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Chornobyl [Chernobyl] - April 26 1986
Chornobyl - April 26 1986

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Posted by Jia-Rong Chang on April 01, 2004 at 03:26:00:

PACK LEADER MACHINERY INC. was established on October 1992, as a manufacturer of Self- Adhestive labeling machine. With Taiwans special environment, we were able to produce high quality and reliable machine to be introduced worldwide.

We designed the machine through D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself) modular assembly system. In order to give our customer a fast and easy maintenance, we produced the machine by completing the four main parts before assembling them as one whole unit. With this, the user will be able to have a fast and easy maintenance. We used stainless steel and anodized aluminum as the main componenis in the framework. The system is controlled by a PLC and label applicator is controlled by microprocessor. The CPU control system controls all the signals and send it directly to the PLC without being affected by other signal; with this, the labeling position is more accurate.

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