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Four case histories described below


I was born in 1981 in Poltava region, Ukraine. I had never known who my father was. My grandmother told that he had worked at the collective farm and had died there during the fire.

My mother died when I was 3 years old and my grandmother brought me up. I studied at school and worked hard at the collective farm and at home.

In 1997 I finished the 9th form. I couldnít continue studying, because I had to go to the region centre.

Once in summer my friends and I went dancing. There were s lot of young people and some boys from Kyiv among them. The boy from my school came up to me and said that one of the Kyivites wanted to speak to me. His name was Rostik. He proposed me to work in Germany as a nurse.

When my friend Nadja learned about this work she also was very interested in it. We decided to go together but Rostik hadnít come to our village for a long time. My grandmother got very little pension and I worked at the collective farm.

I was waiting for Rostik.

He came to the village only before Christmas and proposed me to go to Germany at once. He persuaded my friend and me that everything will be good. But Nadjaís parents didnít allow her to go. I also started to hesitate but he persuaded me. Rostik promised that one women who also wanted to work in Germany would go with me. I consider him to be a reliable and thoughtful person. So I agreed to go and promised to my grandmother to be back in a month.

Rostik asked me whether I had a foreign passport. But I hadnít even Ukrainian passport. Then he said that would set the affair by himself.

We went by car. There was a woman in the car, but she disappeared somewhere during the trip. I didnít notice that we crossed Poland border. In Poland we stopped for a night in the house of one of Rostikís friend. His name was Stefan. He helped us to cross a river at night and we got to Germany.

We continue our trip by car. Guys brought me to some house and told me that the owner was waiting for me inside and that I had to set the affair by myself. I left all my things in the car and came in.

The owner was middle aged man. He told me some words in bad Russian and pushed me in a room and locked me there. I couldnít understand what had happened with me.

Iíd sat there for a long time and didnít know what to do. Then a nice women came to me and brought me some food. She asked about my parents and my birthplace. The woman was Polish and I understood her quite well. She asked me weather I knew I had to work as prostitute. I began to cry.

Two weeks past. I was crying all the time. I wasnít allow to go out and I was scared. The same women brought me food. Once the women asked me how old I was. She didnít believe that I was 16.

Next morning she came to me again and said she was very sorry for me. She gave me some money and explained how to escape. She asked me didnít tell anybody that she had helped me. The woman said that the owner paid big money for me.

So Iíve got to Holland. The police helped me to make contact with NGO which helps those women who were sold. They helped me to come back to Ukraine.

Now my granmother died. I canít live in my village because the pimps are looking for me.

They are very angry that I escaped. They said to my neighbors that I was a prostitute in Germany.

I donít have any place for living. Two months I have lived with my ancle, another two months with my friend. I would like to enter to a hairdresser school but it cost money. I donít have any.


United Arab Emirates


Tanya lived in the small town in Lugansk region. She was 20 years old.

Her father left the family when she was 4 and her brother was 2 years old. In 1991 her brother was knocked down by car. He stayed alive but became the invalid. So the mother couldnít work because she had to take care of him. The girl finished s technical school but couldnít find work. Almost all factories and plants in the city hadnít work. Sometime the family had nothing to eat except bread and water.

The girl was slim and pretty. A friend of her mother proposed to her to go to her relatives in the UAE: to work as a servant at the rich villa. The salary - $ 4000. It was incredible luck for the girl.

She got the passport and visa and flew to Abu-Dabu. After the arrival her passport was taken out and she was informed she had been sold for $ 7000 and from that moment she had to work in a bar attracting clients.

After some time the girl could escape and turned to the police of UAE for help. A policeman arrested her and she was condemned for 3 years for false charge. The girl has been in the prison for 11 months. According to the law of the country even for volunteering prostitution a woman can be condemned for 1 year, but there was no attorney at the court and no one could contest the verdict. The work of attorney during the court costs $ 5 Ė 7 000 and family have no such big money.

We wrote the letter to the Ambassador of Ukraine in UAE and to the shah of the country but unfortunately we have not got positive results yet. The Ambassador turned into different institutions in the country, but no one will revise the case without attorney. Our Ambassador visits the girl in the prison which is in desert. The girl is longing to come back home but afraids that everybody will chatter about her and no one will marry her.

Her mother calls us constantly and she is crying day and night that fates of both her children are broken and there is no hope in future.


The name of my daughter is Raya. She is 23 now. We live in Kyiv. Three years ago I took a lodger. He was a student from Jordan. I called him Azim.

In a time my daughter fell in love with him. He didnít want to marry her and I saw he didnít love her. But soon my daughter had got a child. It was a boy. We gave him name Arthur. After child was born, Azim disappeared. He went to Jordan. My grandson was one year old, when Azim came back and began to insist on adopting the child. I was against it but my daughter wonted her son to have father. So they formed the adoption. Some time passed and Azim began to ask Raya to go to Jordan to see his father. I asked my daughter not to do it, but she didnít obey. They left Kyiv.

I knew that if Raya wasnít happy with him in Kyiv she wouldnít be happy with him in Jordan too.

In a time my daughter called me. She was crying and said that they lived with Azimís parents. His parents were not bad, but the life there was terrible. Azim didnít allow her to leave the house, made her to shut her face and to eat without spoon. (They have such custom).

He still didnít want to marry her.

Raya understood that Azim needed the son only to get state privilege for the child. He got the piece of land and hoped to get the other privileges.

It was going on about half of the year. But one day Azim said to my daughter that she had to move to another man. She began to protest but he showed to her money which he had received from that man and explained that she became the slave of that man.

Raya called me. The Ukrainian embassy helped me to return my daughter to Ukraine, but my grandson was left in Jordan.

Now we donít know who can help us to return our boy.

From time to time Azim calls to Kyiv. He wants us to sell our flat and for these money ransom my grandson.

Is there anybody who can help us?


Olexandra is 23 years old now. She was born in Chernigiv, North Ukraine.

Olexandra had been studied in local University several years. Later she got marriage and gave the birth to the daughter.

Her daughter was two when she got divorce.

Olexandra was in difficult financial situation and thatís why she agreed on proposition of distant relative woman to go to Germany.

This woman promised the job in Germany with a good salary. She mentioned that her own daughter had already worked there and was very satisfied.

Olexandra gone abroad with the other Ukrainian young woman August, 1997. Women were given foreign passports which were taken away after crossing the Polish border.

In Poland girls were pushed to unknown building where they were raped and beaten.

They were without food for a long time.

After some time women were resent to Germany across the river. They were resold from one place to other by Turkish men several times. In brothels they were pushed to serve clients together with Polish, Bulgarian and Czech women.

In fall 1997 the police arrested the brothelís owner and all women.

Olexandra was very sick, but she was deported to Ukraine . After medical examination in Ukraine became clear that Olexandra had been infected during her sex slavery in Germany. She had been in the hospital for three months and undergone several heavy surgeries.

It is necessary to emphasize that Olexandra was the one who agreed to be the witness in the court against pimps and traffickers.

Her parents are out of money because they paid a lot for Olexandraís medical services. Unforunately despite the doctorís efforts, Olexandra is still sick and still needs medical treatments and money for it.


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