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Information about the joint project of the
International Womenís Rights Center "La Strada-Ukraine"
Mission of OSCE in Ukraine

"Support of hot lines of regional women NGOs
- partners of La Strada-Ukraine"

"La Strada Ukraine" works as the national center on prevention trafficking in women. One of the most important trends of center's activity is providing hot line consultations for those women who are going to work or study abroad, or to marry with a foreigner. Since November 1997 when it was first established the "Hot line" of "La Strada-Ukraine" has received about 5000 phone calls from various regions of Ukraine and abroad. However, because of the high cost of telephoning the majority of the calls are from Kyiv and Kyiv oblast'.

La Strada-Ukraine maintains close contacts with womenís NGOs in Ukraine. The aim of establishing of such contacts is to conduct the most effective actions on prevention of trafficking in women and for providing social assistance. That is why the International Women Rights Center "La Strada-Ukraine" and the Mission of OSCE in Ukraine started the project "Support of hot lines of regional women NGOs-La Strada-Ukraine partners". The duration of this project is 6 months.

The main goals of the project are: 1) strengthening the network of local womenís NGOs in Ukraine that work on the problem of prevention trafficking in people, especially women and children; and 2) organizing the effective system of providing the consultations for Ukrainian citizens on the problem of trafficking in human beings, taking into consideration regional approach, through creating new and supporting existing hot lines in the following cities: Kharkiv, Odessa, Sevastopol, Ternopil, Lugansk on the base of local women NGOs.

Partner organizations on this project are as follows:

  1. "Zhinky Donbassu" (Women of Donbass) - Lugansk - (0642) 55-16-99
  2. "Zhinocha Hromada" (Women' Community) - Kharkiv - (0572) 14-38-50
  3. 0
  4. "Molodizhnyj center of women iniciativ" (Youth center of women's initiatives) - Sevastopol - (0692) 54-50-44
  5. "Vidrodzhennya nacii" (Revival of the nation) - Ternopol - (0352) 28-20-46
  6. "Vira. Nadija. Lubov" (Faith. Hope. Love) - Odessa - (0482) 60 51 24

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