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ELECTIONS IN UKRAINE Friday, July 20, 2018, 06:35 EDT
Parliamentary Elections 2002
RCC Political Review
RCC Political Review
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Parliamentary Elections 2004
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    2002 Parliamentary Elections

    RCC Guide: Election resources on the 'Net

    RCC has provided readers with links to and reviews of websites dealing with political news and parties in the past. In this special issue, we focus on those websites and links devoted exclusively to the imminent parliamentary elections. This list is by no means exhaustive - there are other sites with news and information about these elections. The sites listed below are representative of what UA's Internet has to offer.

    Most notable in Campaign 2002, is that Ukraine's NGO community has unleashed a flurry of sites. Taken together with the Internet offerings from traditional media, wire agencies, political parties and strictly-web publications, the amount of information available is overwhelming to the point of overload. This guide is intended to help surfers choose selectively and click through to the information they are looking for.

    The official site of Ukraine's election authority, the Central Electoral Commission. A statistician's dream - all the official information you want, referenced, cross-referenced and hyper-linked. Contains basic background info on all the candidates, parties and blocs, local election officers, etc. Search by constituency, or by surname (e.g.: there are 33 candidates with the Melnyk surname). The stern face of CEC's bespectacled chairman Mykhailo Ryabets greets visitors, and offers information about all of Ukraine's elections, all the way back to the 1991 referendum. To jump to the special web-server devoted to the 2002 parliamentary elections follow this link:
    On Election Day, track voter turn out with live updates at 12 pm, 4 pm, 8pm and 10pm. Frequent updates from the press office:
    English language content can be found at

    Voter's Compass. Best collection of links on these elections, brought to you by Ukraine's reference gurus "Kyiv. Information. Service." - KIS. (These are the folks that publish the Ukrainian "Who's Who" series of books.) The site includes links to more than 50 political party and bloc websites, and a comparative analysis on electoral programs (26 common points are analyzed). There is also a link to the Ukrainian Media Server, a portal of information and services for journalists. UMS also provides tools for sending out press releases to national and regional media outlets. Ukrainian language, search engine.

    Ukrayina Partiyna. Weekly installments dissect the leading party and blocs. And it's a good thing that the articles are weekly - each one takes about 7 days to read. Despite their length, these monster-reports cover each party/bloc's history, electoral line-up, prospects, and the type of insider info you won't find in one place anywhere else, unless you work for the SBU. Thus far, the editors have covered the Greens, Nasha Ukrayina, Tymoshenko's bloc, the Socialists and the Communists.

    Planet U-U. Some creative, irreverent fun in the form of a comic strip, devoted to the "heroes" of these elections. After two chapters, the battle for planet U-U, ruled by King Ku Ku, continues to rage. The mutants (candidates) do battle, while the hapless citizens look on. Yushchenko is Super Pooper, Medvedchuk-Surkis are a mutant with two heads called Stranger-Danger, and Symonenko is Red Hot Peter. In the characters' gallery, each character is ranked according to stage of mutation, ability to regenerate, how many "u-bucks" they own, special powers, and weapons.

    KP Publications & Sputnik Media

    With a hefty grant from the European Union’s TACIS program (to the tune of 156,000 euros), KP Publications and Sputnik Media have launched two new websites as part of a project to support free and fair elections. Whoever said purely commercial ventures don't qualify for technical assistance funds?

    Election headquarters. This initiative is intended to provide objective information on the elections. The site is updated with two dozen articles a day, with a configurable list server that delivers updates to in-boxes everywhere. Ukrainian and Russian language only, search engine included. Updates: several times a day (customizable).

    The Election Workshop. This initiative has veteran journalists training ten rotating groups of rookie interns on reporting, interviewing, writing and election coverage. The site has two sections: hard news and in-depth articles. Many of these articles are picked up by KP's other sites. Russian, Ukrainian languages, with site search engine.

    Check out other KP offerings at (Ukrainian language) and (Russian) for other info, although if you sign up for the HQ mailing list, you'll get pretty well all the goods. KP is also getting ready to launch a Russian-language-only print magazine (a la TIME), that will be called Korrespondent.

    For English language info, keep up to speed with the electronic version of Kyiv Post at:

    You can also subscribe to Kyiv Post's Daily Election Bulletin - "A dozen or more election news snippets per day in English, delivered via email or fax every evening," that includes analysis from former Washington insider, Jim Davis. Just $10 per week!

    The site initially launched by Heorhiy Gongadze, has a special section devoted to the elections. There are special news reports from the regions: east, west, north, south, and central. also has the line-up of the parties and blocs as they will appear on the ballot. The sociology section is frequently updated, and there is a TV, radio and newspaper guide to candidate/party/bloc appearances on state owned media outlets. Occasionally, Pravda sends out some English language articles, which can be found at .

    The Forum site features breaking news, accompanied by commentary from Ukrainian opinion leaders and experts. This crew works very quickly, thus making it one of the most oft-quoted news sources on the Ukrainian Internet. Forum also offers a user-friendly list server that allows visitors to choose when and how often they receive e-mail updates. After a long period of inactivity, the English language portion of the site and corresponding list-server are now updated regularly. Don't click on the WAP version - it doesn't work.

    A selection of news, rumors, and a press digest brought to you by the rating service and news. Also features a forum for "political technologists." Follow this link for transcripts of news, interviews and debates from all of the national TV outlets.

    Hosted by Alpha-Counter, another web-rating agency, this site tracks the popularity of electoral candidates, party and current MP websites. The ratings are updated once a day, with the most popular site providing a base score of 100. The sites are rated according to the formula: hosts/hits/total hits. Follow the arrows for Alpha's own pages on the candidates and parties, including biographies, pictures, logos and links to the original sites.

    The Atlas group of Czech, Slovak and Ukrainian web portals has a special site devoted to the elections. It includes Russian language news from its own correspondents, and re-e-publishes analysis from leading newspapers. Atlas also reproduces public opinion poll data from Socis and the Razumkov Center, with unique graphical representations. However, there are some questionable results, presumably due to basic errors in data input (e.g.: Nasha Ukrayina with 1.75%?).

    Volodymyr Polokhalo and Oleksandr Derhachov from the Center for Political Analysis and Consulting, publish this online version of the Political Thought magazine. The Ukrainian, Russian and English versions are updated at different times, and have varying content. The site has an obvious pro-Tymoshenko bias, but Polokhalo, Derhachov et al, provide analysis and predictions on par with the other leading analysts, including Mykhailo Pohrebynsky (SDPU(o)) and Mykola Tomenko (Nasha Ukrayina).

    The newspaper and Internet project owned by Andriy Derkach - the KGB schooled son of former SBU chief Leonid Derkach. Together with former presidential administration chief Dmytri Tabachnyk, Derkach is one of the proponents of the "To Europe with Russia" vector in Ukrainian politics. Both are running for parliament on the Za Yedynu Ukrayinu ticket, and are members of Trudova Ukrayina. These media projects consistently bash Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, and are combatants in the Derkaches versus Marchuk infowar on who really sold off Ukraine's stockpile of Soviet weapons. (For Marchuk's side of the story, see his son's new English language media project ) Despite the pro-Russian rhetoric, the KT and versii sites feature valuable reports and analysis from the prolific Oleksandr Yurchuk, veteran political journalist. Check the March 4-10 issue of KT for Yurchuk's prognosis on what the parliament will look like after March 31, 2002. The article, entitled "Yushchenko's mission: To slay the 'admin-dragon,'" discusses the future make up of parliament, and the prospects of forming a parliamentary majority.

    Run by the Moscow-based Fund for Effective Politics and the Kyiv-based Russian Media Center, the website purports to inform Russians about Ukraine and Ukrainians. These same folks, led by Kremlin-insider and Putin PR aide Hleb Pawlowsky, also manage three web offerings on behalf of SDPU(o). The pages devoted to the elections feature basic information, news, commentary and analysis mostly through a pro-Russian, pro-SDPU(o) prism. This site has a video archive of campaign TV ads at and live streaming of six Ukrainian television channels at

    Liga Online - the business information portal. Liga's election forum allows visitors to pose question to candidates, parties and blocs. There seems to be a problem, however, soliciting responses (only 6 parties/blocs have participated). Liga has its own political news section at . Liga is best known as the "Ukrainian Lexis" for its legal database. Site in Russian language only.

    This site is devoted to the elections in Crimea, and includes news, commentary and a "who is who" section. The site owners present a fairly balanced overview of the campaign on the peninsula, which has made the headlines in Ukraine and Russia with scandal and intrigue surrounding the ongoing fight between parliamentary speaker Leonid Hrach and premier Serhiy Kunitsyn. Interestingly, this site looks and navigates much like has three special projects concerning the elections: 1) Media and the election process; 2) The administrative resource in the 2002 elections, and 3) the 2004 presidential elections (!). This site is closely affiliated with the Agency for Humanitarian Technologies, and the Winter Crop Generation Team electoral bloc, led by Ken doll Valery Khoroshkovsky. The Russian language portion of the site is updated several times daily, and is a good source of timely information and commentary. The site also has a gallery of political print ads and propaganda:

    News Wire services

    Ukrinform, the State Information Agency and wire service. The elections section features all the laws and presidential decrees that regulate the elections to all levels of legislative government in Ukraine. Ukrinform also offers photographs for sale, including English language captions. The State Information Agency has opened an Information Center for foreign election observers and journalists, which will be open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from March 18. (located on Bohdana Khmelnytskoho 8/16, just above Pushkinska Street). English language information about the Info Center can be found at: Ukrinform also offers paid news delivery service.

    UNIAN - Ukraine's Independent Information and News Agency. Similar to Interfax, UNIAN offers daily news updates on the election campaign. The difference is that you have to pay for UNIAN's offerings (if you are not a Ukrainian media outlet). There is a free archive of analytical articles, and free access to all the headlines. UNIAN also has a searchable photo archive with an English language section. The archive contains more than 4500 photos from 1997 to present, in the archive. Dozens of full size photos can be downloaded for free.

    Interfax Ukraine, a leading wire agency has launched a special service for the elections. Those with a need to know can sign up for free daily election updates via user-configurable list server. The site also includes sections on law, parties and blocs, politicians, opinions, forecasts, news from the regions, and information on past elections. A special section includes breaking news and news from the Central Electoral Committee. Ukrainian and Russian pages are updated more frequently. Complete with search engine.


    The Equal Access Committee, the Institute of Journalism at Shevchenko U. and Spilnyi Prostir have banded together for this mammoth media monitoring project. National and regional TV and print publications are analyzed for the amount of time and space devoted to reports on the election participants. Time and space are then characterized according to their "tonality," i.e. positive, negative and neutral. These findings are analyzed and published in monthly reports, providing a clear picture of who controls which media outlets.

    This site belongs to the National Public Monitoring Committee, formed by nine leading NGOs. It features news, analysis and publications, with a focus on violations in the campaign process. Lots of information from the regions. Updated several times daily, with downloadable .pdf reports. Supported by George Soros' International Renaissance Foundation, this site is out to expose the impact of the "administrative resource" in these elections.

    The Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research. Highly recommended comes UCIPR's free English language political analysis weekly "Research Update," delivered via e-mail. The English language portion of the site includes analysis devoted to both the national elections and the pre-election climate in Crimea. Follow this link for Ukrainian language reports on violations against journalists and freedom of speech during the elections:

    Prior to reforming itself, the USAID-funded Ukrainian Market Reform Education Program published a special issue of "e-courier" devoted to the elections. Fourteen parties and blocs provided position statements on a variety of issues: market economy, privatization, land reforms, investments, business, poverty, pension reforms, corruption, administrative reforms, and integration. Their positions are referenced with public opinion poll data for comparison, and expert commentary is provided on each issue. For the record, UMREP is now known as CURE (Center for Ukrainian Reform Education).

    These sites are run by Ukraine's leading election NGO, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine. CVU has 160 branches throughout the country, and is coordinating the work of 100 groups of election observers. Through its network, CVU has been monitoring campaign violations, and periodically issues "observer reports". A handbook for observers is available in electronic format. The polit site is the premier source of timely information from the regions of Ukraine (about 10 articles per day), and includes an exhaustive catalogue of NGOs from across the country. There are English language pages, but they are updated less frequently:

    The above was provided by
    RCC Political Review
    RCC Political Review

    About RCC Political Review

    RCC Political Review is a new information product devoted to reporting and analyzing political developments in Ukraine. It is currently distributed free-of-charge in electronic format as an e-mail message and A-4 format Word document. Materials published in RCC Political Review may only be reproduced with the consent of the Editorial Board. Upon reproduction, citing and crediting RCC is mandatory.

    To find out more about RCC's research, analysis, writing and reporting services, please contact our new Ukraine office. RCC's new Ukraine office is located at 25/40 Ivana Franka, Suite 20 in Kyiv, Ukraine, 01030. Call us at + 380 (44) 223-63-63, or contact us via e-mail - to find out how you can put RCC's experience, know-how and resources to work for you.

    RCC Political Review is produced by the Editorial Board:

    Stephen Bandera, Yarema Bachynsky, Mark Suprun, Lubomyr Kwasnycia, Jerry Dutkewych and Basil Danchuk.

    RCC - the most experienced Western communications firm working in Ukraine.


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