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Stockholm, December 4, 1998
To representatives of Eastern European organisations as per enclosed list

Invitation to a European ECPAT conference in Budapest, Hungary, February 22-23, 1999

As many of you are already aware ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) is organising a regional conference in Budapest on the 22nd and 23rd of February. As many of you also know ECPAT has active representation in 45 countries, three of which are Russia, Latvia and Yugoslavia. The objective of the forthcoming conference is to meet with colleagues from as many Eastern European countries as possible that have shown interest in the topic of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Our aim is to share ECPAT matters and experience and seek further collaboration in increasing childrenĺs protection from sexual offences.

We would therefore like to invite you to this regional conference in Budapest. A draft agenda is enclosed. ECPAT˘s budget allows for full payment (train or air ticket, accomodation and meals) for one representative per country. Should you wish to send two representatives, ECPAT might have the possibility to contribute to accomodation and meals for both persons, whereas transport costs for the second participant must be covered by your own organisation. Please let us know your plans and preferences concerning the conference attendance as soon as possible.

For financial and practical reasons some of you will travel to Budapest by air and others by train. Whatever means of transport, please make sure to bring your receipts to Budapest and you will be reimbursed there.

We will all be staying at the Council of Europe Youth Centre in Budapest. The address is Zivator utca, 1-3, Budapest, tel 36 1 2124078, fax 36 1 2124076. It is important that your arrival to Budapest takes place no later than the afternoon or evening of Sunday February 21, since the conference starts at 8.30 on Monday morning. The meeting will close at 4 pm on the Tuesday afternoon. Meals will include dinner on the 21st and lunch on the 23rd.

Some participants will need a visa to Hungary. Please contact the Hungarian Embassy/Consulate in your country concerning this. Those who do not need a visa will anyhow require an invitation letter from Hungary. Respective letters will be sent to you from Budapest. We need to know where and to whom these letters should be addressed. Kindly inform us about that no later than January 14. Also, please confirm the receipt of this invitation to ECPAT Sweden. Thank you.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Hungary!

Best regards
Erja-Liisa Petrova
Chief Advisor Eastern Europe



European ECPAT conference in Budapest, Hungary, February, 22-23, 1999

Organisations and persons invited:

ALBANIA: Protection of Woman and Child
BELARUS: Organisation to be confirmed
BULGARIA: Foundation Orfej
ESTONIA: Support Centre for Abused Children
HUNGARY: National Institute of Family and Children
YUGOSLAVIA: Beosupport
LATVIA: Bulduri
LITHUANIA: Organisation to be confirmed
MACEDONIA: Organisation to be confirmed
MOLDOVA: Organisation to be informed
POLAND: Organisation to be confirmed
ROMANIA: Organisation to be confirmed
RUSSIA: Institute of Teenager; and Ozon
SLOVENIA: Organisation to be confirmed
SLOVAKIA: Slovak Hope for Children
UKRAINE: La Strada



European ECPAT regional conference, Budapest, February 22-23, 1998

Day 1 - past and present situation and activities

February 22

The meeting will start at 8.30.

  1. Welcome and introduction - Ron O˘Grady, chairman of ECPAT International
  2. Presentation by representative of the European Commission
  3. National presentations by Eastern European representatives (15 min each) to include the following topics:
  • country situation concerning commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • (incl legislation)
  • government view of the problem and actions taken, including National Plan
  • of Action
  • NGO respons to the situation
  • priorities for action
  • practical needs (training, translation of material, etc)
  • regional networking



  1. Presentations by Western Europeans and ECPAT Executive members (10 min each) on the following topics:
  • awareness raising (including media˘s role)
  • tourism (sending and receiving countries)
  • law enforcement (EU project, Interpol cooperation, law enforcement
  • consultation)
  • child pornography
  • youth participation
  • networking
  1. Presentation by representative of the Council of Europe
  2. Cultural presentations (song, poem, story, dance)


Day 2 - future activities and cooperation

February 23

The meeting will start at 8.30

  1. Introduction to workshops (15 min) - Muireann O˘Briain, ECPAT Executive Director
  2. Workshops on child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes (2 ˛ hours). The following topics will be dealt with:
  • media/awareness raising
  • networking/lobbying
  • legislation
  • law enforcement


  1. Parallel activities (altogether 1 1/2 hours):
  • Workshop rapporteurs write their reports.
  • Eastern European representatives discuss regional and/or subregional
  • cooperation and possibly elect a regional representative to the ECPAT Executive
  • Committee.
  • Western Europeans involved in EU projects discuss technical matters.
  1. Presentation of workshop reports (30 min).
  2. Reports by Eastern Europeans on their discussions (30 min).
  3. Joint discussions on future activities (30 min)
  4. Closing (4 pm)


European ECPAT conference in Budapest, Hungary, February, 22-23, 1999

Participants from the following countries should fly to Budapest:


Participants from the following countries should go by train to Budapest:

The Czech Republic
Bosnia Herzegovina


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