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POLITICS Tuesday, July 17, 13:25 EDT
Parliamentary Elections 2004
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  • Marcy Kaptur: Congressional Ukrainian Caucus - Letter to PM Viktor Yanukovych (Congressional Record) 04/30/2004
  • Українські підрозділи в Іраку переоснастять (BBC Ukrainian) 04/30/2004
  • EU's Outsiders Look in with Envy and Bitterness (The Scotsman) 04/30/2004
  • Єврокомісія: розширення ЄС добре для України (BBC Ukrainian) 04/30/2004
  • Преса в Україні менш вільна, ніж в Іраку? (BBC Ukrainian) 04/30/2004
  • Non-EU Members Ponder Outsider Status (AP/Guardian) 04/30/2004
  • Europe Reunites in Blaze of Joy at EU Enlargement (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/30/2004
  • Kuchma approves socio-economic development strategy for 2004-2015 (Interfax) 04/30/2004
  • Washington calls on Ukraine to prepare realistic project of Odesa-Brody use (Interfax) 04/30/2004
  • Kuchma disappointed with another protraction by EU issue of Ukraine's market economy status (Interfax) 04/30/2004
  • Ukraine wants free trade zone at first step of CES implementation [Common Economic Space or Single Economic Space] (Interfax) 04/30/2004
  • Ukraine hopes larger Europe will not confine itself to its domestic issues - statement (Interfax) 04/30/2004
  • NSDC says Ukrainian peacekeepers will stay in Iraq (Interfax) 04/30/2004
  • UN refugee agency concerned by new EU law on asylum seekers (UN News Centre) 04/30/2004
  • European Union Expansion [Whether Ukraine and Russia will ultimately join will depend on how democracy and free markets advance there, and whether the EU decides it's just expanded enough. 'Expansion fatigue' is certainly beginning to set in.] (Wash Post) 04/30/2004
  • Міськрада Києва - за виведення українців з Іраку (BBC Ukrainian) 04/30/2004
  • Eastern promise [Lviv as the Ukrainians call it, Lvov as the Bolsheviks used to call it, and Lemburg] (Guardian) 04/30/2004
  • What's the EU's point in keeping Ukraine away? By Yuliya Tymoshenko (Taipei Times) 04/30/2004
  • Узгоджено спільні правила ЄС щодо притулку (BBC Ukrainian) 04/30/2004
  • Вибори у Мукачевому - жахлива репетиція президентських виборів (BBC Ukrainian) 04/30/2004

  • Freedom House: українська преса залишається невiльною (VOA) 04/29/2004
  • Flawed Democracies: Center unveils new tool to track political accountability around the world [Ukraine - weak] (CPI) 04/29/2004
  • Ex-Soviet states plead to leap on EU enlargement train (AFP/Yahoo) 04/29/2004
  • Мукачiвськi вибори - репетицiя президентських? (VOA) 04/29/2004
  • На полiтреформi крапку ще не поставлено (VOA) 04/29/2004
  • Українську економіку не обіцяють визнати ринковою (BBC Ukrainian) 04/29/2004
  • Ukrainian peacekeepers in Iraq: casualties announced [To date: 1 journalist and 6 Ukrainian soldiers dead, 16 wounded] (UANewswire) 04/29/2004
  • Ukrainian journalist arrested for hunger striking (UANewswire) 04/29/2004
  • Pustovoytenko Announces He is Not Ready to Refuse Participation in Presidential Elections in Favor of Yanukovych (UNIAN) 04/29/2004
  • Ever-expanding Union? (Economist) 04/29/2004
  • Where does Europe end? (Baltic Times) 04/29/2004
  • Analysis: New customers to redraw borders of prosperity [EU enlargment] (Guardian) 04/29/2004
  • Comment: Unfinished symphony [EU enlargment] (Guardian) 04/29/2004
  • No man's land in EU (Budapest Sun) 04/29/2004
  • Poland's EU border challenge (Radio Netherlands) 04/29/2004
  • EU Cracks Down on Migrant Labor as Its Borders Stretch Eastward (Bloomberg) 04/29/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainians holding passports and application forms queue outside the Polish consulate to get visas in the western city of Lviv April 24, 2004. Ukraine's neighbors Poland, Slovakia and Hungary join the European Union on May 1, 2004, and some say the EU expansion will create a new division in Europe 15 years after the fall of Communism appeared to dissolve barriers between East and West. Picture taken April 24, 2004. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/29/2004
  • Photo: A Ukrainian border guard with his sniffer dog approaches a truck to be inspected at a checkpoint in Shegyni, at the Ukrainian-Polish border April 24, 2004. Ukraine's neighbors Poland, Slovakia and Hungary join the European Union on May 1, 2004, and some say the EU expansion will create a new division in Europe 15 years after the fall of Communism appeared to dissolve barriers between east and west. Picture taken April 24, 2004. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/29/2004
  • One More Ukrainian Peacemaker Perished As Result of Wounds in Iraq (UNIAN) 04/29/2004
  • Three American soldiers were killed, fighting renewed in al-Falluja [Gov't of Ukraine said earlier yesterday that one of its soldiers was killed and a second died of his wounds in al-Sweira area] (Arabic News) 04/29/2004
  • U.S. Warplane Fires on Fallujah Targets (AP/Yahoo) 04/29/2004
  • Hryschenko leaves for Dublin meeting of Ukraine-Troika EU (Interfax) 04/29/2004
  • Photo: Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio, Latvia's President Vaira Vike-Freiberga , Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski (L-R) pose for photographers during photo call at the presidential palace in Warsaw April 28, 2004. Representatives from 45 countries have gathered in the Polish capital for a three-day European Economic summit devoted to the economic impact of the European Union (news - web sites)'s May 1 enlargement. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/29/2004
  • Kuchma leaves for European Economic Summit in Poland (Interfax) 04/29/2004
  • Odesa-Brody reverse will deprive Ukraine of oil transport business - Pifer (Interfax) 04/29/2004

  • Levin: Ukrainian democracy (Congressional Record) 04/28/2004
  • В Iраку загинув ще один український миротворець (VOA) 04/28/2004
  • Л.Кучма: висновки щодо Мукачевого - пізніше (BBC Ukrainian) 04/28/2004
  • Expansion Brings Little Joy To Cross-Border Traders In Belarus, Ukraine (RFE/RL) 04/28/2004
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Urges MPs to Cut President's Power (Reuters) 04/28/2004
  • Кучма готується критикувати ЄС (BBC Ukrainian) 04/28/2004
  • A Series of Explosions Rocks Fallujah (AP/Yahoo) 04/28/2004
  • US Ready to Help Ukrainian Companies Win Iraqi Tenders (Главред) 04/28/2004
  • [Pagedown] Is the Mukacheve ballot a forerunner of the presidential race? The end of Russian-language broadcasting? (REF/RL) 04/28/2004
  • Half of Ukrainians Not Acquainted with Proposed Amendments to Constitution - Survey (UNIAN) 04/28/2004
  • Kuchma Believes Legal to Consider Two Draft Laws on Amendments to Constitution at Current Supreme Rada Session (UNIAN) 04/28/2004
  • Цитата дня: Кучма про російську синицю та європейського журавля (УНІАН) 04/28/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma gestures as he answers media questions at a news conference at the presidential press centre in Kiev, April 28, 2004. Kuchma offered his condolences to the family of the dead soldier, killed on patrol near Kut in Iraq on Wednesday, but said Ukraine's approximately 1,600 soldiers would be staying in Iraq. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/28/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko (R) greets Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili during their meeting in Kiev, April 28, 2004. Saakashvili arrived in Ukraine on Monday on a three-day official visit. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/28/2004
  • Kuchma Considers It Necessary to Reconsider Course of Events in Iraq (UNIAN) 04/28/2004
  • Ukrainian soldier killed in southeastern Iraq as US says talks to disarm Fallujah fighters continue (Al Bawaba) 04/28/2004
  • Another Ukrainian Soldier Killed in Iraq (Novinite) 04/28/2004
  • One Ukrainian killed in Iraq, Kuchma says will stay (Reuters/AlertNet) 04/28/2004
  • Three Coalition Soldiers Die in Iraq (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/28/2004
  • Blair defends US onslaught [Today a Ukrainian soldier was killed and two wounded when 'bandits' attacked a patrol near the town of Kut.] (London Evening Standard) 04/28/2004
  • Another Ukrainian peacekeeper dies in Iraq (Part 2) (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • Ukrainian peacekeeper dies in Iraq (Interfax Moscow) 04/28/2004
  • Ukrainian Peacemaker Perished In Iraq, Another Two – Injured (UNIAN) 04/28/2004
  • Poor security 'threatens to reduce power supply targets' [Iraq] (Financial Times) 04/28/2004
  • Kuchma calls on politicians not to make Ukrainian peacekeepers in Iraq political football (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • Ukraine ready to invigorate cooperation with EU in war on terrorism, Lytvyn says (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • Ukraine hopes Ukraine-EU action plan will be confirmed at July summit in Hague, Lytvyn says (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • No Ukrainian mercenaries possible in Ajaria, Kuchma says (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • Litvin says CES will compensate for EU expansion losses [Common Economic Space, a.k.a. Single Economic Space - SES] (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • Ukraine will lose from Odessa-Brody reversal [Steven Pifer] (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • European Economic Summit opens in Warsaw (AFP/Yahoo) 04/28/2004
  • Free trade zone should be created within GUUAM - Saakashvili [GUUAM = Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova] (Interfax) 04/28/2004
  • Parliament Registers Bill to Exempt Religious Organizations from Charity Tax (RISU) 04/28/2004

  • Саакашвiлi в Києвi (VOA) 04/27/2004
  • Kuchma And Saakashvili Meet In Kyiv (VOA) 04/27/2004
  • Пайфер про майбутнє американсько-українських стосункiв (VOA) 04/27/2004
  • У Києві побито журналістку газети “CN-Столичные новости” (УНІАН) 04/27/2004
  • Ukraine's Kuchma says pipeline to Europe 'a dead-end' [Odessa-Brody] (Reuters) 04/27/2004
  • Doubts over whether Al Qaida has nukes [Islamic sources said Al Qaida procured tactical nuclear weapons in 1998 from Ukrainian scientists.] (Middle East Newsline) 04/27/2004
  • Mountains of Oil: How to end the Odesa-Brody intrigue (День) 04/27/2004
  • Putting faith in the domino theory [When Yulia Tymoshenko watched on television as Georgians rid themselves of their despised president last fall, one thought buzzed through her mind: Why couldn't the same thing happen in Ukraine?...] (Globe and Mail) 04/27/2004
  • [ВІДЕО/VIDEO - Real] Буш, Ірак, Мери України в США (VOA reports about Bush, Iraq, Ukrainian Mayors visit U.S.) (VOA) 04/27/2004
  • Some Poles Uneasy About Guarding Eastern Border (VOA) 04/27/2004
  • Will SES be Economic Space? (День) 04/27/2004
  • European integration and CES incompatible, says Chaly (Interfax) 04/27/2004
  • One Vector? [Ukraine's 'multivectoral' foreign policy] (День) 04/27/2004
  • EU/Russia: Landmark Enlargement Deal Signed, But Loose Ends Remain (RFE/RL) 04/27/2004
  • 45 nations to discuss economic impact of EU enlargement (EU Business) 04/27/2004
  • Opinion: Ukraine Should Get Its Act Together (Moscow Times) 04/27/2004
  • Acts and Compromises: What did the Ukrainian Parliament ratify? (День) 04/27/2004
  • Duma Does Not Have to Deliberate for Ukraine [Russian Duma expressed concern over memorandum of understanding between Ukraine and NATO, as well as the National Television and Radio Council’s recommendations that television and radio broadcasts be only in the Ukrainian language] (День) 04/27/2004
  • James Mace: Ukrainizing Ukraine (День) 04/27/2004
  • 'Ці вибори були найдивнішим досвідом'. Спостерігач від Ради Європи на мукачівських виборах (BBC Ukrainian) 04/27/2004
  • Bush Sr. to Visit Ukraine [ made infamous 'Chicken Kiev speech' in 1991] (Главред) 04/27/2004
  • Massacre in Mukacheve [Opposition parliamentarians resorted to expletive-filled tirades and Western envoys struggled to find diplomatic terms to express their concern over a disputed mayoral election in Mukacheve.] (Transitions Online) 04/27/2004
  • A Watershed Moment? Russia and Ukraine have signed a raft of agreements aimed at calming the troubled waters of their relationship and, on the eve of EU enlargement, to create an equivalent of the EU in the East. (Transitions Online) 04/27/2004

  • Russia eyes new EU with concern (BBC) 04/26/2004
  • Ukraine Fatigue: Ukrainian and American Myths [Ukraine has the fourth-largest military contingent among the multinational coalition forces in Iraq, four casualties of war and not a single contract, whereas Russia, which contributed no troops and was opposing the war all along, has managed to secure a billion-dollar contract with the Iraqi energy ministry for a Russian company...] (Ukrainska Pravda) 04/26/2004
  • Результати виборiв у Мукачевому були пофальшованi, говорить парламентська група (VOA) 04/26/2004
  • Чи перемагає Янукович Ющенка за рейтингом довiри-недовiри? (VOA) 04/26/2004
  • Україна переглядає інтеграційні пріоритети (BBC Ukrainian) 04/26/2004
  • Спостерігачі Ради Європи рекомендують нові вибори в Мукачеві (BBC Ukrainian) 04/26/2004
  • Розширення ЄС - нові можливості чи ізоляція? (BBC Ukrainian) 04/26/2004
  • 'Чорнобильський шлях' Лукашенка (BBC Ukrainian) 04/26/2004
  • У Києві відзначили 18-річницю Чорнобиля (BBC Ukrainian) 04/26/2004
  • Eastern Europe's immigration challenge (IHT) 04/26/2004
  • Govt changes European integration priorities, says Azarov (Ukrayinska Pravda) 04/26/2004
  • Only dreamers hope for Ukraine's quick entry to EU, says Kuchma (Interfax) 04/26/2004
  • Crimean forum to help Ukraine and Russia resolve problems, says Kuchma (Interfax) 04/26/2004
  • Majority of Ukrainians Does Not Believe that All Presidential Candidates to Have Equal Opportunities for Election Campaign in Mass Media (UNIAN) 04/26/2004
  • 36% of Ukrainians Would Vote for Yushchenko, 33% - for Yanukovych, If They Participated in Presidential Elections - Poll (UNIAN) 04/26/2004
  • Accomplices [The story of Ukraine’s accession to the Single Economic Space (SES)...] (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/26/2004
  • A Question of Principle [Mukacheve, Medvedchuk...] (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/26/2004
  • 'Our Ukraine' Announces It Has Video-Tapes Confirming Baloha's Victory at Mukachevo Elections (UNIAN) 04/26/2004
  • OSCE chief urges probe into Mukacheve election debacle (Ukrayinska Pravda) 04/26/2004
  • Pifer hopes for unbiased and quick investigation of events in Mukacheve (Interfax) 04/26/2004
  • Ukraine hope for more U.S. support in its ascension to WTO (Interfax) 04/26/2004
  • IMF mission to visit Ukraine in May (Interfax) 04/26/2004

  • An Expanding Europe, in Decline (Wash Post) 04/25/2004
  • Sen. Hillary Clinton Calls for More Troops in Iraq (KCBS/Yahoo) 04/25/2004
  • Desovietizing post-Chornobyl Ukraine [UACC] (BRAMA) 04/25/2004
  • Ukraine Sees a New 'Iron Curtain' in EU Expansion [Teodozii Onyskiv's wife and her sister were among the many women who left the Ukrainian town of Mikulintsi to work in Italy.] (Wash Post) 04/25/2004
  • Poland Is Worried That Border Controls Create a New Divide (NY Times) 04/25/2004

  • Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh parliaments ratify treaty on Single Economic Space [a.k.a. Common Economic Space (CES)] (Eurasianet) 04/24/2004
  • Economics Minister Derkach discusses in US drawing investors in completion of Odesa-Brody pipeline (Interfax) 04/24/2004
  • Західні посли про вибори в Мукачево (BBC Ukrainian) 04/24/2004

  • Putin puts signature to Azov Sea treaty with Ukraine (DPA/Deepika) 04/23/2004
  • Russian, Ukrainian Leaders Hail Border Accord (REF/RL) 04/23/2004
  • Russian Leader Skirts Trouble Over Ukrainian Media Law (REF/RL) 04/23/2004
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) speaks to his Ukrainian counterpart Leonid Kuchma during their negotiations in the Black Sea resort of Yalta in the Crimea, April 23, 2004. The two state leaders met to discuss international politics, and to sign bilateral agreements on Russian-Ukrainian borders and cooperation in the use of the Azov Sea and the Kerch Strait. (AP/Yahoo) 04/23/2004
  • Coalition Changes in Iraq (Editorial reflecting the views of the U.S. Government) (VOA) 04/23/2004
  • Violence in mayoral vote raises concern in Ukraine [Mukacheve] (Chicago Tribune) 04/23/2004
  • National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting Surprised with Kuchma's Statement on 'Unconstitutionality' of Air Ukrainization (UNIAN) 04/23/2004
  • Our Ukraine’s Office Set on Fire in Chernihiv Region (Главред) 04/23/2004
  • Political Council of Party of Industrialists and Businessmen Recommended to Session to Propose Its Own Presidential Candidate (UNIAN) 04/23/2004
  • Pinchuk Leaving 'Labor Ukraine' party [Victor Pinchuk is President Kuchma's son-in-law] (UNIAN) 04/23/2004
  • СПУ пропонує Тимошенко дати свідчення в США і зняти з себе обвинувачення (УНІАН) 04/23/2004
  • World leaders on list of oil recipients [The files purportedly show vouchers being handed to socialist, communist and nationalist political parties in Ukraine, Belarus...] (Wash Post) 04/23/2004
  • Tough questions for 270 named in Iraqi documents (Daily Telegraph) 04/23/2004
  • Kuchma praises CES trade treaty ratification by Ukraine, Russia [Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 04/23/2004
  • Kuchma calls for bigger UN role in Iraq (Interfax) 04/23/2004
  • Kuchma, Putin exchange with ratification notes on border and Azov-Kerch cooperation agreements (Interfax) 04/23/2004
  • Presidents of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan to discuss CES deal next month [Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 04/23/2004
  • CIS Prime Ministers Meet in Kyrgyzstan [CES: Common Economic Space, CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States] (Kyrgyzstan Times) 04/23/2004
  • Putin signs laws on CES, on border with Ukraine, and on cooperation in use of Azov Sea and Kerch Strait [Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 04/23/2004
  • Кучма - найвпливовіший українець року. Востаннє? (BBC Ukrainian) 04/23/2004
  • 2 голоси забракло для вимоги відставки Медведчука (BBC Ukrainian) 04/23/2004

  • Analysis: Ukraine divided against itself (UPI/Wash Post) 04/22/2004
  • United States Mission to the OSCE statement of concern on Mukacheve ['fraudulent manipulation of voting results'] (OSCE) 04/22/2004
  • The End Of Russian-Language Broadcasting In Ukraine? (RFE/RL) 04/22/2004
  • US Concerned Over Fraud in Ukraine Election (Reuters) 04/22/2004
  • Iraq: Poland's Hesitation Raising New Doubts About Cohesion Of Coalition (RFE/RL) 04/22/2004
  • США: в Мукачевому відбулася підтасовка виборів (BBC Ukrainian) 04/22/2004
  • США дякують Україні за її військо в Іраку. Але нагадують, що НАТО - альянс демократичних держав, а Україна має складнощі з Мукачевим (BBC Ukrainian) 04/22/2004
  • Washington's Action Ukraine Coalition holds briefing with Ambassador Steven Pifer on U.S.-Ukraine Relations FOTO/S (BRAMA) 04/22/2004
  • Four Lawmakers Captured in Mukacheve (Главред) 04/22/2004
  • 62% Voted for Baloha – Exit Poll [Mukacheve] (Главред) 04/22/2004
  • США глибоко занепокоєні ситуацією у Мукачевому (УНІАН) 04/22/2004
  • Рада Європи відзначає “відсутність в Україні демократичної ініціативи на низовому рівні” (УНІАН) 04/22/2004
  • США вважають, що ратифікація угоди про ЄЕП суперечить заявам України про курс на євроінтеграцію (УНІАН) 04/22/2004
  • Kuchma signs ratified agreements with Russia and on CES [Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 04/22/2004
  • U.S. says Ukraine's participation in CES [Common Economic Space] contradicts its eurointegration aspirations [Subscription only] (Interfax) 04/22/2004
  • Russian Council of Federation ratifies agreement on Russia-Ukraine border [Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 04/22/2004
  • Kazakhstan parliament ratifies CES agreement [Common Economic Space] (Interfax) 04/22/2004
  • Russia/Ukraine: Common Ground Reached On Border Agreements [from 4/21/04] (RFE/RL) 04/22/2004
  • Kuchma calls decision of the Ukrainian National TV and Radio Council that compels the media to use the state language - unconstitutional. (Interfax) 04/22/2004
  • EU, new members work to protect long new border (EU Business) 04/22/2004
  • Kuchma Plans to Sell Off Ukraine by 2008 [privatization] (Главред) 04/22/2004
  • Ticket to Ride [Book Review: Orient Express] (Transitions Online) 04/22/2004
  • The Iraqi resistance enters a new phase - By Tariq Ali (Hi Pakistan) 04/22/2004
  • Ukraine to Stay in Iraq 'Until the End' : Kuchma (BNN) 04/22/2004
  • 16 children slain on way to school. Suicide bombers kill 68 in Basra. (AP/Arizona Daily Star) 04/22/2004
  • Separated Families in Slovakia, Ukraine Border Village Seek US Help to Reunite (VOA) 04/22/2004
  • Cracks growing in U.S.-led coalition (Baltimore Sun) 04/22/2004
  • Мукачево - день четвертий (VOA) 04/22/2004

  • Integration within CIS beneficial for West, says Kuchma (Interfax) 04/21/2004
  • Kuchma believes inappropriate to hurry up with integration into Europe (Interfax) 04/21/2004
  • Kyiv expects strategic partnership with Washington, says Kuchma (Interfax) 04/21/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian lawmakers block Interior Minister Mykola Bilokon, right, from returning to his seat after he spoke in the parliament in Kiev, Wednesday, April 21, 2004, on the second day of heated discussions about Sunday's mayoral election in the western town of Mukachevo. A representative of Europe's main human rights group said Wednesday that the mayoral election in Ukraine marked a threat to democracy in the former Soviet republic ahead of October's presidential vote. At left, foreground, is opposition Our Ukraine party leader Viktor Yushchenko. (AP/Yahoo) 04/21/2004
  • Ukraine Seeks Stronger Voice in Iraq (AP/Yahoo) 04/21/2004
  • Hryschenko, Powell discuss latest events in Iraq (Interfax) 04/21/2004
  • Kuchma praises ratification of CES trade treaty by Ukraine, Russia (Interfax) 04/21/2004
  • Deal with Ukraine boosts Russian plans for regional economic bloc (Financial Times) 04/21/2004
  • Strategic Partnership with RF Completely Corresponds to Euro-Integration Course of Ukraine - Kuchma (UNIAN) 04/21/2004
  • Yuschenko, Tymoshenko Demand Resignation of Interior Minister (Главред) 04/21/2004
  • [Click 'eng' top left of screen] Kuchma confessed to Karpachova that he received biased information on Mukachevo (Our Ukraine) 04/21/2004
  • Рада розбиратиметься з Мукачівськими виборами (BBC Ukrainian) 04/21/2004
  • Yuschenko meets with President Kuchma on controversial Mukacheve mayoral election (Ukrayinska Pravda) 04/21/2004
  • Mukacheve election debacle may be repeated at presidential election, say observers (Interfax) 04/21/2004
  • Zinchenko Calls Situation in Mukachevo Critical, Demanding 'Unprecedented Actions' of Supreme Rada, CNSDU, and Force Structures (UNIAN) 04/21/2004
  • Business Groups Combat Intellectuals in Mukacheve – Ernest Nusser (Главред) 04/21/2004
  • Файненшл Таймс називає ЄЕП найбільшим успіхом Росії у поверненні під контроль колишніх республік (BBC Ukrainian) 04/21/2004

  • OSCE/ODIHR concerned about attack on polling station during Ukrainian mayoral election (OSCE) 04/20/2004
  • Powell Urges Allies to Keep Troops in Iraq (AP/Wash Post) 04/20/2004
  • Микола Рябчук: «Ми себе прирiкаємо на довiчну вiдсталiсть». (VOA) 04/20/2004
  • Judge Requests Papers on Reporter's Death [Taras Protsyuk] (AP/Yahoo) 04/20/2004
  • Екс-посол Бутейко: «найтемнiший день в iсторiї України». (VOA) 04/20/2004
  • Верховна Рада ратифiкувала угоду про створення ЄЕП (VOA) 04/20/2004
  • Russian, Ukrainian Parliaments OK Border, Trade Deals (RFE/RL) 04/20/2004
  • Ukraine Wants EU Help to Secure New 'Paper' Border [Ukraine urged European Union countries on Tuesday to contribute more funds to help fight illegal migration and trafficking in drugs, people and weapons when the bloc expands to its borders next month.] (BNN) 04/20/2004
  • [Pagedown] Pro-government coalition proposes Yanukovych as joint presidential candidate (RFE/RL) 04/20/2004
  • Partnership with Ukraine a priority, says Secretary General (NATO) 04/20/2004
  • Ukraine ratifies Azov Sea cooperation agreement with Russia (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Yanukovych describes integration in European Union, accession to WTO, deepening of cooperation in CIS as priorities of Ukraine's foreign policy (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Ratification of agreements with Ukraine would benefit Russia - minister (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada ratifies CES agreement (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Russian Duma ratifies CES agreement (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Verkhovna Rada ratifies agreement on use of Azov Sea and Kerch Strait with Russia (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Rada Cedes Kerch Strait to Russia? (Главред) 04/20/2004
  • Verkhovna Rada ratifies border treaty with Russia (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Bush criticizes Spanish pullout (Wash Times) 04/20/2004
  • Honduras Follows Spain, Pulls Out of Iraq (AP/Yahoo) 04/20/2004
  • MFA disappointed with US decision not to pay compensation to Protsiuk family [Ukrainian cameraman Taras Protsiuk was killed by American tank fire in Iraq last year] (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Lavrov hopes Ukraine won't change licensing procedures for Russian media (Interfax) 04/20/2004
  • Ukrainian TV Language Change: just a meaningless promise (UANewswire) 04/20/2004
  • Annual Survey: From the Velvet to the Rose Revolution [from 4/17/04] (Transitions Online) 04/20/2004
  • Halfway to the Latin American Model: Controversies and threats of the incomplete political reform (День) 04/20/2004
  • Cult of Silence [James Mace][Plagiarism and cheating in Ukrainian universities] (День) 04/20/2004
  • Serhiy Krymsky: For centuries Ukraine has always been an integral part of Europe (День) 04/20/2004
  • Opposition Factions Protest against Rigged Mukacheve Elections (Главред) 04/20/2004
  • Bulletins and Protocols with Results of Mukachevo Mayor Elections Have Been Stolen - Our Ukraine (UNIAN) 04/20/2004

  • NATO chief still cool on Ukraine membership during visit (AFP/SpaceDaily) 04/19/2004
  • Committee of Electors of Ukraine Announces About Absolute Falsification of Results of Mukachevo Mayor Elections (UNIAN) 04/19/2004
  • The last bastion [Ukraine-Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Single Economic Space] (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/19/2004
  • Candidates and their ratings (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/19/2004
  • Yanukovych: chosen to win or to lose? (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/19/2004
  • Rockets at large Ukrainian weapons are easily available for both metalworkers and terrorists (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/19/2004
  • Photo: NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is seen during his meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko in Kiev, Ukraine, Monday, April 19, 2004. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer arrived in Ukraine Monday for a one-day visit to meet with Ukrainian top officials. (AP/Yahoo) 04/19/2004
  • Mayoral election in western Ukraine sparks concern (Financial Times) 04/19/2004
  • Kuchma Suffers Reform Setback (Transitions Online) 04/19/2004
  • Security Companies: Shadow Soldiers in Iraq (NY Times) 04/19/2004
  • Iraq Peacekeepers Deal With Spain Pullout (AP/Yahoo) 04/19/2004
  • У Мукачеві громили виборчі дільниці (BBC Ukrainian) 04/19/2004

  • Zapatero orders Spanish pullout from Iraq (Al-Jazeera) 04/18/2004

  • Kyiv Imposes Controversial Ban On Russian-Language Broadcasts (RFE/RL) 04/17/2004

  • Кучма високо оцінив шанси Януковича (BBC Ukrainian) 04/16/2004
  • Photo: A group of 118 workers from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics board a plane at Baghdad's airport Friday, April 16, 2004. The evacuation began Thursday following the abduction Monday in Iraq of three Russian and five Ukrainian employees of Interenergoservis. (AP/Yahoo) 04/16/2004
  • Віктор Медведчук зустрівся з Владіміром Путіним (BBC Ukrainian) 04/16/2004
  • Factions Slug It Out in Battle To See Who Will Lead Ukraine (Wash Post) 04/16/2004
  • EU expansion chief: 'It is a miracle' (CNN) 04/16/2004
  • 'Suspicious' plane grounded in DRC [Russian and Ukrainian crew were apparently using forged paperwork and flight licences] (AFP/IOL) 04/16/2004
  • Communists Oppose Broadcasting in Ukrainian (Главред) 04/16/2004
  • Former Soviet countries [CIS group of 12] pledge economic, trade co-operation (AFP/Business Day) 04/16/2004
  • Ukrainian, Russian parliaments discuss common stand on accession to WTO (Interfax) 04/16/2004
  • Jury weighs case against Ukraine's ex-PM [Pavlo Lazarenko] (Financial Times) 04/16/2004
  • Poland, Ukraine keeping troops in Iraq - Siwiec (Interfax) 04/16/2004
  • Many Russians opt to stay in Iraq (CNN) 04/16/2004
  • ООН критикує Білорусь і Туркменістан, але не Росію (BBC Ukrainian) 04/16/2004

  • Anger at Ukraine's ban on Russian [Ukrainian broadcasters have criticised a government order banning national TV and radio programmes in Russian, which is spoken by most Ukrainians... Russian is the first language of 22% of the population.] (BBC) 04/15/2004
  • Вiктор Янукович - кандидат вiд влади (VOA) 04/15/2004
  • Ющенку буде непросто перемогти Януковича на майбутніх виборах, вважає президент Центру Разумкова (УНІАН) 04/15/2004
  • Parliament to Consider CES Agreement April 20 (Главред) 04/15/2004
  • Yuschenko Criticizes Yanukovych’s Candidacy (Главред) 04/15/2004
  • Yanukovych nominated as single presidential candidate owing to his post - Symonenko (Interfax) 04/15/2004
  • Parliamentary-governmental coalition puts forward Yanukovych as single contender for presidency - Havrysh (Interfax) 04/15/2004
  • Yanukovych: nomination as single presidential candidate is challenge [Yanukovych attending meeting of the Council of CIS Heads of State in former Soviet resort area (Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan) used only by 'nomenklatura'.] (Interfax) 04/15/2004
  • Special anticorruption and organized crime committee under president unconstitutional - court (Interfax) 04/15/2004
  • Agroterrorism not a new weapon [Laying siege to towns, Tartars in Ukraine 600 years ago...] (La Vista Sun) 04/15/2004
  • Commission on Human Rights adopted three resolutions on human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan, Israeli settlements in the occupied Arab territories, and the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine. (UNHCHR) 04/15/2004
  • Ukrainian workers from Russian company to be evacuated from Iraq (Interfax) 04/15/2004
  • Russia airlifts 366 workers out [Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has urged Ukrainian workers in Iraq to 'seize the opportunity and leave the country until the stabilization of the situation.'] (AP/CNN) 04/15/2004
  • Key Members Cool on U.N. Iraq Resolution (AP/Yahoo) 04/15/2004
  • Photo: A convoy of buses, carrying Russian expatriate workers, drive along Baghdad's airport highway to meet flights sent by Moscow's emergencies ministry, April 15, 2004. About 20 buses carrying Russian workers headed for the airport in an evacuation organized after the kidnapping and swift release of three Russians and five Ukrainians in Baghdad. (AP/Yahoo) 04/15/2004
  • Навіщо депутату пістолет? (BBC Ukrainian) 04/15/2004
  • Ukrainian Majority Tabs Presidential Candidate (RFE/RL) 04/15/2004

  • В Українi передбачають брудну кампанiю (VOA) 04/14/2004
  • США дають грошi на чеснi i прозорi вибори в Українi (VOA) 04/14/2004
  • Iraq 'Caretaker' Plan Proposed (AP/CBS News) 04/14/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich is seen in this Nov. 21, 2002 file photo taken in Kiev, Ukraine. Allies of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma Wednesday April 14, 2004 nominated Yanukovich as their presidential candidate for the 2004 elections. (AP/Yahoo) 04/14/2004
  • Ліцензії - лише для повністю україномовних теле- та радіостанцій (BBC Ukrainian) 04/14/2004
  • Олег Блохін потрапив в автокатастрофу (BBC Ukrainian) 04/14/2004
  • Москва хоче, аби Україна з нею узгоджувала стосунки з НАТО (BBC Ukrainian) 04/14/2004
  • Nations Urge Citizens to Quit Iraq After Abductions [France, Russia, Czech Republic] (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/14/2004
  • Scotland's population crisis set to deepen [McConnell to bring in immigrants from non-EU countries] (The Scotsman) 04/14/2004
  • Borders come down, but what barriers remain? (Financial Times) 04/14/2004
  • [Pagedown] Verkhovna Rada fails to pass constitutional-reform bill (RFE/RL) 04/14/2004
  • Verkhovna Rada fails to pass constitutional-reform bill (RFE/RL) 04/14/2004
  • VR not to vote again on political reform bill, says Lytvyn (Interfax) 04/14/2004
  • USAID, CES to carry out two projects on organization of elections in Ukraine (Interfax) 04/14/2004
  • Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych to Run for Presidency (UANewswire) 04/14/2004
  • Polish border guards arrested for corruption (EU Business) 04/14/2004
  • Political reform will be implemented by elections - Kuchma (Interfax) 04/14/2004

  • Hryschenko calls for evacuation of Ukrainian specialists working in Iraq (Interfax) 04/13/2004
  • Ukraine-German forum conference to discuss Kyiv-EU relations after enlargement (Interfax) 04/13/2004
  • Russia sees Ukraine its strategic partner in future Europe, says Lavrov (Interfax) 04/13/2004

  • Judgment day in the Mukachevo campaign (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/12/2004
  • What is this man's reform? (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/12/2004
  • USAID administrator Andrew Natsios: 'Interference in the country's internal affairs? We've heard this accusation from authoritarian and totalitarian regimes for decades.' (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/12/2004
  • Ukraine, Russia have huge prospects for cooperation within CES - Russian Ambassador Chernomyrdin (Interfax) 04/12/2004

  • EU expansion to isolate poor neighbors (AP/Seattle Times) 04/11/2004
  • A war built on sand [... this past week may be the equivalent of the 1968 Tet offensive - the moment when America discovered that, for all its overwhelming military superiority, it is not winning the war...] (New Zealand Herald) 04/11/2004
  • The March of Folly ['Now the Americans are caught in a trap of their own making. Even if they wanted to leave Iraq (which they certainly do not!), they would be unable to do so. As the Hebrew saying goes, they can neither swallow it nor spit it out.'] (MMN) 04/11/2004

  • Bush Was Told of Al Qaeda Hijack Preparation one month before Sept. 11, 2001 (Reuters) 04/10/2004
  • Text of Bush's Aug. 6, 2001, Intel Brief (AP/Yahoo) 04/10/2004
  • White House releases 9/11 memo (AFP/Yahoo) 04/10/2004
  • Bush's Pre-9/11 al-Qaida Memo Released (AP/Yahoo) 04/10/2004
  • Diary: Poles ponder EU possibilities (BBC) 04/10/2004
  • Making Sense Out of Russia's Free Trade Initiative [by Marian L. Tupy: The CES initiative -- which also includes Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus -- is emerging during the grandest nation-enlargement in European history] (Cato Institute) 04/10/2004
  • Ukraine opposition defeats plan for power shift in government [By Askold Krushelnycky in Prague] (Independent) 04/10/2004
  • Without a Doubt [Condoleezza Rice bio] (The New Yorker) 04/10/2004
  • Moment of truth [Shiite pilgrims stream towards the holy city, Baghdad, to converge with others from all corners of Iraq.] (The Age) 04/10/2004

  • Europe prepares for terrorism (RFE/RL) 04/09/2004
  • Coalition remains willing -- for the time being (RFE/RL) 04/09/2004
  • Deputy Chief of General Staff May Gen Oleh Syvushenko Refutes Media Reports about Ukrainian Military Personnel Having Left Al Kut, Neglecting Coalition Force Command's Orders (Embassy of Ukraine) 04/09/2004
  • Ukraine Parliament Rejects Amendments (AP/Yahoo) 04/09/2004
  • Europe Seems Dismayed by Iraq Turn (NY Times) 04/09/2004
  • Kerry promises jobs, eulogizes war dead. U.S. cannot carry Iraq burden alone, he says, criticizing Bush's foreign policy (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) 04/09/2004
  • Opponents of reform in for slander campaign [Ukraine constitution] (Ukrayinska Pravda) 04/09/2004
  • Ukraine may face terrorist attacks if its peacekeepers stay in Iraq - Kriuchkov (Ukrayinska Pravda) 04/09/2004
  • Pull out troops or we burn hostages alive (Daily Telegraph) 04/09/2004
  • World Briefing: Europe (NY Times) 04/09/2004
  • Repeated Voting on Draft Law About Making Changes to Constitution Possible in SR Today – MPs (UNIAN) 04/09/2004
  • 3,000 protest proposed election change in Ukraine (Chicago Tribune) 04/09/2004
  • Ten Ukrainian parties to nominate joint candidate (Baku Sun) 04/09/2004
  • Ex-Ukrainian PM extorted businessmen: witness [Pavlo Lazarenko] (AFP/Borneo Bulletin) 04/09/2004
  • CIS prosecutors sign 11 documents to coordinate efforts in war on organized crime (Interfax) 04/09/2004
  • U.S. not alone in Iraq ['A Ukranian official made the stunning admission that they abandoned Kut 'because they did not have the means to engage in combat.'] (Philadelphia Daily News) 04/09/2004
  • Coalition troop deployment (UPI/Wash Times) 04/09/2004
  • US options in dealing with a widening war (CS Monitor) 04/09/2004
  • Iraqis Insist On Expelling Occupation (Islam Online) 04/09/2004
  • Confusion over Falluja ceasefire (BBC) 04/09/2004
  • Insurgents take hostages, dig in across Iraq (Chicago Tribune) 04/09/2004
  • Strains emerge among U.S. partners in combat in wake of violent uprising by Shia cleric (Newsday) 04/09/2004
  • Polish Commander Appeals to Iraqis to End Violence (Bulgarian News Network) 04/09/2004
  • Iraq in turmoil on Saddam anniversary (Reuters) 04/09/2004
  • U.S. Forces Recapture Southern Iraq City [Kut] (AP/Yahoo) 04/09/2004
  • U.S. Forces Retake Shi'ite Town in Iraq [Kut] (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/09/2004
  • A coalition showing signs of fracture. Insurgents are targeting forces of smaller countries exposing the weaknesses in the Pentagon's plans (Guardian) 04/09/2004
  • Коаліція ще не вирішила, чи вимагати переголосування законопроекту №4105 (УНІАН) 04/09/2004
  • Файненшл таймс: 'Президент Кучма не спромігся змінити конституцію' (BBC Ukrainian) 04/09/2004
  • Зміни до української Конституції не пройшли (BBC Ukrainian) 04/09/2004

  • Photo: A protester holds up a poster showing the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, U.S. President George Bush and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar reading 'The Damned' during a protest outside the U.S. embassy in Madrid, Thursday April 8, 2004 on the anniversary of the death of Spanish journalist Jose Couso at a Baghdad hotel during the war in Iraq. A U.S tank fired on and killed Couso, a cameraman for the Spanish private Telecinco station. The Palestine Hotel was packed with some 300 foreign journalists covering the invasion of Iraq at the time. Ukrainian cameraman Taras Protsyuk, of Reuters television, was killed in the same incident. (AP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: Le chef du parti ukrainien d'opposition 'Notre Ukraine' Viktor Iouchtchenko [Yushchenko], le 31 mars a Kiev (AFP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Полiтреформа наразi провалилася (VOA) 04/08/2004
  • У Києвi вшанували пам`ять Тараса Процюка (VOA) 04/08/2004
  • Акція протесту біля парламенту (BBC Ukrainian) 04/08/2004
  • Парламент не схвалив конституційну реформу. Забракло 6 голосів (BBC Ukrainian) 04/08/2004
  • Ukraine to keep troops in Iraq, may send more arms (Reuters/AlertNet) 04/08/2004
  • Poland, Ukraine Won't Withdraw Soldiers From Iraq (Bloomberg) 04/08/2004
  • Ukraine's Kuchma fails to change constitution (Financial Times) 04/08/2004
  • Поіменне голосування за зміни до Конституції України (Українська правда) 04/08/2004
  • Політреформа провалилася: Після провалу політреформи Тимошенко ставить на Медведчукові 'хрест' (Українська правда) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian opposition deputies cheer as they celebrate the failure of a constitutional reform bill in the parliament hall in Kiev, April 8, 2004. Reforms aimed at slashing the powers of future Ukrainian presidents failed to get parliament's approval dealing a blow to the outgoing president, Leonid Kuchma. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian opposition deputies cheer as they celebrate the failure of a constitutional reform in the parliament hall in Kiev, April 8, 2004. Reforms aimed at slashing the powers of future Ukrainian presidents failed to get parliament's approval, dealing a blow to the outgoing president Leonid Kuchma. (Reuters) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko speaks during a parliamentary session in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, April 8, 2004. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the Ukrainian parliament on Thursday, the day of an expected final vote on constitutional amendments that the opposition contends threaten democracy in the former Soviet republic. (AP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: Ukraine's parliament rejected bitterly contested changes to the constitution denounced by the opposition as a bid by President Leonid Kuchma (pictured) to hang on to power after his second term ends in October. (AFP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Draft on political reform fails in VR (Interfax) 04/08/2004
  • Ukraine parliament rejects constitutional changes (AFP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Opposition Jubilant as Ukraine Throws Out Reforms (Reuters) 04/08/2004
  • Ukraine Rejects Controversial Constitution Reform (Reuters) 04/08/2004
  • Ukrainians Protest Constitutional Changes (AP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: Iraqi Shi'ites chant while holding their weapons in the Holy city of Najaf April 8, 2004. U.S.-led coalition forces do not have control of the cities of Najaf and Kut, where Shi'ite militiamen have seized control of key buildings in the center of town, the top U.S. general in Iraq (news - web sites) said on Thursday. Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez said coalition troops in the cities -- who include Ukrainian and Spanish soldiers -- were in their bases on the outskirts. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Withdrawal of Ukrainian peacekeepers is not in agenda - General Staff (Interfax) 04/08/2004
  • Ukraine to Keep Troops in Iraq, May Send More Arms (Reuters) 04/08/2004
  • Understanding 'New Europe': Polish, Ukrainian heavyweights exchange views New York [Tarasyuk, Naimski] SPECIAL (BRAMA) 04/08/2004
  • Steamed Rice: Being Condi Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry (Counterpunch) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: Ukrainian man lights a candle under a portrait of killed journalist Taras Protsyuk near the U.S. embassy in Kiev, April 8, 2004. A couple of dozen people lit candles and laid red carnations outside the embassy in Ukraine's capital on Thursday to commemorate the first anniversary of his death. Protsyuk, 35, was killed when a U.S. tank shell hit the Palestine Hotel, the headquarters of international journalists in Baghdad as troops entered the Iraqi capital on April 8, 2003. Taras had worked for Reuters since 1993. (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Photo: An elderly Ukrainian man shouts as he takes part in a rally outside the parliament building in Kiev, April 8, 2004. Ukrainian opposition activists protest on Thursday as deputies are due to vote on a political reform aimed at transferring part of the president's authority to parliament and the prime minister (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Proportional Local Elections Are Untimely - Kyiv's Mayor Oleksandr Omelchenko (Главред) 04/08/2004
  • One Should First Get Americans Acquainted with Ukraine’s Existence to Raise Their Concern over Its Problems – Tikhon Pascal (Главред) 04/08/2004
  • Ukraine MPs vote on constitution (BBC) 04/08/2004
  • Fugitive Chief to Air Radio Continent from Underground (UANewswire) 04/08/2004
  • Draft resolution on withdrawal of Ukrainian peacekeepers from Iraq registered in Verkhovna Rada (Interfax) 04/08/2004
  • Iraq Uprising Shifts Role of U.S. Allies (AP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Militiamen Control Parts of 3 Iraq Cities [Top U.S. general vows to retake militia-held Kut] (AP/Yahoo) 04/08/2004
  • Coalition forces in Iraq don't control Najaf, Kut (Reuters/AlertNet) 04/08/2004
  • US stoking unrest before festival, say Shia (Independent) 04/08/2004
  • Journalists Killed by U.S. Troops Remembered in Iraq [Cameraman Taras Protsyuk] (Reuters) 04/08/2004
  • Rumsfeld defiant, but US troops face extended Iraq duty (Independent) 04/08/2004
  • Ukraine to vote on constitution (Financial Times) 04/08/2004

  • Корупція і слабкість судів - перешкоди демократії (BBC Ukrainian) 04/07/2004
  • NUJ вимагає розслідування смерті Тараса Процюка (BBC Ukrainian) 04/07/2004
  • Freedom House Report Highlights Countries With Democratic Deficits (RFE/RL) 04/07/2004
  • Gazprom chairman sets out his agenda (Financial Times) 04/07/2004
  • Монiторинг за березень: Український телеефiр майже виключно провладний (VOA) 04/07/2004
  • Борис Тарасюк: Україна скочується до авторитаризму. (VOA) 04/07/2004
  • Tarasyuk: The generations of Ukrainian freedom fighters were not dreaming about the Ukraine we have right now. Washington's Action Ukraine Coalition Meeting with Ukrainian Rada Member Borys Tarasyuk FOTO/S (BRAMA) 04/07/2004
  • Constitutional Court Declared Unconstitutional Provision of President's Resolution on Introduction of State Monopoly in Sphere of Production and Circulation of Alcohol and Tobacco (UNIAN) 04/07/2004
  • 58% of Ukrainian and Foreign Experts Believe that Political Reform Is Carried Out Illegitimately - Poll (UNIAN) 04/07/2004

  • Survey: Corruption and weak judiciary are key obstacles to democracy (Freedom House) 04/06/2004
  • 'Civic forum' backs constitutional reform; Yushchenko changing tactics. (RFE/RL) 04/06/2004
  • Закон про вибори місцевих органів влади (BBC Ukrainian) 04/06/2004
  • Law-enforcers say Vice-Prime Minister Kyrylenko illegally sold properties to Lazarenko-linked companies (Ukrayinska Pravda) 04/06/2004
  • Russia worried about new dividing wall after EU enlargement (EU Business) 04/06/2004
  • A Legal Aid Charity [Soros and Pinchuk] (День) 04/06/2004
  • Kuchma Signed Law on Ratification of Memorandum, Giving NATO Armed Forces Right of Free Access to Ukrainian Territory (UNIAN) 04/06/2004
  • Washington to host meeting of Ukraine-U.S. economic cooperation committee (Interfax) 04/06/2004
  • Ministry to keep foreign visitors' schedules secret (Interfax) 04/06/2004

  • Warsaw, Kiev at Odds Over Stalled Steel Deal [Huta Czestochowa] (Transitions Online) 04/05/2004
  • Shevardnadze Apologizes to People of Ukraine for Georgian President Saakashvili's Statements (NY Jewish Times) 04/05/2004
  • Renaissance Foundation, Internews-Network invite competition of projects on media support in Ukraine (Interfax) 04/05/2004
  • Free trade zone, as first stage of CES, may be set up this year, says Yanukovych (Interfax) 04/05/2004
  • Переговори в Астані: угоду про ЄЕП ратифікують через 2 місяці? (BBC Ukrainian) 04/05/2004
  • Сьогодні у Києві поховали українського письменника і дисидента Миколу Руденка (Радіо Свобода) 04/05/2004
  • Social Security [and the 2004 Presidential election in Ukraine] (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/05/2004
  • Odd man out [Kuchma’s third term in office?] (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/05/2004
  • 10 Parties Formed Union 'People's President' of Propose United Candidate at Elections-2004 (UNIAN) 04/05/2004
  • Kuchma signs into law presidential ballot bill cutting election campaign by 2 months (Interfax) 04/05/2004
  • George Soros: 'I didn’t call Kuchma a candid man' (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/05/2004
  • George Soros' extreme tour (Дзеркало Тижня) 04/05/2004

  • Кучма: Нікому не вдасться розіграти кримську карту (BBC Ukrainian) 04/03/2004
  • Former Ukrainian dissident Mykola Rudenko dies, aged 83 (UANewswire) 04/03/2004

  • Two Ukrainian Students Expelled for Soros Protest (AP/Yahoo) 04/02/2004
  • В.Янукович обговорив у Москві перспективи ЄЕП (BBC Ukrainian) 04/02/2004
  • Kuchma Has Endorsed Law On Proportional Elections To Parliament (UNIAN) 04/02/2004
  • Kuchma signs into law bill on proportional parliamentary elections (Interfax) 04/02/2004
  • The Political Situation in Ukraine before the Presidential Election. A discussion with Borys Tarasyuk, Deputy Chairman of the “Our Ukraine” bloc in the Ukrainian parliament. (CEIP) 04/02/2004
  • Negotiations to resume with EU neighbours (EU Observer) 04/02/2004
  • Putin notes advantages of Common Economic Space (Interfax) 04/02/2004
  • Russia, Ukraine discuss forming common economic space (VNA) 04/02/2004
  • Scientology Community to Register in Ukraine (RISU) 04/02/2004
  • У Києві відбувається форму на підтримку політреформи (BBC Ukrainian) 04/02/2004
  • 'Київ на шляху до відкритого суспільства'? (BBC Ukrainian) 04/02/2004
  • Україна-ЄС: надії на новий рауд переговорів (BBC Ukrainian) 04/02/2004
  • НАТО зацікавлено у прогресивному розвитку України (BBC Ukrainian) 04/02/2004

  • Putin proposes annual high-level Russian-Ukrainian meetings (Interfax) 04/01/2004
  • Сьогодні невідомі закидали київський офіс “Братства” тухлими яйцями (УНІАН) 04/01/2004
  • Більшість ВР схиляється до голосування конституційного закону іменними бюлетенями (УНІАН) 04/01/2004
  • Литвин підписав та направив на підпис президентові закон про вибори народних депутатів (УНІАН) 04/01/2004
  • Pravda Accuses Soros of Plotting Revolution (Newsmax) 04/01/2004
  • Ukrainian Activists Soil Soros in Protest (Reuters/NY Times) 04/01/2004
  • World Briefing: Europe [Attack on Soros] (NY Times) 04/01/2004
  • У Сороса жбурнули майонезом у Києві (BBC Ukrainian) 04/01/2004
  • Kiev Oligarch Keeps It in Family [Viktor Pinchuk] (Reuters/Moscow Times) 04/01/2004
  • Ukrainian peacekeepers avert explosion of U.S. Hummer in Iraq (Interfax) 04/01/2004
  • Bodies of four Americans dragged through streets of Fallujah (AP/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) 04/01/2004
  • North Korea seen stalling in nuclear row until U.S. vote (Reuters) 04/01/2004
  • 10 тисяч прибічників НУ вимагають змін у бюджеті (BBC Ukrainian) 04/01/2004
  • Liberty Radio, Voice of America seeking new partners in Ukraine (Interfax) 04/01/2004
  • Ukraine Promises NATO to Increase Press Freedom (Главред) 04/01/2004
  • Сорос купує 'Торчок-продукт'? (BBC Ukrainian) 04/01/2004
  • За останній тиждень радикально зменшилась кількість ЗМІ, які одержують “темники”, заявляє Томенко (УНІАН) 04/01/2004
  • Пінчук готовий лобіювати проект Сороса (BBC Ukrainian) 04/01/2004
  • Президент сказав Соросу, що нічого не знає про 'темники' (BBC Ukrainian) 04/01/2004
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

    Nadiya Savchenko's speech in Basmanny Court, Moscow, 10.02.2015 (Voices of Ukraine)

    Joe Biden: Don’t tell us. Show us, President Putin. 2/7/2015 Munich Security Conference

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    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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