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Parliamentary Elections 2004
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  • Мiжнародна амнiстiя про ситуацiю в Українi (VOA) 05/31/2004

  • Ukraine won't coordinate WTO plans with other CES states (Interfax) 05/28/2004
  • Ukrainian, Czech leaders discuss political and economic cooperation (Interfax) 05/28/2004
  • Kuchma satisfied with support for Ukraine at Mamaia summit [Romania] (Interfax) 05/28/2004
  • Tensions simmer at Romania summit (BBC) 05/28/2004
  • Russia 'respects' Ukraine's desire to join EU, NATO (EUbusiness) 05/28/2004
  • Kuchma hails proposal to set up in Poland bureau of EU Commissioner for eastward enlargement (Interfax) 05/28/2004
  • Ukraine vacillates, hinders plans to extend oil pipeline to Poland, says Polish dep. minister [Odessa-Brody] (Interfax) 05/28/2004
  • Л.Кучма скритикував Євросоюз за стратегію щодо України (BBC Ukrainian) 05/28/2004
  • НАТО таки запрошує президента Кучму (BBC Ukrainian) 05/28/2004
  • [NBU chairman] Tihipko Not In A Hurry To Support Yanukovych (UNIAN) 05/28/2004
  • Ukraine, Russia, Agreed to Carry Out Regulatory Consultations on Collaboration with European Organizations (UNIAN) 05/28/2004
  • Kinakh to Ballot at Presidential Elections-2004 (UNIAN) 05/28/2004
  • Kuchma hails Our Ukraine's participation in reforming country's political system (Interfax) 05/28/2004

  • Bush Looks to Heaven While Iraq Goes to Hell (Dissident Voice) 05/27/2004
  • Trial of Former Ukrainian PM Winds Down in San Francisco [Lazarenko] (VOA) 05/27/2004
  • Продi спростовує приписуванi йому заяви про Українy (VOA) 05/27/2004
  • Полiтреформа - раунд другий (VOA) 05/27/2004
  • War crime suspect Jafar Bazinji is in Ukraine [Sheik Jafar Bazinji] (Kurdish Media) 05/27/2004
  • New blow to Iraqi reconstruction as Russians pull out (AFP/Yahoo) 05/27/2004
  • Putin Accuses Critics of Working for Foreign Powers (NYTimes) 05/27/2004
  • UK urges neighbours to push for change in Myanmar (Reuters) 05/27/2004
  • Офіційного запрошення Кучмі на саміт НАТО немає (BBC Ukrainian) 05/27/2004
  • Moroz Believes He Will Have to Propose His Candidature at Presidential Election-2004 (UNIAN) 05/27/2004
  • Suit Brought Against Daily 'Ukraina Moloda' (UNIAN) 05/27/2004
  • Underpaid, Underqualified, and Under the Gun: Ukraine’s judiciary faces mounting obstacles as corruption worsens, political influence becomes inescapable, and professional standards plummet (Transitions Online) 05/27/2004
  • Voice from Past Haunts Ukraine President--His Own [Mykola Melnychenko/Kuchmagate tapes] (Reuters) 05/27/2004
  • One in three would vote for Yuschenko in run off, but 36 percent sure Yanukovych wins (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/27/2004
  • NATO decides to invite Kuchma for Istanbul summit 'in principle' (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/27/2004
  • Ex-Ukraine Leader's Trial Arguments Close [Lazarenko] (AP/Yahoo) 05/27/2004
  • A Trade War in the Skies over The Single Economic Space [from 5/25/04] (День) 05/27/2004
  • George Bush Sr.’s call to improve democracy [from 5/25/04] (День) 05/27/2004
  • America Confronts Old and New Europe [US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s petulant remark of last year about “old and new Europe” was right for the wrong reasons...] [from 5/25/04] (День) 05/27/2004
  • Upcoming Ukraine Presidential Elections Concern the U.S [from 5/25/04] (День) 05/27/2004
  • Americans are more disappointed by Ukraine than tired of it [from 5/25/04] (День) 05/27/2004
  • Eastern, central European leaders talk EU enlargement, Balkan stability (EU Business) 05/27/2004
  • Leaders of 16 eastern and central European countries gather in Romania for two-day summit (BBC) 05/27/2004
  • Central European summit in Romania (UPI/Wash Times) 05/27/2004
  • Ukraine awaiting from Brussels clear signals on Eurointegration - Kuchma (Interfax) 05/27/2004
  • Prodi denies saying Ukraine has no prospects for EU membership (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/27/2004
  • Prodi denies political motives in issue of market economy status for Ukraine (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/27/2004

  • Ukrainian PM's criminal record revealed (IOL) 05/26/2004
  • Iraqi Supreme Court rejects Navstar sailors' appeal to return to Ukraine [Ukrainian sailors jailed in Iraq for smuggling fuel] (Interfax) 05/26/2004
  • Articles, on Which Ukrainian Premier Was Sentenced, Made Public in Donetsk (UNIAN) 05/26/2004
  • Two online journalists imprisoned [Olexandre Pomytkin, Kharkiv; Kostyantyn Sydorenko, Mukacheve] (Reporters sans frontières) 05/26/2004
  • Russia Forges Post-Soviet Economic Union (CNS News) 05/26/2004
  • At mortuary in Kuwait, soldiers live among death (Virginian-Pilot) 05/26/2004
  • U.S. Hopes New UN Resolution Gets Troops to Iraq (AP/Yahoo) 05/26/2004
  • Gadhafi explains reasons for boycotting Arab summit (Lebanon Daily Star) 05/26/2004
  • Yanukovych, Bereuter note revival of Ukrainian-US dialogue (Interfax) 05/26/2004
  • Talks on Transdnestria settlement continue in Chisinau (Interfax) 05/26/2004
  • Rare US Trial of Ex-Ukraine Leader in End Phase [Pavlo Lazarenko] (Reuters) 05/26/2004
  • Lawyers offer final arguments in former Ukraine leader's trial [Pavlo Lazarenko] (AP/San Jose Mercury News) 05/26/2004
  • Україна збільшить кількість вояків в Іраку (BBC Ukrainian) 05/26/2004
  • President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Visits Ukraine (Epicos) 05/26/2004

  • Апеляційний суд у Києві розглядає скаргу на рішення про закриття 'Сільських вістей' (BBC Ukrainian) 05/25/2004
  • [Pagedown] More on libel suit against 'Ukrayinska Pravda' (Internet news site critical of the country's leadership) (RFE/RL) 05/25/2004
  • Freedom House Says 'New Divide' Formalized By EU Expansion (RFE/RL) 05/25/2004
  • PACE monitors to visit Kyiv, Mukacheve and Odesa (Interfax) 05/25/2004
  • Bereuter: Fair election in 2004 will help Ukraine toward NATO (Interfax) 05/25/2004
  • Report: dirty bomb easy to buy in Ukraine (UPI/Wash Times) 05/25/2004
  • Ukraine not yet ready to join EU - British ambassador (Interfax) 05/25/2004
  • UK Ambassador: Ukraine must concentrate on EU action plan and WTO (Interfax) 05/25/2004
  • Конституцiйний суд про умови дострокового припинення повноважень Верховної Ради (VOA) 05/25/2004
  • Опитування: Янукович наздоганяє Ющенка (VOA) 05/25/2004
  • Aмериканськi законодавцi в Києвi (VOA) 05/25/2004
  • Президент Асамблеї НАТО закликає до прозорих виборів; пов'язує демократичність виборів з просуванням України до НАТО (BBC Ukrainian) 05/25/2004

  • Президент Буш виклав стратегiю США в Iраку на найближчi мiсяцi (VOA) 05/24/2004
  • Пiд вартою опинився журналiст-свiдок подiй в Мукачевомy (VOA) 05/24/2004
  • Соцдослiдження: в Українi переважають скептики (VOA) 05/24/2004
  • Самiт глав держав-учасниць ЄЕП (VOA) 05/24/2004
  • Leaders Of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia Meet (RFE/RL) 05/24/2004
  • Constitutional Court to Make Public Decision on Submission of President on Procedure of Preschedule Termination of Supreme Rada Authorities (UNIAN) 05/24/2004
  • Organizational Stage of UES [United Economic Space, a.k.a. Common or Single Economic Space] Formation Finished, High Time to Fulfill Plans - Kuchma (UNIAN) 05/24/2004
  • Kuchma: CES should prepare regulatory framework as soon as possible (Interfax) 05/24/2004
  • Yalta summit confirms political will of CES countries to create union, says Kuchma (Interfax) 05/24/2004
  • Other countries also want to join Common Economic Space - Nazarbayev (Interfax-Kazakhstan) 05/24/2004
  • Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussian see benefits of unity (Interfax-Belarus) 05/24/2004
  • Morgue Records Show 5,500 Iraqis Killed [since President Bush declared an end to major combat operations on May 1, 2003... Ukraine reports 5 deaths.] (AP/Yahoo) 05/24/2004
  • Carrot Scout [George Bush Sr. revisits the the country to whose independence he once objected; 'Chicken Kiev' speech] (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/24/2004
  • A pearl-casting game [...symbolically, First Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Chaliy submitted his resignation immediately after the Parliament ratified the agreement on establishing the Single Economic Space...] (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/24/2004
  • EU Trade Comissioner Pascal Lamy: 'The first priority for Ukraine should be accession to the World Trade Organisation' (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/24/2004
  • Bush Sr. clarifies 'Chicken Kiev' speech (Wash Times) 05/24/2004
  • Papa Bush's 'chicken Kiev' (Financial Times) 05/24/2004
  • Will Rule of Law Prevail in Ukraine? [From 5/21/04] (RFE/RL) 05/24/2004
  • У Криму - саміт президентів ЄЕП (BBC Ukrainian) 05/24/2004
  • Чи можливо створити національно-територіальну автономію в Криму? (BBC Ukrainian) 05/24/2004
  • Two-man Race Developing In Ukraine (CPOD) 05/24/2004

  • Буш-старший у Києвi (VOA) 05/23/2004
  • Догомога чи втручання у внутрiшнi справи? (VOA) 05/23/2004

  • Bush Sr. hails democratic changes in Ukraine (AFP/Yahoo) 05/21/2004
  • George Bush Sr.: Ukraine should improve democracy (Interfax) 05/21/2004
  • Ющенко, Тимошенко і Мороз обговорили з Бушем-старшим проблеми політичної ситуації в Україні та світі (УНІАН) 05/21/2004
  • What the United States Should Do in Ukraine (Computer Crime Research Center) 05/21/2004

  • Тимошенко: Медведчук 'повторює сталінські репресії в Україні' (BBC Ukrainian) 05/20/2004
  • Upcoming Ukraine presidential elections concern the U.S. - Ukrainian Americans call for support of S.Con.Res. 106 [UACC] (BRAMA) 05/20/2004
  • U.S. Congressional hearing on U.S.-Ukraine Relations [UNIS/UCCA] (BRAMA) 05/20/2004
  • 125 років з дня народження Симона Петлюри; Спілка українців Британії закликає надсилати протестні листи до президента України [УВКР] (BRAMA) 05/20/2004
  • Ukraine calls for peaceful settlement of Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Interfax) 05/20/2004
  • Blunder After Blunder [RFE/RL talks to an expert on the Ukrainian military about the parlous state of Europe's largest armed forces.] (RFE/RL) 05/20/2004
  • General Prosecutor's Office Brought Criminal Case Against Yulia Tymoshenko for Her Attempt to Bribe Court (UNIAN) 05/20/2004
  • Yanukovych criticizes EU silence on Ukraine's free market status (Interfax) 05/20/2004
  • CPU, SPU MPs to ask president to withdraw peacekeepers from Iraq (Interfax) 05/20/2004
  • 'Буш на баш', або чому Буш-старший їде в Україну? (Українська правда) 05/20/2004
  • Some Ukrainians Fear Fraud In Presidential Ballot (CPOD) 05/20/2004
  • Embassy Row: Warning to Ukraine [Herbst: If the election is not free, if there are complications, then relations between Ukraine and the United States could deteriorate] (Wash Times) 05/20/2004
  • Meeting with Herbst, Kliuyev stresses importance to set terms and volume of oil pumping via Odesa-Brody (Interfax) 05/20/2004
  • Джордж Буш-старший відвідає Україну 20-21 травня 2004 року (КНУ) 05/20/2004
  • Lazarenko court refuses to hear secretly made audio records of Kuchma's statements (Interfax) 05/20/2004
  • U.S. Court Asked to Listen to Kuchma Rant [Lazarenko trial; Melnychenko tapes; Kuchmagate] (Reuters/Moscow Times) 05/20/2004
  • Op-ed: Ukraine Is Not Russia [Russia now has its 'managed democracy'... In Ukraine...the October 2004 presidential election is still a genuine contest...between two different political cultures] (Moscow Times) 05/20/2004
  • Bush Wins Support From Italy, Ukraine for Coalition in Iraq (Bloomberg) 05/20/2004
  • Рейтинг Ющенка знову зростає - вказують опитування (VOA) 05/20/2004

  • Українськi вiйськовi наразi залишаться в Iраку (VOA) 05/19/2004
  • Gazeta Wyborcza: Членство Польщі в ЄС на користь Україні (BBC Ukrainian) 05/19/2004
  • Євросоюз закликає Україну до чесних виборів (BBC Ukrainian) 05/19/2004
  • Ukrainian opposition website sued for libel [Ukrayinska pravda]; Will Kuchma run again? [From 5/18/04] (RFE/RL) 05/19/2004
  • Crimean Speaker Knocks Ukrainian Parliament (UANewswire) 05/19/2004
  • Better UN deal sought; US plans court-martial (Al-Jazeera) 05/19/2004
  • Ukraine's authorities demand troops stay in Iraq (Reuters/AlertNet) 05/19/2004
  • Ukraine troops to remain in Iraq (BBC) 05/19/2004
  • Verkhovna Rada rejects 5 bills calling for withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Iraq (Interfax) 05/19/2004
  • Communists, socialists, and Yulia Tymoshenko's bloc to fight for withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Iraq (Interfax) 05/19/2004
  • Ukraine's Defense Minister Yevhen Marchuk opposes withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Iraq (Interfax) 05/19/2004
  • Marching valiantly into the quagmire [Iraq] (Jane's) 05/19/2004
  • Iraqis demand more power (Reuters) 05/19/2004
  • Allies Exert Pressure for Power Handover (AP/Yahoo) 05/19/2004
  • Ukraine hopes for market economy status settlement at Hague EU summit - Yanukovych (Interfax) 05/19/2004
  • Hryschenko, EU Council head, EC leaders discuss situation in Ukraine, EU (Interfax) 05/19/2004
  • Market status to come soon for Ukraine (EUobserver) 05/19/2004
  • Over one third of Ukrainians believe presidential elections results will be falsified, poll shows (Interfax) 05/19/2004
  • Bush Sr. to visit Ukraine soon on invitation of Pinchuk, Interpipe (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/19/2004
  • Journalists Challenge Ukraine Prime Minister Over Gongadze and “Catalogue of Concerns” Facing Press (IFJ) 05/19/2004
  • Ukraine-EU Relations: Prospects for the Future (Europa) 05/19/2004
  • Ukraine Won't Withdraw Troops From Iraq (AP/Yahoo) 05/19/2004
  • Депутати заслухають звiт силовикiв щодо Iраку (VOA) 05/19/2004
  • Посол Гербст: США не закриють очi на порушення демократiї в Українi (VOA) 05/19/2004
  • Kuchma describes Ukraine's domestic political and economic situation as stable (Interfax) 05/19/2004
  • Iнтерв`ю Бжезинського газетi «День» - головнi моменти (VOA) 05/19/2004
  • МЗС закликає США звiльнити двох українцiв, утримуваних в iракськiй в`язницi Абу-Граїб (VOA) 05/19/2004

  • U.S. Warns Ukraine To Hold Fair Presidential Elections (RFE/RL) 05/18/2004
  • Bitter homecoming for exiled Tatars (BBC) 05/18/2004
  • Ukraine to take part in talks on Iraq in Washington (Interfax) 05/18/2004
  • Ethnic Tension Over Ukraine Land Disputes [Crimean Tatars] (Guardian) 05/18/2004
  • Iракське питання знову на порядку денному парламенту (VOA) 05/18/2004
  • Wall Street Journal про суд над Лазаренком (VOA) 05/18/2004
  • US ambassador backs piping oil from Odesa to Brody (Interfax) 05/18/2004
  • Ukrainian parliament denies approval to address to UN Secretary General on situation in Iraq (Interfax) 05/18/2004
  • Undemocratic presidential election will worsen Kyiv-Washington relations, says US ambassador [Herbst] (Interfax) 05/18/2004
  • Free trade and security policy are GUUAM’s priorities (День) 05/18/2004
  • NATO chief vows to help Ukraine build democracy - DW (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/18/2004
  • Closer CES integration may hamper Ukraine to get to EU - Brzezinski (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/18/2004
  • Euro-romanticism era is over, says Yanukovych (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/18/2004
  • CEC Planning to Install Video Cameras at All Election Districts at Presidential Election (UNIAN) 05/18/2004
  • Valery Kuchynsky: Ukraine is UN’s Exemplary Peacekeeper (День) 05/18/2004
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Ukraine is neither a pawn nor a queen but a very important figure” (День) 05/18/2004

  • Cigarette butts of mass destruction [Melitopol munitions dump case] (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/17/2004
  • An itchy issue ...Ukrainians who stick to democratic values are faced with a dilemma: either to come to an end with respect to the Crimean Tatar issue, or to recognize their right to self-determination. (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/17/2004
  • Just a pretext? [Mukachevo] (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/17/2004
  • European Commission Does Not Exclude Perspective of Ukraine's Membership in EU (UNIAN) 05/17/2004
  • Brzezinski admits US stand in 'Kolchuga-gate' was inadequate (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/17/2004
  • UKRAINE police fire on Green party members (EUbusiness) 05/17/2004
  • US wants to see free, fair president election in Ukraine, says Powel. (Interfax) 05/17/2004
  • В.Янукович: вищі офіцери мають відповісти за Мелітополь (BBC Ukrainian) 05/17/2004

  • Iraq: will Ukraine pull out? [From 5/12/04] (Jane's) 05/16/2004

  • Російський уряд обіцяє Україні зону вільної торгівлі (BBC Ukrainian) 05/15/2004
  • Дні Європи в Україні вже настали. Чи настануть дні Євросоюзу? (BBC Ukrainian) 05/15/2004
  • Бжезинський: ЄЕП може позбавити Україну незалежності (BBC Ukrainian) 05/15/2004
  • В Україні святкують День Європи. Президент України привітав співвітчизників з відновленням європейських традицій, але не згадав про вступ до ЄС (BBC Ukrainian) 05/15/2004
  • Membership of Ukraine, Russia in EU is needed for Europe's safety, Brzezinski says (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/15/2004
  • Ukraine has been and remains European state - Kuchma's message on Europe Day (Interfax) 05/15/2004
  • Brzezinski: Ukrainian presidential election could be fair unless winner is known beforehand (Interfax) 05/15/2004

  • In his youth, Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was groundlessly called to criminal responsibility twice. (UNIAN) 05/14/2004
  • Yushchenko concerned over onslaught on Ukrainska Pravda (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/14/2004
  • RFE/RL programming aired [in Vinnitsya] despite crackdown [Kyiv broadcasts silenced. Vinnitsya, Lviv, Odessa stations fill void.] (CPJ) 05/14/2004
  • Оголошено приватизацію Криворіжсталі. В заводі зацікавлений Віктор Пінчук. (BBC Ukrainian) 05/14/2004
  • Лазаренко хоче назад до України? (BBC Ukrainian) 05/14/2004

  • Kuchma, Brzezinski discuss Ukraine's European outlook (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/13/2004
  • Statement by Ihor Gawdiak, President UACC; Hearing of the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Europe on 'Ukraine’s Future and U.S. Interests' (US House of Representatives) 05/13/2004
  • Statement by Michael Sawkiw, Jr., President UCCA; Hearing of the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Europe on 'Ukraine’s Future and U.S. Interests' (US House of Representatives) 05/13/2004
  • Testimony by Nadia M. Diuk, Ph. D., Director, Central Europe and Eurasia, National Endowment for Democracy; Hearing of the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Europe on 'Ukraine’s Future and U.S. Interests' (US House of Representatives) 05/13/2004
  • Testimony by Anders Aslund, Director, Russian And Eurasian Program Carnegie Endowment For International Peace; Hearing of the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Europe on 'Ukraine’s Future and U.S. Interests' (US House of Representatives) 05/13/2004
  • Testimony by Steven Pifer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs; Hearing of the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Europe on 'Ukraine’s Future and U.S. Interests' (US House of Representatives) 05/13/2004
  • Statement of Honorable Doug Bereuter, Chairman Europe Subcommittee; Hearing of the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Europe on 'Ukraine’s Future and U.S. Interests' (US House of Representatives) 05/13/2004
  • [Pagedown] Ukrainian parliament stalls over Iraq-pullout dispute; Ukrainian lawmaker sees Medvedchuk's hand behind contentious mayoral election (Mukacheve) (RFE/RL) 05/13/2004
  • Ukraine: A miracle in waiting? [From 8/6/03] (OECD Observer) 05/13/2004

  • Letter: UWC concerned that S. Con. Res.106 on Ukraine elections is unfair (BRAMA) 05/12/2004
  • Пристрастi навколо виборiв у Мукачевому не вщухають (VOA) 05/12/2004
  • Об`єднання сумських вузiв - якi причини? (VOA) 05/12/2004
  • «Наша Україна» готує свiй варiант полiтрефоми (VOA) 05/12/2004
  • US Helsinki Commission Leaders Urge Fair Election Process in Ukraine. Resolutions Introduced on Critical Test for Democracy (CSCE) 05/12/2004
  • [TEXT] House Resolution 415 urging the government of Ukraine to ensure a democratic, transparent, and fair election process for the presidential election on October 31, 2004 (CSCE) 05/12/2004
  • [TEXT] Senate Concurrent Resolution 106 urging the government of Ukraine to ensure a democratic, transparent, and fair election process for the presidential election on October 31, 2004 (CSCE) 05/12/2004
  • How Can We Forbid Ukraine to Pursue Choice We Made Ourselves? Ambassador of French Republic Philippe de Suremain is optimistic that the results of the EU enlargement will be favorable for Ukraine. (Главред) 05/12/2004
  • Ukraine, Russia, Moldova have no chance of joining EU, says official [EU Commissioner for Enlargement Gunter Verheugen] (Interfax) 05/12/2004
  • У ВР не захотіли розглядати питання про виведення війська з Іраку (BBC Ukrainian) 05/12/2004
  • GUUAM [Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Moldova] summit to take place in Batumi in June - Saakashvili (Interfax) 05/12/2004
  • VR urges Kuchma to sack Transcarpathia governor and region's police chief (Interfax) 05/12/2004

  • Landmark neighbourhood strategy to be approved (EU Observer) 05/11/2004
  • [Pagedown] Yushchenko speaks hazily on future policies; Two sailors continue to languish in Iraqi prison; (RFE/RL) 05/11/2004
  • Грищенко вимагає видачі українських в'язнів з Іраку (BBC Ukrainian) 05/11/2004
  • Ukraine's, Estonia's foreign ministers sign agreement on mutual protection of secret information (Interfax) 05/11/2004
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski to Visit Ukraine May 13-16 (Главред) 05/11/2004
  • Cannon-Fodder Trade or Humanitarian Mission? The death of two more Ukrainian peacekeepers April 28 in Iraq once again is once again calling in question the expediency of Ukrainian soldiers’ stay in hot spots of the planet. (Главред) 05/11/2004
  • Poland enters dispute with EU over its policy towards Belarus and Ukraine (Warsaw Business Journal) 05/11/2004
  • Crimean TV uses Ukrainian money to cut Ukrainian language (UANewswire) 05/11/2004
  • Karpachova Asking MPs to Withdraw Ukrainian Military Contingent from Iraq (UNIAN) 05/11/2004
  • Ombudsman urges parliament to withdraw Ukrainian's troops from Iraq (Interfax) 05/11/2004
  • Russian Killed, Two Taken Hostage in Iraq [Russia strongly opposed the U.S.-led war and has no military presence in Iraq. But Russian media reports have estimated Russian contracts in Iraq at up to $1 billion. (Ukraine contracts - $0)] (AP/Yahoo) 05/11/2004
  • Attacks on foreigners upped in Iraq (Al-Jazeera) 05/11/2004

  • Malaysia’s Lightning Election Belies Months of Preparation for Crucial Vote ... Efforts to open Ukraine’s energy market to oil entering the Black Sea from the Caspian states would reduce tanker movements through Istanbul. (Washington Report) 05/10/2004
  • Повернення до питання полiтреформи? (VOA) 05/10/2004
  • Some Charges Dropped Against Ukraine's Ex-Premier (RFE/RL) 05/10/2004
  • Iraq: Ukrainian Sailors Continue To Languish In Abu Ghurayb Prison: By Askold Krushelnycky (RFE/RL) 05/10/2004
  • Helsinki Commission Leaders Urge Fair Election Process in Ukraine; Resolutions Introduced on Critical Test for Democracy (US Newswire) 05/10/2004
  • Court boost for Ukraine ex-PM [Pavlo Lazarenko] (Financial Times) 05/10/2004
  • Like the Wehrmacht, we've descended into barbarity. The treatment of Iraqi prisoners is a consequence of coalition policy (Guardian) 05/10/2004
  • Letter from Baghdad: Will moderate Iraqis embrace democracy—or Islamist radicalism? (The New Yorker) 05/10/2004
  • Opinion: Dirty Nukes and Jefferson's Grand Experiment ['Bush Ministry of Disinformation, Fox News division, reports that 'Ukrainian security forces seized nearly 375 pounds of a radioactive material seen as a likely ingredient for a 'dirty bomb'...] (Press Action) 05/10/2004
  • Shooting the messenger [Taras Protsyuk, the Ukrainian-born Reuters cameraman...] (The Australian) 05/10/2004
  • Armed guards block McGregor’s trip [Hollywood actor and friend motorcycling round the world] (Glasgow Herald) 05/10/2004

  • Photo: Ukraine's key opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko covers his face as he stands near a photo of victims of Nazi persecution in a memorial of the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, where his father was imprisoned in 1944, in Poland on Saturday, May 8. 2004. (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2004
  • Europe’s Groucho problem [By Yuliya Tymoshenko] (Pakistan Daily Times) 05/09/2004
  • Chechen President Killed in Explosion (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2004

  • Photo: Pavel Lazarenko, left, was accused of laundering money through U.S. banks while he was prime minister of Ukraine (AP/SF Chronicle) 05/08/2004
  • Judge narrows Ukraine case: 24 charges against former prime minister dropped in money-laundering trial in S.F. (SF Chronicle) 05/08/2004
  • Poland will help Ukraine to overcome temporary negative results of EU enlargement - Yanukovych, Belka (Interfax) 05/08/2004
  • The Eurasian Corporate Governance Roundtable to take place in Kiev on 17-18 May (OCDE) 05/08/2004
  • Mission to report behind the lines [Ukrainian cameraman Taras Protsyuk, Iraq] (Weekend Australian) 05/08/2004
  • 6000 flee military base blasts (AFP/News Interactive) 05/08/2004

  • Kerry presidential campaign meets with Central and Eastern European community groups FOTO/S (BRAMA) 05/07/2004
  • Judge Tosses Half of Case Vs. Lazarenko (AP/Yahoo) 05/07/2004
  • U.S. Court Dismisses Most Charges Against Lazarenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/07/2004
  • Photo: Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko is shown in this April 1998 file photo in Kiev, Ukraine. A federal judge on Friday, May 7, 2004, dismissed the most substantial charges against Lazarenko, charged with money laundering, wire fraud and extortion. (AP/Yahoo) 05/07/2004
  • Opposition candidate's car torched in Ukraine [Viktor Baloha, Mukachevo] (Baku Sun) 05/07/2004
  • Radio Liberty to be rebroadcast by Vinnytsia radio station (Interfax) 05/07/2004
  • Pakistan may face trade sanctions following USTR move [USTR has withdrawn Ukrainian benefits under the GSP programme in August 2001 and imposed sanctions worth $75 million on Ukrainian imports from January 23, 2003] (Pakistan Daily Times) 05/07/2004
  • 'Broadcasting to Hotspots: RFE/RL Today' [Thomas A. Dine President, RFE/RL, at Woodrow Wilson Center] (RFE/RL) 05/07/2004
  • US welcomes Ukraine's possible participation in G-8 initiative against arms proliferation (Interfax) 05/07/2004
  • Moldova to insist on Russian troops' withdrawal from Transdnestria (Interfax) 05/07/2004
  • Ukraine Seizes 375 Pounds of Radioactive Material, AP Reports (AP/Bloomberg) 05/07/2004
  • PACE to discuss in June implementation of Ukraine's commitments to CE on events around Mukacheve mayoral race (Interfax) 05/07/2004
  • Ukraine's Premier Viktor Yanukovych says Ukraine has a right to withdraw its peacekeeping contingent from Iraq if Ukrainian enterprises have no access to reconstruction processes in that country and the situation in Iraq is not controlled by the UN. (Interfax) 05/07/2004
  • Eurointegration remains priority of Ukraine's foreign policy - Yanukovych (Interfax) 05/07/2004
  • The Trail Of Iraqis' Arms Deal Goes Cold (Tampa Tribune) 05/07/2004

  • Янукович: можливо, кандидат буде не один (BBC Ukrainian) 05/06/2004
  • В Іраку загинули польські журналісти (BBC Ukrainian) 05/06/2004
  • Прогнозується двобiй мiж Януковичем i Ющенком (VOA) 05/06/2004
  • Янукович: Україна лишає право вивести війська з Іраку (BBC Ukrainian) 05/06/2004
  • Ukraine Police Seize Radioactive Material (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2004
  • Проект резолюцiї Конгресу США щодо виборiв в Українi (VOA) 05/06/2004
  • Прес-секретарем Януковича стала керівник київського бюро радіо “Свобода” Ганна Герман (УНІАН) 05/06/2004
  • [Former] Radio Liberty [Radio Svoboda] chief gets job as Yanukovych's spokes[person] (Ukrayinska Pravda) 05/06/2004
  • Not Unfamiliar: Images of sexual abuse and humiliation in Abu Ghraib [Donna Hughes: 'I once interviewed a trafficker in Ukraine.'] (National Review) 05/06/2004
  • Pressure to bring troops home [President Leonid Kuchma has rebuffed demands by Ukraine's opposition parties to bring home the country's 1,650 troops, and publicly has stressed Ukraine's interest in winning contracts in the reconstruction of Iraq.] (Newsday) 05/06/2004
  • Russia, Ukraine to continue talks on Azov-Kerch problem (Interfax) 05/06/2004
  • У Києві ховають Джеймса Мейса (BBC Ukrainian) 05/06/2004

  • Christopher H. Smith: Resolution encouraging democratic elections in Ukraine (Congressional Record) 05/05/2004
  • Відійшов у вічність великий друг України: † Джеймс Мейс (BRAMA) 05/05/2004
  • РЄ: Мукачеве обговорюється на закритому засіданні (BBC Ukrainian) 05/05/2004
  • Senate resolution on the Ukrainian Elections introduced today by Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell together with Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Joseph Biden (BRAMA) 05/05/2004
  • Гонг про Голодомор (Радіо Свобода) 05/05/2004
  • Колеги згадyють iсторика Джеймса Мейса, який помер у Києвi 3 травня (VOA) 05/05/2004
  • James Mace' last article for 'День' ('The Day'): Ukrainizing Ukraine [from 4/27/2004] (День) 05/05/2004
  • Leading Scholar And Writer, Dr. James E. Mace, Dies In Kyiv, Ukraine (UNIAN) 05/05/2004
  • Prodi sees no place for Ukraine in EU - DW (Interfax) 05/05/2004
  • Consequences of EU enlargement - one of focuses during Ukraine-EU Troika meeting in Dublin (Interfax) 05/05/2004
  • U.S. not planning to withdraw sanctions against Ukraine for copyright violations (Interfax) 05/05/2004
  • Kuchma approves socio-economic development strategy for 2004-2015 (Interfax) 05/05/2004
  • Рада Європи рекомендуватиме перевибори у Мукачеві? (BBC Ukrainian) 05/05/2004

  • Kuchma slams Poland for inaction over Odesa-Brody ... and EU fpr 'bullying' Ukraine over membership (RFE/RL) 05/04/2004
  • First arrests at Ukrainian town of Mukachevo (UANewswire) 05/04/2004
  • Ukraine - 2004 Annual report [2003 Global Press Freedom] (Reporters sans frontières) 05/04/2004
  • Iraq - Annual report 2004 [8 April, Ukrainian cameraman Taras Protsyuk, 35, of Reuters...killed when a US tank half a kilometre away fired a shell at the Palestine Hotel] (Reporters sans frontières) 05/04/2004
  • У Києвi помер видатний американський iсторик Джеймс Мейс (VOA) 05/04/2004
  • Yushchenko Leads Presidential Race In Ukraine (Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy) 05/04/2004
  • Viewpoints: Where is the EU heading? (BBC) 05/04/2004
  • Ukrainian historian James Mace dies, aged 52 (UANewswire) 05/04/2004
  • Святкування Міжнародного дня свободи преси (BBC Ukrainian) 05/04/2004
  • Напад на офіс Руху політично вмотивований? (BBC Ukrainian) 05/04/2004

  • Western Press Review: Iraqi Prisoner Abuse, World Press Freedom Day, EU Enlargement (RFE/RL) 05/03/2004
  • Останні події в Україні пов'язані- Борис Тарасюк. З київського офісу Народного Руху викрадено раритетне видання В'ячеслава Чорновола (BBC Ukrainian) 05/03/2004
  • Ukrainian embassy threatened. Officials checking Chechen and Uzbek students [] (Pakistan Daily Times) 05/03/2004
  • The Kremlin's Battle For Ukraine (RFE/RL) 05/03/2004
  • The adjustment of virtual reality ['constructive Euro-integration policy'] (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/03/2004
  • When the process is more important than the result [US pursues a double policy in Ukraine] (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/03/2004
  • The Sicilian Defense [How much longer is the Ukrainian public going to wait for the looming constitutional reform?] (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/03/2004
  • EU's 'big bang' would never be repeated, says Prodi (Financial Times) 05/03/2004
  • Mukachevo - authorities take the lead (Дзеркало Тижня) 05/03/2004
  • Bulgarian Gas Supplier Investigated over Ukrainian Links (Novinite) 05/03/2004
  • Analysis: Where Does Europe's Enlargement End? (RFE/RL) 05/03/2004
  • Warning of threats of explosion of Ukrainian Embassy in Pakistan false - MFA (Interfax) 05/03/2004

  • Syria- Ukraine /Conference (Middle East Daily) 05/02/2004

  • Little cheer on EU's eastern border (BBC) 05/01/2004
  • Kyiv, NATO signing memorandum on using Ukraine's transport aviation in training and missions (Interfax) 05/01/2004
  • New borders create pain and envy for some. By Tom Warner in Chop [EU expansion] (Financial Times) 05/01/2004
  • Europeans Greet New Era as EU Expands East (Reuters) 05/01/2004
  • Russia's economic diplomacy [By the time Ukraine is ready to join NATO and the European Union, most of its industry will belong to Russian business.] (Financial Express) 05/01/2004
  • Lytvyn hopes new EU members will share European integration experience (Interfax) 05/01/2004
  • Europe reunited as 10 nations join the family (AFP/Yahoo) 05/01/2004
  • Benefits for all in a bigger club [EU expansion] (Financial Times) 05/01/2004
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