Leather Jacket, Jean Jacket etc

Chornobyl [Chernobyl] - April 26 1986
Chornobyl - April 26 1986

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Posted by Adam Karawi on March 26, 2004 at 07:58:33:

Leather Jackets, Jean Jacket. Sheep skin Jacket, suede Jacket, skirts, coats, dresses, vest in leather etc sold in mixed sizes and styles. Prices range start at $8.00 each. With min order of 50 PCs plus shipping.
Blue Jean etc
100 PCs at $3.50 each
150 PCs at $3.25 each
200 PCs at $3.00 each
Also available:
Fur coats sold in mix of short and long recycled. Origination Canada. Grade A mixed fur types, styles and lengths. All quality furs. Sold lot of 10 pieces. Price $80.00 each piece. Plus shipping and documents.

Adam Karawi USA/Canada
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