat Views Azarov’s Reports as the Election Campaigning (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/10/2007
  • 45 Parties Urge Justice Ministry To Verify Their Statutes And Certificates To Participate In Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/10/2007
  • Georgia-Russia Tensions Rise After Missile Incident (Wall Street Journal) 08/10/2007
  • Russian Admiral Announces Ambitious Naval Build-Up (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 08/10/2007
  • Global Poll: U.N. Should Protect Against Genocide (Worldpress) 08/10/2007
  • Contractor and cash for Chernobyl (World Nuclear News) 08/10/2007
  • Ukraine says bird flu vaccine almost ready (RIA Novosti) 08/10/2007
  • EBRD to assist development of programs to enhance security in Ukrainian mines (NRCU) 08/10/2007
  • Rudkovskyi Denies Involvement In Money Laundering Via Offshore Companies (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/10/2007
  • Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense Accuses Rudkovskyi Of Laundering Money Through Offshore Companies (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/10/2007
  • World Bank approves $200 million loan for Ukraine electric system (Ukrainian Journal) 08/10/2007
  • Ukrainian company plants jatropha in Mozambique (Biodiesel Magazine) 08/10/2007
  • Retail giant unveils Ukraine plans (Fresh Plaza) 08/10/2007
  • Ukrainian Brews Seduce Toronto Hop-heads and Beer nuts (Market Wire) 08/10/2007
  • CS Odessa ConceptDraw MindMap 5 Increases Productivity of Macintosh Users (IPD Group) 08/10/2007
  • Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko, left, shakes hands with Leonid Stadnik (photo) (AP/Yahoo! News Photo) 08/10/2007
  • New Tallest Person Named (video) (NBC10) 08/10/2007
  • Tallest man has O.C. ties (OC Register) 08/10/2007
  • Giant Leonid Stadnik world's tallest man (The Daily Telegraph) 08/10/2007
  • 'Godzilla' croc hunted in Ukraine (BBC News) 08/10/2007
  • Ukrainian football's 'orange revolution' (CNN) 08/10/2007
  • Harpring on mend after surgery (Desert Morning News) 08/10/2007

  • Presidnet's Television Address ( 08/09/2007
  • Телезвернення Глави держави до Українського народу ( 08/09/2007
  • Ukraine’s Soviet schism narrowing (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2007
  • Ukraine lands record half-billion-dollar grant to seal up Chornobyl (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2007
  • WWII mine found near U.S. ship (Seattle Post Intelligencer) 08/09/2007
  • Kazakhstan/Ukraine: Kazakhstan to bring action against Ukraine? (Railway Market) 08/09/2007
  • Sofiya Rotaru honored with Order of Merit (NRCU) 08/09/2007
  • New magazine to promote Ukraine in world recently released (NRCU) 08/09/2007
  • A heat wave in Ukraine (The Ukrainian Observer) 08/09/2007
  • Ukraine may use domestic bird flu vaccine (Interfax) 08/09/2007
  • Ukraine Man Declared the World's Tallest (Forbes) 08/09/2007
  • Saskatoon Ukrainian museum gets $534K (CBC) 08/09/2007
  • American Club warns on Ukraine ballasting fines (Marine Log) 08/09/2007
  • Telenor calls EGM to resolve conflict over Ukraine investment (AFX/Forbes) 08/09/2007
  • Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits decreases onion production forecast for Ukraine (FreshPlaza) 08/09/2007
  • Ukraine develops high-precision bomb for air force (Epicos) 08/09/2007
  • Ukraine: Candy Producer Konti to Invest USD 49 Mln in New Products (Food Industry News) 08/09/2007
  • Andriy Voronin Declared Most Impressive Player In Pre-Season By Liverpool Fans In A Poll (Premiership Latest) 08/09/2007
  • Shakhtar survive scare to advance (UEFA) 08/09/2007
  • Lucescu: Shakhtar making history (ITV) 08/09/2007
  • Jennings all set for a Preston return (Lancashire Evening Post) 08/09/2007

  • Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Tymoshenko Contesting Election Again (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 08/08/2007
  • Lazarenko Plans To Top His Bloc’s Rada Election List (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/08/2007
  • Yanukovych On Vacation In Russia (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/08/2007
  • Baloha to visit Moscow (UNIAN) 08/08/2007
  • Rudkovskyi To Take Vacation During Election Campaign (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/08/2007
  • Gazprom: Belarus Pays Gas Debt in Full (Houston Chronicle) 08/08/2007
  • Ukraine agrees to enforce sentences imposed by UN war crimes tribunal (UN News Centre) 08/08/2007
  • Ukraine becomes first Eastern European country to offer prisons to ICTY convicts (Jurist) 08/08/2007
  • Ukraine signs enforcement agreement with Yugoslav war crimes tribunal (Ukrainian Journal) 08/08/2007
  • The World’s Tallest Man Lives in Ukraine - Guinness World Records (Kommersant) 08/08/2007
  • End Catholic 'proselytism,' Russian Patriarch demands (Catholic World News) 08/08/2007
  • Hitting children not justified – churches (Dispatch Online) 08/08/2007
  • Govt will not interfere in purchase of Ukraine APV purchase (The Nation (Bangkok)) 08/08/2007
  • Opposition Slams Authorities for ‘Failure to Tackle Air Raid’ (Civil Georgia) 08/08/2007
  • RosUkrEnergo owner buys Ukraine TV stake -paper (Reuters/Yahoo! News Asia) 08/08/2007
  • French-led consortium to build new shelter for Chernobyl's exploded reactor (AP/IH Tribune) 08/08/2007
  • Chernobyl to get new sarcophagus (iAfrica) 08/08/2007
  • Ukrproduct Group says capacity for smoked sausage cheese doubled at Molochnik (Hemscott) 08/08/2007
  • NG to open retail bank in Ukraine (Forbes) 08/08/2007
  • Verbal battle continues over manganese and nickel miner Consmin (Mineweb) 08/08/2007
  • Raiffeisen's Quarterly Profit May Increase on Retail Lending (Bloomberg) 08/08/2007
  • AVI BioPharma Announces Refocused Clinical Development Strategy (Digital50) 08/08/2007
  • Holmes Biopharma : Commences European Operations (Ad Hoc News) 08/08/2007
  • Price is right for Shakhtar (UEFA) 08/08/2007
  • 300 Ukrainian Athletes To Participate In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/08/2007
  • Ukrainian roots in Kalyna Country (Edmonton Journal) 08/08/2007
  • Kaafila - Will it surprise this weekend? (Glamsham) 08/08/2007

  • Ukraine president hails 'orange' unity before poll (Sign On San Diego) 08/07/2007
  • Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence Bloc’s convention approved of candidates list (UNIAN) 08/07/2007
  • Перша десятка блоку НУ-НС (5 kanal) 08/07/2007
  • Yushchenko to take part in convocation of Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence (UNIAN) 08/07/2007
  • Party of Regions does not see reasons for carrying out special session of VR now – Bogatyreva (UNIAN) 08/07/2007
  • Lytvyn Bloc Opens Inter-Party Congress In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/07/2007
  • CEC Registers Communist Party For 2007 Parliamentary Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/07/2007
  • Experts Predict Consolidation Of Kyiv Political Elite In Rada After Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/07/2007
  • Shufrych’s Statement About PRU and SDPU(o)’s Merger Is Premature (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/07/2007
  • Пристроїлися. СБУ розслідує власну житлову аферу? (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/07/2007
  • Russia's Black Sea Fleet Clinging to Sevastopol While It Can (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 08/07/2007
  • Georgia accuses Russia of firing missile at village (Reuters) 08/07/2007
  • Local women to help lay foundation for Ukraine women's center (The Elizabethton Star) 08/07/2007
  • Софія Ротару відзначає 60-річний ювілей (5 kanal) 08/07/2007
  • Пісня буде поміж нас. Софія Ротару і Володимир Івасюк: «двоє популярних» (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/07/2007
  • Discover Ukraine with SilverSea (kiwicollection) 08/07/2007
  • IMF describes inflation in Ukraine as one of highest among transition economy countries (NRCU) 08/07/2007
  • Інфляція в Україні — одна з найвищих серед країн із перехідною економікою, і це навряд чи прийнятно (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/07/2007
  • Ukraine's monetary base up 4.1%, money supply - 4.8% in July (Interfax) 08/07/2007
  • High Business Court Upholds Kyiv Court Ruling Banning Kyivstar From Holding Audit (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/07/2007
  • EBRD pledges $507m for Chernobyl shelter (Ukrainian Journal) 08/07/2007
  • Holtec signs deal with government to encase irradiated Chernobyl fuel (Ukrainian Journal) 08/07/2007
  • Chernobyl Gets $507-Million Pledge to Reseal Reactor (Spiegel Online) 08/07/2007
  • Holtec International Launches the Chernobyl Dry Storage Project (Ethnos) 08/07/2007
  • $507 Million Pledged for Chernobyl (Chicago Tribune) 08/07/2007
  • Ukraine may raise Russian gas transit rates (Oil & Gas Eurasia) 08/07/2007
  • All-Boeing Operator AeroSvit Renews Fleet with Next-Generation 737 Order (Etravel Blackboard) 08/07/2007
  • Kiernan goes on attack as new ConsMin bid deferred (WA Business News) 08/07/2007
  • Ukraine to host meeting of leaders of international business organisations (NRCU) 08/07/2007
  • Arcelor Mittal agrees to sell Sparrow Point steel plant to JV (Ukrainian Journal) 08/07/2007
  • Ukraine is the future, says CME’s Garin (followthemedia) 08/07/2007
  • 13-hour backup for trucks at Ukrainian border (MTI) 08/07/2007
  • Traffic jam eased at busy Polish-Ukrainian crossing (Polish Radio) 08/07/2007
  • Internet advertising: Ukraine follows in Russian steps (C News) 08/07/2007
  • JKX says Well Il28 at Poltava test flowed at 1,000 bopd, 0.3 mln cubic ft gas (Hemscott) 08/07/2007
  • Shell Explores in Ukraine (Energy Intelligence) 08/07/2007
  • AAA Auto turns trade's shady image to advantage (Euro2day) 08/07/2007
  • Mitsubishi Heavy, Sumitomo Win Order for Power Plant in Hungary (Bloomberg) 08/07/2007
  • Baghdad Is for Capitalists (National Review) 08/07/2007
  • Feyenoord 1, Liverpool 1 (D,Post) (ic Liverpool) 08/07/2007
  • U.N. Translator Is Charged In Immigration Scheme (New York Sun) 08/07/2007
  • School supplies collected for indigent children (Sonoma News) 08/07/2007
  • Records expert scours world for best and bizarre (Reuters) 08/07/2007
  • Laborers jailed in theft of cabinets from New Milford home (The Republican-American) 08/07/2007

  • Tabachnyk Urges Ministers Running In Elections Among Top Five Candidates To Take Leave For Election Campaign Period (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/06/2007
  • Coalition trying to use administrative resources in campaign -Ukrainian's presidential administration (Interfax) 08/06/2007
  • OUNSD expects to receive 20% of votes on early election – Lutsenko (UNIAN) 08/06/2007
  • Convocation of People’s Party and Labor Party of Ukraine starts in Ukrainian house at 11.00 am tomorrow (UNIAN) 08/06/2007
  • Verka Serdiuchka Policy Party To Hold Virtual Congress Monday (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/06/2007
  • Ukrainian Ambassador Highlights the Strong Jordanian-Ukrainian Relations (Jordan News Agency) 08/06/2007
  • Росія планує виробництво наступальної ядерної зброї (5 kanal) 08/06/2007
  • Witnesses Of Fight Between Kyiv City Council Deputy Shkyriak And Three Entrepreneurs In Kyiv Considering Fight Initiated By Deputy (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/06/2007
  • Ukraine forgets about Chernobyl (Kuwait Times) 08/06/2007
  • На шахті в Донбасі стався обвал породи: загинула людина (5 kanal) 08/06/2007
  • Prosecutors Open Case On Fact Of Inflammation Of Four Tanker Cars With Oil Products At Petroleum Storage Depot In Lviv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/06/2007
  • Two Kids Die Under Landslide In Chernihiv Region (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/06/2007
  • Lorries still queue at Polish-Ukrainian border (Polish Radio) 08/06/2007
  • Ukrainian Inflation Totals 1.4% In July (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/06/2007
  • Thailand to buy armoured vehicles from Ukraine (ABC News (Australia)) 08/06/2007
  • Army making robots, will buy 96 APCs from Ukraine (Bangkok Post) 08/06/2007
  • Odesa-Brody-Plock pipeline should be extended to Lithuania - diplomat (Interfax) 08/06/2007
  • ICTV to charge from $2.5 to $120 per second for campaign ads (Interfax) 08/06/2007
  • News conference on merger of Glavred – media, Gazeta po-kievski and UNIAN into holding takes place at 14.30 pm in UNIAN (UNIAN) 08/06/2007
  • Government takes small step towards 3G licensing (TeleGeography) 08/06/2007
  • Soccer-Eastern European round up (Reuters) 08/06/2007
  • Minibus driver jailed for hitting car (Yarmouth Mercury) 08/06/2007

  • The Fabulous Life of the Blue-and-White Elite: Andriy Klyuev’s Mansion (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/05/2007
  • BYuT Adopted Its Election List Which Nobody Saw (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/05/2007
  • BYT Opens Congress In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/05/2007
  • Tymoshenko's Party to Join European People's Party (IT News) 08/05/2007
  • Відома перша п'ятірка БЮТ (iPlus) 08/05/2007
  • Регіонали оприлюднили повний список (усі прізвища) (Газета по-українськи) 08/05/2007
  • Party Of Regions Decides Not To Include MP KalashnikovIn In 2007 Election List, But Keep Him As Party Member (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/05/2007
  • Партія регіонів провела з'їзд й назвала виборчий список (РЕПОРТАЖ, ВІДЕО) (5 kanal) 08/05/2007
  • SPU Considers Party Of Regions As Its Competitor At Early Elections To Rada (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/05/2007
  • Соціалісти провели з'їзд та затвердили виборчий список (РОЗШИРЕНО) (5 kanal) 08/05/2007
  • Waiting time one hour at Austrian, four at Ukrainian border (MTI) 08/05/2007
  • Vicious attack on foreign student (Dorset Echo) 08/05/2007
  • Четверо людей загинуло в ДТП в Луганській обл. (RBC) 08/05/2007
  • I'm Not Here To Make Up Numbers Says Voronin (Goal) 08/05/2007
  • Sports retail consultant drives towards Euro 2012 campaign (The Herald) 08/05/2007
  • Yana Klochkova of Ukraine swims during her final in the women's 200m individual medley swimming (Reuters/Yahoo! News Photos) 08/05/2007
  • Shield: Strikers Head to Head (442) 08/05/2007
  • Динамо та Шахтар отримали суперників в кваліфікації Ліги чемпіонів (Газета по-українськи) 08/05/2007
  • Hand-to-Hand show keeps Lamcy Plaza sizzling during DSS (Maktoob Business) 08/05/2007
  • На Вінниччині знайдена картина ймовірно роботи Тараса Шевченка (Газета по-українськи) 08/05/2007

  • SPU Opens 13th Congress (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/04/2007
  • PR Opens 10th Congress In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/04/2007
  • RPU Decides To Merge Into Party Of Regions (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/04/2007
  • Shufrych, Bohoslovska Join Party Of Regions (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/04/2007
  • Border Guards Began Registration of Migrating Voters (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/04/2007
  • Start of the Election Campaign in Ukraine (Eurasian Home) 08/04/2007
  • Магера: одночасне проведення виборів і референдуму щодо змін до до Конституції - нереальне (5 kanal) 08/04/2007
  • Рік роботи уряду підтвердив правильність нашого курсу (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/04/2007
  • …І рік при цій владі, або День лосося (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/04/2007
  • Хтось вирішив знищити докази сталінських репресій 1937-го року? (5 kanal) 08/04/2007
  • Global Debate: Weak America = Weakened Europe (Minivan News) 08/04/2007
  • Ukrainian motorist charged with hitting Nepali pedestrian (Gulf Times) 08/04/2007
  • Діти Нострадамуса (Дзеркало Тижня) 08/04/2007
  • Situation Reports Ukraine: Storms (Relief Web) 08/04/2007
  • Interbank Hryvnia Rate Stable At 5.01 UAH/USD (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/04/2007
  • ConsMin seeks meeting with Privat (The Australian) 08/04/2007
  • Carrot harvest to be record low in the recent five year in Ukraine (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/04/2007
  • Ukraine: prices for apricot stay high (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/04/2007
  • Ukrainian family wants daughter's remains after fatal June crash in Dells; consul general pleads case (Portage Daily Register) 08/04/2007
  • Ukrainian immigrant accused of molesting girl extradited to Del. (The Daily Times) 08/04/2007

  • Emergencies Ministry Urges Media To Be Accurate In Spreading Information On Inflammation Of Remains Of Phosphorus In Lviv Region (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/03/2007
  • The EU's Thin Line (Transitions Online) 08/03/2007
  • Yushchenko condemns totalitarian crimes (UNIAN) 08/03/2007
  • Yanukovych met US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (UNIAN) 08/03/2007
  • Head of Russia's navy says it should have permanent naval presence in the Med (Daily Mail) 08/03/2007
  • Altimo has to choose between Turkey and Ukraine (CNews) 08/03/2007
  • МНС: поодиноке спалахування фосфору в Ожидові перебуває під контролем (5 kanal) 08/03/2007
  • Site of massive Ukraine chemical spill clean-up catches fire again (Monsters & Critics) 08/03/2007
  • New bloc backs Ukraine president (BBC News) 08/03/2007
  • OSCE Starts Its Mission in Ukraine (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/03/2007
  • Українці втомилися від політики, але на вибори підуть (Deutsche Welle Ukrainian) 08/03/2007
  • 174 workers flee mystery fumes in Poltava (Ukrainian Journal) 08/03/2007
  • Ukrainian hacker may be extradited to the US (Todays Zaman) 08/03/2007
  • Ukrainian airlines to unite into single company (UNIAN) 08/03/2007
  • Boeing wins order for seven 737 aircraft from Aerosvit-Ukrainian Airlines (AFX/Forbes) 08/03/2007
  • Canadian, Ukrainian airlines announce 737 orders (Bizjournals) 08/03/2007
  • Ukraine's sovereign ratings affirmed at 'BB-' - S&P (AFX/Forbes) 08/03/2007
  • Update 2-Belarus buys one week's respite in Russia gas row (Reuters) 08/03/2007
  • Belarus Transfers Part of Gazprom Debt (Baynews9) 08/03/2007
  • Central European Media Enterprises earnings up, pressured by Ukraine UPDATE 2 (AFX/Forbes) 08/03/2007
  • Telenor declares victory in US Kyivstar case against Alfa (FT/MSNBC) 08/03/2007
  • Naftogaz of Ukraine to open office in Egypt (RosBusiness Consulting) 08/03/2007
  • Ukraine: past year onion is still for sale (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/03/2007
  • ManU meets Chelsea in season opener (NDTV) 08/03/2007
  • Premiership preview No10: Liverpool (Guardian Unlimited Sport blog) 08/03/2007

  • 9 сил політичних сил створили мегаблок (РЕПОРТАЖ, ВІДЕО) (5 kanal) 08/02/2007
  • З'їзд НУ затвердив виборчий список у алфавітному порядку (5 kanal) 08/02/2007
  • До БЮТ увійшли 'Батьківщина', ПРП та УСДП (5 kanal) 08/02/2007
  • СПУ оприлюднила першу п'ятірку виборчого списку (5 kanal) 08/02/2007
  • Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc to form coalition only with BYuT (UNIAN) 08/02/2007
  • Decision on bloc’s formation with People`s Self-Defense was taken at OU convention (UNIAN) 08/02/2007
  • Batkivschyna Endorses 350 Candidates For Parliament From Party For Early Elections To Rada (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/02/2007
  • Reforms And Order Party Decides To Join BYT For Early Rada Elections (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/02/2007
  • Early Elections Law On 50% Voters Threshold Takes Effect (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/02/2007
  • Ukraine to launch re-election campaign (RosBusinessConsulting) 08/02/2007
  • Ukraine State Unfair in Giving Churches Land, Say Experts (RISU) 08/02/2007
  • Священна війна. Чому не живуть у мирі та злагоді православні Київського та Московського патріархатів? (Україна молода) 08/02/2007
  • Ukraine hacker, suspected of al-Qaeda ties, arrested (UNIAN) 08/02/2007
  • European congress taps Ukrainian as envoy (JTA) 08/02/2007
  • EIB to Finance Ukrainian Road Construction (Budapest Business Journal) 08/02/2007
  • WTO bid could face more delays (Kyiv Post) 08/02/2007
  • Ukraine should lower barriers to the west (Financial Times) 08/02/2007
  • UPDATE 1-Ukraine's Aerosvit to buy 7 Boeing jets (Bloomberg) 08/02/2007
  • Hyatt makes quiet entrance into Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/02/2007
  • Gazprom is not to give in (Charter 97) 08/02/2007
  • Gazprombank not to enter Ukraine's market (RosBusinessConsulting) 08/02/2007
  • Telenor wins New York arbitration against Alfa (Telecompaper) 08/02/2007
  • Telenor wins court case against Alfa, Alfa told to sell Kyivstar shares UPDATE (Sharewatch) 08/02/2007
  • UPDATE 1-Alfa repudiates arbitration ruling on Kyivstar (Reuters) 08/02/2007
  • Norway's Telenor wins arbitration case over Ukraine operator (IH Tribune) 08/02/2007
  • Telenor says won U.S. arbitration against Alfa (Reuters) 08/02/2007
  • Concorde Capital is exclusieve financieel adviseur in Vesko verkoop aan AOA en BNP Paribas (Netherlands Corporate News) 08/02/2007
  • Shelton Canada Corp. -Announces Completion of Zhoda Acquisition (Marketwire) 08/02/2007
  • Too Soon To Call the Demise of Labor Arbitrage? (Wall Street & Technology) 08/02/2007
  • Ukraine’s secret sites! (8/2/07) 08/02/2007
  • Ukraine woos Indian students (The Hindu) 08/02/2007
  • New doctor opens family practice (The Register Citizen) 08/02/2007

  • Summer reading offerings at East Village museum (Ukrainian Museum) 08/01/2007
  • Early Election Campaign Set To Kick Off In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 08/01/2007
  • Pres. makes statement before campaign ( 08/01/2007
  • Election campaign starts in Ukraine on August 2 (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • Yuschenko Orders Central Electoral Commission To Start Preparing Early Parliamentary Elections On August 2 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Набув чинності четвертий Указ Ющенка про призначеня позачергових виборів до ВР (5 kanal) 08/01/2007
  • Government fulfilled program of anti-crisis actions – Yanukovych (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • Pavlenko to occupy Baloha`s place in OU-PSD electoral list (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • President’s Chief of Staff refused from his place in Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense electoral list (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • Prime Minister’s job is not my goal - Tymoshenko (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • Tymoshenko worked out program of Ukraine’s strategic development (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • Batkivschyna, Reforms And Order Party, Ukrainian Social Democratic Party To Hold Congresses August 2 (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Donetsk Prosecutors, Courts Strike Back (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 08/01/2007
  • Kravchuk: SDPU(u) Representatives May Take Part In Early Rada Elections From Party Of Regions List (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Communist Party Favors Cancellation Of MPs' Immunity (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Tossing the Treaty (Transitions Online) 08/01/2007
  • Ukraine, Kazakhstan to broaden ties – Foreign Ministry (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • Court Announces Part Of Verdict To Zakarpattia Region Ex-Governor Rizak (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Вирок у справі Різака: 5 років заґратування (РОЗШИРЕНО) (5 kanal) 08/01/2007
  • Викрадено майже всі документи на землі Обухівського району Київщини (РОЗШИРЕНО) (5 kanal) 08/01/2007
  • Ukraine: At The Center Of The East-West Drug Trade (RFE/RL) 08/01/2007
  • Poison gas from Ukraine sewage treatment plant kills 3, injures 14 (Earth Times) 08/01/2007
  • Post-Soviet Railways Lack Funds for Ambitious Projects (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 08/01/2007
  • Latest cargo train derailment raises concerns over safety, competence (Ukrainian Journal) 08/01/2007
  • Експерти та соціологічні дослідження переконують: між церковними конфесіями нерівномірно розподіляють землю та церковні споруди (RISU) 08/01/2007
  • Elderly Italian man runs across ten countries to pray at tomb of evangelizer of China (Catholic News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Wild Dances of Ukrainian Children on the Threshold of Europe (Ukrayinska Pravda) 08/01/2007
  • Empress of the Little Russians? (Whatson) 08/01/2007
  • Bolshoi Ballet London season (Daily Telegraph) 08/01/2007
  • Triumphant Bolshoi is back to its glorious best (Daily Telegraph) 08/01/2007
  • Finding a Polish plumber is no joke in Warsaw ( 08/01/2007
  • Trade turnover between Ukraine and Russia will total 28 bn USD in 2007 (NRCU) 08/01/2007
  • Successfully started season may disappoint watermelon and melon producers in Southern Ukraine (Agricultural Marketing Project) 08/01/2007
  • Losses from drought in Ukraine make up nearly 210 million hryvnias (UNIAN) 08/01/2007
  • Ukraine to cancel VAT for grains import (AgriMarket) 08/01/2007
  • Ukraine to try to boost coal output over the next several months (Urkainian Journal) 08/01/2007
  • Metinvest Holding commissions $140 million Yenakiyevo blast furnace (Ukrainian Journal) 08/01/2007
  • AeroSvit buys 75% of Donbass air carrier (Ukrainian Journal) 08/01/2007
  • Update 2-Gazprom to halve gas to Belarus in debt row (Reuters) 08/01/2007
  • Russia to Reduce Gas Supplies to Belarus (Forbes) 08/01/2007
  • Anadolu Cam of Turkey Plans to Invest in Russia, Ukraine (Bloomberg) 08/01/2007
  • Finance Ministry Initiating Check On Budget Funds Use In Kyiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Cabinet Concerned With Low Budget Revenues From Privatization (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/01/2007
  • Guest Speaker: Mapping the Entrepreneurial Psyche ( 08/01/2007
  • Voronin aims to emulate Berbatov (LFC Online) 08/01/2007
  • Ukrainians in Unison (Malay Mail) 08/01/2007
  • GHS student to compete for Miss Teen USA (Greenwich Time) 08/01/2007
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

    Nadiya Savchenko's speech in Basmanny Court, Moscow, 10.02.2015 (Voices of Ukraine)

    Joe Biden: Don’t tell us. Show us, President Putin. 2/7/2015 Munich Security Conference

    Speech by President of Ukraine at the Munich Security conference Feb 7 2015

    #FreeSavchenko video by Adriana Luhovy [Twitter storm Jan 26 2015]


    Twitter storm day Jan 26 2015

    Live map of Ukraine

    Ukraine Today TV LIVE on Youtube

    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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    Facebook Євромайдан

    Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams 'Happy')

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

    The Kyiv Post

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