Gala Presentation Opera Cavalleria Rusticana ... anyarey@aol.com
Gala Presentation Opera Cavalleria Rusticana ... anyarey@aol.com

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Posted by Grace Wong on January 27, 2004 at 01:48:53:


We are a Hong Kong-based company engaged in the design, production and supply of scooters in various forms:

- Electric-powered:

electric scooters, stand-up electric scooters, sit-down electric scooters, golf electric scooters, golf
cars, electric mini bikes, electric bicycles, mountain bike, electric wheelchair


gasoline scooters, gasoline skateboard, motor cycle, pocket racer, ATV


mini scooters, surfing scooters, tricycles

We have over 15- year experience in the sport/toy/fun products and our production of scooters dates back to the year 1998, during which we suppied half a million units to almost all parts of the world. Our market covers 4 continents including countries like USA, France, Israel, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, U.K., Switzerland, Iceland, Austria, South Africa, Zimbarwe, Japan, etc. We have free-lance distributors in the above-mentioned markets.

Quality is our commitment to all our customers. Most of our scooter models are CE approved. Quality is not a concern for our users. There is only one reason to use our scooters. It's because they are the best. We take a pride in good quality, creativity and excellent service. And we continue to bring new and innovative designs to the market each year. We are not interested in paying athletes millions of dollars to try to sell you our scooters. We trust that product speaks for itself.

With a view to building up a solid worldwide distribution network, we are in the process of selecting qualified, professional and aggressive sole distributors in all overseas markets. Interested parties are welcome to contact us for a discussion on the terms and conditions for a sole distributorship:

- commitment by distributor to an annual distribution quantity
- commitment by distributor to an import of scooters of China origin exclusively from the principal
- commitment by principal to exporting scooters to distributor only and not to other importers
- commitment by principal to referrring all inquiries received to distributor for his follow-up
Website: http://www.ScooterXP.com

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