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Sun, October 01, 17:41 EDT
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  • Rival rallies in Ukraine political fight (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2007
  • Tens of thousands of Ukrainians rally in protest (AFP/Yahoo) 03/31/2007
  • Ukraine leader suggests new poll (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2007
  • Ukrainian rivals rally in capital (BBC News) 03/31/2007
  • Ukraine's president may call election (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2007
  • Ukrainian president says ready to dissolve parliament (RIA) 03/31/2007
  • Protests Expected In Ukraine Despite Court Ban (RFE/RL) 03/31/2007
  • Milligan project collects clothes to send to Ukraine (Johnson City Press) 03/31/2007
  • Ukrainian swim coach banned for six years (Sports Illustrated) 03/31/2007

  • Ukraine's National Salvation Committee demands dissolution of parliament (Interfax) 03/30/2007
  • Ukrainian Premier's Supporters Rally In Kyiv (RFE/RL) 03/30/2007
  • Ukrainian pres. wants to hold defecting MPs legally liable (RIA) 03/30/2007
  • Ukrainian parliament may dismiss Central Elections Commission - deputy (Interfax) 03/30/2007
  • Moscow opposes Ukraine joining NATO (UPI) 03/30/2007
  • Georgian Foreign Minister Visits Ukraine (Civil Georgia) 03/30/2007
  • NGOs intend to put pressure upon governments and parliaments of Ukraine and EU (Unian) 03/30/2007
  • Ukraine to raise $12 bln by 2012 from international finance organizations (Interfax) 03/30/2007
  • Shell and Alliance to operate 150 Ukraine retail sites (Energy Business Review) 03/30/2007
  • Ukraine: Government not to introduce limittions for grains export in 2007/08 MY (AgriMarket) 03/30/2007
  • Pope encourages Ukrainians to carry their faith to other nations (Catholic News Agency) 03/30/2007
  • Pontiff Praises Freedom in Ukraine: Receives Presidential Invitation to Visit (Zenit) 03/30/2007
  • Benedict XVI Warns of Syncretism: Dialogue Doesn't Imply All Religions Are Same, He Says (Zenit) 03/30/2007
  • Ukraine ambassador invites papal visit (Catholic World News) 03/30/2007
  • Pope: Ukraine's Christians, government must work to improve education (Catholic News Service) 03/30/2007
  • Ukraine: Culture and Religion in Service of Common Good (Holy See) 03/30/2007
  • Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI to H.E. Mrs Tetiana Izhevska Ambassador of Ukraine to the Holy See (Holy See) 03/30/2007
  • Roman Catholics in Lviv End Hunger-Strike (RISU) 03/30/2007
  • Ukrainian Bible Society Prints Various Translations (RISU) 03/30/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's team cycle to win the silver medal in the men's team pursuit at the track cycling world championships in Palma de Mallorca (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/30/2007
  • Ukrainian swimmer reunited with father after fight (Northern Territory News) 03/30/2007

  • Ukraine's president criticizes Cabinet (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2007
  • Ukraine: Yushchenko Suggests He May Dissolve Parliament (RFE/RL) 03/29/2007
  • Tensions build up amid dismissal rumors (Ukrainian Journal) 03/29/2007
  • Internal Minister faces dismissal after series of contract killings (Ukrainian Journal) 03/29/2007
  • Ukraine: Kyiv Assassination Leaves Trail Of Intrigue (RFE/RL) 03/29/2007
  • Warning preceded sniper slaying in Ukraine (LA Times) 03/29/2007
  • Ukraine's leaders invite NATO Sec.-Gen. to Kiev (RIA) 03/29/2007
  • Ukrainian armed forces to get pay raise (Interfax) 03/29/2007
  • Ukrainian president asks parliament to discuss 1947 deportations (RIA) 03/29/2007
  • Yanukovych to visit Donetsk region Thursday, government says (Ukrainian Journal) 03/29/2007
  • Ukraine to expand economic cooperation with Russia (Unian) 03/29/2007
  • Ukrainian president: development of nuclear energy is the most politically integral issue for the stability of the ... (Bellona Foundation) 03/29/2007
  • Akhmetov's Metinvest plans to boost steel output 10% in 2007 (Ukrainian Journal) 03/29/2007
  • Ukrainian coach escapes intervention order (Adelaide Now) 03/29/2007
  • Swimming-Ukrainian coach promises not to fight again (Arab Times) 03/29/2007
  • Fighting Ukrainian swim coach and daughter make-up (AFP/Yahoo) 03/29/2007
  • Ukrainian swimmer blames herself for scuffle (ABC/Yahoo) 03/29/2007
  • Ukrainian coach banned from contacting daughter (Star Online) 03/29/2007
  • Swimming: Phelps Smashes Another World Record, His Own (NY Times) 03/29/2007

  • President asks PM to help Ukrainian book publishers (Unian) 03/28/2007
  • Photo: Oleg Lisogor of Ukraine poses with his gold medal during the medal ceremony for the men's 50m breaststroke swimming final at the World Aquatics Championship in Melbourne (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Photo: Silver medalisit USA's Brendan Hansen, gold medalist Ukraine's Oleg Lisogor, and bronze medalist South Africa's Cameron Van Der Burgh display their medals during a medal ceremony for the men's 50m Breaststroke final at the World Swimming Championships in Melbourne (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's Oleg Lisogor waves after receiving the gold medal he won in the men's 50m Breaststroke final (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Photo: Oleg Lisogor of Ukraine gestures after winning the men's 50m breaststroke swimming final at the World Aquatics Championship in Melbourne (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Photo: Oleg Lisogor of Ukraine gestures after winning the men's 50m breaststroke swimming final at the World Aquatics Championship (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's Oleg Lisogor celebrates his victory in the men's 50m Breaststroke final at the World Swimming Championships in Melbourne, Australia (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Swimming: Lisogor sprints to gold (Eurosport) 03/28/2007
  • Swimming: Lisogor reclaims 50m breaststroke crown (Reuters/Guardian) 03/28/2007
  • Swimming: Ukrainian shocks Hansen (AAP/Fox Sports) 03/28/2007
  • Swimming: Phelps Smashes Butterfly Mark as More Records Fall (Bloomberg) 03/28/2007
  • Swimming: Phelps stays hot as world records keep falling (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Swimming: Phelps sets another swimming record (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • More records fall as Phelps fires at swimming worlds (AFP/Yahoo) 03/28/2007
  • Ukrainian swimming coach deprived of accreditation over scandal (Unian) 03/28/2007

  • Ukraine Buyoed By Return of Big Guns (Sporting Life) 03/27/2007
  • Ukrainian parish hunger strike ended at cardinal's request (Catholic World News) 03/27/2007
  • Photo: Gold medallist Leisel Jones of Australia, silver medallist Tara Kirk of the U.S., bronze medallist Anna Khlistunova of Ukraine pose with their medals during the medal ceremony for the women's 100m breaststroke swimming final at the World Aquatics Championship in Melbourne (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2007
  • Photo: Oleg Lisogor of Ukraine competes in the men's 50m breaststroke swimming heat at the World Aquatics Championship (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2007

  • Відбулася інтронізація правлячого архиєрея Едмонтонської єпархії (УГКЦ) 03/26/2007
  • Ukraine Parliament Committee Supports Law on Confession Secrecy (RISU) 03/26/2007

  • NASA MODIS Image of the Day: March 23, 2007 The Carpathians (Spaceref) 03/25/2007
  • Проект ОБСЄ 'Розвиток громадянського суспільства в Україні' (Deutsche Welle) 03/25/2007
  • Fighting to call the U.S. home. Immigrants facing deportation and leaving their children behind (Trenton Times) 03/25/2007
  • Making A Difference: Tylerite To Travel To Ukraine For Peace Corps (Tyler Paper) 03/25/2007
  • Tractor brings in the harvest [Marina Lewycka] (Scotland on Sunday) 03/25/2007
  • That difficult first novel [see: Marina Lewycka] (The Observer) 03/25/2007
  • Ukraine go on Islands cruise (Scotland on Sunday) 03/25/2007

  • Merkel challenges EU members on change (AP/Yahoo) 03/24/2007
  • All 11 crew [either Ukrainian or Belarusian] killed when plane shot down in Somalia (Mail&Guardian) 03/24/2007
  • Bishop David looks to King David for inspiration (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/24/2007
  • Motiuk looks to renewal in Church (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/24/2007
  • Auxiliary bishop passed apprenticeship with flying colors (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/24/2007
  • Mentors played formative role for young Motiuk (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/24/2007
  • Family, friends happy to see Motiuk back in Alberta (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/24/2007
  • Motiuk's 4 predecessors in Edmonton (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/24/2007
  • Former religious director heads St. Paul University (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/24/2007
  • Making it last: NRRI partners with Kiev scientist to gauge international sustainable development (Business North) 03/24/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's team members pop up from the water during the synchronized swimming team free final at the World Swimming Championships in Melbourne (AP/Yahoo) 03/24/2007
  • Petrov pounces twice for Ukraine (UEFA) 03/24/2007
  • Ukraine beat Faroe Islands 2-0 in Euro qualifier (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/24/2007
  • Ukrainian gymnasts visit school [St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School, Minersville, PA] (Republican Herald) 03/24/2007
  • Children With Deformites Receive Free Surgery (10News) 03/24/2007
  • Goshen woman achieves citizenship (Goshen News) 03/24/2007

  • New York City Gala Benefiting the Odessa Children's Hospital (BRAMA) 03/23/2007
  • Eleven Ukrainian Lawmakers Defect To Ruling Coalition (RFE/RL) 03/23/2007
  • Two opposition lawmakers join coalition (Ukrainian Journal) 03/23/2007
  • Янукович: Самооборона - авантюристична організація (BBC Ukrainian) 03/23/2007
  • Antisemitism Used As a Political Weapon in Kharkov, Ukraine (UCSJ) 03/23/2007
  • 'Germany - Land of Ideas' Presents Ideas for Europe [Prof. Dr. Otto von Habsburg: 'Countries like...the Ukraine have a right to Europe...'] (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 03/23/2007
  • Kwasniewski to speak in Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk March 26-28 (Ukrainian Journal) 03/23/2007
  • Poitier, Kwasniewski, Roberts, McEwan to Receive The 28th Annual Common Wealth Awards (PR Newswire/Yahoo) 03/23/2007
  • U.S. boosts missile defense system plans (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2007
  • Fighting the new slavery (Sun-Sentinel) 03/23/2007
  • European Sponsors Help Caritas-Ukraine Fight Human Trafficking (RISU) 03/23/2007
  • GHS sophomore collects donations for Ukrainian orphans (Gretna Breeze) 03/23/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich speaks during his news conference in Kiev. Ukraine's economic growth will be robust while consumer prices will rise by less than 1 percent this month, Yanukovich said on Friday. (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2007
  • Russian businessman seeks to buy stake in Kharkiv Tractor Plant (Ukrainian Journal) 03/23/2007
  • Universal Bank to rename Eurobank EFG reflecting acquisition (Ukrainian Journal) 03/23/2007
  • Credit Boom Is 'Stretching' Global Banking Systems, Fitch Says (Bloomberg) 03/23/2007
  • [Real estate] XXI Century acquires new site for an office centre project in Kiev (AFX/III) 03/23/2007
  • Lviv Conflict May Grow to Ukraine-Poland Dispute, Says Music Director (RISU) 03/23/2007
  • Союз української молоді Мурмана закликає українців всього світу взяти участь в акції «Молитва за Україну» (RISU) 03/23/2007
  • The rites (and wrongs) of ancient spring (Daily Texan) 03/23/2007
  • A collective fights for its 'Earth' [Aleksandr Dovzhenko's 'Zemlya'] (Baltimore Sun) 03/23/2007
  • An instrument of storytelling and celebration. Internationally-renowned Ukrainian bandura chorus returns to Garden City (Niagara This Week) 03/23/2007
  • First Time in Washington DC: An Unprecedented Slavic Festival That Brings All Slavic Nations Together (Website) 03/23/2007
  • Slideshow: Artful eggs (News&Observer) 03/23/2007
  • Artful eggs (News&Observer) 03/23/2007
  • Photo: Rolling Stones announced the dates of their European tour -- set to take in countries such as Serbia and Ukraine [Kyiv on July 25] for the first time (AFP/Yahoo) 03/23/2007
  • Stones to headline Wight festival (BBC) 03/23/2007
  • Shevchenko to miss Ukraine qualifier in Faroes (FIFA) 03/23/2007
  • Photo: Kseniya Sydorenko and Darya Yushko of Ukraine perform in the synchronised swimming duet free routine final (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2007
  • Photo: Dmytro Lysenko of Ukraine takes part in the semi-final round of the 3-metre springboard diving competition (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2007
  • Swimming: Hansen focused on goals (Delco Times) 03/23/2007
  • Oksana Baiul to Join Town Fundraiser (Illustrated News) 03/23/2007
  • У Києві відкрилися дві виставки, присвячені колишнім підневільним робітникам (Deutsche Welle) 03/23/2007
  • His Rocky Road of Life. 'Pegger victim of Stalinist purge (Winnipeg Sun) 03/23/2007
  • Sculpture commemorates 20th century slaves (UKTV) 03/23/2007

  • Ukraine OKs pro-Western foreign minister (Ukrainian Journal) 03/22/2007
  • Parliament replaces Makukha with Kinakh as Ukrainian economy minister (Ukrainian Journal) 03/22/2007
  • U.S. Probe Into Timoshenko Brings Her Under Control (Kommersant) 03/22/2007
  • Ukrainian Parliament Warns Against U.S. Missile Plans (RFE/RL) 03/22/2007
  • Romance and revolution. The future is no longer orange (Economist) 03/22/2007
  • SBU to send questions to Moscow Mayor (UNIAN) 03/22/2007
  • State-run television station cancels popular public affairs talk show following broadcast featuring opposition leaders [Toloka, UT-1] (IFEX) 03/22/2007
  • Flourishing of child prostitution in Ukraine (ForUm) 03/22/2007
  • Italy's Finmeccanica may boost aerospace cooperation with Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 03/22/2007
  • METRO's Ukraine sales up 82% in 2006, outpace growth in Russia, China (Ukrainian Journal) 03/22/2007
  • Sunrise Begins Development of Ukraine Block (Rigzone) 03/22/2007
  • Ukraine's Kyivstar to withhold operating results for February (Cellular-News) 03/22/2007
  • Telenor to deconsolidate Kyivstar (Telecompaper) 03/22/2007
  • Reid Minty launches in Ukraine (The Lawyer) 03/22/2007
  • АКЦІЯ! Молитва за Україну (Website) 03/22/2007
  • Ukraine: Catholic protest official occupation of parish church (Catholic World News) 03/22/2007
  • Ukrainian Church struggled to find its place in Canada: Motiuk's book finds historical significance in Church law changes (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/22/2007
  • Ukrainians fought to regain right to ordain married men (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/22/2007
  • Latin rite, Ukrainians now collaborators (Western Catholic Reporter) 03/22/2007
  • Ukrainian Jewish Cemetery Vandalized (UCSJ) 03/22/2007
  • Family-friendly Shumka. Dance troupe mounts 'best of' show in response to audience requests (Edmonton Journal) 03/22/2007
  • Rolling Stones set to rock Montenegro, Ukraine (Reuters) 03/22/2007
  • Ukraine's Euro 2008 qualifier in the Faroe Islands on Saturday will go ahead as scheduled (Eurosport) 03/22/2007
  • [Ukrainian] Woman mauled to death by dogs in Portugal (AFP/IOL) 03/22/2007

  • Photo: Ukraine's new Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk speaks in parliament after his endorsement (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2007
  • Ukraine appoints pro-west foreign minister (Financial Times) 03/21/2007
  • Ukraine appoints Foreign Minister loyal to President (Euronews) 03/21/2007
  • Ukraine's parliament approves foreign minister, ending two-month battle with president (AP/Kyiv Post) 03/21/2007
  • Ukrainian Parliament Approves Foreign Minister [Arseniy Yatsenyuk] (RFE/RL) 03/21/2007
  • Ukrainian president succumbs to parliamentary opposition, names new candidate for foreign minister (AP/Kyiv Post) 03/21/2007
  • Prez nominates Yatseniuk as foreign minister after Ohryzko rejected (Ukrainian Journal) 03/21/2007
  • Продуктивна робота парламенту нам тільки сниться: коаліція знову «провалила» Огризка, опозиція знову залишила сесійну залу (Україна молода) 03/21/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's new Economy Minister Anatoly Kinakh speaks in parliament in Kiev after his endorsement (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2007
  • НСНУ: призначення Кінаха - політична зрада (BBC Ukrainian) 03/21/2007
  • Kinakh may quit opposition group Our Ukraine to join Cabinet, PM says (Ukrainian Journal) 03/21/2007
  • Lutsenko’s home searched by prosecutors (Ukrainian Journal) 03/21/2007
  • Учора на світанку слідчі Генпрокуратури обшукали дiм лідера «Народної самооборони» з грубим порушенням процесуальних норм (Україна молода) 03/21/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich waves to parliament (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2007
  • Yanukovych is Early Frontrunner in Ukraine (Angus Reid) 03/21/2007
  • CIS fails to become viable political organization - FM Lavrov (RIA) 03/21/2007
  • CHRONOLOGY-Communism's fall around eastern Europe (Reuters/AlertNet) 03/21/2007
  • [Slideshow] Fallout: the human cost of nuclear catastrophe [Chornobyl] (Guardian) 03/21/2007
  • 'Репортери без кордонів' негативно оцінинюють ідею спорудити в Києві пам'ятник Ґонґадзе (Deutsche Welle) 03/21/2007
  • Ukraine court halfway through in Illich Steel re-privatization case (Ukrainian Journal) 03/21/2007
  • Rapidly Rising Ukraine Gas Prices Drive JKX Profit Growth (Energy Intelligence) 03/21/2007
  • The Investment Column: JKX Oil dogged by reserves uncertainty and price premium (Independent) 03/21/2007
  • Ukrainian Grain Market (Agro Perspectiva) 03/21/2007
  • Закону про земельний кадастр сприяє формуванню цивілізованого ринку землі в Україні (Deutsche Welle) 03/21/2007
  • People’s Party Asks Russian Orthodox to Remove Historic Anathema of Mazepa (RISU) 03/21/2007
  • The Young, the Fertile, and the Ambitious (Catholic World Report) 03/21/2007
  • Yara Arts Group in Janyl (Website) 03/21/2007
  • Merlin’s magic takes flight (Halifax Chronicle Herald) 03/21/2007
  • Photo: Illya Kyasha of Ukraine takes part in the semi-final round of the 1-metre springboard diving competition at the World Aquatics Championships in Melbourne (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2007

  • Яценюк - кандидат президента на голову МЗС (BBC Ukrainian) 03/20/2007
  • Ukraine MPs reject new minister [Yushchenko's nominee Volodymyr Ohryzko] (BBC News) 03/20/2007
  • Ukraine's parliament again rejects Yushchenko's nominee for foreign minister (AP/Kyiv Post) 03/20/2007
  • Photo: A former interior minister and activist of Ukraine's 2004 'Orange Revolution' Yuri Lutsenko and his wife sit by the table in their apartment as investigators from the prosecutor general's office search it... (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/20/2007
  • Ukraine prosecutors search apartment of ex-interior minister, an opponent of premier (AP/Kyiv Post) 03/20/2007
  • President’s Chief of Staff calls PGO ‘blackmail instrument’ (UNIAN) 03/20/2007
  • Kinakh may enter Yanukovych’s government (UNIAN) 03/20/2007
  • Yushchenko put off his visit to Russia (UNIAN) 03/20/2007
  • Op-ed: The icon and the eagle [by Henry A. Kissinger] (IHT) 03/20/2007
  • No compromise over crisis after meeting (Ukrainian Journal) 03/20/2007
  • Opposition lawmakers offered $8 mln to join majority, Tymoshenko says (Ukrainian Journal) 03/20/2007
  • Tymoshenko accuses government of secret natural gas pipeline deal (Ukrainian Journal) 03/20/2007
  • Banca Intesa's $1.3 bln deal in Ukraine under threat, FT reports (Ukrainian Journal) 03/20/2007
  • President ready to sign Holodomor decree (UNIAN) 03/20/2007
  • Modern slavery - some key facts (Reuters/AlertNet) 03/20/2007
  • JKX to continue focus on Ukrainian energy production (Citywire) 03/20/2007
  • Ukraine's Forum Bank share issue raises $100 mln (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/20/2007
  • Ukrainian banking system. How it works? (WebWire) 03/20/2007
  • CS Odessa Makes Public New ConceptDraw Lab Project (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 03/20/2007
  • Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers Dismisses Religious Matters Director (RISU) 03/20/2007
  • Ukraine President Discusses Church Unity with Autocephalous Orthodox Head (RISU) 03/20/2007
  • To Be a Priest: Hungary’s Greek Catholic seminarians generate good news (CNEWA) 03/20/2007
  • Making their pointe: 3 choreographers put best foot forward in ballet competition (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) 03/20/2007
  • Photo: Ukraine's Stanislav Morozov and his partner Tatiana Volosozhar perform during the pairs short program at the World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo (AP/Yahoo) 03/20/2007
  • [Belarus] Rowing team arrested for illegal entry [by Ukrainian border guards] (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/20/2007
  • Photo: A model displays an outfit by Ukrainian designer Anna Bublik (AP/Yahoo) 03/20/2007
  • Ukrainians in UK collecting signatures to recognize Holodomor 1932 -1933 as genocide (ForUm) 03/20/2007

  • Ukrainian president asks parliament to criminalize denial of Soviet-era famine (AP/Kyiv Post) 03/19/2007
  • Ukraine’s president wants to make denial of famine a crime (Glasgow Herald) 03/19/2007
  • Independent journalist receives death threat in Ukraine (CPJ) 03/19/2007
  • Museum of Abortion and Contraception Makes Debut in Austria (LifeSite) 03/19/2007
  • Muratova to Represent Ukraine at Tribeca Film Festival (UFCCU) 03/19/2007
  • Modern Ukrainian film - as independent as it can get (UFCCU) 03/19/2007
  • Shevchenko stunner sends Chelsea into FA Cup semi-finals (AFP/Yahoo) 03/19/2007
  • Photo: The Ukraine team perform during the synchronised swimming... (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/19/2007
  • Photo: Louisville's Yuliya Tokova of Ukraine... (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/19/2007

  • Her dare-devil literary leap from tractors to caravans (Sunday Times) 03/18/2007
  • Photo: Anna Bessonova of Ukraine performs with a ribbon during the rhythmic gymnastics World Cup 2007 tournament... (AP/Yahoo) 03/18/2007
  • Chelsea take a breather before round two with Spurs (AFP/Yahoo) 03/18/2007

  • U.S. Senate approves NATO entry for Georgia, Ukraine (RIA) 03/17/2007
  • Луценко у Дніпропетровську яєць не злякався: Мітинг Народної самоборони намагалися закричати опоненти - пенсіонерки і радянські офіцери (BBC Ukrainian) 03/17/2007
  • Міністр внутрішніх справ застерігає від демонстрацій: Василь Цушко закликав не брати участі в планованих акціях опозиції, щоб не загострювати ситуацію (BBC Ukrainian) 03/17/2007
  • Центральна Рада: уроки історії: Учасник інтерактивної програми - Володимир Сергійчук, історик, професор Київського університету (BBC Ukrainian) 03/17/2007
  • Президент ФІФА: ставати зірками у футболі важче: Президент ФІФА Зепп Блаттер отримав в Україні орден, однак про її шанси на Євро 2012 говорити не хотів (BBC Ukrainian) 03/17/2007
  • Chelsea 3-0 Sheff Utd: Blues keep up pursuit (ESPN 03/17/2007
  • Ukraine's Sidorenko retains WBA title with draw against Cordoba (Slam! Sports) 03/17/2007
  • Sunflashes (Calgary Sun) 03/17/2007

  • U.S. missile system in Poland, Czech Republic would be defensive -Ukrainian minister (Interfax) 03/16/2007
  • Ющенко вимагатиме дотримання взятих зобов’язань: Президент Ющенко збирає на нараду в понеділок усі політичні сили, представлені у Верховній Раді (BBC Ukrainian) 03/16/2007
  • Луценко провів мітинг Самооборони у Харкові: Жванія: 'міліція абсолютно сценарно спільно з міськими властями відпрацювали план зриву мітингу' (BBC Ukrainian) 03/16/2007
  • Преса: 'Харків обороняється від Народної самооборони': Харківська тема на першій сторінці і Газети по-київськи під заголовком 'Майдан-2 в Харкові' (BBC Ukrainian) 03/16/2007
  • Партія регіонів звинувачує помаранчевих у корупції (BBC Ukrainian) 03/16/2007
  • Американський сенат підтримав вступ України до НАТО: Сенатори підтримали також євроатлантичні прагнення Грузії, Албанії, Македонії та Хорватії (BBC Ukrainian) 03/16/2007
  • Бізнес-преса: Скільки коштує влада?: Главред подає детальну інформацію про зарплати та пільги найвищих посадових осіб в Україні (BBC Ukrainian) 03/16/2007
  • Володимир Кличко тренуватиметься на баскетболістах: Чемпіон світу за версією IBF каже, що хотів би зустрітися на рингу з супертяжем Миколаєм Валуєвим (BBC Ukrainian) 03/16/2007
  • Ukraine leader urges energy cooperation with EU (RIA) 03/16/2007
  • Denmark, Ukraine sign energy cooperation memorandum (Interfax) 03/16/2007
  • ADM acquires Ukrainian sunseed crushing facility (Food Business Review) 03/16/2007
  • Ukrainian Greek Catholic Head for Orthodox Unity, Questions State Involvement (RISU) 03/16/2007
  • Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants Publish Bible in Ukraine for Disabled Children (RISU) 03/16/2007
  • Museum hosts [pysanky] (Website) 03/16/2007
  • Ukraine's Popovych wins fifth stage (AFP/Yahoo) 03/16/2007
  • Popovych goes it alone (Eurosport) 03/16/2007

  • Interview With Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (RFE/RL) 03/15/2007
  • Ukraine's Party of Regions wants new candidate for foreign min. (RIA) 03/15/2007
  • Ukrainian opposition leader condemns President (Unian) 03/15/2007
  • Playing the Ukrainian card (IHT) 03/15/2007
  • Ukrainian bachelor reaches 116 (UPI) 03/15/2007
  • Italy's alternative to nursing homes: Ukrainian caregivers (Christian Science Monitor) 03/15/2007
  • Ukraine should raise its domestic energy prices - IEA (Unian) 03/15/2007
  • Report: Steinmetz to invest over $1b in Ukraine (Globes Online) 03/15/2007
  • Crediting of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine by Ukrainian banks actively increases (AgriMarket) 03/15/2007
  • UOC-MP Orthodox Bishops Comment on Creating National Church in Ukraine (RISU) 03/15/2007
  • Cabinet of Ministers Gives Money to Fix Accident at Kyivan Caves Monastery (RISU) 03/15/2007
  • UEFA Cup holders Sevilla survive Shakhtar scare (AFP/Yahoo) 03/15/2007

  • Ukrainian PM urges parliament to ignore opposition boycott (RIA) 03/14/2007
  • U.S. General Discussing Missile-Defense In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 03/14/2007
  • US missile chief heckled by Ukraine protesters (AFP/Yahoo) 03/14/2007
  • US missile chief briefs Ukraine on 'shield' plans (AFP/Yahoo) 03/14/2007
  • US general briefs Ukrainian officials on Pentagon's plans to deploy missile defense in Europe (Kyiv Post) 03/14/2007
  • Ukraine`s security service to question Moscow mayor (Unian) 03/14/2007
  • UKRAINE: Local authorities close critical newspaper (CPJ Press Freedom Online) 03/14/2007
  • Ukraine could enter foreign borrowing market in May - Finance Ministry (Interfax) 03/14/2007
  • Ukraine's Ukrgazenergo in talks for $1.3 bln loan, foreign asset buys (Market Watch) 03/14/2007
  • Norwegian telecom firm accuses Russian rival of smear campaign (IHT) 03/14/2007
  • Telenor accuses Russia's Alfa Group of media smear campaign - report (Sharewatch) 03/14/2007
  • Turkish - Ukrainian Joint Tourism Commission Meeting In Antalya ( 03/14/2007
  • Bandits plunder art, churches, pubs for pricey metal (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/14/2007
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Address Is 'Pack of Lies,' Says UOC-KP Bishop (RISU) 03/14/2007
  • Августин Волошин (Радіо Свобода) 03/14/2007
  • Egg-decorating workshop (Home News Tribune) 03/14/2007

  • Ukraine opposition abandons parliament (Nine O'Clock) 03/13/2007
  • Ukrainian opposition walks out of parliamentary session ( 03/13/2007
  • Ukrainian president conditionally backs idea of referendum on constitutional changes ( 03/13/2007
  • Українська опозиція планує вуличні акції протесту (VOA) 03/13/2007
  • Опозиція висунула 17 вимог Антикризовій коаліції (VOA) 03/13/2007
  • Гевко ознайомлює українців із грантовими програмами (VOA) 03/13/2007
  • Опозиція йде з Верховної Ради (BBC Ukrainian) 03/13/2007
  • Янукович: коаліція дасть відповідь опозиції (BBC Ukrainian) 03/13/2007
  • Київ вислухає плани США з ПРО: Служба Безпеки обговорює з експертами НАТО спільнi програми дій з анти терористичної діяльності (BBC Ukrainian) 03/13/2007
  • Інвестори придивляються до України (BBC Ukrainian) 03/13/2007
  • Чи розмовлятиме Донецьк українською за 50 років? (BBC Ukrainian) 03/13/2007
  • Company: Metal Fragment Doomed Rocket (AP/Yahoo) 03/13/2007
  • A Ukrainian Woman Killed In Traffic Accident In Afyonkarahisar ( 03/13/2007
  • Autocephalous Give Position on Unification of Ukrainian Orthodoxy (RISU) 03/13/2007
  • Ukraine drop striker Milevsky from squad (FIFA) 03/13/2007
  • Milevsky dropped from Ukraine squad (Eurosport) 03/13/2007
  • Quality Rater - Ukrainian Language - Temporary Google job ( 03/13/2007

  • Ukrainian leader to visit Russia (RBC) 03/12/2007
  • Public not fully informed about NATO - Ukrainian politicians (Interfax) 03/12/2007
  • Ukrainian political forces losing voters' trust - poll (Interfax) 03/12/2007
  • Знизились електоральні рейтинги політичних сил (VOA) 03/12/2007
  • Опозиція вимагає відставки Медведька та Цушка (VOA) 03/12/2007
  • В Одесі акції на підтримку статусу російської мови (VOA) 03/12/2007
  • Опозиція пропонує коаліції ультиматум-маніфест: Блок Тимошенко та Наша Україна підписали заяву про спільні дії і вимоги до антикризової коаліції (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • Опозиція повідомляє про свої вимоги Ющенку: Блок Юлії Тимошенко і Наша Україна зустрічаються з президентом та виголошують вимоги до коаліції (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • Депутати готують протистояння 'стінка на стінку' у ВР: Депутати урядової коаліції готуються не допустити блокування роботи Верховної Ради опозицією (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • Янукович: Росія на сьогодні - наш основний партнер: Прем'єр скритикував ОПК і заявив, що український оборонний-промисловий комплекс втрачає ринки (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • Новак: Україна може вступити до НАТО у 2011-му році: Посол Польщі в НАТО Єжі Новак заявив, що в разі політичного консенсусу членство України реальне (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • Словаччина модернізує свій кордон з Україною: Нова система мала би перешкоджати хабарництву на перепускних пунктах (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • КІМВ - нова жертва протистояння у владі: Якщо Інститут міжнародних відносин 'реформують', то він теж стане підконтрольним Кабміну (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • У Лондоні - Український інвестиційний самміт (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • Преса: Володимир Кличко переміг нашвидкоруч (BBC Ukrainian) 03/12/2007
  • Ukraine plans to join WTO later this year (RIA) 03/12/2007
  • Incomes of Ukrainian banks boosted by 2.3 times (Unian) 03/12/2007
  • Ukrainian defense-industrial complex is losing foreign markets (Unian) 03/12/2007
  • Third Ukrainian Investment Summit opens in London (Unian) 03/12/2007
  • Ukrainian Orthodox (UOC-MP) Inseparable from Russian Church, Assembly Resolves (RISU) 03/12/2007
  • Ukraine to be First Post-Soviet Country with L’Arche Community (RISU) 03/12/2007
  • Are North American Audiences Ready for a New Form of Intense Dance Expression by Famed Ukrainian Choreographer Sergiy ... (PRWeb) 03/12/2007
  • In this race, labels don’t quite fit (Kansas City Star) 03/12/2007
  • Klitschko stops Austin in second round (Unian) 03/12/2007
  • Boxing - News & Results - World Boxing News ( 03/12/2007

  • 'A giving heart' (Pensacola News Journal) 03/11/2007
  • Кобзар, будитель нації чи сумнівний персонаж?: Роль Шевченка і його культу в свідомості українців - в інтерактивній програмі Бі-Бі-Сі 9 березня (BBC Ukrainian) 03/11/2007
  • Володимир Кличко захистив свій титул чемпіона: У двобої з американським боксером Остином український боксер підтвердив титул (BBC Ukrainian) 03/11/2007
  • KLITSCHKO EASILY DEFENDS TITLE (New York Post) 03/11/2007
  • Klitscko stops Austin in second round (Victoria Advocate) 03/11/2007
  • Klitschko big hit in title defence (Ottawa Sun) 03/11/2007
  • Feliz Focused and Ready! ( 03/11/2007
  • A multinational movie lineup (Kansas City Star) 03/11/2007

  • Ovcharov calls on EU to join Bulgaria in use of nuclear energy (Budapest Business Journal) 03/10/2007
  • Klitschko stops Austin in 2nd round (Boston Globe) 03/10/2007
  • --Klitschko KO's Austin In Two-- (Boxing Times) 03/10/2007
  • KLITSCHKO STILL THE CHAMP (Sporting Life) 03/10/2007

  • Moscow urges Kiev to stop litigation over Black Sea lighthouses (RIA) 03/09/2007
  • The Great Depression: Richest country, saddest people--any coincidence? (WSJ) 03/09/2007
  • Energy cooperation to be part of new Ukraine-EU accord, leader says (RBC) 03/09/2007
  • Regal Petroleum hires advisor for Ukrainian field development (Interactive Investor) 03/09/2007
  • Sarantis to invest 25-30 mln eur in Turkey, Ukraine acquisitions - reports (Sharewatch) 03/09/2007
  • Export of Ukrainian wheat in 2007/08 MY can total 4 mln tonnes - forecast (AgriMarket) 03/09/2007
  • US State Department Reports on Religious Freedom in Ukraine, 2006 (RISU) 03/09/2007
  • Artist, Katrina refugee makes new home in West Chester (Hamilton Journal News) 03/09/2007
  • German TV pulls 'fake' Shev story ( 03/09/2007
  • Sheva denies Mourinho moan (TeamTalk/Yahoo) 03/09/2007

  • Poland, Ukraine Call for 'South-East Energy Corridor' Summit (Civil Georgia) 03/08/2007
  • Ukraine changes tone on EU enlargement (EU Observer) 03/08/2007
  • Yushchenko Stresses Importance Of EU's Role In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 03/08/2007
  • EU-Ukraine summit to take place in mid-September in Kyiv (Interfax) 03/08/2007
  • Ukrainian energy system integral part of European market - Yushchenko (Interfax) 03/08/2007
  • Ukrainian Orthodox bid for unified patriarchate (Catholic World News) 03/08/2007
  • Only UOC USA Head Can Restore Autocephalous Orthodox Unity, Says Lviv Brotherhood (RISU) 03/08/2007
  • U of A promotes preservation of Ukrainian folklore and culture (The Gateway) 03/08/2007
  • Violinist fires up world fusion sound (London Free Press) 03/08/2007
  • Klitschko's star on rise again (Calgary Sun) 03/08/2007

  • Комітет Сенату США підтримав вступ України до НАТО (BBC Ukrainian) 03/07/2007
  • Presidents of Poland, Ukraine plan 5-nation summit on Caspian Sea oil (Kyiv Post) 03/07/2007
  • Poland and Ukraine in oil plans (BBC News) 03/07/2007
  • Poland's president postpones visit to Ukraine until autumn (Interfax) 03/07/2007
  • Presidents of Poland, Ukraine to meet for talks on energy cooperation (Kyiv Post) 03/07/2007
  • EU Approves $647M in Aid for Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/07/2007
  • Ukraine appointed a new Ambassador to Moldova ( 03/07/2007
  • Ukraine, Russia Politicians to Support Orthodox Cooperation Initiatives, Says Premier (RISU) 03/07/2007
  • UOC-KP Question Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Condemnation of Head (RISU) 03/07/2007
  • Bible Translator into Ukrainian Awarded National Prize (RISU) 03/07/2007
  • Three EE-EU titles in Donetsk, Ukraine! ( 03/07/2007

  • Retribution Behind Calls for Early Elections (RFE/RL) 03/06/2007
  • Ukrainian minister dismisses Rada dissolution scenario as groundless (Interfax) 03/06/2007
  • The Myth of Russian Resurgence. By Rajan Menon & Alexander J. Motyl (The American Interest) 03/06/2007
  • EU and Ukraine open negotiations on closer ties (Nine O'Clock) 03/06/2007
  • Ukrainian defense minister skeptical Black Sea Fleet agreement will be extended (Interfax) 03/06/2007
  • Decision on U.S. missile defense purely Polish matter - Yushchenko (Interfax) 03/06/2007
  • More than 18 thousand women serve in Ukrainian Armed Forces (Unian) 03/06/2007
  • Ukrainian PM vows to ensure efficient and stable gas supplies toHungary (Interfax) 03/06/2007
  • Ukrainian storage facility to guarantee better gas supply to Europe: PM (Eu Business) 03/06/2007
  • Europe's gas imports down on warm weather (Ukrainian Journal) 03/06/2007
  • Ukraine's forex reserves up 2.15% to $22.8 bln as of end-February (Ukrainian Journal) 03/06/2007
  • Mittal meets Yanukovych, seeks support for investments in Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 03/06/2007
  • Aircraft engine maker Motor Sich mulls selling 15% via IPO in 2007 (Ukrainian Journal) 03/06/2007
  • Ukrainian Advocacy Group Appeals to European Parliament For Help in Settling German-Ukrainian Aviation Conflict, Wins ... (Business Wire) 03/06/2007
  • Ukraine Ukrainian court rejects complaint on foreign players (FIFA) 03/06/2007

  • EU, Ukraine Launch Trade Negotiations (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2007
  • EU and Ukraine launch talks to broaden cooperation (Reuters/AlertNet) 03/05/2007
  • Ukraine, EU discuss new enhanced agreement (Unian) 03/05/2007
  • Timoshenko expects early Ukraine elections, return to power (Budapest Business Journal) 03/05/2007
  • Tymoshenko ordered Yushchenko a present on 8 March (Unian) 03/05/2007
  • Yulia Tymoshenko Exclusive VOA Interview (VOA) 03/05/2007
  • Розпочалися переговори між Україною та ЄС (VOA) 03/05/2007
  • Україна на шляху до латиноамериканізації? (VOA) 03/05/2007
  • Український фондовий ринок втрачає позиції (VOA) 03/05/2007
  • ЄС залишив Україні сусідство: Єврокомісар Ферреро-Вальднер: нова угода з Україною не передбачає асоціацію Києва в Євросоюз (BBC Ukrainian) 03/05/2007
  • Україна і ЄС почали переговори про посилену угоду (BBC Ukrainian) 03/05/2007
  • ЄС не почув від прем'єра про дострокові вибори: Віктор Янукович на зустрічі із ЄС не підтвердив заяв своїх однопартійців про одночасні дострокові вибори (BBC Ukrainian) 03/05/2007
  • Україна згадала про Придністров'я: Призначення нового посла в Кишиневі називають спробою поновити участь Києва у придністровському процесі (BBC Ukrainian) 03/05/2007
  • Економічні новини Бі-Бі-Сі в огляді 6 березня: Від зони вільної тогівлі України з ЄС до досягнень китайської економіки та темпів розвитку російської (BBC Ukrainian) 03/05/2007
  • Foreigners can obtain Ukrainian citizenship by investing (Unian) 03/05/2007
  • Ukraine's Astelit owners to invest $300 mln more in company (Cellular-News) 03/05/2007
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Bishops Ask UOC-KP Head to Resign (RISU) 03/05/2007
  • UOC-MP and Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Discuss UOC-KP (RISU) 03/05/2007
  • Interconfessional Panel Is Reactivated: Christian Leaders Meet in Moscow (Zenit) 03/05/2007
  • Russian Orthodox leader sees positive change under Benedict XVI (Catholic World News) 03/05/2007
  • 'Beauty and the Beast' full of grace, animal magnetism (San Diego Union-Tribune) 03/05/2007
  • Polish government agree FIFA deal ( 03/05/2007
  • Austin says he matches up with Klitschko (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2007
  • AUSTIN - I'LL KNOCK OUT KLITSCHKO (Sporting Life) 03/05/2007

  • Tensions rise as Ukraine crisis deepens (Ukrainian Journal) 03/04/2007
  • Tymoshenko, at talks with U.S. officials, promotes new gas pipeline (Ukrainian Journal) 03/04/2007
  • Ukraine's steel sector faces uncertainty as court reviews sell-off (Ukrainian Journal) 03/04/2007
  • Ukraine's steel output to grow 2.9% on yr to 42 million tons in 2007 (Ukrainian Journal) 03/04/2007
  • Heli Expo 2007 Day Three: Western Pilots Learn to Fly the Kremenchug Way (Rotorhub) 03/04/2007
  • Ukrainian Trading Guild Issues the Annual Commercial and Residential Real Estate Ukrainian Market Review - 2006 ( 03/04/2007
  • A bird, a prince, a love affair: The American Ballet Theatre takes flight with its newest version of Swan Lake (Sun-Sentinel) 03/04/2007
  • What's going on (Star-Gazette) 03/04/2007
  • SITTIN' PRETTY AFTER COMING OFF BENCH (New York Post) 03/04/2007
  • City Mardis Gras bash aids community needs (Auburn Citizen) 03/04/2007

  • [VIDEO] Ексклюзивне інтерв`ю з Юлією Тимошенко (VOA) 03/03/2007
  • Ukraine revises 2006 economic growth to 7.1% on output (Budapest Business Journal) 03/03/2007

  • Ukrainian president suggests opening museum about Soviet repression in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 03/02/2007
  • Ukrainian leader wants occupation museum (UPI) 03/02/2007
  • Ukrainian prosecutors open criminal cases alleging unlicensed use of human embryos (Kyiv Post) 03/02/2007
  • Boyko denies Naftohaz Ukrayiny bust (UPI) 03/02/2007
  • MTS Ukrainian unit drops connection with Golden Telecom ( 03/02/2007
  • Ukrainian Orthodox (UOC-KP) Ready for Dialogue with UOC-MP (RISU) 03/02/2007
  • Ukrainian Orthodox (UOC-MP) Respond to President’s Request (RISU) 03/02/2007
  • Ukrainian Orthodox (UOC-KP) Synod Ready to Cooperate with UOC of USA (RISU) 03/02/2007

  • Pysanka, the Ukrainian Easter egg, a Vessel of Life (Ukrainian Museum) 03/01/2007
  • Ukraine's European integration bid rests on national interests -Yushchenko (Interfax) 03/01/2007
  • Ukraine, Georgia Reaffirm NATO Ambitions (RFE/RL) 03/01/2007
  • Ukraine is ready to send peacekeepers to Georgia (Unian) 03/01/2007
  • Georgia, Ukraine leaders eye joint peacekeeping force (RIA) 03/01/2007
  • Saakashvili Hails Ties with Ukraine (Civil Georgia) 03/01/2007
  • Ukraine, Georgia sign 5 agreements (Unian) 03/01/2007
  • Ukrainian President Visits Georgia (Civil Georgia) 03/01/2007
  • Interview: Ukrainian leader accuses rivals of using power to seek revenge (AP/Kyiv Post) 03/01/2007
  • Analysis: Ukraine's westward push (UPI) 03/01/2007
  • PM may seek early presidential election (Ukrainian Journal) 03/01/2007
  • Tymoshenko, in Washington, to discuss energy security, Ukraine crisis (Ukrainian Journal) 03/01/2007
  • NBU not likely to change exchange rate band in 2007, Poroshenko says (Ukrainian Journal) 03/01/2007
  • Ukrsotsbank mulls to raise $2 bln from capital markets in 2007 (Ukrainian Journal) 03/01/2007
  • Ukraine and Russia to ponder direct gas supplies (RBC) 03/01/2007
  • EFG Eurobank completes acquisition of Ukrainian Universal Bank (Sharewatch) 03/01/2007
  • Ukrainian airlines team up (Kyiv Post) 03/01/2007
  • UCU Holds Conference in Lviv on Post-Abortion Syndrome (RISU) 03/01/2007
  • Crimea Supports Greek Catholics, But UOC-MP Orthodox and Yalta Don’t (RISU) 03/01/2007
  • UOC-MP Orthodox in Kyiv Commemorate Some Metropolitans, Anathematize Others (RISU) 03/01/2007
  • Russian bishop sees chance for Pope-Patriarch summit (Catholic World News) 03/01/2007
  • Церква і суспільство: коментарі (Патріярхат) 03/01/2007
  • Від уніятизму до автокефалії (Патріярхат) 03/01/2007
  • Церкви горять (Патріярхат) 03/01/2007
  • Церкви горять: Довідка журналу «Патріярхат» (Патріярхат) 03/01/2007
  • Порада Україні від Всесвітньої Ради Церков (Патріярхат) 03/01/2007
  • Metalurh challenge Ukrainian quotas (UEFA) 03/01/2007
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