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Parliamentary Elections 2004
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  • Photo: Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko gestures as he speaks during an interview at his office in Kiev, June 30, 2004. A European economic power to rival its neighbors, with a strong rule of law, democratic ideals and packing diplomatic punch. This was how Yushchenko sketched out Ukraine's future on Wednesday for its 48 million people if he succeeds in breaking the grip of what he calls President Leonid Kuchma's 'corrupt regime' in an October election. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/30/2004
  • Poll: Yuschenko [24%], Yanukovych [16%], Symonenko [14%] lead presidential race (Interfax) 06/30/2004
  • Why Russia Gains From a Yushchenko Victory [By Taras Kuzio] (Moscow Times) 06/30/2004
  • One Yanukovych equals eight and a half Yushchenkos [on TV news] (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/30/2004
  • Volodymyr Lytvyn: 'The Verkhovna Rada must become the guarantor of an open and democratic presidential election' (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/30/2004
  • The Yanukovich nebula (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/30/2004
  • Kostyantyn Gryshchenko: 'Our complete strategic integration with a united Europe should not take decades' (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/30/2004
  • Українське питання в ПАРЄ: жовтень може стати вирішальним (BBC Ukrainian) 06/30/2004
  • Hussein Arraignment Set; Iraq Takes Custody Today (LA Times/Yahoo) 06/30/2004
  • Annan Suggests Azerbaijani Peacekeepers [along with those of Georgia, Ukraine and Nepal] Should Guard UN Personnel in Iraq, Report Says (Baku Today) 06/30/2004
  • Dzrinda urges Ukraine to improve democracy (Slovak Spectator) 06/30/2004

  • VIDEO: Point de presse following the NATO-Ukraine Commission by the NATO Secretary General and President of Ukraine [Eng/Ukr] (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • VIDEO: Opening remarks by the NATO Secretary General, NATO-Ukraine Commission in Istanbul, Turkey (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • VIDEO: Remarks by President Kuchma of Ukraine; NATO-Ukraine Commission in Istanbul, Turkey [in Ukrainian] (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Why no oil for one of Europe's pipelines? [Odessa-Brody] (UPI) 06/29/2004
  • Ukraine cannot join NATO now for low development rate - Kuchma, Scheffer (Interfax) 06/29/2004
  • Tenders for protection of Slovakia-Ukraine border issued (Slovensko) 06/29/2004
  • Ukrainian MPs set up protest tent camp over constitution reform bill (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/29/2004
  • Ukrainian parliament adopts preliminary version of contested constitutional amendments (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/29/2004
  • Viktor Yushchenko lines up high-profile election team (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/29/2004
  • Viktor Yushchenko says he will enter Ukrainian presidential race (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/29/2004
  • Viktor Yushchenko prevented from speaking in eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/29/2004
  • Fact Sheet: NATO-Ukraine Relations (USDOS) 06/29/2004
  • Photos: Joint Press Conference after the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) 29 June 2004 (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Photos: NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) 29 June 2004 (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Remarks by NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer Point de presse following the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Заява головуючого за підсумками засідання Комісії Україна - НАТО на рівні глав держав та урядів у Стамбулі (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Declaration du President Reunion au sommet de la Commission OTAN-Ukraine tenue a Istanbul (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Chairman’s statement: Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Istanbul, Turkey (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Introductory remarks by NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer at the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of Heads of State and Government (NATO) 06/29/2004
  • Kuchma calls for concrete program for Ukraine-EU cooperation (Interfax) 06/29/2004
  • NATO Hails Ukraine's Effort For Nato Membership But Says Do More (Turkish Press) 06/29/2004
  • Ukraine-NATO commission meeting opens in Istanbul (Interfax) 06/29/2004
  • One Yanukovych equals eight and a half Yushchenkos ... on Ukrainian TV news (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/29/2004
  • 'Jane's Defence Review' про перспективи України в НАТО (BBC Ukrainian) 06/29/2004
  • Генсек НАТО зробив заяву щодо України (BBC Ukrainian) 06/29/2004
  • NATO tells Ukraine to hold free polls,protect media (Arab Times) 06/29/2004

  • Генсек НАТО закликав до демократичних перетворень в Україні та впровадження цінностей альянсу (BBC Ukrainian) 06/28/2004
  • Віктор Ющенко йтиме на вибори самостійним кандидатом (BBC Ukrainian) 06/28/2004
  • Польща - за членство України в НАТО (BBC Ukrainian) 06/28/2004
  • Internet under surveillance 2004: Ukraine (Reporters sans frontières) 06/28/2004

  • У Сеньківці пролунав заклик до щільнішої інтеграції (BBC Ukrainian) 06/27/2004
  • Kiev Stories: A city reborn - with menacing 4x4s and naked sushi chefs (Independent) 06/27/2004
  • NATO leaders converge on Istanbul amid protests (AFP/YAhoo) 06/27/2004

  • Photo: Uniformed members of the Ukrainian paramilitary nationalist organization UNSO (Ukrainian National Self-Defence Organization) movement march through central Kiev, June 26, 2004. UNSO members celebrate the 14th anniversary of their movement on Saturday. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2004
  • Photo: Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko places a traditional Ukrainian funerary drapery in Warsaw, Poland, Saturday, June 26, 2004 on the coffin of Jacek Kuron, who led the struggle against Poland's communist leaders as a dissident in the 1970s and later became a popular government minister. Kuron died Thursday at age 70. (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2004
  • Дональд Рамсфельд дякує Молдові за Ірак (BBC Ukrainian) 06/26/2004
  • How a headless corpse and a dead witness came back to haunt the leader of Ukraine [Gongadze, Honcharov] (Independent) 06/26/2004
  • Rumsfeld Urges Russian Troop Pullout from Moldova (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2004

  • Orthodox (UOC-Kyiv Patriarchate) Support Pro-Ukrainian Statehood Candidates, Says Patriarch Filaret (RISU) 06/25/2004
  • Kuchma criticizes Our Ukraine for opposing constitutional reform; Ukrainian Social Democrats back Yanukovych for president... (RFE/RL) 06/25/2004
  • Ukraine to enforce equal rights for Tatars (BBC) 06/25/2004
  • Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs met with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan FOTO/S (BRAMA) 06/25/2004
  • Міністр закордонних справ України Костянтин Грищенко відвідав штаб-квартиру ООН FOTO/S (BRAMA) 06/25/2004
  • Statement of Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell: New Twist in Unsolved Murder of Ukrainian Journalist Heorhiy Gongadze (BRAMA) 06/25/2004
  • УГКЦ молитиметься за чесні вибори (BBC Ukrainian) 06/25/2004
  • Західна преса кидає тінь на президента Кучму? [Ґонґадзе] (BBC Ukrainian) 06/25/2004
  • Who Really Wears Pampers in Ukrainian Politics? (Ukrainska Pravda) 06/25/2004
  • Why the insurgents run rings around US [Iraq] (South Africa Star) 06/25/2004
  • Ukrainian Peacemakers Prevented Scaled Terrorist Act in As-Suveyra Iraqi City (UNIAN) 06/25/2004
  • Ukrainian Politician Courts Jews [Yushchenko] (Baltimore Jewish Times) 06/25/2004
  • Kuchma may meet with Bush in Istanbul (Interfax) 06/25/2004
  • Bush to Discuss Iraq Power Transfer with European Leaders (VOA) 06/25/2004
  • НАТО 'запросить Україну та Росію патрулювати Середзем'я' * (BBC Ukrainian) 06/25/2004
  • Вулфовіц вибачився перед журналістами в Іраку (BBC Ukrainian) 06/25/2004

  • Maurice Hinchey: Support for a democratic Ukraine (Congressional Record) 06/24/2004
  • Український омбудсмен стверджує, що в Абу-Греїб українських громадян катували (VOA) 06/24/2004
  • NATO Chief Hints At Busy Meeting Agenda [prepared to invite Russia and Ukraine to take part in antiterrorism naval patrols] (REF/RL) 06/24/2004
  • Ukraine Restores Long-Lost Rights For Tatars (RFE/RL) 06/24/2004
  • Заява американського сенатора в справi Гонгадзе (VOA) 06/24/2004
  • «Iндепендент» знову пише про справу Гонгадзе (VOA) 06/24/2004
  • Юлію Тимошенко знову хочуть позбавити депутатської недоторканності (VOA) 06/24/2004
  • Ukraine seamen detail Iraq prison torture (AP/NY Times) 06/24/2004
  • Слідчий у справі Ґонґадзе: стаття в Індепендент 'шкідлива' (BBC Ukrainian) 06/24/2004
  • Ukrainian Prosecutors To Probe Murder Of Gongadze Witness (RFE/RL) 06/24/2004
  • Leak forces Ukraine to investigate death of witness to murder [Honcharov, Gongadze] (Independent) 06/24/2004
  • Ukrainian parliament adopts preliminary version of contested constitutional amendments (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/24/2004
  • [Verkhovna Rada] Has Preliminarily Approved and Submitted to Constitutional Court Draft Law #4180 on Making Alterations to Constitution (UNIAN) 06/24/2004
  • Human rights ombudswoman says Ukrainian sailors were tortured in Iraq (Interfax) 06/24/2004
  • 27% of Ukrainians Sure That Ukraine Must Become NATO Member – Poll (UNIAN) 06/24/2004
  • Hromada Party may nominate jailed ex-Premier Lazarenko for president (Interfax) 06/24/2004

  • Dark side of the boom. Ukraine's president is bowing out and as the race to replace him begins, corruption could overshadow the country's economic success (Guardian) 06/23/2004
  • Парламент зробив перший крок у конституційній реформі (BBC Ukrainian) 06/23/2004
  • Верховна Рада в першому читаннi схвалила новий проект полiтреформи (VOA) 06/23/2004
  • Карпачова: українців піддавали тортурам у в'язниці Абу-Граїб (BBC Ukrainian) 06/23/2004
  • Ukrainians were 'treated like dogs' in Abu Ghraib prison (DPA/Deepika Global) 06/23/2004
  • Monument to “Unknown Bandit of Ukraine” Placed in Supreme Rada (UNIAN) 06/23/2004
  • Breakthrough in Gongadze case met with deep suspicion [CPJ] (BRAMA) 06/23/2004
  • [Ukrainian] Sailors claim Abu Ghraib torture (AP/The Australian) 06/23/2004
  • Photo: Ukraine's opposition faction deputies scuffle at the speaker's platform in an attempt to block the vote on a constitutional reform bill during parliament session in Kiev, June 23, 2004. Ukraine's parliament approved on Wednesday a constitutional reform bill backed by President Leonid Kuchma in the first of two readings, breathing life into an issue set to rankle European election monitors. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2004
  • Verkhovna Rada passes draft No.4180 and rejects draft No.3207-1 on political reform (Interfax) 06/23/2004
  • Парламент зробив перший крок у конституційній реформі. 'Наша Україна': внаслідок реформи Кучма зможе пересісти в крісло прем'єра (BBC Ukrainian) 06/23/2004

  • 2 Ukrainians in Abu Ghraib Prison Were Tortured, says Ombudsman (VOA) 06/22/2004
  • Prosecutor General's Office may open criminal case following The Independent article [Gongadze] (Interfax) 06/22/2004
  • Погляди оксфордського професора на президентськi вибори в Українi (VOA) 06/22/2004
  • Новi повороти в справi Гонгадзе (VOA) 06/22/2004
  • Лiвi закликають до виведення українських солдатiв з Iраку, депутати зважують питання (VOA) 06/22/2004
  • Thousands of Ukrainians Demand Government Withdraw Troops from Iraq (VOA) 06/22/2004
  • Photo: Young protesters hold icons while gathering in downtown Kiev to demand the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Iraq, Tuesday, June 22, 2004. Under the slogan 'Bring back our children from Iraq,' protesters, mainly supporters of Ukraine's opposition Communist party, also demanded an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. (AP/Yahoo) 06/22/2004
  • CPJ condemns deportation of independent [Ukrainian] journalist [Mikhail Podolyak] (CPJ) 06/22/2004
  • Журналісти закликають Кучму та його уряд шукати істину [Ґонґадзе] (BBC Ukrainian) 06/22/2004
  • Сотні жінок протестували проти участі українських вояків в іракському конфлікті (BBC Ukrainian) 06/22/2004
  • Генпрокуратура запевняє, що затримала вбивцю Георгія Ґонґадзе (BBC Ukrainian) 06/22/2004
  • ПАРЄ стурбована перевиборчою ситуацією в Україні (BBC Ukrainian) 06/22/2004
  • Contradictions between Ukraine and Russia on free trade zone will bury CES idea, experts say [Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 06/22/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian demonstrators stand in front of an anti-war banner in Kiev's central Independence Square, June 22, 2004. About 2,000 Communists and 5,000 Orthodox believers on Tuesday demanded Ukraine's government bring troops home from Iraq, saying politicians had no right to spill the blood of others for their own gain. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/22/2004
  • Officials keep forces in Iraq amid dissent (Wash Times) 06/22/2004
  • Thousands Call for Ukrainian Withdrawal from Iran [sic, s.b. Iraq] [2,000 Communists holding red flags, 5,000 Orthodox believers] (Reuters) 06/22/2004
  • Iraqi Resistance Report June 17 - 19, 2004 (Jihad Unspun) 06/22/2004
  • 'Killer admits' Gongadze murder (BBC) 06/22/2004
  • Man confesses to killing Ukrainian journalist [Georgiy Gongadze] (Reuters) 06/22/2004
  • Convicted Ukrainian Murderer Says He Killed Gongadze (RFE/RL) 06/22/2004
  • FT: Головоломка справи Ґонґадзе ускладнилася (BBC Ukrainian) 06/22/2004
  • М. Ґонґадзе: 'Прокуратура шукає варіанти, аби прикрити правду' (BBC Ukrainian) 06/22/2004
  • [Belarus] KGB deports Ukrainian freelance journalist [Mikhail Podoliak] (Reporters sans frontières) 06/22/2004
  • Witness's death adds to puzzle over fate of Ukraine journalist [Gongadze] (Financial Times) 06/22/2004
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Ukraine and the World” [Speech from June 28, 2000] (День) 06/22/2004
  • Unconventional Marxism: Yulian Bachynsky’s struggle for Ukrainian independence (День) 06/22/2004
  • “The Volhynian Nexus”: Ukrainians and Poles between the Two World Wars (День) 06/22/2004
  • Puzzle over fate of Ukraine journalist [Gongadze] (Financial Times) 06/22/2004

  • Офіційна Україна реагує на статтю в 'Індепендент' про розслідування справи Ґонґадзе (BBC Ukrainian) 06/21/2004
  • Українська влада відкидає звинувачення у гальмуванні справи Гонгадзе (VOA) 06/21/2004
  • На Полтавщині відбулися довибори до Верховної Ради (VOA) 06/21/2004
  • Україну очікують теледебати кандидатів у президенти (VOA) 06/21/2004
  • З Білорусі депортовано українського журналіста (BBC Ukrainian) 06/21/2004
  • Генпрокуратура: Гончаров помер від насильства [Ґонґадзе] (BBC Ukrainian) 06/21/2004
  • 'Killer admits' Gongadze murder (BBC) 06/21/2004
  • 'Кравченко наказав убити Гонгадзе від імені Кучми'. У Британії оприлюднено допити міліціонерів 'наружки' (Українська правда) 06/21/2004
  • Position available: Program Officer, Ukraine Program (Wash D.C.) (IRI) 06/21/2004
  • [Letter] Відкритий лист до кандидатів у президенти України В. Ющенко і В. Януковича (BRAMA) 06/21/2004
  • Was Gongadze's death an excess of executive power? (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/21/2004
  • Ukrainian nationalists battle to get Russian pop hits off buses (Independent) 06/21/2004
  • The first signs: Ukraine secured its first contract [in Iraq], which does not guarantee, though, that others will follow… (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/21/2004
  • Immortal's romance? [Zinchenko joins opposition's election campaign] (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/21/2004
  • Pressure piles on Ukrainian leader after leaks reveal attempts to cover up killing [From 6/19/2004] (Independent) 06/21/2004
  • Справа Ґонґадзе: 'не всі сидять тихо'. Автор статті в Індепендент А.Крушельницький сказав Бі-Бі-Сі, що його джерела готові свідчити в суді (BBC Ukrainian) 06/21/2004

  • Мороз: Кучма може стати кандидатом від влади (BBC Ukrainian) 06/20/2004
  • 'Pakistani scientists may be in N. Korea' (AFP/Millat) 06/20/2004
  • Стеження закінчено. Забудьте? Британська газета отримала нові матеріали у справі Ґонґадзе - від службовців українських правоохоронних органів (BBC Ukrainian) 06/20/2004

  • Українськi студенти стежитимуть за чеснiстю проведення президентських виборiв (VOA) 06/18/2004
  • Полiтичнi теленовини напередоднi президентських виборiв в Українi (VOA) 06/18/2004
  • Знову в СРСР? Президент Росії закликає відновити втрачені країнами СНД зв'язки - з урахуванням нових світових тенденцій (BBC Ukrainian) 06/18/2004
  • Омельченко: до викрадення Гонгадзе причетний президент Кучма (VOA) 06/18/2004
  • [?] U.S. to Welcome and Support Yanukovych as Future President only at Conditions of “Pure” Elections Conduction – Herbst ... U.S. may also welcome and support Viktor Yushchenko in case of his victory (UNIAN) 06/18/2004
  • Ukraine drive to keep Russian off buses [Lviv is the most Ukrainian city in the country and if we don't preserve our Ukrainian language we will lose our identity] (BBC) 06/18/2004
  • The new regionalism: drifting toward multi-polarity [pagedown to: Russia has returned to its traditional strategic doctrine of containing encirclement draw Ukraine and Belarus firmly into its orbit] (Eurasianet) 06/18/2004
  • Ukraine MPs call for impeachment [Gongadze] (BBC) 06/18/2004
  • New agreement on partnership should be included in Ukraine-EU Action Plan, Baziv says (Interfax) 06/18/2004
  • Moldova: Regional Tensions over Transdniestria [Russian support of the internationally unrecognized Dniestrian Moldovan Republic (DMR) is obstructing resolution of the conflict in Moldova] (Reuters/AlertNet) 06/18/2004
  • Верховна Рада внесла змiни у держбюджет (VOA) 06/18/2004
  • Громадськi слухання на тему зникнень та полiтичних убивств (VOA) 06/18/2004
  • Chechetov says Kryvorizhstal sale cannot be protested (Interfax) 06/18/2004

  • FT: приватизація Криворіжсталі - велика помилка (BBC Ukrainian) 06/17/2004
  • VR chairman, Interfax president discuss Ukrainian legislation on mass media (Interfax) 06/17/2004
  • Ukraine will supply most of Iraqi army (Financial Times) 06/17/2004
  • Г.Омельченко: Рада блокує звіт по Ґонґадзе (BBC Ukrainian) 06/17/2004
  • МЗС Росії захищає російський культурний центр у Львові (BBC Ukrainian) 06/17/2004
  • Сивкович: Криворіжсталь має лишатися в руках держави (BBC Ukrainian) 06/17/2004
  • Події в Мукачевому очима сержанта міліції (BBC Ukrainian) 06/17/2004
  • Ukraine's missing missiles (Jane's) 06/17/2004
  • Letter: EU must make all members equal before more expansion (Financial Times) 06/17/2004

  • Заклик до громадян України за кордоном [СКУ] (BRAMA) 06/16/2004
  • Commentary: Ukraine's steel deal [Kryvorizhstal] (Financial Times) 06/16/2004
  • CPU Leader [Petro Symonenko] Wants to Return to Idea of President’s Election by Parliament (UNIAN) 06/16/2004
  • Back to the future: new US-Russia arms race (CS Monitor) 06/16/2004
  • Yanukovych advocates phased economic integration within CES [Common Economic Spac] and CIS [Commonwealthh of Independent States] (Interfax) 06/16/2004
  • CES integration will help create stable development zone, says Premier [] (Interfax) 06/16/2004
  • Kryvorizhstal: “strays” among patriots (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/16/2004
  • Central Election Commission: official start of presidential campaign is July 3 (Interfax) 06/16/2004
  • Presidential Election Campaign to Start in Ukraine on July 3 – CEC (UNIAN) 06/16/2004
  • Kuchma calls for Parliament-Government commission to push through economic reform (Interfax) 06/16/2004
  • God's Envy [Ukraine's shadow economy] (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/16/2004
  • A nasty business in Ukraine. If Ukraine wants to send out a danger signal to foreign investors, it's going about it in the right way [Kryvorizhstal] (BBC) 06/16/2004

  • Пристрастi навколо продажу Криворiжсталi не вщухають (VOA) 06/15/2004
  • Aгентство з моделювання ситуацiй про кандидата Януковича (VOA) 06/15/2004
  • Перед виборами Верховна Рада до справи Гонгадзе не повернеться (VOA) 06/15/2004
  • Передвиборчу команду Ющенка очолив колишнiй есдек Зiнченко (VOA) 06/15/2004
  • Ukrainian PM optimistic about Common Economic Space [Stepping up integration processes...] (Interfax) 06/15/2004
  • Securities, prosecutors to control Tax Administration activity - Kuchma (Interfax) 06/15/2004
  • Supremes To Foreigners: Get Your Own Courts [ruling involves a lawsuit by vitamin buyers in the Ukraine, Australia, Ecuador, and Panama] (Forbes) 06/15/2004
  • Letter: A Stalinist Torture Tactic (Wash Post) 06/15/2004
  • Pagedown to: Privatization, Ukrainina style [Kryvorizhstal] (RFE/RL) 06/15/2004
  • LNM loses bid for Ukraine steel plant, asks Ukrainian government to investigate tender; winning bid was much lower than amount offered by LNM. (Rediff) 06/15/2004
  • Віктор Пінчук купив Криворіжсталь (VOA) 06/15/2004
  • Ukraine sells off biggest steel business [Kryvorizhstal] (Financial Times) 06/15/2004
  • Конституційна реформа знову відкладається (VOA) 06/15/2004
  • “Our Ukraine” Conducts Successful Negotiations About Creation of Election Coalition, Including with Centrists – Yushchenko (UNIAN) 06/15/2004
  • Ukrainian Deputy Speaker [Oleksandr Zinchenko] to run Yushchenko's campaign during the presidential election (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/15/2004
  • Victor Yushchenko discussed bilateral cooperation issues with Russia's Ambassador Chornomyrdin (Ukrayinska Pravda) 06/15/2004

  • Володимир Полохало: Янукович визрів як несамостійний політик (Політична думка) 06/14/2004
  • Kryvorizhstal tender conducted lawfully, says SPF head (Interfax) 06/14/2004
  • Погляди Москви на українськi вибори (VOA) 06/14/2004
  • Chairman's statement: Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NATO) 06/14/2004
  • Kryvorizhstal sold for $779M [United States Steel Corp. of Pittsburgh criticized the decision] (The Deal) 06/14/2004
  • Court Blocks Foreign Price-Fixing Suits [Companies based in Australia, Ecuador, Panama and Ukraine wanted to use U.S. antitrust laws to pursue damages; claimed they were overcharged for vitamins beginning in the late 1980s] (AP/Yahoo) 06/14/2004
  • Antitrust Laws Don't Cover Foreign Cases [US Judge dismissed the lawsuit filed in 2000 by Australia, Ecuador, Panama and Ukraine to recover billions of dollars in overcharges from vitamin cartel] (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/14/2004
  • A Triumph of Hope and Hype: Ukraine may be safe from a repeat of its diplomatic embarrassment at the Prague NATO summit, but ahead of the Istanbul summit, its blithe disregard for NATO concerns continues (Transitions Online) 06/14/2004
  • Scandal over Ukraine steel sale. A company owned by the son-in-law of Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma has won a tender to buy Kryvorizhstal, the country's biggest steel plant (BBC) 06/14/2004
  • CIS new executive secretary Rushailo comes in Kyiv for talks on Commonwealth problems (Interfax) 06/14/2004
  • Seminar Jun 16-17: European standards on election coverage [Soumy, Ukraine] (IJNet) 06/14/2004
  • Ukraine not yet ready to enter NATO, says Kuchma (Interfax) 06/14/2004

  • Ukraine: Integrity Assessment (Center for Public Integrity) 06/12/2004
  • Ukraine gets a 'weak' rating in the Public Integrity Index (Center for Public Integrity) 06/12/2004

  • Ukraine accuses NATO assembly of interfering in its affairs (AFP/SpaceWar) 06/11/2004
  • Ukrainian Tax Chief [Yuriy Kravchenko] Resigns Under Pressure (RFE/RL) 06/11/2004
  • Політична ситуація напередодні початку президентської передвиборчої кампанії (Полiтична думка) 06/11/2004
  • [Presidential administration] Considers NATO's Communique Intermingling into Internal Affairs of Ukraine (UNIAN) 06/11/2004
  • East: Reagan Leaves Complex Legacy In Former Soviet Bloc [from 6/10/04] (RFE/RL) 06/11/2004
  • At conference of Ukrainian Jews, [Viktor Yuschenko] courts the Jewish vote [from 6/10/04] (JTA) 06/11/2004
  • Presidential administration says NATO parliament assembly call for Kuchma to stay out of presidential election is 'interference' (Interfax) 06/11/2004
  • Kuchma satisfied with cooperation with Russia [CES - Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 06/11/2004
  • Новi звинувачення на адресу Юлiї Тимошенко (VOA) 06/11/2004

  • Public Prosecutor's Office urges parliament to strip immunity of Yulia Tymoshenko [Bribery charges] (Interfax) 06/10/2004

  • Kuchma: Main Problem of Ukraine in WTO Entrance Is Non-Adoption of Intellectual Property Law by Supreme Rada (UNIAN) 06/09/2004
  • Kuchma Advises Yanukovych, As Possible Presidential Candidate, Not to Try to Please Anybody (UNIAN) 06/09/2004
  • Kuchma doubts Yanukovych's rating has fallen (Interfax) 06/09/2004
  • VR Chairman Lytvyn Appointed Head of National Agricultural Party of Ukraine (UNIAN) 06/09/2004
  • Law on Alternative to Military Service Comes into Effect (RISU) 06/09/2004
  • Ukraine To Seek Lazarenko's Extradition (RFE/RL) 06/09/2004
  • Ukraine's prosecutor says Lazarenko should be tried at home (AP/SF Chronicle) 06/09/2004
  • Wind Electric Station and Fish Processing Plant to Be Built on Tuzla - Kuchma (UNIAN) 06/09/2004
  • Чергова прес-конференцiя президента Кучми (VOA) 06/09/2004
  • На Тузлі побудують вітряк і 'переробний заводик'. Леонід Кучма сказав, що на острові побудують рибнопереробний завод та вітряну установку (BBC Ukrainian) 06/09/2004
  • Генпрокуратура хоче екстрадиції Лазаренка (BBC Ukrainian) 06/09/2004
  • Kuchma denies future presidential election will be invalidated (Interfax) 06/09/2004
  • Президент хоче 'подивитися на Україну без Кучми' (УНІАН) 06/09/2004
  • Kuchma again says he won't run for third term (Interfax) 06/09/2004

  • Why Was Former Prime Minister Lazarenko Tried In The U.S.? (RFE/RL) 06/08/2004
  • GUUAM [Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova] summit in Batumi postponed indefinitely (Interfax) 06/08/2004
  • SBU Ex-Director Derkach Carried Out Large Work to Protect Melnychenko's Life - Former Council of Ukraine to Munich (UNIAN) 06/08/2004
  • Semi-Democracy. The latest Ukrainian election has gone better than some had feared. (Transitions Online) 06/08/2004
  • Wesley Clark: Ukraine is a key state for Europe (День) 06/08/2004
  • Romano Prodi: “I did not make the statement attributed to me” (День) 06/08/2004
  • Do You Want an English Lawn Outside the Window? (День) 06/08/2004
  • 'Nuclear Security in Ukraine: European Perspective' Round Table to Take Place in Brussels on June 10 (UNIAN) 06/08/2004
  • Summit is a huge global affair (SF Chronicle) 06/08/2004
  • Ukraine, NATO sign NATO-Ukraine Memorandum of Strategic Air Lift (Interfax) 06/08/2004
  • Six soldiers from Poland, Slovakia and Latvia killed defusing munitions in Iraq (AP/SF Chronicle) 06/08/2004
  • Forty armed Iranians stopped [by Ukrainian trooops] at Iraqi border (AFP/Pakistan Daily Times) 06/08/2004
  • Ukraine signs first contract for Iraq reconstruction, says Foreign Ministry (Interfax) 06/08/2004
  • [Slovakian President Rudolf] Schuster says United Europe cannot come about without Ukraine (Interfax) 06/08/2004
  • Roh Cites Ukrainian Precedent for Possible Nuke Crisis Resolution (Yonhap News) 06/08/2004
  • South Korea wants to study Ukrainian experience in giving up nuclear weapons (Interfax) 06/08/2004

  • NATO Signs Agreement On Use Of Ukrainian Aircraft (RFE/RL) 06/07/2004
  • Україна і НАТО підписали меморандум (BBC Ukrainian) 06/07/2004
  • British 'heavyweight' weighs in on Ukraine elections - By Tony Leliw SPECIAL (BRAMA) 06/07/2004
  • Book investigating death of journalist Gongadze now released in Ukrainian - 'OBEZHOLOVLENYI' (BEHEADED) (BRAMA) 06/07/2004
  • Warm welcome, failed farewell [American retired General Wesley K. Clark in Kyiv] (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/07/2004
  • Opening Remarks by NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, NATO-Ukraine high level consultations (NATO) 06/07/2004
  • NATO-Ukraine meet to boost ties (AFP/SpaceWar) 06/07/2004
  • Brussels conference discusses Ukraine's place in wider Europe (Interfax) 06/07/2004
  • Schengen border is no obstacle to Ukraine-Slovakia cooperation - Schuster (Interfax) 06/07/2004
  • FYI: Schengen agreement [From 4/30/2001] (BBC) 06/07/2004
  • FYI: EU Enlargement & Schengen Border Regimes [Conflict Studies Research Centre][PDF format, March 2001] (UK Defence Academy) 06/07/2004
  • The Shadow of Victory [The political struggle in Ukraine has long ceased to be a confrontation of personalities or a competition between platforms] (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/07/2004
  • Tit for tat [...clumsy efforts to brush off Yanukovych’s onetime convictions...] (Дзеркало Тижня) 06/07/2004
  • UkrSpecExport [denies] that it has won contract for supply of $78m worth of equipment to Iraq (Interfax) 06/07/2004
  • Washington Wants German Support for Iraq UN Resolution (Deutsche Welle) 06/07/2004

  • Attack dampens Ukrainian Journalist's Day (UANewswire) 06/06/2004

  • Звернення Української Всесвітньої Координаційної Ради до журналістів, працівників ЗМІ... (BRAMA) 06/05/2004

  • Довибори до Верховної Ради України по округи №136 в Одесі (Політична думка ) 06/04/2004
  • Ukrainian Prosecutors Hail Ex-Premier's Conviction In US (RFE/RL) 06/04/2004
  • Photo: Military recruiters 'made it seem as if they were going to a health resort,' says Lyudmila Mykhalevskaya, shown with her surviving son at home in Berezivka [Article: War Widow's Lament: 'He Died for Money'] (Wash Post) 06/04/2004
  • Lazarenko Will Not Have Time for Politics, If He Returns in Ukraine, Because General Prosecutor's Office Is Waiting for Him - Baziv (UNIAN) 06/04/2004
  • Ukrainian prosecutor's office vows to take on Lazarenko's case (Interfax - Moscow) 06/04/2004
  • Lazarenko to again stand trial Sep 16, lawyer believes he will be acquitted (Interfax) 06/04/2004
  • Former Ukrainian PM to appeal conviction [Pavlo Lazarenko] (RFE/RL) 06/04/2004
  • US prosecutor believes Lazarenko's verdict will serve as warning to all corrupt officials (Interfax) 06/04/2004
  • US prosecutors find Lazarenko guilty of all charges (Interfax) 06/04/2004
  • Former Ukraine prime minister convicted in S.F [Pavlo Lazarenko] (SF Chronicle) 06/04/2004
  • Ukraine's ex-PM found guilty in US of money-laundering [Pavlo Lazarenko] (Financial Times) 06/04/2004
  • Зброя з України справді прямувала до Єгипту (BBC Ukrainian) 06/04/2004
  • Справа Лазаренка: можливі варіанти (BBC Ukrainian) 06/04/2004
  • Суд присяжних США визнав Лазаренка винним (BBC Ukrainian) 06/04/2004
  • TNK-BP Confirms Its Interest in 'Odesa-Brody' Reverse (UNIAN) 06/04/2004
  • Head of Supreme Rada Special Commissioned Contests in Court Legality of 'Kryvorozhstal' Privatization (UNIAN) 06/04/2004
  • Written invitations to Foreign Observers to Ukrainian Presidential Elections Will Be Sent in Early July - AP (UNIAN) 06/04/2004
  • Marchuk Confirms Ukraine Has Won US Tender on Re-Equipment of Iraqi Army (UNIAN) 06/04/2004
  • War Widow's Lament: 'He Died for Money'. Iraq Duty Had Lure for Poor Ukrainians (Wash Post) 06/04/2004

  • Photo: Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko leaves the Philip Burton Federal Courthouse in San Francisco, June 3, 2004. Lazarenko was convicted on all counts against him of using his position to extort tens of millions of dollars from his country and launder it through U.S. banks. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Photo: With his attorney Daniel Horowitz behind him, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko leaves the Philip Burton Federal Courthouse in San Francisco, June 3, 2004. Lazarenko was convicted on all counts against him of using his position to extort tens of millions of dollars from his country and launder it through U.S. banks. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Photo: With his son Olexander (L) at his side, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko leaves the Philip Burton Federal Courthouse in San Francisco, June 3, 2004. Lazarenko was convicted on all counts against him of using his position to extort tens of millions of dollars from his country and launder it through U.S. banks. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Photo: Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko leaves the Philip Burton Federal Courthouse in San Francisco, June 3, 2004. Lazarenko was convicted on all counts against him of using his position to extort tens of millions of dollars from his country and launder it through U.S. banks. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Ukraine Editor's Beating Spurs Concerns (AP/Newsday) 06/03/2004
  • Former Ukrainian PM Found Guilty by US Jury [Pavlo Lazarenko] (VOA) 06/03/2004
  • Ukraine Ex-Leader Convicted of Extortion [Pavlo Lazarenko] (AP/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Ex-Ukraine Leader Convicted in U.S. Court [Pavlo Lazarenko] (Reuters) 06/03/2004
  • Former Ukrainian PM Lazarenko convicted in US (AFP/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Photo: Pavlo Lazarenko, the former prime minister of Ukraine, leaves a San Francisco federal courthouse during a break in closing arguments Wednesday, May 26, 2004. A federal jury on Thursday, June 3, 2004, found Lazarenko guilty on money laundering and extortion charges. Federal prosecutors argued he had misused his high office in the former Soviet republic to get rich through a series of business schemes in his homeland. (AP/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Ukraine Editor's Beating Spurs Concerns [Petro Kobevko, editor of the weekly Chas] (AP/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Secretary General to Chair High­Level NATO ­ Ukraine Consultations (Epicos) 06/03/2004
  • ПАРЄ, за певних умов, може припинити монiторинг по Українi (VOA) 06/03/2004
  • Достроковi канiкули для парламентарiв? (VOA) 06/03/2004
  • Лазаренка визнано винним (VOA) 06/03/2004
  • Photo: Turkish State Minister Kursat Tuzmen looks at a seized radio controlled missile as he joins an investigation team to inspect a cache of weaponry, seized at Ambarli port in Istanbul, June 3, 2004. Turkish authorities investigating a cargo ship travelling from Ukraine to Egypt after customs officials discovered two containers with missile launchers, weapons, missiles and ammunition. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • CES may have common currency in 3 years [Common/Single Economic Space] (Interfax-Belarus) 06/03/2004
  • День суржикá (Потяг 76) 06/03/2004
  • Editor of weekly paper beaten up [Petro Kobevko, editor of the weekly Chas] (Reporters sans frontières) 06/03/2004
  • PACE monitor says June session may not examine Ukraine issue (Interfax) 06/03/2004
  • Ex-premier Lazarenko back on Interpol's international wanted list until Aug 2008 (Interfax) 06/03/2004
  • Clark says Ukraine will become NATO member country (Interfax) 06/03/2004
  • Moldova proposes to transfer GUUAM summit from Batumi to another city (Interfax) 06/03/2004
  • Turkey Seizes Missile Shipment headed for Egypt from Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Photo: Port security officers block a road heading to one of the docks at Ambarli port in Istanbul, June 3, 2004, after Turkish authorities discovered a cargo ship travelling from Ukraine to Egypt with a cache of sophisticated weapons on board. Customs officials discovered at least two containers holding various weapons, including a rocket launcher, missiles and ammunition, when the ship stopped to refuel outside Istanbul on Wednesday, state minister Kursad Tuzmen said. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Photo: Port security officers divert a truck at Ambarli port in Istanbul June 3, 2004, after Turkish authorities discovered a cargo ship travelling from Ukraine to Egypt with a cache of sophisticated weapons on board. Customs officials discovered at least two containers holding various weapons, including a rocket launcher, missiles and ammunition, when the ship stopped to refuel outside Istanbul on Wednesday, state minister Kursad Tuzmen said (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2004
  • Interpol National Central Bureau Renewed International Search of Lazarenko (UNIAN) 06/03/2004
  • Ukrainian, NATO Defense Ministers to sign in Warsaw memorandum of mutual understanding - Secretary General (Interfax) 06/03/2004
  • Turks 'seize major arms shipment' (BBC) 06/03/2004
  • Кучма має сумніви щодо заповнення нафтопроводу “Одеса-Броди” після введення в дію нафтопроводу “Баку-Джейхан” (УНІАН) 06/03/2004
  • Коли Потяг у даль загуркоче... (Потяг 76) 06/03/2004
  • Op-Ed: Letters from the New World (Submerging Markets) 06/03/2004

  • Опозицiя звинувачує Кабмiн у приховуваннi бюджетних грошей (VOA) 06/02/2004
  • Що думають кияни про судимостi прем`єра Януковича? (VOA) 06/02/2004
  • Колишнiй претендент у президенти США Кларк вiдвiдав Київ (VOA) 06/02/2004
  • Мукачівський виборчий скандал: затримано підозрюваних (BBC Ukrainian) 06/02/2004
  • Україна посідає останнє місце серед країн - учасниць ЄЕП за рівнем середньої заробітної плати (УНІАН) 06/02/2004
  • Guard heads to Kosovo [Spc. Natalya Radyk, born in the Ukraine] (Ohio Beacon Journal) 06/02/2004
  • The Black Sea and the Frontiers of Freedom (Policy Review) 06/02/2004
  • Верховна Рада отримала докази порушень у Мукачеві (BBC Ukrainian) 06/02/2004
  • Україна, Угорщина та Британія дружитимуть парламентами (BBC Ukrainian) 06/02/2004
  • Orthodox Churches Should Unite, Says Premier Yanukovych (RISU) 06/02/2004
  • Leader of Zaporizhzhia Young Communists Apologizes for Soviet Anti-Church Policy (RISU) 06/02/2004
  • SPU, CPU Leadership to Hold Joint Session to Determine Their Positions on United Presidential Candidate (UNIAN) 06/02/2004
  • Мер Києва критикує міськради Харкова, Донецька та Дніпропетровська за їх відмову підвищити тарифи на транспорт (УНІАН) 06/02/2004

  • Сенсаційні свідчення у Верховній Раді (BBC Ukrainian) 06/01/2004
  • Kyiv not so eager to integrate with Moscow? [Page down] (RFE/RL) 06/01/2004
  • 'Our Ukraine' Demanding Resignation of Prosecutor General Vassyliev (UNIAN) 06/01/2004
  • Memorial Day: U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq honored; activists call for peace (Cape Cod Times) 06/01/2004
  • The Importance of Being Earnest [The past few weeks have thrown up some unexpected twists in Ukraine’s presidential campaign.] (Transitions Online) 06/01/2004
  • Our Ukraine MPs demanding vote of no confidence in Prosecutor General (Interfax) 06/01/2004
  • Militiaman Announces His Leadership Ordered Him to Leave Mukachevo City Council, Where Election Bulletins Were Kept (UNIAN) 06/01/2004
  • A Former President's Mad Dash to 80. For George H.W. Bush, it's parties, parachutes and trips around the world (Time) 06/01/2004
  • Pipeline extension under threat [Odessa-Brody][From 5/31/04] (Warsaw Business Journal) 06/01/2004
  • [Page down to] Third day of deliberations in Lazarenko case (SF Chronicle) 06/01/2004
  • Mayor of troubled Ukrainian town of Mukachevo resigns [5/31/04] (UANewswire) 06/01/2004
  • ВР не підтримала рішення про визнання недостатньою роботи генпрокуратури з розслідування ситуації в Мукачевому (УНІАН) 06/01/2004
  • Несподівана відставка? Радник глави президентської адміністрації каже, що Ернест Нусер попередив лише губернатора (BBC Ukrainian) 06/01/2004
  • Чи відповідає інтересам України угода з газового консорціуму? (BBC Ukrainian) 06/01/2004
  • Washington Wants German Support for Iraq UN Resolution (Deutsche Welle) 06/01/2004
  • Hungary supports Ukraine's associated membership in EU - Parliament Speaker (Interfax) 06/01/2004
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