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Posted by Adam Karawi on March 26, 2004 at 07:56:33:

Jeans, Shoes, Clothing.. . . . New and used.

We are wholesale suppliers of New and Used Jeans, New & Used shoes, Western Boots & handbags, New & Used Clothing. T-Shirts, Polo Shirts. New & Used Athletic shoes. Second hand garments, Sample packs available for purchase. 500 lb $1.00 lb.

Used Leviís Jean, Used mix Jean, Jean Jacket, Leather Jacket etc.
Handbags at $1.50 a bag
Second hand clothing or used clothing starting at $0.25 a lb
Phone us and we well answer all your questions you donít need to wait for email.
Or you could come and visit us and see for yourself
Tel 1 514 333 0510 or 1 514 337 4448
Fax 1 514 334 4114 or 1 514 3370048
We have many products priced for purchase by small storeowners and flea market dealers or exporter.

Mix used and some new Shoes and sneaker for men women and some children
grade AAA $0.90 per lb
Grade AA $0.75 per lb

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